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Is Satan seducing children through sick footwear?

Satan’s got a hot new set of shoes… again.

For the second time this year, people are panicking over allegedly “Satanic” footwear. The latest controversy involves Converse, which announced the release of a shoe critics are calling “Satanic propaganda”. 

The new Converse design features a small pentagram on the tongue in place of the standard Chuck Taylor star. Though the symbol is so small it can barely be seen, the stir it has caused – just days after its announcement – is gigantic.

Many criticized the company's decision to produce this shoe in the first place. Why are people so worked up?

"Converse, You Need Jesus"

The shoe was announced on Instagram along with a photoshoot of models in heavy black and white makeup modeling the new footwear – imagery that perhaps contributed to the visceral online reaction.

Man... the devil works hard, but these shoe companies work harder! For the second time in 4 months, we have to talk...

Posted by Universal Life Church Ministries on Monday, August 2, 2021

"This is sad, I grew up wearing Converse but seeing that satanic marketing through your shoes, I won’t be buying into this. God help you!” one fan wrote on social media.

“I’m too Christian for this collab,” another said.

“Stop satanic propaganda!” another top comment pleaded. “Converse, you need Jesus ASAP!!”

What's in a Pentagram?

Converse defenders were quick to chime in, pointing out that it’s just a symbol and arguing that getting so worked up over a little Satanic imagery is kind of outdated. This isn’t exactly Salem circa 1692, why are we losing our collective minds over five lines arranged in a particular pattern?

Converse’s new shoes come as part of a collaboration between Converse and iconoclast fashion designer Rick Owens. The upside-down pentagram is an oft-used symbol for Owens, who explained its meaning:

“I've been using this pentagram for a long time because obviously, it has adolescent occult associations,” he stated. “But one of the main things that I think it suggests is empathy and a consideration of systems of living that might not be standard. So that leads us to be more accepting and tolerant of other systems, which I think is a good thing.”

By that explanation, the design's intentions aren't nearly as sinister as critics make them out to be. 

But perhaps intentions don't matter. Many automatically view the pentagram in a negative light, associating it with a dark, scary version of Satanism – as opposed to the more open-minded version described by Owens.

Sin-sational Shoes

Somehow, this isn't the first occult footwear controversy of 2021. The first “Satan shoe” of the year came courtesy of rapper Lil Nas X.

Back in March, he released a black and red Satan-themed shoe that also featured an upside-down pentagram, as well as a single drop of human blood in the sole of the shoe. Those shoes were similarly received, with even high profile politicians and faith leaders insisting that these shoes – released by a 22-year-old rapper – were part of a holy war for the very hearts and minds of this nation’s children. 

As South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said at the time, “We are in a fight for the soul of our nation. We need to fight hard. And we need to fight smart. We have to win.”

For Lil Nas X, releasing that shoe was an act of defiance. He says the shoes, and the public reaction that followed, were payback for decades of mistreatment for his sexual orientation. He responded to critics on Twitter by stating “i hope u are mad, stay mad, feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves.”

As for the new Converse, they say on Instagram that the new Satanic shoes are “about disrupting formality—embracing traditional structure and then blowing it up.” Considering the social media meltdown, they can consider that second part a strong mission accomplished.

What do you think of Converse’s new shoes? Is the harsh reaction online justified, or are people simply overreacting?


  1. Cindy L Edgar's Avatar Cindy L Edgar

    I'm a pagan ordained minister I'm going to give some history lessons there's number one the pentagram is not related to Satan I wish everyone was stop saying that the pentagram is related to Satan because it's not I am a pagan witch I wear a pentagram on my shoulder I am proud to be a witch it's sad to think and no that Christianity is the one that sacrifice the witches get a reality people and do your own history

    1. Reverend Steve's Avatar Reverend Steve

      Alot of folks here could benefit from psychiatric help

    2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      I took your advice and looked into this "history". This is what I found: "A reversed pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the natural order of things and demostrates the triump of matter over spirit. It is the goat of lust attacking the heavens with it's horns, a sign execrated by initiates." Pentagram-Wikipedia I guess you've must of already learned that in your witch school. History lesson: Religion is man's idea of what pleases whatever god they believe in...People using the name 'christian' are not always CHRISTIAN...They merely use a convenient name to dupe the masses, much like the Roman Catholic Church does...If you really want to learn more about witchcraft check those guys out! They've got all the perverted lusts and and things 'of this world' AND they've got really cool capes to dash around in while they burn their incense and worship dead humans...

      1. James's Avatar James

        Get off your high horse and get some real Education! Because if you were truly looked into history on the pentagram it was your Christian society to turn that evil all because us pagans was Practicing a different beliefs and it scared you!!

      2. Cindy L Edgar's Avatar Cindy L Edgar

        For one I didn't go to any witches School my inheritance was passed down through generations and for two what's in the history books is lies about witches tell me a really need to check your facts before you start trying to tell me history that I already know and I know the real history not what the history books tell you or what your supposed history tells you

        1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

          Cindy, Good point. What is so true about the stories in the bible?

          1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

            Cindy, unfortunately for many people they believe Wikipedia is THE most legitimate source for information. NOT. Neither is Goggle. Thanks for speaking your truth from your teachings.

            1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

              Well Cathrine, Cindy already said she was never "taught" anything but 'inherited' the teachings from the previous generations that came before her...I only referred to Wikipeda because I believe that is the the "go to" for millienials, that are addicted to their phones for supposed "knowledge"...You did hit the nail on the head when you said her findings were "her truth"....meaning she is completly decieved by the demons she refuses to acknowledge, but in her self conflated conciet she will never come to know the truth...too bad sooo sad. Enjoy this realm while you still can, because the master you serve has already been a conqured enemy and his time is short.

              1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

                JNC you continue to prove yourself an enemy of mankind and slave to the ancient enemy of all who live upon the Earth. When will you grasp that to follow the god of Abraham as you claim to, you must never speak out in challenge, nor contest, nor defy or protest even your own death? Those are all very clear requirements of the christian tradition in the earliest pre catholic writings. You clearly have issue with the Catholic tradition which is more then 1600 years old, and the oldest actual christian tradition active all that time. No one alive today including yourself clearly, meets the actual criteria for being a real Christian. You surely do not as you post frequently in the tone of one who seeks conflict.

                That alone damns you for all time based on actual Christian dogma from the days of Jesus himself.

              2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

                You have an interesting opinion about how one must conduct oneself as a practicing Christian. "you must never speak out in challenge, nor contest nor defy..." Who taught you that? Why did John the Baptist call out the Pharisees and Sudducees in Matthew 3:7 calling them a 'brood of vipers' followed by Jesus doing the same thing in Matthew 12:34? Jesus called them hypocrits and worse? "Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things?" Both were attacking high ranking religious leaders that held a lot of power but had no integrity and were nothing more than "whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones" For John to call these Pharsees a 'brood of vipers' implies that they bore satanic qualities...Jesus declares in John 8:44 that the unbelieving jews "belong to their father, the devil" When I feel the need to seek out instruction from a pagan like yourself, I'll be in touch.

              3. James's Avatar James

                John Norris Campbell I’m a pagan do you have something to say against me about with my teachings?? You’re a Christian society is turn so many symbols into hate symbols and his slaughtered and murdered so many villages throughout history all because they were PAGAN. Paganism has nothing to do with satanic!! Here’s just a thought for you are you ever thought that the person that you hold up Holly and call your God might be the evil one!!! Have you ever thought about that apparently not because of the way how you keep a down in people and trying to correct their education apparently you think everyone else in the world is evil but you!

              4. Laura Anne Rowell's Avatar Laura Anne Rowell

                John, we as a collective, can't even agree what happened on 9/11 or January 6, AND WE HAVE VIDEO can we believe on a book, solely written by men, that was written over 30 years after Jesus died and was basically a game of telephone? Your belief system was founded on exactly what the OP stated, "Passed down through generations". No-one is saying don't believe what you want to, but the utter contradiction is truly unbelievable on your part.

      3. Robert Edward Szekely's Avatar Robert Edward Szekely

        Did you dig any deeper than Wikipedia, to see what sources it was citing? Wikipedia itself is not considered an authoritative source for real research.

      4. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

        Odious...(God)awful, you are an insulting piece of crap and I wouldn't want to know you. I've never heard my religion SO insulted and denigrated as you've done! You did very little research, if at all. OUR pentagram is meant to be a 5-pointed star drawn AS SUCH, in one continuous line. If you EVER see it inverted, it's because someone is DEFILING it, as is also done by OTHER religious symbols such as the CROSS being inverted! Witchcraft has NOTHING to do with satan because we don't believe in the Christian GOD! If we don't believe in GOD, why would we believe in SATAN?? SATAN is a Christian invention, it has nothing to DO with US! I don't like you, buddy, how you speak to folks. When I was a kid we had a way of saying what we think of folks like you. We said, "Miss on you, Pister...You're not so mucking fuch!" And you really aren't. If you want to go through life being insulting and denigrating, that's your call. But don't delude yourself about what you're doing and why.

      5. Robert Edward Szekely's Avatar Robert Edward Szekely

        Nice cherry pick you pulled out of context. That section was a citation by the following author: Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (8 February 1810 – 31 May 1875), was a French esotericist, poet, and author of more than twenty books about magic, Kabbalah, alchemical studies, and occultism. He pursued an ecclesiastical career in the Catholic Church until, after great personal struggle, at the age of 26, he abandoned the Roman Catholic priesthood. At the age of 40 he started to profess a knowledge of the occult, also becoming a reputed ceremonial magician.

