Gay Catholic teacher marries partner
School teacher Jocelyn Morffi was fired for marrying her partner. New reports indicate that fellow teachers who attended the ceremony could also be let go.

Wedding bells on the weekend, fired first thing Monday morning.

Not exactly the happily-ever-after that first-grade teacher Jocelyn Morffi envisioned when she decided to tie the knot. The wedding went off without a hitch, and everything seemed to be great.

But then administrators at the Catholic school where Morffi taught found out that she had married another woman. Rather than risk scandal, they decided to let her go immediately.

"This weekend I married the love of my life and unfortunately I was terminated from my job as a result," the distraught teacher said in a statement. "In their eyes I'm not the right kind of Catholic for my choice in partner."

Sign supporting gay teachers A Model Teacher

By all accounts, Morffi was one of the most popular teachers at Miami's Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, where she had taught for seven years. Students loved her, and parents held her in high regard.

The school principal sent out a letter notifying families, but skirted around any specific reasons for her firing. It said only that "a difficult and necessary decision" had been made and asked for "continued prayers."

That didn't sit well with those parents who knew Morffi personally, about a dozen of whom showed up at the school the next day to voice their displeasure before the news cameras. They couldn't care less that Morffi was gay, one parent told reporters: "Our only concern was the way she was with our children, the way she taught our children, and this woman by far was one of the best teachers out there."

"This teacher in particular has made such a contribution to the school," explained another. "She never imposes her personal beliefs on others. She just does everything in love."

Friendly Fire

As it turns out, Jocelyn Morffi was not the only staff member affected by the school's strict policy. Four fellow teachers chose to attend the wedding ceremony and support their friend. Well, school officials caught wind of this and called them into a meeting. The four teachers were warned that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they couldn't post any photos from the wedding and even had to promise not to attend any future events supportive of same-sex marriage.

According to one teacher who is remaining anonymous, the threat of being fired was implicit but clear. Frustrated, she vented to reporters after the meeting. "We pick and choose what is considered wrong and what we're going to enforce, and I think it's like a joke," she said.

She's not alone in this thinking.

"Do they investigate teachers to see who is using birth control?" another critic asked.

Was it Justified?

Because Catholic schools are private institutions, it seems the administration was well within its rights to fire Morffi (and any teachers who support her) for violating the school's policy against same-sex marriage.

After Florida lifted its ban on same-sex marriage back in 2014, the Miami Archbishop, even warned that church employees who refused to abide by the Church's teachings would risk termination.

So, the firing was legal. But does that make it right?

That's a much bigger question.

Evil gay agenda sign Risk of "Indoctrination"

Those who object to homosexual teachers worry that a gay person might bring implicit bias into the classroom. Or worse yet, they might try to advance the so-called "gay agenda" and secretly indoctrinate students into supporting it.

But critics say this view is nonsense, insisting that gay teachers are no different than straight teachers. Perhaps they bring a certain worldview into the classroom with them, but so does everyone else that walks through the door to take attendance be they male or female, black or white, native or foreign-born.

A teacher's sexual orientation has no bearing on their ability to teach, they argue.

Although the school has tried to remain neutral on this thorny issue, the carefully crafted statement released by the Archdiocese of Miami makes it clear that they didn't believe Morffi could separate being gay from following "the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church." In other words, her sexual orientation would ultimately trump her responsibilities to teach children "good Catholic" values.

What do you think are gay teachers fundamentally different from their straight counterparts? Was the school right to fire Morffi?


  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    For the entire seven years that she taught at the school she had been gay. Now, all of a sudden, she is no longer qualified to teach there. This is not only morally wrong, but it makes absolutely no sense. The parents all knew and loved her anyway. The children knew and loved her and attended school anyway. Why is it suddenly wrong for her to live her life the way she always has and hoped she always would? The church needs to change their attitude and move into the modern world where all people are equal. EQUAL!

    1. Larry Copeland's Avatar Larry Copeland

      Who gave us the right to tell GOD to change his word.? Satan did!!

