Comedian Jerry Seinfeld
After Jerry Seinfeld made a controversial visit to Israel, critics took to social media to denounce the beloved comedian.

Famous Jewish comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld is under fire after a visit to Israel earlier this month. Why the outrage? It started when he took his family to a so-called "anti-terror fantasy camp" in Jerusalem's West Bank, which acts as a sort of training academy for fighting terrorists. It even offers courses where tourists can learn "how to fight terrorists" themselves. But when the comedian tried to turn the experience into a PR opportunity, the reaction was forceful and negative. One Rolling Stone writer cynically commented on how thrilled Seinfeld appeared to be:

I can never unsee Jerry Seinfeld gleefully posing with a machine gun at an IDF fantasy camp

meaning machine (@EricThurm) January 8, 2018 The training camp is run by an organization called Caliber 3. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Caliber 3 wrote, "The legendary Jerry Seinfeld and his family were at Caliber 3 during their visit to Israel last week, they came to us for shooting training with displays of combat, Krav Maga, assault dogs and lots of Zionism. It was great."

While Seinfeld may have had good intentions with this visit, the decidedly pro-Israel tone rubbed many the wrong way. Among them was U.S.-Palestinian artist and poet Remi Kanazi, who fired back: "Jerry Seinfeld and his family play fascists in the West Bank. Indoctrinating his young children to murder Palestinians and steal land."

Adding to the outrage, Caliber 3's training grounds feature buildings flying Palestinian flags and faux human targets with Palestinian national scarves wrapped around their heads.

Well, That Joke Bombed

Things only got worse after Seinfeld toured an Israeli air force base and attempted to make light of the experience on Twitter. He wrote: "Bombing. World of difference between them and me."

Bombing. World of difference between them and me.

Jerry Seinfeld (@JerrySeinfeld) January 9, 2018 For many, his attempt at humor fell flat. Across social media, the criticism was scathing.

"Hmmm. Scoring jokes on the mass destruction of human lives seems like a questionable idea," wrote one Twitter user. "How does it feel being with a terrorist army of an illegal regime that kills children?" responded another.

Jewish Pride vs. Zionist Violence

Should the beloved comedian have steered clear of the controversial terrorist fantasy camps? What about the questionable joke? Being Jewish, Seinfeld probably has a different view on Israeli defense forces than do the hordes of outraged Twitter users.

While Palestinian-rights groups are calling for a boycott of everything Seinfeld, others are simply demanding an explanation. Is Jerry anti-Palestine? Or was he simply trying to inject some humor into an extremely difficult conflict? So far, the comedian has declined to comment on the outpouring of criticism.

Your thoughts?


  1. James's Avatar James

    They hate the Jewish, isn't it time fare play is accepted by those that aren't directly involved? I mean punishment if correction, and correction is because of love. So why not let those people handle their own business. Is inaction God's plan? Or is the path of a king God's plan? Who are we if we aren't directly in the action to tell others what to do. All we can do is give advice if it is asked for.

  1. Linda's Avatar Linda

    Joseph, thanks for posting this. I've been trying to understand this middle eastern conflict.

    I saw Jerry Seinfeld on a talk show and he came across as quite narcissistic. He kept reminding the host his comedy show was number one for many years and he was so successful. He seemed totally into himself.

    Caliber 3 blatantly putting Palestinians as the terrorists seems a bit out of line, even if they are the majority of terrorists in their country. Not ALL Palestinians are terrorists so it seems it further builds contempt between the two groups.

    The poet Remi Kanazai seems to have unfounded claims alluding to the Jews stealing land. What I've read indicates the Jews "bought" Israeli land as mostly barren wasteland and worked their fingers bloody irrigating and building it up.

    Now that it is nice, the Palestinians want it back? I've read the Jews only took the Golden Heights by force because the Palestinians kept bombing them from up there, a much higher level than Israel. The Jews finally stopped that by taking control of it. No more bombs from up there.

    The Jews "gave" the Palestinians the Gaza Strip if they would make peace with them but they only used it to further attack the Jews. Yasser Arafat seemed like a terrorist to me and then he was invited to be part of the United Nations! I've heard Hitler offered to unite the Arab nations if they helped him get rid of the Jews. What a mess!