        Not exactly an objective, researched academic reference they used. No bias there, huh (Catholic Church, later to become a magician)? Not an authoritative or valid source either. An opinion, at best.

      6. Jenni Lovsey's Avatar Jenni Lovsey

        Norris, you must be one of those fruitcake fundy fanatics who claim to see "evil" everywhere. "Satan" was made up by the church to keep the gullible and wacko like you in line.

    3. Daryl Jerod Brown's Avatar Daryl Jerod Brown

      just sad

    4. Reverend Steve's Avatar Reverend Steve

      You might be taken more seriously if you learned how to speak and write English

  1. Katelynne Shouse's Avatar Katelynne Shouse

    And yet if it were a cross instead the haters would be falling over themselves congratulating Converse......two faced Evangelical Christo-Fascist!

    1. Carmela Helbling's Avatar Carmela Helbling

      You are delusional. You're only fooling yourself and anybody that wants to hide behind lies that Satan wants you to tell. It's apparent that Jesus is not in your statement or your life.

      1. Katelynne Shouse's Avatar Katelynne Shouse

        LOL, what gave me away, I'm not a you're correct there's no Jesus in either my statement or life!

      2. Jenni Lovsey's Avatar Jenni Lovsey

        Carmela you're the one who is delusional. Typical holy roller who thinks it's better than everyone else.

    2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      But gee, Katelyn Shouse, a 'cross' is just two little lines that make a shape.

      1. Laura Anne Rowell's Avatar Laura Anne Rowell

        John, EXACTLY. you proved her point. It only holds the meaning you or society put into it. Like was stated earlier in regards to the 5 little lines. So why be bothered ?

  1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

    They're shoes. Don't like them, don't buy them!! The pansies who make this a religious or supposedly spiritual issue, don't understand either one!!

    1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      Hi Maximilliam, did you actually read the above article? Converse themselves said it was a "satanic image"...last time I checked satan is a spiritual issue, and one, in my humble opinion, one should avoid embracing as a personal savior.

      1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

        That clearly shows your ignorance and stupidity. There is NO real spiritual entity called Satan. Satan is just an Arabic word, Shaitan, meaning adversary or the one to oppose. But, ignorant people who haven't yet figured out that abrahamic religions are nothing but organized and accepted slavery, deserve to stay dumb slaves.

        1. Robert Edward Szekely's Avatar Robert Edward Szekely

          Actual, Satan is a Hebrew word meaning adversary. Where do you think the term "Devil's Advocate" came from. It's essentially the opposite of being a sycophant: finding the flaws in someone else's plan or argument, so they can strengthen it. That isn't a bad thing, when you think about it rationally.

        2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          Well Maximillian, the biggest lie ever told by the "ADVERSARY" was that he does not exist....You even say in your post that he is the "one to oppose"....Oppose who or what EXACTLY genius?....In this realm, humans ARE INDEED SLAVES....and the fun part is YOU GET TO CHOSE YOUR MASTER....Are you a 'slave' to good or evil? Is there actually an 'inbetween'?....Would you teach a child love or how to kill?

          1. James's Avatar James

            JNC you just don’t get it do you? You can’t teach your children how to love!! Love comes Naturally hate is taught.

        3. Sally Jeanne Altobello's Avatar Sally Jeanne Altobello

          OK Max, now you're starting to get nasty--not very Christian-like. So, in a nice way, SHUT UP!

          1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

            Who lied to you? I NEVER said I was christian or ever would be!!! So, in my way, PISS OFF!!! I'm in COMPLETE opposition to all abrahamic religions!! So you definitely have your information wrong!!!

          2. Jenni Lovsey's Avatar Jenni Lovsey

            oh Sally s! sit down and shut the f Up!

      2. Tom's Avatar Tom

        I’m actually pretty sure Converse never said that they have a satanic image on them. That’s what the critics are claiming they’ve put on the shoes.

        1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          You may be right Tom, however, the article above declares that it is the Converse "defenders" that claim that it's no big deal for a little "satanic imagery" to be placed on the shoes.

      3. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        All this gnashing of teeth about revolutionizing fashion. IT'S ABOUT FASHION AND CHALLENING SOCIAL CRAZINESS. He blends punk edge with couture-like sophistication. How about taking the time to read about Southern California native Rick Owens on Instagram, and how he has "revolutionized form and function throughout his career. By rearticulating classic pieces and high-end luxury style through a rebellious lens, he emerged from the glam-rock and grunge underground to become one of fashion’s essential iconoclasts. His DRKSHDW diffusion line, launched in 2005, blends punk edge with couture-like sophistication."

        The aesthetic is all about disrupting formality—embracing traditional structure and then blowing it up. Rick Owens crafts a Chuck 70 unlike any other. And it’s only the beginning for Converse x DRKSHDW." Available July 27 at 10AM EST on"

  1. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

    It's a star, not a pentagram. It says "star" right next to it.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Total overreaction as usual. The "satanic" pentagram is usually depicted as upside down with the point at the base of the pentagram. This is more of a pagan symbol than satanic, but hey, it's only a symbol. Make of it whatever you will, but it's just a harmless symbol.


    1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

      Exactly. A pentagram is considered satanic but a pentacle isn't. People should learn the difference

      1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

        One has a circle one does not. The inverted one (for you dummies) means upside down is usually associated with bad stuff. Kind of like when you turn your crosses upside down.

        1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

          An upside down cross is known as the cross of saint peter and is among the most revered symbols in the Abrahamic Faith Traditions. Its actually largely agree by biblical scholars that it is in fact the right way to wear the symbol based on the original documents surrounding the reasons he wore his in that fashion.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            Nimrod certainly is long winded. Isn't it funny the way he keeps rambling on about goobly gob?

      2. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

        Only Satanists invert the pentagram, as they do the cross! My pentagram is a symbol of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit to bind them. If you put a circle around it for protection in ritual, it's then called a 'pentacle'. YOU should learn the difference!

        1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

          Go look up the Cross of Saint Peter and get back to me about the upside down cross mkay. Christ this is why the likes of Ray Comfort and Sam Harris, you know professional christian apologists, keep telling the likes of you to just stfu. As you actually hurt the Faith you seek to defend.

    2. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

      True Lionheart, the pentagram is harmless, unless people truly believe it is good or evil, in their minds, then it is. However Christians who believe the pentagram is evil also believe the Roman Catholic/Christian cross is Holy with the bloody, tortured, forsaken, suicidal, dead, voodoo, HYPNOTIZING, COVID-19, image of their man-god nailed to it. That's Holy to Christians!!!

      But the Book Christians say they believe in, the Bible, teaches the Jewish people and Christians that worshipping images is FOOLISH!!! Go figure.

      Apostle Paul declares to the world in Romans 1:22-22 "Professing themselves to be wise, they [Christians] became FOOLS, and changed the Glory of the Incorruptible God into an [COVID-19] image made to look like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things." That's funny.

      Father God also teaches the Jewish People, Christians and everybody "Don't worship idols" in His First and Second Commandments in Exodus 20:3-5. Keep First things First!!! For those who believe, the Bible also declares to the world that the Human Race is made in the Image of God in Genesis 1:27. But the FOOLISH Human Race worships every known thing in this falling world except the "God In Them", for those who believe in the Bible.

      I AM Nimrod, a Spiritual Revolutionary. Namaste.

      1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

        LOL!!! Thanks Nimrod...I really needed to laugh tonight...You must have read a comic book to come up with that theological theory about Paul's letter to the Romans...If I were you I'd concentrate on 1:22 which says "Professing to be wise, they became fools,...."...Enjoy your night buddy! do realize your name sake "Nimrod" built the tower of babble (confusion) that was knocked down by

      2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Nimrod certainly is outspoken. Kind of like a loudmouth know it all.

    3. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

      Come on, Lionheart!!! An upsidedown pentagram is ALWAYS a symbol of Satanism, much like an upsidedown cross! Whereas in Wicca it is always rightsideup and often used with a circle around it for protection in ritual. Then it's called a pentacle.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Ahhh! So a circle around a symbol offers "protection". Got it!

        How does that work exactly? 🤔

        Let me get this's a "symbol".......and it has a "circle" around it, ......and by doing that it somehow miraculously provides protection? Perhaps you can point me in the direction of some peer review scientific papers proving that claim. I mean, presumable if that really worked, all every soldier on earth has to do is wear that symbol, and they will be totally safe. Did I get that right? Just checking!

        Interestingly though, there are actual headstones in Military graveyards with that symbol on them. I wonder what happened? Could it be that perhaps they briefly removed the protection symbol before getting shot or blown up? What do you think? Do other countries know of this astounding safety symbol of protection? I apologize for my weird questions but I'm thinking that with weird claims, come weird questions. Anyway, I look forward to seeing why this incredible claim of protection of a "symbol" isn't used more often.


