A KKK rally turned violent in 2016

A rally organized by the KKK turned violent last year after counter-protesters showed up to oppose them. Three people were stabbed during the clash.

Do we live in an inherently violent society? According to FBI statistics, there were nearly 1.2 million violent crimes committed across the United States in the year 2015 alone. Although the crime rate has actually decreased over the years, that number is still staggeringly high. Consider this, too: we have the highest murder rate of any developed country at nearly 5 homicides per 100,000 people. While that may seem like a relatively small number, it is 5 times higher than countries such as Germany, France and Australia. It’s a whopping 10 times higher than Japan. What is the cause of these violent tendencies?

“Fight it Out” Mentality

All too often in our society, disagreements and arguments end in violence. Instead of talking out our problems like reasonable people, we challenge others to “take it outside” in an attempt to settle the issue with violence. Of course, this doesn’t solve anything – it simply causes people to get hurt and grows animosity. When you introduce guns and/or alcohol into the mix, such situations can quickly turn deadly.

Turtles and Veterans Not ExemptDisabled Navy veteran the victim of violence.

After reading a disturbing recent news report out of Florida, it is evident that this violence knows no boundaries. The story involves a disabled Navy veteran named Gary Blough, who encountered a group of young men torturing a turtle near Daytona Beach. They were reportedly picking the animal up and repeatedly slamming it down on its shell. Blough intervened, attempting to help the turtle back in the water. For his troubles, Blough instead became the target of the group’s violence. They quickly turned on Blough, punching and kicking him, leaving the disabled veteran with a severely swollen eye and various other bumps and bruises.

Peaceful Solutions

How can we turn the tide on such abhorrent violence in our society? Some people insist that hiring more police and law enforcement officers would improve things. That may well decrease the rate of violent crime by deterring criminals, but it’s unlikely to solve the underlying problems which cause it. Many peace activists argue that the only road to a peaceful society is through awareness and education. If all someone knows is violence, perhaps they can be shown a better way.

Gandhi demonstrating peaceful solutionsA Season of Nonviolence

In 1998, Arun Manilal Gandhi proposed a “season of nonviolence” in honor to his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi and to Martin Luther King, Jr. This 64-day event commences on January 30, which is the day on which Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. It runs through the anniversary of King’s assassination, on April 4. According to the campaign’s website, “spiritually guided citizen leaders in 900 cities in 67 countries have participated” over the years.

Its focus is to educate people and shed media attention on the philosophy of achieving peace through nonviolent action – a tactic that storied leaders such as Gandhi and MLK Jr. demonstrated can be tremendously successful in effecting change.

Can We Live Nonviolently?

While nonviolence has typically been implemented as a protest strategy, what if we could use the same philosophy to guide our everyday lives? Plenty of people pledge to live nonviolently, but all too often reality intervenes. How can you remain calm, for example, when someone intentionally rear ends your car? What if you witness your child getting bullied? Could you maintain a cool head?

Life is sometimes frustrating, but it is how we respond to adversity that defines us. Ridding ourselves of violent tendencies involves constantly checking our emotions, even in the heat of the moment. It involves making a commitment to peaceful response; using words – not actions – to resolve disputes. Living nonviolently is a challenge, but one that is well worth taking on.

Parting Questions

  • Is our society intrinsically violent?
  • Have you ever been the victim of violence?
  • What can we do promote peaceful solutions?



  1. William w. George says:

    Our society isn’t violent ,that’s actually an individual issue, people have anger issues and tend to choose to involve other’s in there stupidity and hatred.

    Yes I was suckered punched by a guy 7 years ago ,in a truck stop El Paso TX ,I was driving semi’s at the time I pulled in the night before ,the place was packed so I parked in an weird spot next to some other drivers who also were trying to get some rest , I actually parked in a way most other drivers would have had no problem managing backing around aor driving around, a tanker driver had pulled in the night before and when he got up instead of accessing the situation he panicked he beat on the side of my truck screaming that I neededicated to move my vehicle because he couldn’t back out ,by the time I got my pants on and out of the truck to see what I needed to do to help, a security officer working for the travel center, was in my face telling me I couldn’t park where I was, meanwhile the other driver had got backed out and was pulling out to leave ,he jumped out of his truck came over complaining and whining, I told him, maybe you should learn to drive and he sucker punched me turned ran an got in his truck yelling ” what” like he was some real bad dude ,and ran away like a coward, I just looked up towards heaven shrugged my shoulders and shook my head in disappointmentioned .. note the guy backed out of his spot and pulled up to leave before he sucker punched me proving my point about his need to learn how to drive, after all your mental behavior is a large part of your driving skill..