    I have wonderful friends that are Jewish and Muslim. Both have beautiful, deep spiritual perspectives IMO. I think it is the extremist that make it bad for everyone else. The Jews and Muslims I know just want to have peace and everyone get along. They have nothing against each other and are just anti-terrorism. How can this problem last for so long?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Hate, strife, division are big business for some people. Look at Al Sharpton and people of other races who fill similar roles for their ethnic groups. They make big money doing nothing but keeping people angry and suspicious. Even more so in Israel. If the Israelis and Palestinians actually stopped having problems, the hardcore people on one side or the other would try to do a false flag op to start it up again. It's disgusting.

      1. Linda's Avatar Linda

        John, I'm surprised you think the war over there is that devious. It's the whole middle east that is in conflict with each other. like Iraq and Iran. Hitler promised to help unite the Arab nations if they'd help him eliminate the Jews, so this didn't start with Israel. I think most of the middle east wants peace because being constantly terrorized is like the battered spouse syndrome or worse. PTSD has got to be pervasive over there. The only ones probably unaffected are the terrorists, the bullies, who want to keep it going.

      2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher

        GEE John Owens doesn't that SOUND JUST LIKE DOTAR ORANGUtRUMPS W H ???

        1. Reverand Steve's Avatar Reverand Steve

          Are all of your comments related to the President? Apparently you have a one track mine. You need to control yourself.

    2. Mlae's Avatar Mlae

      What history books are you reading that is claiming this? Palestinian never sold the land. Go read a book that isn’t written by a zonist! Palestinins dont hate jews. There are Palestinians who are Jews who are being harassed everyday by Isrealis and zonist. Isreal was built by a terrorist organization. They forced jews to leave Poland, Germany and most of Europe because they couldn’t build a Jewish nation when 99% of the population was Palestinins. They forced picked Jews to live in What they made up “Isreal” to justify their occupation! Zonist and isrealis are against all religions and cultures!

      It is sad that now Isreal is killing children, women, and men who just want to live in their homeland. How cruel can they be to do this to the indegnious people of the land.

      Wake up!!!

  1. Sara's Avatar Sara

    Though I am more than surprised that there is a camp like this, I can't find fault with Seinfeld's vacation or comments. Palestinians seem to feel it's fine to kill Israelis, men, women and children, in Israel and wherever in the world they can find them or Jews, but they are horrified that Jews feel hostile towards them. There are whole towns in southern Israel that have been bombed continuously for the last twelve or so years by Hamas terrorist/patriots. The last bombings were this past week. As Hamas gets more sophisticated and receives better weapons and financing from Iran they bomb further into Israel with more deadly results. Their bombs have even reached across the country to Tel Aviv. Palestinians also don't seem horrified when their militants strap suicide belts on their children and send them out to kill Israelis or send murderers through tunnels built underground to emerge and kill Israelis wherever they can find them. So, if Seinfeld or any other Jews gets a bit of weird satisfaction by playing at killing terrorists let them have it. Jewish lives matter, too.

    1. Val jester's Avatar Val jester

      Well stated Sara. Few groups have become more proficient at being professional victims than the Palestinians.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      2. Willie's Avatar Willie

        Once a terrorist, always a terrorist! The present palistinians are muslem terrorist. Plain n simple. To have peace all they have to do is recognize Israel as legitimate which they refuse to do! As all the other muslem terrorist they hate any body that is not muslem! Any other religion! Don't ever forget that. Their mind still lives 100 of yrs back. And always will, untill all are willing to move forwards. I know the Israelis would help them every way they could to bring them forwards. That goes for all terrorist. Their own Hate will destroy them in the long run. As long as they do not accept women as their equals they are only working as half a body, not a whole body. I am not jewish either or Christian for that matter. ??

        1. caz's Avatar caz

          'I know the Israelis would help them every way they could to bring them forwards' You must be joking. Nobody could be that stupid. You continue 'That goes for all terrorist.' What about the Israelis themselves, continuing their terrorist action with the explicit agreement of Trump.