  1. Reverend Andrew's Avatar Reverend Andrew


  1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

    After clicking on the photo to enlarge it and view the entire setting, I have to say, this grandma loves it! It is creative art as I love B&W photography and used to develop and print my own photos for photography classes. Digital is not the same. People are wasting their time getting all riled up over ART. It is a heck of a lot more eye appealing than that horrible barbaric one of the guy on the cross with his tongue hanging out, bleeding to death. What a twisted mind to dream up that piece of garbage art. Satan is a mythological creature just like the white guy in the sky. People need to calm down and face the failings of their ridiculous magical religious beliefs. People who are not secure in their "faith" are always easily offended by this stuff. Grow up. If these mythological religions were so good and powerful why are we as a species in such a mess? Oh, right, "Satan made me do it:." LOL

    1. Laura Anne Rowell's Avatar Laura Anne Rowell

      Cathrine! Love it! Keep it coming. I am with you, sis X

      1. Ennyl Yesac's Avatar Ennyl Yesac

        Me too! :)

    2. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

      LOVELY Catherine it is true that People, especially Christians are wasting their time getting all riled up over images when they themselves worship a horrible barbaric image of a weak, effeminate-looking white guy on a cursed cross, with what looks like a mini-skirt on its hips, with its tongue hanging out, bleeding to death and crying to a pagan god that has forsaken it to save him. A twisted evil mind did dream up that piece of garbage art LOVELY Catherine.

      And black evil Civil Rights preachers teach that satanic trash to Trusting LOVING CHILDREN along with a white superman/tarzan god in the sky. ALL LOVING CHILDREN are trapped by those lies spread by the pope, religious leaders and religious adults. Catherine you being a LOVING grandma have a right to be upset. We agree with and second your emotion.

      The Bible story took place in Africa.

      The Bible says in John 1:18 “NO MAN HAS SEEN GOD AT ANY TIME; the Only Begotten Son [My Twin Brother the Victorious Jesus Christ] which is in the Bosom of the Father, only He has seen God.”

      So why is a white god taught in witchcraft Christianity when “NO MAN HAS SEEN GOD AT ANY TIME”??? White nationalism. Racism!!!

      The Bible also says in 1 John 4:12 “NO MAN HAS SEEN GOD AT ANY TIME. If we LOVE One Another, God dwells IN US, and His LOVE is Perfected IN US.”

      There is so little LOVE, especially in heathen Christianity because satanic Christians worship and adore dead, crucified, white bloody idols other than LOVING the Living, LOVING Invisible God INSIDE them and INSIDE others, especially INSIDE CHILDREN!!!

      And then psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists and social workers wonder why the so-called Black community and the rest of the human species are in such a mess. It’s because Racist Idolatry is the #1 cause.

      I AM Nimrod, The Spiritual Revolutionary “LIFE” Coach KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS (Revelation 19:11-21). Amen.

      1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        The "bible story" writings were plagiarized from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets found in Iraq, city of Ur, the Cradle of Civilization. That awful company, Hobby Lobby, just had to return stolen clay tablet artifacts back to Iraq. Why? They wanted to lie even more, claiming them for their "Bible museum". The truth is they wanted to cover up up the information that the ancient Sumerians wrote about the Anunnaki being our creator "gods" from the cosmos. It was pure racism why this company stole from the ancient peoples of Iraq, as well as the military thieves to continue their lies of a white guy creating Mother Earth and humans. It has been racist idolatry since the Romans created a "white Jesus" to exert control over the masses. As a POC clinical social worker who has treated thousands of military combat personnel, I have never wondered why my Native& Black relatives are in a mess, especially those who identify as Christian. Moral injury for killing Brown people in Iraq & Afghanistan is a no win situation yet justified by US hegemony.

        1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          Moral injury for STOPPING a dictator that was happily killing his neighbors with a biological nerve gas, to the tune of over 100 thousand? Remember the Kurds? Brown on brown genocide? Do you realize how many Somali refugees now live in the U.S.? Muslims have been destroying "world heritage' sites and it is their armies that are selling anything and everything looted from museums, including Sumerain clay tablets, to buy more weapons...Alot of very reputable world class museums and collectors were duped into buying these antiquities because they carried an 'offical seal' of Iraq. Did you really think Hobby lobby sent their people over there to bombed out Iraq to 'steal' old stuff to keep it secret? You must go through alot of tin foil hats.

          1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

            It's always funny when some "man" comes at me with snarky comments which demonstrates pure stupidity and ignorance. You obviously were not in Iraq and didn't serve. Yes, many active duty members of the USMC and USAF came back with moral injury whether you agree or not. Your ignorance is a pathetic attempt to diminish their first hand experiences in the invasion of Iraq and what our troops did in our name. Don't you ever try to denigrate my work with the military or their truthful reporting of what the war was about and how the average American continues to be brainwashed by the Military Industrial Complex. The invasion was only about money, greed and hegemony. Hobby Lobby executives bought stolen artifacts from Iraq which were removed by our troops and sold here. You obviously know nothing about the judicial requirement for them to turn them over to authorities. So take your tin foil hat obsession and cook with it.

      2. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

        What in hell do you mean by 'Witchcraft Christianity'??? Now there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. And why do you focus on the 'black community'? Your post smacks of gibberish! And your 'signature' demonstrates you are way too full of yourself!

  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    The major difference, between the Jesus-myth, and the Satan-myth, is in the public relations.

    Jesus (as does the GOP) has far better public relations, than do the Democrats.

    1. Teej Johnson's Avatar Teej Johnson

      The last GOP president had an approval rating nearly 20% lower than the current Democratic one. The Democrats won the popular vote in all but one of the past 8 elections. The Democrats seem to be faring better in terms of public relations than the GOP.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    So you dont want them, dont buy them. Look at the American flag, the stars in the blue are in the exact same position and yet I dont hear one person saying the American Flag is santanic. So people dont have the brains God gave a doorknob.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      I thought the American flag was Pagan, isn't it?

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Poor attempt at a joke Carla, try that on a military base or a military post (VFW/AmVets/DAV/VVA/American Legion) and you will need a dentist to fix whats left of your jaw.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          I would never think of doing something stupid like that, Danielle. There's a proper time and place for everything.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            The primary principle that us Wiccans strive to live by is "Do no harm". However, we are not the ones who turn the other cheek when it comes to protecting ourselves and those who we care about. Yet sometimes, as it similarly states in the Desiderata, the best protection magick is to remain silent.

        2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          That was just a little joke, Danielle. I'm a very patriotic American.

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            By whos standards? Yours? that leaves a lot to be desired. Next you will do like Mikey did and try and tell me you have 5 or 6 DD214's? I would have to destroy you the way I did him.

            1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              I've decided it's time for me to start completely ignoring Daniel Gray, and never reading his comments. No matter how civil I try to be he always lashes out at me with very immature and sarcastic responses. I could understand it if he was ten years old, but I get the impression that he's much older.

              1. Sally Jeanne Altobello's Avatar Sally Jeanne Altobello

                Carl, neither of you were being very civil by calling each other Carla and Danielle. You mentioned immaturity and scarcasm...yeah.

  1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

    OMG! Converse has had a STAR on their shoes for years. The Bible people will never shut up. They try to find something "Satanic" in everything. By the way you uninformed stupid Christians, do your homework, where did Christianity start? The Druids in Ireland. Yes Wiccans and Pagans started your religion. A Star is what Converse has on their shoes. A pentagram will have a circle around it which represents the Wiccan religion. If the star is upside down well if you believe in Satan then that is the symbol for Satanism.

  1. John Anderson's Avatar John Anderson

    "Must create ruckus to increase attention and make more sales" THAT is what this is all about, more than 5 lines. Follow the money folks... follow the money. If it didn't cause a ruckus, then the attention would be "meh" and sales would be in a nosedive. It's ALL a marketing ploy.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


    1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

      One major problem with all your rambling, trump and his supporters wouldn't be intelligent enough or classy enough to be satanists.

      1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

    Why is everyone bringing Trump into this conversation? This has no political influence. Get ovr Trump and look at the idiot that's in the office now. And you people are scared of a beautiful star on the Converse shoes? GET A F.....G LIFE.

    1. David Arthur Lewis's Avatar David Arthur Lewis

      Have you accepted Donald J. (for Jesus) Trump as your personal Lord and Savior?

      1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

        Jesus? He's a man from a story book passed down for years. Really what proof is there of him? I'm saying why bring politics into this discussion.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Pamela, don't let any of this stuff upset you. It's just something for us to talk about, to keep us from being bored shitless, while self quarantining for the rest of our lives.

  1. Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.'s Avatar Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.

    People who identify as Satanists are able to read "Satan" into any symbol they choose, even a -pointed star.

    The US flag features the 5-pointed star: "A five-point star is the simplest polygon that can be made by connecting vertices of another polygon. So the star symbolizes how all the people of the United States are connected to one another, and how that connection forms further connections, and so on...It is only 5 points, and not 6 (like it used to be) because we Americans like to find the most efficient and simplest way of communicating a meaning."

    For Christians, the 5-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem.

    For Moslems, the 5-pointed star represents the five articles of faith.

    Being a proud bearer of the Master of Wicca certificate issued by ULC, I experience other significance to the 5-pointed star.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      That's right, Rowland, and "Blessed be your feet that have carried you here". In our Pagan life path of Wicca my brother, the five points of a pentagram represent what we think of as the five natural elements of spirit, earth, air, fire, and water, and are are represented by the spirits of the elements, called elementals.

    2. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

      Well put. I am too.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Did yall know that we don't have to read all of the comments on this blog. If we quit reading and responding to some ministers they'll eventually get the hint, and go away. I've seen it happen many times. But as long as we give them attention, they'll never we uit. Just food for thought.

  1. Angel's Avatar Angel

    You do realize that Christians used the pentagram as their symbol before they came up with the cross,right?? I think we have more important issues to deal with....

  1. Walter Riggs's Avatar Walter Riggs

    Looks like I'll have new footwear for playing Dungeons and Dragons.

