Vatican City, Vatican – This month, Pope Francis recently sent tremors through the Catholic Church. Bishops and other religious leaders gathered to discuss issues concerning families at the Synod. Though in the end, hardly any official doctrine was changed, one thing was made clear: the Catholic Church, like Los Angeles, is situated on a major fault line and constituents are waiting for “the big one”.

In the official report, known as the relatio, Francis noted that homosexuals should be welcomed into the Church, asserting that they “have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community.”

Pope Protests

Catholics Support Fairness for Gay Families

In the past, proposed statements would be voted on by the bishops in attendance, requiring a 2/3 majority for inclusion in the final draft. Not afraid to break tradition, the Pope declared that not only would his statements on lesbians and gays be included regardless of the outcome of the vote, but the vote tallies themselves would be noted to the side of each statement.

There is some feeling that the popular Pope Francis might be trying to make a more drastic move here. From his past questioning on an airplane, “who am I to judge [homosexuals]?” to the recent events at the Synod, the Pope is saying something radical about gays and lesbians.



Richard Nixon with an adviser

A few decades ago President Nixon in a secret recording, can be heard discussing his views on the history of gay people and the “gifts” some have offered humanity. “They’re born that way. You know that. That’s all…and if you look over the history of societies you will find, of course, that some of the highly intelligent people…Oscar Wilde, Aristotle, et cetera, et cetera, were all homosexuals.” Nixon and the Pope are each nodding to historical accounts of same-sex relationships and homosexual behavior to make the point, since the dawn of time there have always been gays and lesbians.

In antiquity, many life-long relationships between males resulted from the teacher/student dynamic. The term “lesbian” itself is derived from a Greek poet born on the island of Lesbos that wrote on themes of love between women. Wall paintings in Italy are etched with images of men schtupping.

Plato wrote that relations between straight couples were crude as they were all about sex. The intellectual and romantic relationships between men were the highest form of love at the time.

Homosexual behavior is also observed in other animals than just humans. Many species engage in sex, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting between members of the same gender. Many will remember Silo and Roy, the famous male chinstrap penguins in the Central Park Zoo that remained faithful to each other for years and raised a hatchling.

Both the history and widespread practice of these couplings points to something that should be obvious, and it seems Pope Francis may be tip-toeing towards this view: being gay is natural.

Death to the Sodomites


The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852

With a majority of American Catholics calling for the acceptance of homosexuals, why would so many bishops that supposedly represent them and run in the other direction, perhaps is it latent homosexuality?

Tradition is an obvious response, but this begs the question even further – why is there a tradition on casting out gays and lesbians at this time when so many church elders have been involved with salacious sexual behavior?

One popular guess involves the tale of two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah which gave birth to the prohibition and abominations which, the church still holds to this very day. We all remember the basic story about Lot and his family being spared in the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and thinking that it was homosexual behavior that god destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for. One only has to revisit the Bible itself to find nothing of the sort. Odd, since the term “sodomy” is derived from the city of Sodom.

In Genesis 19:5, it is said that all of the men of Sodom formed a mob outside Lot’s house and demanded to know the angels he was housing. In many of the 149 versions of the bible, the term know is swapped out for “have sex with”, based on the separate concept of carnal knowledge, though that is an added interpretation.


Lucas van Leyden’s 1520 painting “Lot and his Daughters”

Lot, being the godly man he was, instead offers his virgin daughters to the supposed gay mob to rape his daughters. Why would Lot offer his daughters to gay rapists?

Interestingly enough, we don’t even have to guess why God smote Sodom. Ezekiel 16:49 says “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters were arrogant, overfed, and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen.” As far as how anyone reads these passages and thinks “the moral here is to not have same-sex relationships, but offering your daughters to be raped is the godly thing to do”. The actual story of Sodom and Gomorrah after Sodom’s wife looks back when told not to, she’s turned to a pillar of salt. The lesson to be learned from Genesis is that if everyone is dead and you want to carry on a family, God tolerates family incest.

“Did God Bless the Bastardly Children of Lot’s Incest?”

‘Our father is getting old, and there are no men in the whole world to marry us so that we can have children. 32 Come on, let’s get our father drunk, so that we can sleep with him and have children by him’ (Genesis 19:31 – 32)

The daughters proceed to get their father Lot drunk with wine then have sex with him. They do such a good job at getting their father inebriated that he does not know what they are doing to him (verses 33, 35). The two women become pregnant and eventually give birth to boys named Moab (father of the Moabites tribe) and Benammi (father of the Ammonites).