      1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        Larry...God is peace; even beyond love, and has no rules for anyone...and there is no Satan; that is just something the religious controllers want you to believe...Peace...Tom

        1. flugo's Avatar flugo

          God's Word is eternal and unchangeable. You ignore it, ridicule it, and or disobey it at your own peril. He has rules: the first and second commandments given in the New Testament. And He hates sin: His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He loves the sinner: the thief on the cross . . . and you . . . and me . . .

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Bob...respectfully, there is no such thing as "God's Word"...and the New Testament is simply a book written by humans; there are no "God Publications"...all events in this "world" are the result of karma, and voluntarily take place, as the result of commitment before birth...and lastly, the feeling of God is more than love, it is eternal peace...Peace to you..Tom

          2. Stephanie Willey's Avatar Stephanie Willey

            Bob, the God I know does not hate.

          3. Crystal's Avatar Crystal

            Bob, you are getting the translations made by man confused with what God stands for. If you believe the bible hasn't changed completely over time due to who is translating it, you really need to reconsider and do some research. So, it is changeable, by man to get you to buy into their interpretation.

          4. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

            The Bible is groupings of story's, memories and lessons that have been gathered from many sources. Some tales are obviously taken , almost word for word , from older pagan religions. It is NOT "the word of God" it is the word of numerous people,multiple translators, and decisions made by multiple church bodies. It speaks of God. It is NOT the word of God. Because of the re shaping of the Bible by various voices, and churches, today's Bible is not the bible of 1700 which is not the bible of 1500 etc. Also there is nothing in the Bible that conndems same sex relationships. Why? Because in biblical times that was considered socially acceptable.

        2. Craig's Avatar Craig

          Bravo, Tom. Enlightenment personified.

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Craig...thank you...Peace...Tom

        3. Hoggdogg's Avatar Hoggdogg

          Tom hate too tell you satan sreal and religious controllers not true people i had peolpe say the groverment control churches and that not true i will be praying for you gods peace my brother

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Wesley...what i say is sound like a good person...Peace...Tom

        4. McLellan's Avatar McLellan

          Tom, can you disprove the existence of Satan, or are you merely saying that he is the metaphorical representation of human evil.

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Joe...i am not trying to disprove Satan or anything else...i could agree with your "metaphorical" statement if you change "evil" (there is no such thing) to what appear to be nasty/negative acts...everything that appears to be happening is the result of free will within karma; and everything is directed toward balance...when the balance is achieved, there is no need to reincarnate any more, as peace is realized...i wish you Peace...Tom

        5. renie's Avatar renie

          yes the evil satanic real and tat why in this world is such evil . the Christians are the salt of the earth and if the salt was remove the world will murder and kill and commit various sins due to no salt to preserve god's presence on earth.

        6. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

          I really hope you don't think that.... Satan is real and thinking he is not will land you in trouble...

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Jessica...eventually you will see the opposite is true...Peace...Tom

      2. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

        God didn't say that man did. Nothing in the teaching of Christ mentions homosexuality at all. I don't think Jesus forgot.

        Anyone who understands the context of those scriptures knows it wasn't due to the type of sex with who but the lack of children born to maintain their culture and traditions.

        Start reading the words of Christ.

        1. renie's Avatar renie

          wrong wrong wrong it is clear what the scriptures mean.

      3. James's Avatar James

        Is God really a man?

        1. McLellan's Avatar McLellan

          No, I don't think so.

      4. Gus St. Anthony's Avatar Gus St. Anthony

        In an age of scientific investigation, technological advance, historical accuracy and ... yes ... biblical scholarship, the phrase "God's Word" no longer applies in the same way that it did centuries ago. We understand a lot more about the divine dimension of humanity today than early Christians did. The black and white 'Righteous" and "Unrighteous" categories for humans no longer apply either. There are countless shades of gray in judging people today. That's why using biblical quotes to defend an argument is becoming a weaker and weaker ploy.