  1. Reverend Steve's Avatar Reverend Steve

    I get a kick out of people who refer to the bible as "The Holy Bible." The current 148 English language iterations of the so-called KJV are the mis-translated version of the product of the Council of Nicea (or several such "councils") where drunken monks chased little boys around and wantonly discarded entire chapters of ancients texts that they found (as they ate and drank over the pages.) They imaginatively added, subtracted and edited "the Word of God" and attempted to translate Aramaic and Hebrew that had been previously translated to greek and latin and German and named the book after a papyrus factory in Lebanon. The resulting mishmash has since been "Modernized" by plumbers, farmers and ditch diggers who found it profitable to call themselves "Preachers" or "Pastors" - usually self-appointed and Budweiser-annointed. Its not unusual to find many of these followers of the Nicean nonsense in multivarious penal institutions in the United States for deviant sexual offenses. Many of the very same miscreants contribute right here. Hi fellas!

    1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      Oh, tell it like it is Rev Steve. They have been saying for decades their white guy in the sky is coming back. Since the 1100's, he has been coming back! Uh huh. That so called holy book is pure evil fiction, depicting a most narcissistic, jealous, murdering, racist, misogynist deity. Steven King could never have written such a book of horror. NO wonder they are so messed up. Sexual predator priests and pastors, homophobic ministers who turn tricks with other men in airport bathrooms, cheating, lying "Christian" spouses, who commit acts of domestic violence carrying a bible in one hand and whiskey in another. Ultra rich ministers who prey on people's fears of a made up magical place they call hell, flying around in their private jets to their multiple mansions around the world. Disgusting brainwashing to keep the enslaved in their cults. "Listen, god has a message for you; I have god's cell phone number. Just send me $1,000 and I will pray for you." The nastiness, snarkiness and disrespect here by some supposed Christians is a prime example of cult behavior.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Shakespeare wrote a play about this titled "Much Ado About Nothing".

  1. Stanley J Grabowski's Avatar Stanley J Grabowski

    I have a black cap that I wear with 2 golden pentagrams inside a golden circle. It also has an inner golden circle with a golden eagle grasping 2 golden anchors in it's claws. Does this represent, Wiccan, Christian, or Satanic symbolism? It represents something way more profound because the message inside the outer circle also in gold says " U.S Navy Veteran." None of the profundities on this page can compare to that. And oh by the way I owned and wore a pair of Converse Canvas Sneakers when I was in High School. They were cool and fun to wear. Hope you all have fun tearing each other apart

    1. Barbara Shields's Avatar Barbara Shields

      Why hello! And Thank You For Your Service!!!!

    2. Barbara Shields's Avatar Barbara Shields

      Thank you for your Service!!!

    3. Charles Quinlan's Avatar Charles Quinlan

      Well said, my friend, and brother-in-arms. There is no need or reason for bickering. The symbols of many faiths have been "hi-jacked" for commercial purposes, for a long time. I notice no one refused to buy a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Cougar, because it was named for its "inventor", and president, and ancient God, and an animal. Hmmmm.

  1. Cynthia Wilson's Avatar Cynthia Wilson

    Context Athletic shoemaker Converse collaborated with fashion designer Rick Owens, who uses a pentagram in the logo for his brand DRKSHDW. The DRKSHDW logo appears on shoes that are part of that collaboration, but Converse hasn't replaced its "All-Star" logo with a pentagram. Moreover, pentagrams aren't necessarily associated with satanism. The symbol is also widely used by members of pagan belief systems like Wicca.

  1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

    "Just 5 little lines in an arrangement" That same argument can be used for just about ANYTHING including the NAZI Swastkia which was used thousands of years before Hitler came along as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism,and Jainism...Lets see the "brave folks" doing the marketing for Converse put that happy little symbol on their shoes...

    1. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

      John, most people do not know the Nazi symbol was once symbol of Peace and Wholeness in ancient religions before Hitler took it over. Also Christians were given the cursed cross by the idol-worshipping Roman Emperor Constantine and to this day Christians believe the Roman Catholic/Christian cross is Holy whether there is a bloody, suffering, tortured dead abomination on it or not.

      Hitler and Constantine were two evil master mind manipulators.

      I AM Nimrod, a Spiritual Revolutionary. Namaste.

    2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      Well I notice you dont mention your orange messiah and the shape of the stage at a certain event early this year he stood on, that was in the shape to a symbol one can find on the collar of ever high ranking SS officer. One that has seen a lot of screen time the last few years thanks to Man in the High Castle. So no one can claim ignorance of what that symbol has been used for in modern times, yet you want to act as if using a pentagram is comparable to another symbol your ilk favors.

      The bloody Cross is more a symbol of pain and terror then a upside down star.

      1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

        "Orange messiah"?? Do you really think any politican gives a damn about the people? Do you really think a billionare reality show host and real-estate developer could give a rats ass about you or I? And yet he's STILL living rent free in your head!!! That's just sad Mr.Terikson I suppose you are making a reference to the winged eagel on a NAZI uniform? Did you know that symbol, without the swastika, can be found just about everywhere in American government? Nancy Pelosi uses that same symbol on her Speaker of the House stationary..the CIA uses that same symbol..the Romans used that same symbol...but "your ilk" gets triggered about everything now a days...cry me a river because I love to swim.

        1. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

          Please drown in it while you're at it. CONTEXT!! Your slight of hand ignores the use of context. In what context is the swastika used and by whom is it used. Pretty sure no one was talking about a damned winged eagle (as opposed to one without wings? Oh, please), just the swastika. We all know the eagle is used to symbolize MANY things, just as a star is used to symbolize many things. It is the SWASTIKA symbol that is a fairly clear tell. It's use by any other group in history is obscure to the point of negligent.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


    1. David Arthur Lewis's Avatar David Arthur Lewis

      Please stop shouting.

    2. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

      And look what the democrats have done to Trumps hard work. Gas prices surging. We had the lowest unemployment rate in years until some presidential son went to China and bam we have a pandemic. But this has nothing to do with the conversion at hand, about a STAR. A STAR. Which represents everything good. So quit bashing Trump, this he has nothing to do with.

      1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

        Piss on trump!!! And you for that matter!! He's complete scum and never did anything good for anyone but his boot licking supporters

  1. Alan Meunier's Avatar Alan Meunier

    Christians once commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus.

    So, we have that...

    1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      I think, Alan Meunier, what you are refering to is a five-point star drawn with one continuous line broken into five line segments and with the point of the star facing up, with no circle. Quite different from what we now consider a pentagram with that same star drawn upside down, usually with one or two circles drawn around it and sometimes includes other small markings denoting a paticular 'magick sigil' (a symbol used in magic spells)

      1. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

        Good God...where do you get your info??? A pentagram is a damn SHAPE, drawing it in one continuous line is a PRACTICE of Wicca used in ritual and denotes nothing but a 'sealing' of the symbol. Drawing a circle around it denotes protection of of the pentagram inside and is THEN called a PENTACLE! Now, having said that... I will plainly admit that it could be the opposite. Meaning it could be that the pentacle is the star shape and WITH the circle called a pentagram. I say this because you can find it both ways when you try to research it, just as misinformation is strewn about in ALL THINGS. The point I'm trying to make is that the with the circle and one without, are called two different things. While the one continuous line is a practice used in ritual.

    2. Daryl Jerod Brown's Avatar Daryl Jerod Brown

      NO TRUE

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    It's an old Texaco oil company logo.

    "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star."

  1. Rev. Forrrest's Avatar Rev. Forrrest

    So, does this mean the US flag is fifty-times more satanic than the shoes? I'm also confused by the national political party logos. Three stars are inverted in the GOP logo, and four are upright on the democratic logo. If there are stars of any kind, is that bad? Does it matter if they're up or down? Are they like a light switch? Up for good or down for bad? Wait, what if it's the opposite? Doesn't it mean you're protesting something if you invert it? Our national anthem references stars, should we stop singing it? Should we stop referencing the Star of Bethlehem?

    We have so many bigger and more important fish to fry than this.

    1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      Wrong kind of stars Rev. Forrest, a pentagram is an inverted 5 point star with a circle around it.

      1. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady is NOT! The pentagram is NOT inverted. Satanists are the only ones who invert it, as they do the Christian cross. And when you add the circle, we call it a pentacle. The circle symbolizes the protection of the pentagram, as you would draw it when in ritual.

      2. Tom's Avatar Tom

        A pentagram is a five-pointed, star-shaped figure made by extending the sides of a regular pentagon until they meet.

        A pentacle is a pentagram with a circle around it.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    That reminds me of a verse in Nancy Blum's song Spirits Walking The Wind: "The old ways are gone, yet they must begin again, or life on Earth will not go on".

  1. Rev. Jonathan Peebles's Avatar Rev. Jonathan Peebles

    MOST ALL satanist steal there symbols - mostly from christians but I have no idea why they stole the pentagram? That has absolutely nothing to do with satan? Hell the Nazi's even took our Symbols

    1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

      Clearly you don't know any satanists!! And so you know, since you mentioned nazis, Hitler was christian, not a Satanist. The 2 have nothing to do with each other

      1. Reverend Steve's Avatar Reverend Steve

        Hitler was a psychotic murderer. He did not go to any church or practice any religion, although as a child he was intended to study for the priesthood.

    2. Barbara Shields's Avatar Barbara Shields

      Regarding the symbolism... The upside down star signified "Birth". It was a christian symbol. The Movies made it "Satanic" it simply means Birth. The Right Side Up star however means Death... Just stating historical facts.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    All of the Satanists I've known have been morally astute, law abiding citizens, who wouldn't steal anything. Stealing means to go someplace and take something away that doesn't belong to you. A pentagram is still a Wiccan symbol, and a cross is still Christian. The Satanic versions of those symbols are both inverted (upside down), and always so, which are not the same things.