Spilling the Seeds


Pope Francis the reigning pope of the Catholic Church

Jesus said nothing on same-sex relationships. We must turn to the Old Testament to find the sort condemnation akin to the views of the conservative bishops. Yet here it is couched between verses that also decry the eating of pork and the wearing of blended fabrics.

Pope Francis is winking and nudging that for some, homosexuality is natural, and like all of nature, it was created by God. Hopefully with overpopulation, adoption, and artificial insemination, the Church can see that same-sex couples are not an impediment to flourishing, and that conservatives should stop championing their exclusion to rights and privileges of equality. But just as it took them hundreds of years to admit the truth of Galileo and pardon him after condemning him for heresy, it is clear the Church is still a stick in the mud on the issue of homosexuality.


  1. David Rothgeb says:

    This pope walks the talk. I love and pray for his success. The world will be a little kinder if he is successful!!!!

    1. ROBO says:

      I agree 100%–Best Pope in many years. Do you remember when Pope Pius Xll made a deal with Nazis? I sure do.Google it if you do not trust my statement.

      1. Stella says:

        I do remember. Do you remember that the current Pope Francis remained silent while Pinochet was disappearing and torturing people? His priest colleagues were being murdered while he remained silent – and lived.

        1. ROBO says:

          The past is gone. We live in the present. I am not Roman Catholic, but I am a Christian. I believe Pope Francis is the best thing to happen in the papacy in many, many years.

    2. scott denomee says:

      We are all are born in sin, a time come when we must choose to do what is right, or to do what is wrong, same sex relationship is sin, punished by death, which is enterity in. the lake of fire for ever

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        No one is born in sin. We come here clean as a whistle, and until we reach the age of accountability not one child is charged with sin. God is a little more merciful than to strike down a child who has no sense of what a sin is.After that time; yes its our choice between right and wrong to sin, or not. God lets us know what He thinks about same sex relationships. Yes its an abomination before Him and will be dealt with accordingly on judgement day. But…..Christianity is not all hell fire and brimstone. There is a better side , the reward side for all the good you do; to and for others. The beauty of Christs resurrection is “everybody has a chance” Jew and gentile. He left us His letter the Bible and its our job to read it and adhere to His wishes. After all He is the boss. He is able, but we have to do whats right to get back to Him. He tells us what is unacceptable, if we decide to go against His laws we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are not burdened with original sin. The Bible tells us,”when a man bites a sour grape it does not put his sons teeth on edge” we pay for and are responsible for our own sin.

        1. scott denomee says:

          You are right a child is clean as whistle and is not in any danger of punishment of sin, but my point is that it is said that people are born gay or straight, not so, we are born in to a sinful world and make our choice, yes Christianity is of love, and if we truely love we let the world know when it is going in the wrong direction

          1. Kevin DeFranco says:

            Thank you Scott, we are born into a sinful world.your reply is spot on.Look at the way you phrased your first sentence. It reads we are all born in sin, when you meant to say into a sinful world. We do have a righteous duty to tell someone when they are going in the wrong direction ,what they choose to do with it is on them. I’m more concerned with me personally adhering to the Word than judging someone else.God is the judge. Unfortunately, when you threaten or question someones belief system, they immediately go defensive on you. they call you judgemental, bigot, racist, whatever adjective that pops into their head. Some will call you fanatical evangelical christian simply because there is no defense to justify that what they are doing is wrong in GOD’S eyes.I didn’t write the Bible, God inspired those who wrote it down. He talked to Ezekiel, Isaiah, Enoch, Jeremiah, all the major, and minor Prophets..Those who cling to wrong doing as a lifestyle will never have an epiphany or have a desire to change. That’s when we move on..But it really burns me when people twist and contort the Word to make God fit them instead of them fitting into His plan..By the way, if you ever have to use the word termagant it means a scolding,or abusive woman. violently abusive, or quarrelsome.vixenish. A Moslem Deity of overbearing character. Have a nice day.