        As far as the issue of same sex relationships is concerned, the idea that it is "an abomination unto God" needs to be re-evaluated. It's not "God" speaking. It is, rather, the homophobic attitude of persons who lived in a long gone superstitious and unenlightened age.

        1. renie's Avatar renie

          why don't you ask God in prayer what he will show you what God word or thinks about same sex anything to do with sex lust marriage.

          1. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

            The question is not what God's answer would be it is how would you treat that answer if it did not align with your personal beliefs?

        2. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

          For all of you who feel that GOD is ok with same sex relationships why are you in a religious website? If you do not believe in GODS word as it is written why are you even believing in him? You can not rewrite the BIBLE to your own way of thinking!!!

          1. James The Gardener's Avatar James The Gardener

            The Bible has been edited and changed constantly throughout history, it has been mistranslated and used by man to keep power over others. Fear is a powerful weapon. If the actual God that runs this universe had anything to do with this book it would not contain so many contradictions. There is nothing wrong with us, no sin that needs to be removed. No saving is needed. Everything that exists is allowed to exist by God, Gay people included! Life your life in peaceful freedom, and try not to fear death. You were dead forever before you were born!

    2. Michael polk's Avatar Michael polk

      If the cat don't like the way it's being rubbed it can turn around, or leave.

      1. flugo's Avatar flugo


  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Changing the whole definition of martyrdom.

  1. Wendy's Avatar Wendy

    It's a private Catholic school. The teachers are required to follow the rules and code of conduct. It would be different if it were a public school, but it's not. Parents can protest, and if enough parents remove their children to make the school financially impossible to operate, they might change the rules, or they might close the school. A lot of people find that their personal beliefs no longer fit the religions they have chosen. People who are deeply embedded, like teachers in private religious schools, people who hold leadership positions in churches, etc., often have to make a very difficult choice about whether to be true to themselves or true to their religions.

    1. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

      The Pope apologized for how the church has dealt with LGBTQ community. It seems we know that gay is not contagious by now. I don't get the issue if punishing people who are gay esp when you have gay CATHOLIC

      1. renie's Avatar renie

        the pope nd others including myself loves the person but does not agree with or condone the sin.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    The position of the Archdiocese appears me, what they are saying is that they are embarrassed by the media coverage...because it would seem unlikely they were unaware for 7 years, when everyone else knew about it...and as far as improper influence on the children, the imposition of the Church on them will do far more damage than could ever be done by a caring teacher...Tom

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Joseph...Once again (and again) I object to the censorship ("moderation")...Tom

    1. Universal Life Church Ministries's Avatar Universal Life Church Ministries


      Our system automatically places some comments in moderation, requiring them to be screened and manually approved. Since we are quite busy that doesn't always happen right away, but I do my best.

      Thanks for your understanding, Joseph

      1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        Joseph...thank you for writing...i feel you are doing the best you can, but i would like to know the system for selecting the comments to be reviewed, as well as the standards for not publishing them...that would make it easier for me to understand...thank you...Peace...Tom

  1. Stephanie Willey's Avatar Stephanie Willey

    Our sexuality is something we are born with and begins to appear in childhood and adolescence. This is a scientific and medical fact. Judging anyone for who they love and discriminating against them on that basis is simply wrong. Didn't Jesus teach us to love and not judge ?

    1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

      TRUE!! However, don't you think that if a person's beliefs don't jive with a certain religion or denomination, they should find one that better suits their values, Instead of trying to change the entire system that already exists? This lady should go to a Church that reflects her beliefs and values and leave Catholicism out if it. JMO

      1. Michael's Avatar Michael

        Kathy, while it may be true that this woman's beliefs don't jive with Catholicism, that does not in and of itself preclude her from teaching at the school. Persons of all religious beliefs (and non-believers, too) teach in parochial schools around the country. The only subject from which these non-Catholics must recuse themselves is Religion, and more specifically, teachings of the church.

        This is a very touchy subject, but the bottom line is that for 7 years, the individual taught at the school and received universal praise for her work. Now that it has been made known her sexual orientation and marital status, she has been fired. Was that information in her contract? If so, she's in breach of her contract and subject to termination. If not, she has the basis for a lawsuit.