  1. Sergiy Kozulya's Avatar Sergiy Kozulya

    Everything is simple. If you don't like it, don't buy it. All this noise is the creation of free advertising.

  1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

    W T F does Trump have anything to do with the star on Converse shoes that's been on them for years? People can and will find something even if it's years later to bitch about.

  1. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

    The pentagram is a symbol with five points on it, like a pentacle or a star. The Star of David is a symbol with six points on it. These symbols, like the cross, the swastika, the signs in astrology, and so on, ad infinitum, are meaningless on their own. The swastika had positive meanings to Buddhists and Hindus before the Nazis appropriated it for their own purposes. Until a value, or meaning, is assigned to a symbol, it is nothing more than a mark. The astrological signs were nothing but groupings of stars that our ancestors saw a pictures. They assigned value to those pictures, and different cultures saw different pictures, and assigned different meanings. These days, when I see an official government seal, I see it as a sign of confusion, conflict, and greed, not a sign of a great and fair nation. It meant that at one time, but no longer.

    1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      The Symbol of the 4 Directions was appropriated by Hitler. as well as our sacred Eagle. Many of my Elder Navajo cousins always used the 4 Directions design in their hand woven rugs. No more. It was a sacred symbol to many different tribes. Not only did it become known as a swastika, Hitler was so impressed by the US government extermination policy against Native Americans, he used it in his strategic plan to take over the world in all 4 directions.

  1. James's Avatar James

    Converses had a pentagram logo ever since they were invented!!! And another thing to pentagram symbol is not satanic it never was!! All your Christian Bible belt dump and people need to stop judging people’s product and trying to say that it’s converting people into satanic! You as a church are going against everybody’s constitutional right to right to freedom of religion and you call yourself a university life Church in your say that we are all children under the same universe you don’t say nothing about God!!!! So as far as I’m concerned I’m ordain through y’all and y’all guys need to get up off your high horse and quit judging people’s product on stuff that they’re trying to sell just because it has a five point star on it pentagram whatever you wanna call it you wanna say that it’s a Satanic, please let it go

  1. Heather Aliceson Aston's Avatar Heather Aliceson Aston

    I give props to Converse for shaking up the status quo I just wish they would also be properly educated and inform the misguided masses that the pentagram is not satanic. If anything it’s roots are pagan and it is a powerful symbol of the elements and the directions to which they are coming from and a template for building an altar and invoking power into your rituals. This whole shoe gimmick could be seen on a more positive note if they would just promote the magical manifestation that one may acquire once their decked out in a pair of these bad boys!

  1. Heather Aliceson Aston's Avatar Heather Aliceson Aston

    I give props to Converse for attempting to open up some closed minds sadly though they are just closing them more by not educating people on the true background of the pentagram. It is not Satanic, it is pagan and used as a template to invoke the elements and pull the directions of yr magic from all four corners in order to bring your ritual up to par. Instead of Converse fixating on what controversy the beautiful symbol brings perhaps they could have focused on the magical manifestation that wearing a pair of these bad boys will bring to the buyer.

  1. Retta K Mallady's Avatar Retta K Mallady

    Come on...Satanists invert the pentagram just as they do the Christian's cross! Or any other symbol they can corrupt. The pentagram right side up (star) represents, moving clockwise and starting on the right tip, Air (East), Fire (Southeast), Water (South-west), Earth (West), and the top point is Spirit (North) to bind them all. Though, in ritual, East is Air, South is Fire, West is Water, and North is Earth. Whenever you see the symbol of the Stag, or antlered deer, it represents more than one thing. Hunting (food), and/or fertility (sex), all relating to life's blessings. It does NOT represent the devil!! The Devil is a Christian invention, to be the polar opposite of God. Pagans don't believe in the Christian God, so we don't believe in the Devil either! Whenever you see a horned devil, that came from either Christianity to spite us, or from Satanists to spite us. We all know that much of our pagan symbols were corrupted by the Catholic church centuries ago, while others were adapted/adopted by that church. Pagan means 'of the countryside', how people lived in rural areas. They lived via the land and the weather, and their gods are all about the sun, the moon and the seasonal changes to the land they worked. Now having said all the pics you showed of the shoes, I don't see where the pentagram is inverted? It looks rightside up to me, just like a star. So, it's the conversation that I am responding to.

  1. Joe Bennett's Avatar Joe Bennett

    This absolutely silly. If anybody bothered to look at photos of Converse from past and present, there has been a star on them for quite a while, it may not have been on the side of the high top, but look at the sole.

    I'm thinking that the person who came up with the idea of devil worship, they have too much time on their hands and are looking for controversy where there is none. I would imagine they would conclude that the U. S. flag has 50 pentagrams in the worship of satan.

    What a joke.

  1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

    Converse is a for profit company. Their number one objective is profit. For those who see evil in everything don't buy their shoes.

  1. P. Keith Benefiel's Avatar P. Keith Benefiel

    As a professional chimney sweep recently retired after 40 years, I must say that my Chuck Taylor All Stars were the best roof shoes ever. They kept me alive! How can that be evil? Lighten up fellow pilgrims.

  1. Laura Anne Rowell's Avatar Laura Anne Rowell

    I will never understand why christians are so threaten and closed minded by others beliefs. It is a very reactionary cult that seems to teach the opposite of critical thinking.

  1. Brenda Lee Bautista's Avatar Brenda Lee Bautista

    Do they put these stories put and ask for comments just to see how nasty people can be to each other?

  1. Greg Formoe's Avatar Greg Formoe

    This is ridiculous.

  1. Barbara Shields's Avatar Barbara Shields

    Not certain why they are calling it "Satanic" Because of the upside down star?? Do people understand that in Ancient Religion that was a symbol of birth and that the upright star is a symbol of death? Not only in Ancient Religion, but in Ancient History as well as Alchemy (which is now known as biology and chemistry).

  1. Marquita Phyllis Greig's Avatar Marquita Phyllis Greig

    I don't see what the fuss is. It is a star, A STAR for their All Star high tops. Just because it is a 5 point star does not make it a Satanic star. People, do you not have other concerns than this piffle? You must be bored to be trashing these shoes. Remember, it is God's job to judge, not yours. Take care of your own back yard before causing trouble for others, especially over nothing.

  1. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

    By most definitions, a pentacle is a five-pointed star with one point facing upwards. My American flag has 50 of them on it. A pentagram, on the other hand is usually an upside-down pentacle, with two points facing upwards. These two points are often interpreted as Satan's horns. Of course, either of these could be nothing more than arbitrary symbols, to be assigned whatever value the user or wearer chooses. The swastika once was a positive symbol before the Nazis got ahold of it, while the cross was once considered negative and a form of punishment before Jesus died on one. By assigning your meanings to my symbols, you commit a serious injustice. It would be better if you just asked what the symbol means to me and accept that definition as applicable to me. I grew up using the OK sign with my hand to indicate that something was good. Now, that same sign only means White Supremacy, regardless of who is using it and why.

    1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

      Very well said!!! Bet that won't sink in too many, the walls are too ingrained!

  1. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

    We found an interesting definition: "A pentagram is the shape of a five-pointed star polygon. Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia, and are used today as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans, akin to the use of the cross by Christians. The pentagram has magical associations. Many people who practice Modern Paganism and Pagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating the symbol. Christians once commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus."

    Whether this is correct or not, it is interesting that idolatrous pagan Christians scream and holler in anger and terror about pentagrams, but idol-worshipping Christians consciously worship and adore a bloody, suffering, tortured, dying/dead man with a crown of long sharp thorns on its bloody head nailed forever to cruel cursed cross, or either adore the cursed instrument of Torture called a cross by itself, and Christians think doing those things are Holy!!!

    But subconsciously, below your threshold of Conscious perception idol-worshipping death is psychologically destroying you Spiritually and physically.

    When you worship the "Suicide-death" of something Consciously or Subconsciously, you die various deaths before you die physically, which is why drugs, alcohol and depression is running rampant.

    That's why CHILDREN believe that Disneyland is the Happiest place on Earth and not your graveyard church, especially not your Graveyard Catholic Church. THINK about that for awhile.

    In Exodus 20:5 Father God declares to the world "You shall not bow down yourself to them [idols], nor serve them: for I the LORD your God am a Jealous God, visiting the iniquity [sin] of the fathers [and the mothers] upon the CHILDREN unto the third and fourth generation of them that HATE ME."

    It is the "god in you" destroying your INNOCENT CHILDREN way past the third and fourth generation with your HATE-FILLED idolatrous teachings. Your LOVEABLE CHILDREN are The Image of Father God declares Genesis 1:27, but you idol-worshipping parents have been made into the image of religious demons by your demonic sly, scholarly, educated religious leaders, while you give most of your hard-earned Sweet Money to them and then yell and holler about Pentagrams. That's Funny. Magicians call that "misdirection."

    The Bible is a Book of Theology and PSYCHOLOGY!!! Really THINK about that.

    I AM Nimrod, a Spiritual Revolutionary. Namaste.

    1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

      It's a storybook that has been passed down just like folklore.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      I'm Pagan of the Wiccan variety, and wear a sterling silver, dangling pentagram earring in my lady ear, all the time. I even sleep with it on. Ofcourse, I've always been a nonconformist so I very much like the occasional strange looks. Surprisingly however, they aren't nearly as often as they were thirty yeàrs ago. There's much more acceptance in this world now. Now I'm tempted to buy a pair of those all stars, and draw pentagrams all over them. I bet some of y'all will do the same.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        The Android poltergeist changed the wording in my above comment from wearing an earring in my left ear, to lady ear. I am definitely all man, and am sending negative energy toward that damn poltergeist.