          2. scott denomee says:

            When I make these comments I have no need to judge.The word of GOD has already judged them, and they need to know,THE GOD I speak of has a son and his name is JESUS who is THE WORD, JESUS the only name that will save man, save from what? Save from the lake fire. The only way to enter in to heaven. I make no threats I only bring to light GOD’S word which is his promise, that is part of the problem we are concerned with self and not our nabors also, we are to speak the WORD and the HOLY GHOST will take care of the rest, call me what you will, we that carry the title christsians have been slient too long. Wake up, JESUS is the only way there is no other way, I say again, JESUS IS THE ONlY WAY, any other is sinking sand

          3. Kevin DeFranco says:

            Scott you are preaching to the choir. I agree with you 100% You are right, it is our duty to bring the truth to the surface no matter who would come against us. They cannot handle the fact that the Word of God is what has judged them and not the messengers of it. When they cannot mount a viable concrete defense they resort to exactly the type of behavior you witness here on this blog.

      2. Carl Elfstrom says:

        I’ve always very much liked the song Fire Lake by Bob Segar. And what about The Fire Down Below? By the way, fire is a natural element, and we could’nt live without it.

  2. Jean Davis says:

    Proud to represent this Church and it’s teachings.

    1. ROBO says:

      Jean–I am so glad that you agree that we are all one in God’s sight. Gay, Straight, White, Black, gay, straight, whatever. God loves everyone,no exclusions. I am so glad you are not one of the haters who do a lot of posting on this site.You statement of all people is encouraging to all of us.

      1. nenadjkostic says:

        Robo is the robot, he is only talking about the fact that God loves all people and how he will pray for all people, it’s nice but he does not know the Bible and reads it. For those who love God and punishes those that brought them to the right path, to those who repent of their indecency.
        Apostle of fornication: “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ when you get your act together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, that such a surrender to Satan to torment the body to the spirit saved on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians, Chapter 5: 4-5)

        Romans, Chapter 1: 24-29:
        “Therefore God also gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to uncleanness, that their bodies should be dishonored among themselves, For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For their women changed the natural function into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural function of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error. Even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, malice; full of envy,”

        1. ROBO says:

          AS I said, I will continue including you in my prayers and hope you can attain peace.

      2. Kevin DeFranco says:

        This church is steeped in “the traditions of men” not God.. burning incense, praying to statues, relying on a man for absolving sin, putting babies in a limbo that does not exist. 30% homosexuals that sodomize children and burying it for years. and you are proud of it! please say it isn’t so.

  3. Carrigan Chantz says:

    Very, very well presented and factually stated. I find it shameful that so many use organized religion, and especially misinterpretation of the Bible, as both offensive and defensive weapons of abuse. As was so perfectly stated in the November newsletter (“the Visionary”), “Now is the time to work to understand and accept those who may be different from us, that we might move into the new year with clear hearts and minds on the path toward peaceful coexistence.”

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Different from us ! Thank God I’m different.My sins are many being trapped in this sensory world, but I do repent and try not to repeat them. I don’t judge homosexuals, that is for God to do. You are doing these poor souls a dis-service by intimating that the perversion they engage in is blameless in the eyes of God. He has shown us in many places in the Bible that it is an abomination to Him.You are going to be judged first so you might want to consider that.otherwise, go your own way. my salvation is not contingent on what you portray as truth….Thank God.

      1. joseph says:

        do you get your hair/beard cut? Eat shellfish? Wear mixed fabrics? These are equal abominations according to the Bible.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          nazarene took a vow not to cut their hair; eating shell fish is not connected to salvation, it is a health law God made scavengers to clean the earth of poisons. If you want to eat them go ahead

        2. Lewis says:

          In Old Testament times, yes, but in the New Testament Jesus fulfilled all the law and prophecies and instituted a new covenant between man and God. He made it so humans didn’t need to follow all those complicated laws in order to be right with God. Galatians 5:14: “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” Those who cite Old Testament laws and criticize Christians for not following them don’t have a complete understanding of the bible and it’s message.

          1. Kevin DeFranco says:

            Excuse me…Jesus Christ was the Word made flesh. everything He taught us was from not only the New Testament, but the Old as well as He was it! He even stated’I have not come to change the law, not one jot or tittle” Upon His death and Resurrection some laws and ordinances were abolished as no more blood sacrifices, and the high priest being the only one allowed in the holy of holies. but not all laws. you still have to follow the ten commandments. try breaking them and see what happens. try going against the laws He has set down for us and see what happens. You do so at your own peril.