        1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

          Michael I agree with Kathy, If she do not agree with the school or its religious base then she should go teach somewhere else where her lifestyle and beliefs are the same as her own. You can not force others to go alone with your sin. We can love and respect a person without going alone with them.

    2. Samir Allan's Avatar Samir Allan

      Sorry Stephanie, it's never been scientifically or medically a fact just look it up for yourself rather than listening to others and deceiving yourself. Just like brilliant men and women could never disprove the Bible, fact!

      1. Aaron's Avatar Aaron

        Lol how bout you look it up. It’s painfully obvious that you haven’t. Your ignorance only helps fuel lies. Isn’t lying a great sin, Samir Allan?

      2. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

        If you were better read you would be aware very little of the Bible can be matched to fact other than a very general timeline of major events and major cities. No trace has been found to prove the majority of Biblical "facts" other than rulers names. Faith is exactly that. It is based on belief not fact.

    3. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Stephanie you can not force someone to go alone with what you believe in..... GODS word is what it is... One cdan love the person but not agree with their sins. We all have sins but if I do not agree with something you are doing I will not go alone with it..

      1. Stephanie Willey's Avatar Stephanie Willey

        I would argue that the forcing of individuals to align their beliefs with a antiquated and rather narrowly structured system is exactly what too many religions are about.

  1. rabbi jim's Avatar rabbi jim

    Greetings all! So typical of the Catholic faith. I think the pope should marry one of his cardinals. It would do him good! Shalom, and have a wonderful day!

    1. James Chamberlain's Avatar James Chamberlain

      Typical you say? While casting a stone at your brother for his religious beliefs. shalom.

      1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

        Exactly James!

  1. David Romans's Avatar David Romans

    Pope Francis has said "who am I to judge" when he thoughts about LGBT As a minister with Universal Life Church I have performed same sex wedding ceremonies. I do not judge. God is Love Peace and Understanding.

    1. James Chamberlain's Avatar James Chamberlain

      The Holy Father has stated clearly enough so to not need paraphrasing, that we are to love the sinner while hating the sin. The Roman Catholic Church adheres to thousands of years of Abrahamic Law which forbids key behaviors such as homosexuality. We have the right to remove ourselves from any organization whose rules we do not agree with. We do not enjoy the privilege of demanding others accept our belief's.

      1. John E Coburn's Avatar John E Coburn

        Bravo and well stated James.

  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    Sure the parents might like her, but what if the teacher was making the kids draw rainbows during art class? That would be a great way to secretly spread pro-gay propaganda. Better safe than sorry if you ask me.

    1. Mehgit (@mehgit)'s Avatar Mehgit (@mehgit)

      Omg! Drawing rainbows! Oh, the horror!!

      1. Samir Allan's Avatar Samir Allan

        I know right? Using God's promise as a banner to promote Satan's sin.... Pride!

      2. McLellan's Avatar McLellan

        Oh dear, what ever will we do!?

    2. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

      Do you honestly believe that absurd idea? I had gay teachers in school. Both male and female. All but one were excellent teachers. The exception was nasty , mean and a problem but no more of a problem than mean waspish straight teachers I had. Gays are not recruiting anyone. They have no need to.there are many gays out there. I had a friend who didn't come out to me till he was in his 40's. Like it made him any different from the guy I had liked and been friends with since high school. I still liked him. My husband still liked him. Gays are no different then you or I except in their sexual preferemces. No more permiscuious , no more sexually agressive. No big issues except acceptance ...same as any minority.

      1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

        Judy, we can respect them and except them but we do not have to agree with their sin. You can not force a person to agree with you. If you are around people that do not share your views you can not force them to. Like minded people should be around each other not in places where they will start conflict in a setting where children are learning. Let her go find a school that she can teach at that agrees with her choices. That is her right.