    3. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      Silly rabbit...CATHOLICS ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.....They worship "another Jesus", worship dead humans, and an entire list of other failings including worshipping a "queen of Heaven"....The RCC: AKA as the APOSTATE church spoken about in prophecy...THE WHORE OF BABYLON....Need I go On? We worship in Spirit and Truth, and need no "focus point" like an idol made of dead wood or stone...only a superstitious moron would kiss the feet of a piece of carved wood, and only a moron would assume that those ppl. are actually christian.

      1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        "CATHOLICS ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.....They worship "another Jesus." Oh my, we always have the capacity to learn. Roman Catholics are indeed Christian. Best to learn the History of the Roman Catholic Church history:

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          If Roman Catholic was not a goddam Christian sect there wouldn't be any others, for Roman Catholicism came before any of the rest of those zany denominations, so there wouldn't be anything to base them on, other than that silly order of priests which came before it. Five days a week, nine months as year (except holidays) I took religion class at St. Mary's and St. Patrick's Catholic elementary schools in Galveston for six years, so even though I hate Jesus Numb-nuts and Christianity, I know a lot about it, and Roman Catholicism, and am not going to be silent while a couple of ignoramus mother fuckers spread their ignorance. Another thing, Catholics don't pray to statues. Those statues only serve to represent the physical likenesses of the saints they pray to for intercession between them and God. They don't worship saints iether, and don't think of St. Mary as the Mother Goddess. If they did, I'd probably be a devout Catholic right now, instead of Wiccan, but those idiotic christians (Catholics included) only think our creator is in the form of a man. And one with a little penis, according to Michelangelo Buonarroti.

      2. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

        John I AM surprisingly finding your comments quite enlightening.

        I AM Nimrod, a Spiritual Revolutionary.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Nimrod, I am surprisingly finding your comments enlightening, to some degree, and also reminding me of a lot of things I haven't thought about in a long time, for which I thankyou for my reawakening. I will continue to ponder such things again, as I did many years ago, before it was interrupted by my long recovery from a severe, closed head injury, and other injuries sustained in a motorcycle-automobile collision. I too agree with much of which John Norris Campbell has said. Namaste.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            Before I wrote the last sentence in my above comment I had become totally stoned on an almost legal substance, so please don't pay a my attention to it. Before then, I was just slightly buzzing around, as usual.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Who can actually prove the pentagram is symbolic of Satan.I have never heard of it being linked to him Its like many of the comments if you don't like it.Don't buy it.I'm 63 and I have honestly never heard of the pentagram being linked to Satan.Its the sheep who have stated so and the sheep that follow everyone else I permanently wear a wooden cross from the holy land what does it say about me then.Come one everyone let's concentrate on God and his son Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour. As far as the devil and his existence I reckon its a myth.No proof Satan exists.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      The English dictionary states that a five pointed star is called a pentagram, and vice versa. It's just the name of that particular shape, therefore, in and of itself it doesn't refer to anything good or bad.

    2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      You DO realize that "satan', is in the Abrahamic religions, (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), the prince of evil spirits and adversary of God. Satan is traditionally understood as a fallen angel, (or sometimes jinni in Islam) who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven with the other fallen angels before the creation of mankind. Ezekiel 28:14-18 and Isaiah 14:12-17 are just a couple of key scripture passages that support this understanding, and in the New Testament (Like 10:18) Jesus states that He saw satan fall like lightning from heaven....The greatest lie satan ever convinced humans to believe in, is that he did not exist. But, Nicholas, all that being said, I do agree with you that we should concentrate on Jesus Christ and not the adversary.

      1. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

        We agree with you John. Namaste.

      2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        In Christian mythology Lucifer is also known as a fallen angel, but long before the beginning of christianity he first became known as the Greek god of light. Those lying christians changed a lot of stuff around to eradicate Paganism and Wicca, and convert their members into christians, for early on they were rival religions. There never was an evil opposite deity in Wicca. That is a Christian and other Abrahamic religious misconception. Perfection doesn't mean all good, but more like perfectly balanced.

      3. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

        John I AM glad you got a good laugh. Laughter, and Happiness has Healing power. However, We think you were being sarcastic about having a good laugh, which is perfectly alright.

        But the Christian Bible, which is treated like a racist/sexist comic quotes Apostle Paul's declaration to the world in Romans 1:22-22 "Professing themselves to be wise, they [Christians] became FOOLS, and changed the Glory of the Incorruptible God into an [COVID-19] image made to look like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things." That's FUNNY because that is exactly what FOOLISH Christians and Religious People do.

        Worshipping images of corruptible man [Super-Man/Tarzan], and birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things cannot help, do you agree John??? It is an obvious comic-book trick to those People who truly THINK. If you really want a good long laugh, think about this: the more pain people are in from COVID-19 or from life in general the more they cling to a cursed cross with or without a corruptible Suicidal bloody man on it, and they run to church, and they die.

        People still do not see the idol-worshipping connection, or do not want to see the connection. People are in fear and Trapped by Traditions.

        Many religious people who run to racist churches to hear the words of their white skinned savior Jesus Christ and Fearfully pay Enormous Tithes and Offerings to their dead god which are actually BRIBES to their dead god, they are quickly being buried in the church-owned cemeteries which is another avenue of income that brings in big money to double-crossing comic book churches. That's funny.

        These are great Money-Making times for ridiculous, comic book Mormon, Christian and Jewish religions, as well as other religions. One good thing about Judaism, it does not promote a cross of torture and death.

        A better Christian icon for Father God and Jesus Christ would be a Strong Heart full of Tough-LOVE with no arrows in it. A Heart full of LOVE.

        Now the Innocent CHILDREN are being infected and being put through the same ineffective procedures as idolatrous death-worshipping adults. That is not funny.

        The human mind is like an iceberg, the major part is buried in the subconscious, below the threshold of conscious perception, unprotected from religion, as is the conscious part of the mind. Total religious mind-domination!!!

        Young’s Analytical Concordance To The Bible ©1982, page 696 reveals My Noble Name “NIMROD” means “VALIANT, STRONG” to Our Father God, in the Hebrew language.

        King Nimrod built the city of Bab-il (Gate of God) in Genesis 10:10 John. The tower of Babel (Confusion) in Genesis 11:1-9 was Never Built!!! Father God came down and stopped "the people" from building the tower of Babel to glorify themselves. And humanity is building mighty skyscrapers to the sky today reveling in their technological successes.

        Time will soon tell if corrupt men and women and their technology (AI) is God or not. We say corrupt humanity is not God. (TO BE CONTINUED)

        1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

          The "Tower of Babel" was indeed a structure identified in the ancient clay tablets of the Sumerians which was built because the slave race of the Anunnaki wanted to reach the "HEAVENS" just like the Anunnaki extraterrestrials could. Remember, the Christian bible is a plagiarized set of writings taken from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets found in Iraq. There are many Iraqi archeologists, linguists, anthropologists who have corroborated facts, not fiction or myths. The Christian bible is fiction. Myths, created by the Romans to keep the population in control and subdued. Those who profess to "know" biblical writings could serve themselves good to study these ancient writings as well as the researchers who have published works. If one reads Ezekiel and Revelation it is easy to see how these writings demonstrate ET experiences.

          1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

            Sooooo WOW! Catherine! Are you proposing that the ACTUAL tower of bable was constructed by anciet man JUST LIKE THE BIBLE Said??? And that that the "SUMARIIAN " account of this structure is ACTUALLY VALID? but that THE CHRISTIAN ACCOUNT of this event is somehow FALSE??? YOU are either an IDIOT or a fact! you get to choose!...BTW... recent findings from those guys that l;ove to scratch around in the dirt show that the TOWER OF BABLE was an actual STRUCTURE!....GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO IT..... yea you guessed it.....God knocked it FLAT.....but there is still evidence of it.......almost like the legends are REAL....SO WHEN YOU SEE these morons trying to reach the stars......elon musk....or who ever....if Nimrod was Knocked flat so will all these other a different view? CHANGE MY MIND....WITH EVIDENCE....NOT CGI BULLSHIT.

            1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

              What a pathetic little man you are to resort to name calling to make up for your lack of knowledge and ignorance. Looks like you got severely triggered with your all caps blah blah blah. You have such a potty mouth too. Go away troll. You are not impressive at all.

        2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          Romans 1 is a short discourse on WHY God's wrath on unrighteousness is just and Holy. I encourage you to read Romans 1:18 thru 1:32. Romans 1 is refering to humans who have rejected God and in v.26-27 we learn "For this reason (rejection of God) God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and recieving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due..." The New Testament also speaks about an a apostate church in the latter times, a church that started with the truth but then fell away from the truth and slipped back into idolatry. Man's religion is only man's idea of what pleases God, and in these endtimes has become corrupted with wolves in sheep clothing...2Peter 2:1-3 states "But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who brought them.....v.3 "By coveetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words;....v.18 "For when they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness....."Romans chapter1 describes fallen man, Chapter 2 describes "spiritual Man" (hypocrites) chapter 3 describes God's mercy and Grace to all who would except it...

  1. Ms. Darcy's Avatar Ms. Darcy

    It's a simple star, not a pentagram! If they're saying that's a pentagram then there are fifty of them on the American flag!! In which case America is satanic.... ( which alot of people think it is, but that's beside the point) America is NOT satanic and neither are those shoes!!