      3. caz's Avatar caz

        That'S bEcause they are victims , Val.They are being terrorised by the world's greatest terrorist nation

  1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

    Great comments, I can add nothing other than screw twitter, screw facebook, all threatening is done anonymous, good for Seinfeld, oh and screw anything coming from that bunch of piano playing morons, if there was one complete brain in that shithole it would be lonely.

  1. Bobby French's Avatar Bobby French

    What's the problem here? Israelis have the right to learn how to protect themselves and while doing so have a little is awesome. The U.S.-Palestinian artist and poet Remi Kanazi , in truth wasn't speaking of the Israelis but of the mind set of the Palestinians. The world knows that the children of the Palestinians are taught at an early age that the Jewish nation has no right to exist. One other point on Remi Kanazi comment about stealing land, you cannot steal what is already yours, you ignorant buffoon. I Stand With (God's Chosen People) Israel

  1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

    The whole premise of this article is just plain asinine. It appears to me that whoever wrote it is an antisemite. Why would the author portray Jerry's visit like this? "After Jerry Seinfeld made a controversial visit to Israel," and " the controversial terrorist fantasy camps".
    I can almost imagine the author portraying WW2 concentration camps as summer vacation camps.

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    Define irony.......

    The original Hebrews are, in fact, the PALESTINIANS, who have since converted to Christianity and Islam. They are the true genetic ancestors of the Hebrews.

    The "Israelis" are actually Eastern Europeans that were known as the Khazars from Khazaria, which is now the Ukraine, in the Caucus Mountain region. They were Saturn worshippers, which is another way of saying they were Demiurge worshippers. They believed the Demiurge and his Archons resided on Saturn. In 700AD the Russian Christians and Muslims got tired of the Khazars because they were a violent conquest people. In an attempt to civilize them they were told to convert to one of the three major religions, or be wiped out. Because Judaism was already almost a dead religion back then, and to spite the Russian Christians and Muslims, they chose to convert to Judaism. JRR Tolken was a historian, and allegorically portrayed the Khazars as the Ork in Lord of the Rings.

    Because Judaism was basically dead in 700AD, they simply continued being Saturn worshippers under the guise of being Jewish. This is where Zionism comes from. Zionism is simply Saturn Demiurge worship. They just started referring to the Demiurge as the Old Testament God, and incorporated their lore into the Old Testament which they re-wrote. This is why the OT God is angry, vengeful, etc. Hasidic clothing, custom, etc. is all Saturn worship and has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism. Black is the represented color of Saturn, hence wearing all black.... Dark Star, Dark Lord. The black cube is also representative of Saturn, known as the Kabba as in Kabbalism. The black prayer cube worn on their heads and even the Yamaka are channelers of Saturn.

    Today, Political Zionism is simply the continuation of a war culture worshipping Saturn/Demiurge (Satan), with the mission of taking as much political/financial control as they can......... and committing genocide/apartheid on the actual decendants of the Hebrews (the Palestinians).

    1. Professor's Avatar Professor

      Chuck, you get an "A" for this report. And of course, the ignorant will continue to comment because the truth scares the hell out of them.

  1. Linda's Avatar Linda

    Chuck, how did you determine the Palestinians are the true genetic ancestors of the Hebrews? Obviously Jews, Christians, and Muslims are said to be from Abraham making them ALL of Hebrew ancestors. And how did you determine the current Jews are from those that worshipped Saturn? I confidently challenged you before and lost, so I suspect you have substantial information to back all this up.

    The first Semitic speaking people were the Akkadians and joined by the Sumerians. There is a lot of Egyptian influence in the Semitic beliefs. By the OT's own admission, Moses became their first primary leader, who was prominently raised in Egyptian culture and religion. The Egyptians worshipped the God Amen as their most respected God, besides maybe Ra... hence the Egyptian God Amen-Ra in an effort to join the two camps. Obviously Moses preferred Amen to Ra and to my knowledge, there is no change to this. What evidence is there that the Bible was rewritten as you say, and replaced with the God of Saturn instead? If they had rewritten the Bible, they would have had to rewrite it in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek; plus they would have had to destroy all the previous copies. Wow.