  1. John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON's Avatar John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

    Fundamentally different? Yes. Was the school right? No. The difference is in her PERSONAL life, her wiring, so to speak. It has no bearing on her ability to teach, nor on her effect on her students. What the difference now is, is that she took that next step and married the person she loved. This termination would not have happened legally in Canada, at least not in the way it is described in the article. It would have been grounds to take it to the provincial labour board.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      John, you can not force someone to go alone with you if they do not want to. She knew the school and religion policy before she started teaching there. Why try to force them into going alone with her. She has the rights to live as she pleases and others have the rights to live as they please as well. She knew the school system was not going to change just for her so she should not have made a big deal out of this in doing so she is trying to force her way of thinking on others.

  1. James Chamberlain's Avatar James Chamberlain

    IT has been clear for 2000 years that the Roman Catholic Church has followed the same policies and protocol and it will be no surprise to any of us who are honest with ourselves, that there are rules which define the Catholic faith, and which Catholic's have a constitutional right to. It would be equally dishonest and disruptive to join the Universal Life Church with the expectation that they will change their guidelines to adhere to mine. I feel people need to grow up and take personal accountability for their own rebellion.

  1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

    Such a hypocritical site. The whole theme of the newsletter is to "stand up for what you believe in"............ Guess that's unless your beliefs offend the alternative left... Then the rules suddenly change. If people want to live and let live, then don't try to change other people's faith.......You have yours and they have theirs and leave eachother out of the others business.

    I thought it was "co-exist" and all that. That only works if people stay out of others business.

    1. Samir Allan's Avatar Samir Allan

      Agree. We are all created buy one God. The true and living God. The only God. Who is ready to forgive us our sins. All we have to do is turn to him. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And there is no other. just ask him

  1. Hoggdogg's Avatar Hoggdogg


    1. David Elbert's Avatar David Elbert

      And... when you read Romans please read it in entirety so that you have the appropriate context to understand that the point of the book is for us to understand that none are righteous. Not Jew nor Gentile. Not Straight nor Gay. Not the judge nor the accused. Peace.

    2. Shannon Harris's Avatar Shannon Harris

      Perhaps you should learn to spell, before correcting people's reading skills. (wright should be right) (Santa /Satan) (Satain / Satan).

      1. renie's Avatar renie

        oh no another internet spell checker. folks are making a point not writing a term paper for goodness sake.

  1. Joe Bill Schirtzinger's Avatar Joe Bill Schirtzinger

    If a person is going to teach children, it seems to me like a fundamental understanding of the spiritual definition of the word "marriage" would be a necessity.

    1. Samir Allan's Avatar Samir Allan

      Amen. Jesus is Lord! Merciful and gracious ready to forgive

    2. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

      We are a religion of acceptance so exactly who's interpretation of the word Marriage are you feeling they must know and accept? We come from various religions, churches, denominations, which one are you suggesting this teacher understand? And why only that one?

      1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

        Judy, the teacher chose to go to work at this school knowing their way of thinking. She can not force others to think as she does. She should go to another school where she can be around others that share her way of thinking. You can not go into a place and force the people there to go alone with you.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    No company or religious group or club should be expected to adjust itself to every different lifestyle that might be embraced by its members or employees. Each individual has the freedom to seek other like-minded individuals with whom to associate. Maybe there is a rainbow-coalition type school or a homosexual-run private school who will hire this woman, and she and the love of her life can live happily ever after.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      AMEN to that !!!!

  1. D Lindsay's Avatar D Lindsay

    Its so comforting to know that what people consensually do in bed together is everyone else’s business, and straight folks never have or want things like anal sex or weird reenactments etc. And of course it is only those amongst you who are without sin that are casting the first stones. Homophobia is anti-Christ.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      D Lindsay, No one cares about what others do in bed. Its not about that!! The point is you can not force someone else into thinking the way you want them to. This teacher has her rights and so does the school. She knew the way that the religion thinks and she knew the school was the same. She should not try to force them into thinking the way she wants them to. She should go and teach where there are others who think as she does.

  1. Michael polk's Avatar Michael polk

    The fact here is the church has the rite to set other own rules of conduct, don't like it don't work there.