    1. Daryl Jerod Brown's Avatar Daryl Jerod Brown

      everything has a meaning, some good some bad, THIS IS BAD

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        And some things just simply are.

  1. Debra Marie Florence's Avatar Debra Marie Florence

    I love a peace sign. I know what it means, as much as I know what these letters I am using mean when put together. "The world is flat, and I own the bottom side, so get off my back."

    Well, hopefully, that once thought theory of flatness, has been debunked. A person, literate, uses symbols all the time. I try to convey something, hopefully I do not worship a peace sign, nor do I worship letters.

    What I fear, is the person who writes, draws, gestures, mindfully deceive for their own personal gain.

  1. Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson's Avatar Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson

    Makes me think this "fashion designer's" acronyms stand for TurboDork and DorkShadow.

    I'll stick with my New Balance 623's.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      I wore my last pair of New Balance walking shoes until they had holes in them. Instead of buying new ones I went back to wearing my cowboy boots. If these get worn out, I'll go back wearing my wing tips.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Well Eldormon, you got me to thinking. Riding my bicycle while wearing cowboy boots isn't very comfortable. So now I've got another pair of New Balance walking shoes in my Amazon shopping cart.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          I did wear Converse All Stars for a few years, as a kid in school, when they were popular with school kids, especially those of us who played basketball. However, I can't jump anymore, so basketball is out of the question, and there isn't any sense in me wearing basketball shoes, regardless of those beautiful pentagrams.

  1. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

    (CONTINUED) In Psalms 82:6 Father God says "I [God] have said, you are gods; and all of you are CHILDREN of The Most High." Father God is talking about His CHILDREN who do not worship death-idols and think there is no God or think that they are better than God.

    By the way John the Racist Bible scholars, rabbis and Theologians changed the name of King Nimrod's City of Bab-il (Gate of God) to Babel (Confusion) to confuse you and the entire world into hating King Nimrod. They have been successful. We can prove their name-changing deceit although We won't dig deep into it right now.

    We will quickly explain why We delved into the Bible in the first place. We heard about a curse on so-called Black People being taught in Christianity. So We looked into it, and found out that a black curse was actually being taught, especially in two (2) places:

    (1). King Nimrod, a descendant of Cush (Ethiopia), as you know John is said to have built the Tower of Babel, which actually was never built as you now know, especially by the chronological order. Genesis 10:10 comes BEFORE Genesis 11:1-9. And

    (2) Genesis 9:25 which says "Cursed be you Canaan, a servant of servants shall you be." Which is interpreted by the Racist white man and the Racist Jew, and accepted by Treacherous, Evil black Civil Rights preachers to mean that so-called Black people are to be the "lowest of slaves" to the white man and the Jew.

    Put that with a white god and you can understand the religious and mental trap so-called Black People are in. So are white people and Jewish people Trapped, but so-called Black People are the "low man on the totem pole."

    We found the Truth by studying decades ago; it seems like for thousands of glorious hours in libraries. "No Computers Used," which helped us immensely, and by studying the Hebrew language. You see John, what is taught in English by corrupt religious leaders and what the Hebrew language reveals in the Old Testament are two completely different things.

    However unraveling the Truth from the thousands of years of Racist falsehoods and Lies was like unraveling a giant knot.

    However unlike Alexander the Great who just cut in half the stupid Gordian Knot, We sat down and unraveled lies of the Racist Gordian Knot one by one to be able to teach Our findings. Doing it without a computer helped us because We had tables full of religious commentaries and dictionaries that We could compare to each other and find the mistakes and the Truths in the small inconsistencies. Great research work. We could not have done that with a computer, although now with a computer We can go straight to the Truth and know it's the Truth and prove it’s the Truth.

    And We wrote down everything. There is nothing We say that We cannot PROVE!!! We enjoy talking to Racist Mormons and Racist Jehovah Witnesses, and anyone else. With God's Truth I AM immune from their Racist/Sexist religious razzle-dazzle. I AM a Spiritual Revolutionary!!! We Trust and TEST what We find even though the religious world said the opposite for thousands of years and still do.

    Therefore even the popes cannot say they did not say what they said and are saying. They are now Trapped!!!

    The Hebrew language is a contextual language very explicit and clear, but it has been taught wrong too in very strategic ways John. Even some people who speak Hebrew fluently do not know exactly what they are saying when it comes to King Nimrod and the non-existent black curse in Genesis 9:25. The devil is not stupid.

    But the devil is so stupid as well as its religious, judicial and political demons in thinking they can defeat Father God and Christ. Time is running out. Read Matthew chapter 24. The Bible is a contract John. When you sign a contract you cannot say whatever you want it to say. But Racist/Sexist religions do that because educated and uneducated people are Biblically ignorant and not knowledgeable in the Hebrew and Greek languages.

    And they don't know they are religiously enslaved, whether they are agnostics, atheists, poor or rich. (TO BE CONTINUED)

    1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      Re: "low man on the totem pole." As a Native & Black woman, I must add one thing. We Natives see over and over again references to our ways, our symbols and customs mistakenly spoken about by non-Natives in a disrespectful and ignorant way. Totem poles are not symbols of superiority along a ladder. That is a while man worldview of competition and value. Totem poles are representations of our family & clan relationships and are sacred to us. They are part of our identity. Placement of clan images has nothing to do with low or high. Placed outside of homes tells visitors our sacred relationships with ancestors and who we are related. Please learn and be respectful. Thank you.

    2. Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod's Avatar Erech Melchizedek Christ Nimrod

      (CONTINUED) This is a Glorious fight that We Won in Revelation 19:11-21. I AM here to set the captives Spiritually Free from the religious Matrix. But only those who want to be Spiritually Free and take the "red pill" of Truth and find Heaven in them and Prosper on Earth and FIGHT the Good Fight of Faith because it is constant War, or stay forever stuck in the familiar, complacent, pain-filled religious-Matrix of this falling world and continue taking the blue pill of slavery, suffering and death, with poisoned sweet Kool-Aid.

      NOTE: The terms "red pill" and "blue pill" refer to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth, by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. Everybody has this God-given choice to make intelligently between Truth and falsehood.

      Remember that in the movie "The Matrix" with all the razzle-dazzle martial arts, in the end the machines won. That was not a Happy, Victorious ending for the human race that was living underground, even though they accepted the machine's "religious" reprieve as a victory.

      John, this world will soon be dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), even though in a way it is already dominated by A-I since the human race think's artificially from a religious/communist-Godless Matrix and has been doing so since approximately 300 A D.

      Today the Human Race can be destroyed at the push of just ONE button to set off an Atomic chain reaction, which shows that the human race is religiously degenerating instead of Spiritually regenerating

      Today, in the Olympics games in Tokyo Japan the only country to have two Atomic Bombs dropped on its people, they are discussing the Horror of that attack. Imagine, if you want to, World War III.

      Father God and Our Majestic Regal-Royal Hamitic Twin Brother Jesus Christ’s Miracles are needed to Save Humanity because Humanity cannot Save Humanity.

      I AM Nimrod, The Spiritual Revolutionary "LIFE" Coach. I AM here to Coach People to go inside themselves past the religious guilt and low self-esteem and to follow God-In-Them and to THINK and Study for themselves. Everybody is inherently Truly Worthy, Truly LOVED and Truly Competent. Namaste.

      1. Pamela Kay Waters's Avatar Pamela Kay Waters

        This is all in a storybook that people have read and followed for years. Where is the proof that any of this is real?? All this over a star. Stare in the sky, stars are for good behavior in school. Give five stars for your favorite restaurants, hotels or anything else. You have a cross. What makes it different is the horizontal bar is alittle higher than a plus sign. Otherwise it's a small t, again what does it mean if it's upside down?

        1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          Hi Pamela! In the "storybook" called the Holy Bible there is a passage in 1Corinthians3:14 which says "But the natural man (woman)does not recieve the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him/her; nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned"...Did you know the New Testament is only about half the size of a Harry Potter book, and yet out sells every other book in history? It changed my life and I pray your curiosity gets the better of you and you give it a chance....It's FREE on-line as well as in any christian church.

          1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

            You dp grasp preaching as you do is an offense worthy of being killed in the U.S. right? Trying to push your faith as something substantial is an attack that allows others to invoke stand my ground laws. Its an insular act that has no place in a secular nation like the U.S. You would be better off living in Iran.

            1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

              LOL! Mr.Terikson! You made me spill my beer..."Invoke stand your grounds laws"? May I be the first to welcome you to the United States of America....Where the freedom of speech is backed up by deadly force. Little buddy, I'll defend your right to spout out any kind of nonsense you wish, and if you wish to silence MY RIGHT to do so...seems you'd be better off in China....When the exchange of ideas is silenced only the dictators will have a voice.

              1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

                You clearly are not a citizen of the U.S. if you think "Freedom of Speech" exist in any way between you and I. That is a freedom specifically protecting citizens from the government. Or are you one of those ignorant fools who think when a congressperson like that looney MTG says her freedom of speech is being violated by a private company that she is somehow correct? Because she is the literal government in that case trying to curb the actual freedoms of the citizens.

                Stand your ground laws may be invoked for any reason that leads a citizen to feel they are about to be attacked, this is why it does get nick named the right for little white men to shoot large black men law. However it also has been invoked more often by those using it the correct way like when a small muslim woman with a CCW killed 2 proud boys last year. But the NRA and the Fox Media dont like to have to cite those kind of lawful uses of it. And all those 2 men did was say that all muslims deserve to die. She then calmly took out her gun, and yelled stand my ground as she pulled the trigger. Didnt even have to go to the station. Barely got talked about on the local radio station.