  4. Nenad J. Kostić says:

    No, not God created gay people, they are just left to their corrupt minds, to do what with what will fill the cup of God’s wrath if they do not repent and turn back.
    Did Christ really is not spoken of the lawless? Christ speaks to itself unlawful think is the sin in heart. The Apostle says that God gave them the corruption of their minds. It is written that God created man good, but these have all sorts of thought. If it is God himself does not correct they are not His children have already left to put away the sin of sins. Has been predicted to be one more dirty in their own sin and the other more clean in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

    1. Joshua Johnson says:

      That made no sense. Do not cite Paul’s writings. They are I spired by religion, but not really “God-breathed”, as Timothy tried to convince everyone.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        be kind to those who can’t express themselves as eloquently and perfectly as you do.The Word of God is not religion.There are many denominations all claiming to be the true way to God. Man has bastardized the Word of God to the point that it doesn’t really exist anymore.. try this on for size Lev:18:22. actually all of leviticus from 18:7 to the end pretty much covers all sexual activity abhorrant in Gods eyes. If you don’t like it take it up with Him when you meet Him.

    2. ROBO says:

      You are one corrupt idiot and I will pray for you. I hope you enjoy visit to Hell, May it be long and painful.

    3. ROBO says:

      Moronic statement. Most gays I know wish the were not. God makes those decisions at birth. God’s people include all those born on earth, black, white, red, heterosexual, homosexual, smart, dumb. God is Love and is for EVERYONE,NO EXCEPTIONS!

    4. ROBO says:

      Nenad–I’m so sorry that you are filled with such virulent hat. Please pray daily that God remove your hat and show his Love. I’ll pray for you, as well.

    5. drhanzonscienceJames P Louviere says:

      You are filled with contempt for the “sinner.” Jesus was filled with contempt for arrogant members of the establishment who were “whitened sepulchers” and full of rotten bones. Show you loving understanding instead of using your “righteousness” to clobber those who see things differently than you do. Let love guide your feet and bridle your toungue.good brother!

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        If you recall, oh” learned one” Jesus was referring to the .Pharisees and Saducees. The establishment as you say were identified in John 8 verses 40 to the end. Sons of the Wicked One. Sons of Cain. don’t confuse contempt with educating an uneducated soul as pertains to the word of God. righteous indignation is o.k. when chastising someone for teaching false doctrine. and teaching that homosexuality is o.k. is false doctrine we are merely making that point :God will ultimately judge all of us.

  5. jean D Providence says:

    Please return on genesis chapter 2:4and25 let look at the bible no look at the pope is a man.return back to the situation the Marthin lutter blame the church catholic post 95 these reason going wrong way.thanks about declaration pope.
    Sign bishop providence jean senior executive director for first community Christian pentecostal church of God in Orlando fl

    1. ROBO says:

      Your posting makes no sense. Are you on drugs or pot?

      1. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

        I would say Google Translate.

  6. Janet Cook says:

    Keep justice and judgment. It’s against the law of nature God created. One man and One woman. Teach that gay is OK makes your children easy prey for the lust of men. All people should control their lust. God is God no matter what name men give him. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is my name forever.

    1. Joshua Johnson says:

      You need to remove yourself from the intelligent conversation. You have proven you are not equipped for it when you link homosexuals to child predators. We are in agreement that people should control their list, but it is foolish to think it is exclusive to to homosexuals.

    2. Paula Shea says:

      I believe the bible also says it is not for us to judge others, but only god can judge. Only god understands the hearts of men, and he is merciful. He is the only judge and whether you go to church on Saturday like it says to in the 10 commandments, or chose not to and keep another day, only god can judge you. It isn’t our place to judge others, so we should stop trying to put ourselves in gods position.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        The Ten Commandments state”Thou can’t keep holy the Lord’s Day” it doesn’t say saturday. upon His death and ressurrection Jesus became our Sabbath. so as long as you have Him in your heart and honor Him each day you are keeping Holy the Lord’s Day.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          thou shalt keep holy .. not thou can’t….sorry!

        2. Brother John says:

          Which Ten Commandments, Kevin? The commonly quoted 10 are in Exodus 20. The real 10 (that were written on stone tablets) are in Exodus 34 and confirmed in verse 28. Any explanation for this gigantic oversight?

    3. ROBO says:

      Poor lady, you have no common sense or practical knowledge. I will pray for your spiritual healing.