    The Jews, descendants of Shem, were not well liked BC because the Pagans embraced each others' Gods and amiably shared stories about them, unlike the Jews. Jews asserted their God was the only true God and far superior to the Pagans' Gods. This was not well received by the Pagans, I can see why, but also think it was an admirable stand. Even so, the Jews surely could have been more diplomatic. Yes, the Jews had their ups and downs, spreading out and forming the eastern European Jews, known as the Ashkenazi Jews, and the Middle Eastern Jews, the Sephardic Jews, but I don't see them leaving their core beliefs. The Palestinians are ancestors of Canaan, a change to Phoenician lineage and a break from the Hebrew lineage.

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      The original Hebrews ran away from Babylon/Sumeria because they believed in one almighty God. They were hunted, scattered, forced to go back to worshipping the Babylonian multiple Gods, etc. In other words they decimated over and over again. Those that were left went to Israel and never left (Palestinians). After the crucifiction, they started becoming Christians in record numbers, until Islam came about and most in Israel went the Islamic route, and the Christians mostly migrated elsewhere. Then it became Palestine.

      They never migrated into Europe. So what Im saying is the current white Jews have nothing to do do with the Hebrews, and "became Jewish" as a cover, and to avoid their neighbors invading them. They are not Semetic either, Arabs are Semetic. They are Eastern Europeans from the Caucus Mountains (origin of the word Caucasian). White people were not running around the middle east and building pyramids as slaves, I assure you...... no amount of suntan lotion on Earth would allow.

      Everyone involved in the 3 major religions were Semite Arabs, including Jesus. The current inhabitants of Israel are frauds, though 95% of them aren't aware.

      Here's a hypothetical..... what if a large number of white people all of a sudden converted to African Animism, picked an African nation that is now mainly Christian, and took the place over stating that their faith in Animism gave them the right to? Well, that's equally as ridiculous as whats going on in Israel/Palestine.

      Since you mentioned Amen-Ra......... interestingly, Saturn worship is found all over the world amongst people that have nothing to do with each other. It came about post-flood. This includes Babylon, Egypt, early Persia, Greece, & Rome as well as some isolated spots in Europe/Asia. Whenever you hear "Sun Gods", they aren't talking about the Sun that warms the Earth, they are talking about the Dark or Black Sun (Saturn). It didn't finally get honest and revealing it was Saturn worship until it hit Rome. Saturnalia was Rome's high holiday, now referred to as "Christmas".

      The only 2 groups that broke away from this Saturn worship are the original Hebrews, and Christians. Islam is literally a Saturn cult from day one (Hence the black Kabba/Cube in Mecca they swirl around, mimicking Saturns rings). But as stated, the current false Jews hijacked Judaism, and the Catholic Church (just Rome in disguise) hijacked Christianity........and Jews, Catholics & Muslims are not even aware.

      The reason the say "Amen" in catholic church, is Amen-Ra. Its just Roman Saturn worship disguised as Christianity.

      Only group that comes anything close to real Christians are essentially Evangelicals.

      1. Linda's Avatar Linda

        Chuck, perhaps a few returned to their old ways but what evidence supports a massive permanent return to worshipping Babylonian Gods? Once Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt into Israel, named after Isis, Ra, and El, Egyptian Gods... there is nothing to indicate they started worshipping Babylonian Gods.

        My research indicates Ra created the sun, particularly the "noon day sun." Akhenaten later merged Ra with Horus, who is more closely associated with Jesus, and made Ra the solar disc God. Ra returned to the God of the noon sun once Akhenaten died. That seems to be the most accepted version of Ra. Moses clearly preferred Amen, never even mentioning Ra. Amen, the invisible God, has a character that fits perfect with the Judeo / Christian God. I think the reason the churches say Amen and not Amen Ra is because they only recognize Amen. Otherwise, why leave off the Ra?