    To promote a more peaceful, you would need to educate the ignorant, eliminate financial segregation, I. E. Lack of money and living status seperation, other than that ,find the problem people and,make them take zanex or valumes, better yet leaglize marijuana so people can smoke get high an commune with God and get there sh#t together.

    1. JOHN MAHER says:


  2. JOHN MAHER says:


  3. claimyourpowerblog says:

    All the most ancient systems of knowledge assert that physical existence is created by the mind, which projects the reality the individual then experiences. Perception is a “smoky mirror” — smoky to the degree of the individual’s realization of their role in creating what appears in the mirror, and possibly even the mirror itself.

    I am the Smoky Mirror, because I am looking at myself in all of you, but we don’t recognize each other because of the smoke in-between us. That smoke is the Dream, and the mirror is you, the dreamer. ~ Ruiz, Don Miguel, The Four Agreements

    ~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

  4. Ellis says:

    If your religion has at it center the worship of torture and murder of Christ crucified, I call it anti christ, it produces more of the same, and so we have a religious cause and effect tautology

    1. Dark Gray says:

      Interesting comment, Ellis. IMHO, true Christianity has the Resurrection as its heart, not the Crucifixion. The old Pauline theology of Christ as the necessary sacrifice for our sins just doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. It’s far better to focus on the message that not even violence and death can still God’s voice.

      Those of us who think of ourselves as Christians (literally, “little Christs”) would to well to note that Jesus did not come roaring back from the grave, spitting fire and ready to kick some Pharisee butt. Rather, he returned to his disciples with messages of love and healing and power, a wonderful example of overcoming the world without violence.

      1. JOHN MAHER says:


  5. Brother John says:

    The veils that have protected our collective beliefs from reality and truth are parting and an ugly reality is coming into focus. Arguments about whose god is real are just as foolish as those regarding the POTUS and what’s been promoted as “the government”, “elections” and “democracy” decade after decade. Events are unfolding before our eyes that make many topics argued here insignificant and childish.

    Instead of arguing which God is real, which bathroom to use or will Trump make America great again, spend some time on current events and history, using sources other than the Bible. Here are some suggestions for research that will remove some of the blinders that protect us from reality.

    the Deep State

    Dennis Kucinich Deep State

    foreign troops in the U.S….
    North Americans are complacent, entitled and obese marshmallows compared to many other populations. We haven’t been bombed, invaded, occupied, hungry, desperate, or afraid during our lifetimes for the most part. When serious violence and chaos breaks out here, expect “UN troops” to restore order (see New World Order). Unlike our population, they have experienced hardships and horror beyond our imaginations and many of them will be motivated by vengeance created by decade after decade of U.S. hegemony.

    Fukushima… billions of people will die from radiation exposure in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, the same people will continue to ignore this on-going (6 years in March) extinction level event to protect the happy bubbles they inhabit.

    Geo-engineering… mankind’s hubris interfering with our atmosphere right in front of eyes that do not see.

    Magnetic Pole Shift

    Climate change… have a look at California which has gone from years of drought to historical precipitation and the potential for catastrophic dam failures and flooding. Once again, man’s hubris in turning otherwise uninhabitable areas into a semi-Paradise by “controlling nature”.

    If you insist on attributing all of the above to God and biblical prophecy, knock yourselves out, but just a reminder that “the Rapture” involves your death.
    If you’d rather continue to ignore reality, you’ll find it becoming more and more difficult.

    It’s been a long, strange trip. The train is pulling into the station. The hour is getting late.

    Happy Trails,

    Brother John

  6. Bernard Moleman says:

    Liberals see fit to attack godfearing men and women for nothing more than believing the gospel!

    Let me ask this: Have you been to Chicago? Black Lives Matter have turned it into a warzone, looting and pillaging from good CHRISTIAN men!

  7. JOHN MAHER says:

    I believe the PHRASE was CHANGED to [ ALL LIVEs MATTER ] and should be TATTOOD into the MIND,WHICH is a DANGEROUS THING, the MIND that IS !!!

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