      1. nenadjkostic says:

        God forbid that Robo pray for you, it’s just blasphemed because he does not know God, the site where you are is a mixture of religions.

        The robot has no biblical education, what kind of knowledge he talking about? lgbt make sin, the wages of sin is death.
        turning from sin toward truth is possible through Jesus Christ, and it was then living.

    4. ROBO says:

      God made everyone in his image. Black, White, Red, gay, straight. We are all equal in God’s sight. I do feel sorry about your hat and will pray that you return to God’s grace.

      1. nenadjkostic says:

        God created only Adam in his own image and Eve from Adam, they were blessed to have and to multiply.
        God did not create any gays and the like, God created man good man but has all kinds of thought. This Bible says. We’re not going to listen to a man instead of God?
        Robo does not know the word of God, he’s just a stupid software is set to wrestle people. Amen.

        Romans, Chapter 1: 24-29:
        “Therefore God also gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to uncleanness, that their bodies should be dishonored among themselves, For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For their women changed the natural function into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural function of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error. Even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, malice; full of envy,”

        1. Stella says:

          If you want to believe that nonsense that’s your prerogative. But just saying it doesn’t make it true. All these people quoting the bible as if it is the only truth; the final word; and fact based. You obviously can’t fathom that there are many people, including on this blog, who don’t believe in the bible and never will. Your quote above is one reason I will never believe is this horrible book – written by men. I find it interesting these quotes about gays are judgmental and filled with hate. That’s some god you have got there. And you can keep him.

          1. Kevin DeFranco says:

            tell Him when you meet Him.

  7. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

    I have posted much on this subject, on my personal blog and the Monastery blog. There is much argument to sway one to the side of Christian gays. I agree that Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air on this issue, yet he faces a Vatican mired in politics and hypocrisy. I wish him all the best. God does not make mistakes. Everything happens for reasons. A test? Perhaps. One that the majority of Christians are failing. Another avenue of loving relationships? Why not, the percentage of hetero relationships that fail seem to indicate that path is rocky. And what of the gay parents that seem to have a handle on child rearing most straight parents have mucked up? I think God continues his grand scheme for mankind and expects mankind to keep up. It is not for us to judge the gays in Christianity. When it comes time to review our lives at the gates, we may find them ahead of us at check in.

    1. Peggy Gilliard says:

      Well spoken Pastor

    2. drhanzonscience James P Louviere says:

      Pastro Villari,
      You are a person of wisdom and charity. We have so many people writing hateful and self-righteous posts, so you are a breath of fresh air. If we stop using Bible verses to confound and denigrate our fellow humans, and if we follow the spirit of Jesus in his loving acceptance and infinite mercy to his fellow human beings, we’d be a lot happier and there would be more tolerance, wisdom, and saintliness in this world. We are here to learn love and tolerance and understanding. God has created us but we are still weak and more or less clueless about what is really important. Hang on to the sermon on the mount. The Lord’s prayer addresses the Supreme Being as “our father,” So that makes us the brothers (and sisters) of Jesus, and his father if God. So why are we so ugly to our brothers and sisters simply because they see things differently than we do?
      Let us practice the Golden Rule.
      AstralMonkJames at Astral Monks Center for Cosmic Peace

    3. Jo-An Josephine says:

      This is by far the BEST comment yet. I applaud you. For those that believe in the bible and in GOD, you must also believe that “GOD”created ALL things. So who are WE to judge his creations? To judge what is an abomination? If GOD created ALL things, then he created gays as well. A previous comment above stated that God created them at time of birth. Just want to clarify, that GOD’s plan starts at conception. WE are ALL equal in the eyes of God. We are all conceived in the same manner, we all bleed the same and we all die the same. It is HOW we chose to live our lives that makes us different. Blessed BE!!

    4. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Luke 16 tells us of the great divide .in heaven….The Gulf….left side and right.They may be ahead of you at check in but may not be in the right line. Heed the Word of God and act accordingly.

    5. Kevin DeFranco says:

      They may be ahead of us at check in but it may be the wrong line. Luke 16 tells of the great gulf and side you want to be on

  8. Stella says:

    Another thoughtful article – thanks. I recently read about a gay couple in a small town I used to live in. They have been committed partners for 35 years; one is the organist and the other a deacon; and both volunteer in the soup kitchen among other things. They recently got a new priest who called them in and told them they would no longer receive sacrament or be allowed to volunteer in the church. The Bishop backed him up. I’m happy to report that over 50% of the congregation left this Catholic Church. And it is a small, rural, conservative area. It is too bad these priests aren’t more concerned about pedophilia among their own as they are obsessed with homosexuality.