        Christmas is closely related to many different Pagan beliefs. It is a very popular Pagan holiday recognizing the winter solstice. It is a time there is the least amount of Sun but progressively sunnier days follow. It is celebrating the return or the wakening of the sun. The solstices and equinoxes were very important as they indicated when to get ready for planting, harvesting, floods, etc..

        The Jews did not "take" the land away from the Palestinians. They started "purchasing" the barren wasteland in the 1800s, working their body bloody refurbishing the land. They finally created Israel in 1948. Now that Israel is livable and a world power, the Palestinians want it back. That's ridiculous. It is quite different than the analogy you presented.

        Israel did take the Golden Heights because the Palestinians kept bombing them from up there, a great strategically positioned place to do so. The only way Israel could stop the onslaught was to take it. It's called self defense. Israel actually GAVE the Palestinians the Gaza strip if they would work for peace, but they lied and used it to further attack Israel. I blame a lot of this mess on Arafat. How the heck did he get any validation? IMO, he was just a terrorist whom the Palestinians made their leader.

        Also, as Jews migrated away from the equator, they became lighter... as with any ethnic group. We ALL came out of Africa originally. There is the Sephardic Jews of the middle east too, not European.

        Curious... why is your well respected opinion, the only true Christians are the evangelical Christians? I think the mystery school is the best. It focuses on the underlying self evident messages, and figuring it out is transformative. As Jesus said, it's for those who have an ear, let them hear. IMO, there are a lot of jewels below the surface.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          As far as the sun/Saturn God topic, it is entirely too much info to write here. A friend of mine actually wrote a very good book on the topic. I will send you a PDF copy if you send me an email ( Also, here is a very good informational video on Youtube in regard to Saturn and its worship.

          Im sorry though, but Palestine WAS in fact stolen. This was orchestrated by the Rothschild family, who are the richest people on Earth, and in world history. Their "accomplishments" include creating Ponzi scheme modern banking that now enslaves us all, funding the British to fight American colonists, funding/creating Communism, funding the Nazis, creating "socialism", as well as orchestrating and arranging 9/11 and the resulting wars.....not to mention the creation of Israel. They are also the Bankers for Royalty around the world, as well as the Vatican. They also created what we now know as "fake news", because they own both the Associated Press and Reuters.

          The Rothschilds are a Khazar family (false Jews/Saturn worshippers) that began migrating West. They landed in Germany and started a small bank in Frankfurt. Their wealth and power grew so fast, they began loaning money to the German Royals. When the Royals realized they were being scammed they kicked them out of Germany, and they went to France. The same scenario occurred, and they were kicked out of France. They finally landed in London and started a trading firm on the London stock Exchange. They created a stock panic, the market crashed, and they bought up all of England for pennies.....they did the same to America during the crash of 1929, causing the Great Depression.

          Their ultimate goal was create their own private country, and they had their eye on Palestine, because it is the site of the former Solomans Temple, one of the most powerful Saturn/Satan worshippers of all time, and they wish to get the temple rebuilt. Because they basically owned England by that time, they got the Royals to agree to pledge to assist in creating this private country, with a document called the Balfour Declaration in 1917 (long before WW2). They then started WW2, funded the Nazis, and convinced Hitler the Holocaust was necessary.....then used it as ammunition to create Israel after the war. They had their own fellow Khazars killed in camps to get the ball rolling on Israel....aren't Satanists nice?

          They then forced Jewish survivors to go to Israel after the war, blocking them from staying in Europe or going to America. They purchased the plots of land you mentioned, and then started an all out terror campaign, creating the conflict we know today. In other words they created fake attacks against the Jewish settlers, blamed the Palestinians.....and on it went from there.

          Even the Israeli flag has nothing to do with Judaism, as there is no such thing as the "Star of David". What it actually is, is the family crest of the Rothschilds.... its a Hexagram which is considered a powerful symbol in Saturn/Satan worship.

          Sadly, because they own the press, we all think the Palestinians are wild animals that just attack Israel for no damn reason, and we have also been convinced Israel wants "peace".....all LIES. They want to exterminate the actual Hebrews.