  1. Mike's Avatar Mike

    Being a true homosexual isn't a choice, the bottom line is if you are a Woman born with more male genes you will obviously be attracted to women. Same for Men if you have more female genes of course you will be attracted to males. Of course there are some who truly aren't but most are they way they are from birth.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Gosh, I wish people would do at least a little light research into how genetics actually work.

  1. Father Gene's Avatar Father Gene

    Does anyone really believe that gays have not been in the teaching profession for as long there have been teachers? This woman apparently served well for many years, essentially she is "guilty" of a status crime; that is, her status changed so therefore she is no longer acceptable. No doubt other schools would like to have a qualified teacher.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Don, that's true this is not about her teaching. This is about her choosing to work for that school knowing they do not agree with the way she thinks and feels about same sex relationships. She can not force others to think and feel the way she wants them to. She has a right to live her life and other have a right as well.

  1. Chester's Avatar Chester

    It's a private school. They have their policies and she should have known them and the repercussions of violating them. It should have been in writing someplace and if not she might have a good case to sue. Possibly even if it is since it's discriminatory. But then it's a Catholic school. Like all the big churches gay marriage is kind of frowned upon. So it is kind of expected. She should have no problem finding a job, but may have to take a pay cut and it's likely she liked teaching in a Christian school instead of a secular one. It's not right for anyone who believes in gay marriage, or even in just leaving people alone, but it's their belief. The question should be, is it causing anyone any harm?

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Chester, the point you make are goo. But she knew the school did not think the same as she does on the issue so why try to force them ... She has her rights and others have the rights as well. To avoid conflict she should go teach where others think and agree with her. You can not force your beliefs on anyone.

  1. Julio Diaz's Avatar Julio Diaz

    GOD (the creator) Nature, for those non believers, created Man and Woman, male and female in every species! Same sex marriages are against the creation, against nature! Homosexuality is in some cases an error of nature, a psychological factor in others,caused sometimes by abuse in childhood, and lately by depravation! Gays are human beings like anyone else, they deserve our love,our friendship and equal rights as individuals! Same sex marriages are wrong! Just live and let live! There's no need to shout to the world I am gay! Intimacy for the bedroom! That is for any couple, man and woman, and gays! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

    1. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

      May I add one comment? There are also homosexual animals. It is a fact. It is NOT unnatural or abnormal. God created these creatures just as he created homosexual people and he loves all of them.

      1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

        Yes Judy, but you can not force others into thinking the way that you do. No matter what the issue. Everyone has their own way of thinking. If you are in a place where others do not agree with you then go to a place where they do agree with you. We can not force others to do and think as we want them to.

  1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

    And the Catholic church wonders why its numbers are down? When you alienate parts of the population that are here to stay, that's the fallout.

    We can argue all day long on this front, but at the end of the day, the God I believe in doesn't punish two people for genuinely caring about each other, regardless of sex.

    And as I love pointing out and most people continually ignore...who's job is it to judge? Not humanity. That is God's providence, so get off it and worry more about yourself instead of what everyone else is doing. God will take care of it.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Craig you can not force others to think as you do. Everyone has the right to think for them selves. We can not force people to agree with our sins.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    She was fired for breach of contract.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Good point Bill, and she signed that contract when she took the job. She can not force others into thinking the way she wants them to think. She have rights and others have right as well.

  1. William's Avatar William

    The Church is out of touch with reality. I feel sorry for the community that lost an excellent teacher and for the students that lost a caring adult., a mentor and a builder of hope because that’s what educators do. They give one the power to succeed. The church/ school was wrong in dismissing her. Regardless of their old world beliefs. God made this woman and Jesus died for her. And to be hypocritical, it’s ok for old men to rape young boys? Both are mortal sins that the church condoned for century but the love between two people Regardless of their sex is the worst ? lol laughable I love God and Jesus I don’t think this is what they intended for mankind. The church and this school are wrong and they are acting like Nazi SS. Sad day , a very sad day.