                You cant seem ever seem to keep a civil tone, you are always very emotional in your writing style, and never seem to grasp that your feelings on things dont matter at all.

                In the U.S. in more then 30 states, the only requirement for Stand my ground to be invoked is to literally say you thought they meant harm based on a statement they made that you thought implied threat of attack. This includes pushing insular religious rhetoric which is a very clear sign of someone who is not in line with good american traditions. like secularism. For the average citizen that is all we need to invoke our right to defend our local community from obvious threats.

                Also calling someone little buddy, yep that is an obvious denigration, denigrating someone is a verbal assault and again all it takes in more then half the states to justify using a gun and ending the other person.

                I thought you liked that law man. I know you think the likes of Zimmerman killing Martin, an actual child was ok just because he was black and maybe was possibly attacking the guy based on only his word.

                Freedom of Speech does not exist between any two random citizens. Never has and only those beyond ignorant of the actual rights given by that document would say something so truly unamerican.

              2. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

                Ilmenheru, you do know that this man/boy is ignorant and uneducated, right? He goes off, name calls like a little 5th grade bully on the playground while pretending to know more than anyone else here. He's just another right wing racist little troll.

              3. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

                You DO realize that upon whatever media you use to comment on, it can also be used to RESEARCH facts in reference to your comments eh? Stand your ground laws, recognized by 38 states, essentially allows someone to defend themselves with deadly force, IF THEIR LIFE IS IN MORTAL DANGER....Not because somebody hurt their 'feelings'.. well little seem to make references to what ever is trending on MSM...which I do not watch...I've got no idea who "Zimmerman and Martin are and could careless... I live in Longview TEXAS and open carry my sidearm LEGALLY, which is WHY I am familar with laws concerning killing idiots that want to "hurt my feelings"...The Skipper called Gillligan his little buddy because Gilligan was a loveable mess...sorry this term triggered you...

      2. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

        Hi Nimrod! The Miracles of Jesus Christ HAVE ALREADY saved those that wish to be saved....all that is needed in this time of Grace is to RECIEVE the free gift of SALVATION....Your sins have already been forgiven...all that is needed now is to TRUST in the Lord and Savior Jesus CHRIST and it is the continual work of the Holy Spirit that will pull you from your madness that you were born thinking was "normal" and into a more fulfilling life...Our ascended CHRIST annointed the apostle Paul to reveal the MYSTERY OF GRACE....NOT of works less anyone should boast....THAT is the reason for the great 'schism' of 1054....the split between east and west catholicism....the west APOSTATE CHURCH wanted to keep their subjects in subjugation and therefore added more man-made rules without ANY BIBICAL authority...that being said the east ALSO left sound DOCTRINE and started other apostate rule and regulations....thus the REFORMATION started by CATHOLIC MONKS that actually read the original manuscripts....Today's true christians WORSHIP in Spirit and Truth...there are no man made "focal points" of anything made in heaven or earth...

      3. Rev. Jonathan Peebles's Avatar Rev. Jonathan Peebles

        Truth is only in the eye of the beholder and you no one will believe what the they refuse to be "there" truth no matter how obvious it may be to other people sadly. There are no absolutes I am sorry to say

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          There are many truths to everything, depending on one's point of few.

    3. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

      Hello Nimrod, Genesis 9:24-27 refers to when Noah knew what his younger son had done, he placed a curse on Ham's son Canaan, who would be the lowest of slaves to his brothers, that is, to the decendants of Shem and Japheth. In later centuries, the Canaanites, decendants of Canaan, were pressed into slavery by the Israelites (Josh. 17:13 ; Judg. 1:28-35 and 1 Kings 9:20-21) This curse did not refer to the decendants of Ham who settled in Africa. This is simply recorded history and any rabbi, priest,or pastor teaching otherwise is a wolve in sheeps clothing leading the congregation astray. Every color and shade of humans on this earth has enslaved those they beat in war or conqured...Slavery is not exclusive to any one paticular group...In WW2 The Japanese enslaved thousands of American GI's captured, many of which died in forced labor camps, now known as The Mitsubishi corp. as well as road building ect....Full circle eh? Now the Olympics are being held in the same country that killed thousands of Americans on vacation in Pearl Harbor in just one un-provoked attack...Forgive as you would have others forgive you.

      1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

        Pearl Harbor was Provoked, The U.S. had been forcing them into smaller and smaller areas for fishing and this was literally killing millions of their people through a slow death by starvation. But I guess you never think about that, or it was because of that,and that it had been happening for more thena couple decades at that point, which was actually part of the plan by the U.S. and the invasion of Asia by Japan was entirely anticipated. As was the attack on the U.S. it had been something literally decades in the making when they hit Pearl Harbor, it was not only expected, it was allowed to succeed.

        And soldiers dying even as POWs is nothing next to unleashing the evil of the uranium bomb on 2 civilian population centers.

        Man you are so obviously a fake christian. The fact you see soldiers as something to mourn and not school children all due to which lines on a map outline the place they live tells me you are indeed a slave to Shai'Tan and an enemy of all civil and social minded humans.

        1. John Norris Campbell's Avatar John Norris Campbell

          Do you just make up stuff as you go along or are you really this uninformed Mr. Terikson?

  1. Evan Ski's Avatar Evan Ski

    Why is everyone hating on John Norris Campbell. He is the only one speaking truth in all these posts. We are fighting a spiritual warfare here in an unseen realm that will be seen here in the near future. Get right with God and dig into the Bible. All hope will be lost if you cannot rely on Jesus our savior. These shoes are sending a simple message that is hidden to most of the atheist public and sticks out to Christian’s as a threat. Christian’s are of love, peace, forgiveness, mercy, and glorifying the name of Jesus. Anything that is not of God or advancing the Kingdom of God is not worthy. Converse, Nike, and any other big shoe platforms will be destroyed from the inside out for allowing this to be ok in our culture. Let me just inform all you non believer’s in Christ Jesus, He is coming back soon and he is not going to be happy, thus why it’s a good idea to get to know who Jesus is and join the side of light, because let me tell you the side of darkness leads no where except death and destruction. Go with Jesus and live in the light for eternity is a lot better then living in darkness forever with ignorant people. If you don’t believe me, turn your lights off in a dark room, turn the heat up as high as it goes and invite the most annoying person you know over and share that experience with them, that’ll not even come close hell, but if you can’t handle that well then how will you ever handle hell!!!

    1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      The ULC is a nondenominational site, the U.S.A. is a secular nation that opposes all insular nations no matter the faith including christian insular nations like Russia and the ROC that gained power like few branches of the christian faith during the reign of the U.S.S.R. as despite the ignorance of the average citizen of the U.S. the Russian Orthodox Church was not banned, and was made into a state religion just as your ilk seek to do here in the U.S. with evangelicalism.

      Your rhetoric paints you as an enemy of society, civilization, the U.S., and clearly outs you as not an actual minister of the ULC in good standing. So you like JNC represent actual evil self dehumanized vermin acting as parasites on the society you live off of but seek to do harm to.

      Your idea of god means nothing to me nor any of sane and civil mind. To speak as you do if you spoke to my face would empower me to invoke stand my ground laws as I could easily make a case that your rhetoric made me see you as a threat to my life and any one else near by.

    2. Tom's Avatar Tom

      "He is coming back soon and he is not going to be happy" has been said for centuries and guess what we're still waiting for...

      1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

        Well Tom it has worked exceptionally to control power and people, enslave millions, and gain a sheeplike following for eons, why would they stop now?

  1. Charles Quinlan's Avatar Charles Quinlan

    WOW ! Did they even notice that it is not a Pentagram, just a 5 pointed star, and lots of people use them all over the place. Not only that but it is also not "inverted".

    Maybe they should just be educated???

    Simple, just using "scandal" to get a product pushed. Maybe using sex would be easier and better, like in the "old days" of TV ads. :-)

    1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

      Ha ha ha

    2. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

      Why are you on this site universal religious site when you believe your religion to be the only one? There are many places you can go and be among your kind and all think alike and worship "your" deity in the manner of "your" desire.

  1. Tammy Lynn Breeden's Avatar Tammy Lynn Breeden

    They wonder why people get upset. Bring God and Jesus back in our lives and follow him and lose Satan and his demons and 🛑 stop following the ones that worship evil and bless those who do God's work. Save our nation not kill it.

  1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

    Well then it appears that some religious organizations must also believe that US Military who is housed in a Pentagon shaped building, and the US capitalistic money system is also "satanic" and Pagan as are all the holidays, which also include pieces of "satanic and pagan ritual"! Programmed ignorance and willful blindness is both blissful and fallible! If we are all children of the universe and God why do some religions think they are the God themselves?

  1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

    Reading the comments throughout this site and having been witness to human behavior for over 5 decades and learned history, it has become utterly clear to me why I Chose to no longer be "Christian" and without a doubt find it to be the "right" choice for me to have done so! I have in essence saved myself by doing so and now know the True God.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Ooooo I'm so excited to hear which is the True God. Could it be.....yourself?


  1. Kevin R Anderson's Avatar Kevin R Anderson

    I believe Proctor and Gamble had a similar controversy years ago. They're older trademarks contained imagery that many people thought were occult or satanic. One of my dearest friends just came out to me as a card carrying Satanist. It shocked me. Eventually I remembered, we're all just trying to find our way. Whatever you call yourself, try to spread love and joy to people. ❤️😁

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