          As far as the Evangelical Christian thing goes........ what I meant to say is that Gnostic Christianity is true Christianity. Evangelicals are closest to it, because they largely steer clear of affiliated churches, and other organizations that make a mockery out of Christianity (as organized by the Catholic Church).

          1. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, it's good you are providing a perspective from the other side, especially being so outnumbered. My research may be a bit more objective... between the Palestinians and the Jews. The land was "purchased" by the Jews, and it was a struggle because the Arabs didn't want any more European influence in the area. Even so, the local Jews helped them make the purchases. After the British invaded Israel and took it over, things began to change and the Jews were able to "buy" more land. It went to the highest bidder and the Palestinians were NOT putting in their offer for the land.

            See source here:

            The Jews "bought" barren wasteland and made it what it is today. That, we know. The Palestinians made Arafat, a known terrorist, their leader to do their bidding. Why didn't the Arabs come to the Palestinians aid in purchasing land? No one came to their aid because IMO people who resort to terrorism instead of honorable tactics have no honorable support. Not all Palestinians are terrorists, but the ones that are cast a poor light on the others. IMO, that is the problem.

          2. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            Cant really add more than what I already wrote.

          3. caz's Avatar caz

            linda, the bible states that Moses' lot, well by that time it was hi brother Aharon's lot actually invaded what is now Israel. they were reluctant at first, being worried by the original inhabitants, but Aharon spoke to God, who conveniently agreed with Aharon that they should invade, and convinced his people to wage war an invade the country

          4. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Keith, you're really going to go back 5000 years ago? That's a stretch and grasping at straws.

            The Jews BOUGHT Israel starting in the 1800s, with MONEY. No invasion. The then WASTELAND went to the highest bidder, which were the Jews. The Jews worked for free to cultivate the land. They built what was nothing into a major power worldwide. Now the Palestinians want to steal it and they have no allies in their very own region. The Jews just GAVE AWAY the Gaza Strip to them, the only nice thing anyone has done for them and the Palestinians bite their gift giver. That sends a message.

            The Jews are our only true and trusted ally in the middle east. Are you actually trying to put America in a less secure position by trying to fraudulently deem the land is the Palestinians? I have to wonder if you even support the US or are looking for its downfall? The Jews are one of the US's greatest assets... so stop alienating them or go away and live in the country you support.

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    Id be upset too if a bunch of Easter Europeans who only converted to Judaism in 700 AD invaded my land......especially since the Palestinians are the ancestors of the original Hebrews.

    Ive been to Israel while in the service a few times.

    Let me tell you what the wonderful "Israelis" are doing over there......... Since the end of WW2 they have now taken almost all of the land, after lying repeatedly that they would stop at certain times. They have turned whats left of Palestine into surrounded open-air concentration camps. They destroy Palestinian crops, poison their drinking wells with lye, blow up Palestinian schools/hospitals, interrogate people like the Gestapo, imprison women and children regularly, execute unarmed civilian Palestinians in the street as if they were just animals, and destroy shipments of food/medicine that they try to smuggle into Gaza. When Palestinians protest the Israelis expanding their territory they run over them with bulldozers. I witnessed a Palestinian woman executed by 3 Israeli soldiers for swinging a shopping bag at them in anger, because they killed her son.

    And for the record.............. "Hamas" is controlled by Israeli military. Whenever support for Israel starts going down, they have their Hamas operatives shoot a few homemade rockets at Tel Aviv, giving Israel the excuse to send F-16 fighter jets and tanks in to destroy Gaza for the umpteenth time.

    And the Israelis have a ritual where they sit up in the hills overlooking Gaza in lawn chairs shouting and clapping as Israeli jets drop bombs and white phosphorus on civilians (mainly women and children, btw).

    Certainly not the "chosen people", and I DO NOT stand with them.

    People like Seinfeld need to figure out their loyalty, and decide if hes American or Israeli......... same way Germans, Italians and Japanese did during WW2.

    1. Willie's Avatar Willie

      Chuck you must be a trumpist spreading fake news! A neo-nazi to boot n probably a muslem or Saudi too. You are dripping hate! You are now in the 21st century, not in the 18th, 19th or 20th! Or before. You have been reading too much garbage! ?????