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    William, you're skirting the real issue. Did she or did she not, know of the school's policy on this issue? She's a fool for 'pushing the envelope', and suffered the consequences.

  1. Ian Shaw's Avatar Ian Shaw

    Isiah 13-16.

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    Tom: God has no rules?! What about the 10 commandments? What about the greatest and second greatest commandments Jesus iterated in the NT? Pull your head out, man.

    1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

      No, Bob; God has no rules...the 10 Commandments and the NT are man-made...there is no "word of God"...God is eternal, timeless and structure-less...eventually you will see this is true...God is peace and love; if you feel that is God's word, then all you have to do is be peace and love...and try to accept that judgments and pejorative words are against peace and love...Peace...Tom

      1. flugo's Avatar flugo

        Tom: II Peter l:20, 21 clearly state that the Scriptures were NOT man originated, but directed by God's Spirit. You ignore this truth at your own peril.

        1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

          Bob...the scriptures were written by people, and you limit your growth if you limit yourself by blindly following them...Peace...Tom

  1. Ramos Cruz's Avatar Ramos Cruz

    The ability to perform a job has nothing to do with sexual preference. However, the unnatural use of the human body is mentioned numerous times in the Bible along with the consequences. The real problem is neither. The real problem is that more than one person has been guilty of using their position of power to advance their agenda good or bad. In the case of the Catholic school they adhere to the principals taught and believed by the Catholic church.

  1. Darnell Murray's Avatar Darnell Murray

    Darnell Murray I don't think they was right because she was Gay when they hired her ,, and I'm sure she could have mentioned that. But that's private it shouldn't have nothing to do with her teaching of her Student's. Sometimes this World is to Crazy worrying about thing's that don't matter !!!! To GOD be the GLORY

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    II Peter 1:20, 21 clearly state the scriptures are NOT from man's origination, but from God's direction. You deny this at your own peril.

    1. Judy Riggenbach's Avatar Judy Riggenbach

      If you know your Bible you also know it states the Devil can quote scripture to his advantage also.

  1. Father Fred's Avatar Father Fred

    I'm reminded of the guy who came to work at a pizza parlor, and then said he couldn't work because his religion forbid him to handle pork. While I feel for Jocelyn Morffi, one has to have common sense. If you know where you work is hostile to your beliefs, you should either stay silent or go somewhere else. I have no ill-will toward the couple, in fact I became a minister to help a couple unite after their pastor literally told them to "go to hell." As I told them, the union you're about to take part in is similar to being a visible Christian in ancient Rome. Back then you had to accept persecution was around the corner, or go elsewhere. Jocelyn made the choice to go around the corner. You live and die by your choices. Either society thinks their way unconditionally, or they need to be more careful in what they say.

  1. Rob's Avatar Rob

    I have no problem with a gay teacher male or female.I am sure the teacher in question was an outstanding teacher. When one takes a position in a private entity, be it a school or any other facility, and you agree to the regulations of that entity and you knowingly break the rules, you most live with the consequences. As harsh as they may be.

  1. Terry's Avatar Terry

    Satan that many of you speak of resides in the hearts of the people who cannot accept that love knows no bounds. Love of your fellow human, of the animals, etc. keeps the Satan that can be in all of us away. This love is not tempered by what sex you are, color, or ethnicity.

    If you use a book to spread this hate and not the love you have for all beings it makes me question if Satan had a hand in influencing the chapters of the book. The book could be the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon; hate will always be hate regardless of what you use to justify the hate.

    My God is love, he/she is known by many names around the world but the truth for me is that my perfect God hates no one and loves all of their creations.

    1. Jessica's Avatar Jessica

      Terry so true. No one can force others into thinking the way they want them to think. We can all disagree and still love and respect one another. If like minded people live and work with those who think like them and not try to force others into thinking the way they want them to then there would be no conflict. We can love and respect without agreeing.

  1. angel's Avatar angel

    Religions are dumb, forget the church, go and be happy! The soul has no gender and after the body is back to dust, you will be "gendlerless" all over again!

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