      1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        1) Not sure what political affiliation has to do with Israel. Both sides kiss Israels ass.

        2) I was there to witness these things as military myself, so Im not asking you, Im TELLING you

        3) The Nazis were Democratic Socialists....which I am not.....also not an Arab. Ill tell ya what know why Liberal leaders let Arabs flood into their countries? Because they have a lot in common...they are both dictatorial, and like to tell people what to say and do.

      2. caz's Avatar caz

        Trump loves Israel. gives them billion each year that they can put towards their terrorist activities. He has even moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, a move calculated to upset the Palestinians. You obviously haven't been reading anything

  1. Milton's Avatar Milton

    “Jerry Seinfeld and his family play fascists in the West Bank. Indoctrinating his young children to murder Palestinians and steal land.”

    RESPONSE: No. Jerry and his family have Jewish heritage. He wanted to visit the Israeli defense militia and bring his family as well. He's not training his children to murder Palestinians and steal land. Israel is not invading neighboring countries and expanding out and taking land. If anything, it is Palestine that is invading Israel and trying to steal their land.

    "Hmmm. Scoring jokes on the mass destruction of human lives seems like a questionable idea, wrote one Twitter user. How does it feel being with a terrorist army of an illegal regime that kills children? responded another."

    RESPONSE: I fail to see how some random ill-informed and bias twitter users earned a quote in this article. If Israel has a terrorist army, then so does every other army that ever existed.

    Not too long ago, there was a video that went viral on youtube and google (before they suppressed it's search-ability) of a mass gathering of Palestinians in a town square, and they were chanting in Arabic "Kill the Jews", among other genocidal chants. Can you guess what country it occurred in? It was Sweden. Your modern day fascist is in fact the radical Muslims (not lumping progressive Muslims).

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    The question asked is "Has he (Jerry Seinfeld) lost his touch?" If this refers to empathy, IMHO, he never had any to loose.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    How many of Seinfeld's supporting audiences are Palestinians? It's not like he's taking a knee at an NFL game, where half the fans are conservative.

  1. Beth's Avatar Beth

    I’m so impressed with the level of maturity I see has evolved from the posts made on The Monastery monthly circular. It wasn’t long ago I’d read responses that were antagonistic and to see this shift in awareness is so uplifting for me. No matter what our viewpoint or what we believe may be fact or truth, having integrity and decorum for another is a show of an evolved culture. Thank You All So Much. No matter who is right who is Hewbrew who is Whatever, there are no reasons at all for fighting. Drop your weapons of words and guns and inner pain, grow up, shake hands, bow heads and get along.

  1. Linda's Avatar Linda

    After researching biblical material of past event of wars for over 2000 years the Zionist has no business trying to run the Middle East, Political power around the world have spent more money on warfare than they have in order to find a solution for World Peace. I for one did have not enjoy reading how innocent people have been killed, rape, abuse and ran off their homelands in the Middle East Wars. Christians and Muslims have suffer both with the most victims being killed in the Middle East. Very little few Christians are left in the Middle East. Coptic Christians land was sold right out under their noes by Pope Francis to the Jews with out the congregation permission to sell their land. Torah, Gospel, and the Quran should have been brought together because we are all children of Abraham or Brahma as the Muslim name for our Father Abraham. Funny thing is if a person take the A from our Father Abraham name the Muslim ends up with Brahma because that add is taken off the from of Abraham name and place at the end of Brahma of the Muslim. Christians are sleeping as a lost lamb and we better wake up fast.

    1. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Wow... how did you post under my name????? We can't both use the name "Linda" and I'm surprised the site allowed it. Can we please resolve this? You and I have much different opinions and using the same name can be very confusing. Thanks.

  1. Fay Fleming's Avatar Fay Fleming

    I am so sorry to hear us all arguing the point here. What happened to the whole idea of love thy neighbor? I long for the day when we are just human not this race or that, may be then all wars will stop. Blessings to one and all from Fay over here in Australia

  1. Professor's Avatar Professor

    Seinfeld was never funny. I guess it's not what you know but WHO you know.

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