    1. James P Louviere says:

      I was a Catholic monk for 15 years. Six years were devoted to “formation,” training us in monastic ways and Church Law and theology and philosophy. In the last few years I earned an MA in English at St Mary’s University in Texas. I was given an excellent education and designated to future head of a Catholic colleges arts and music programs. I would be sent to Yale for a doctorate. I knew I could not deal with the vows I took and the whole arts scene, so I requested a dispensation from my vows and, urged by another former “monk,” applied for and won a position at NYU’s school of educational theater. I had a lot of fun,, but got a job teaching science and math at a magnet high school in a Brooklyn “hood,” and decided to leave NYU and marry a former nun.
      We stayed married in New Orleans and Germany and Louisiana for 34 years. We divorced, finally, and I moved to Asia and married a Buddhist. She earned her PhD and we moved to the USA and attended Harvard for a semester. I moved back to Asia with her, but took sick and had to return to the USA for surgery due to a resistant form of foot infection. I am still under treatment for on-going problems. She is working at a Harvard hospital now, and has a thriving business in downtown Boston. I remain alone, with lots of time to meditate and pray, play and wrote music and sing.
      God understands me and takes care of me every moment of my life. My 4 adult kids are loving people and live positive lives. Two of the four have no cars. Three of the four eat no meat and do jobs that serve people. Their mom works as a counselor for the VA serving veterans
      I registered my Astral Monks Center for Cosmic Peace using my ULChurch ID card. It is totally on line and has no roster, no wall, and only 3 simple rules.
      Let’s all be good to one another and stop posting hateful crabby and shabby condemnations of one another.
      I have some songs on YouTube on the drhanzonscience YouTube channel. See Jesus Stepped Down, for example.

  9. Reverend Candice says:

    It is about time

  10. James says:

    The Bible teaches to love the sinner and hate the sin. Homosexuality IS a sin!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ROBO says:

      Poor guy. You obviously have no formal education to make such an absurd statement as that. I’ll try to pray, for you, however you seem to a big hangup. My experience and training teaches to people wh ohate gays, are very likely to be a gay, themselves, but to dumb to know it.

      1. nenadjkostic says:

        The robot has no biblical education, what kind of education he talking about? lgbt make sin, the wages of sin is death.
        turning from sin toward truth is possible through Jesus Christ, and it was then living.
        God forbid that Robo pray for you, it’s just blasphemed because he does not know God, the site where you are is a mixture of religions.

        1. ROBO says:

          I will not respond to your idiotic blather again. I am, however, very concerned for the amount of hate in your heart, and the idea that you can pick and choose what is right or wrong. You are one pathetic individual.

    2. Kevin DeFranco says:

      James, don’t you know its not politically correct to tell the truth!!

  11. Darlene Kelly Legette says:

    I`m really shocked that some people who are humans themselves say that God didn’t create “gay people” or “those type of people”. God created all things (including us as humans) that moves upon this earth and elsewhere. Remember that the only one that can judge or put in judgment is GOD OUR FATHER. No one can stand in place of anyone else when they get to the pearly gates of heaven. Everyone has to answer to God for only the stuff that they have done themselves. So why is it that we as a people are worried about what someone else is doing with their lives? Have we done what WE need to do in our life instead of worrying about someone else’s life? No because we are ever-changing every day and we don’t have time to worry about no one else. If we all got along and stopped trying to tell people how to live their life and loved everyone as God wants us to instead of the trying to control other people this world would be a better place and it would be more peaceful. AMEN. A parent of 5 who has children in the life.
    Pastor Darlene Kelly Legette

    1. Gallet Christ Sampu says:

      Good thinking. God is the creator of all things…But the word revealed us in the beginning was the word and the word was with me and the word is God. Let the sun shine for everything good or bad no matter…a human has been created by the image of God so we gods in God. Do people understand it? For to be able to understand the message: It is written: Obey the commandment and love your neighbourhood as you love yourself….We don’t have to judge others in what they are doing or how they are but by sharing good news it will help us more to growth in a spiritual guidance under wisdom.

    2. nenadjkostic says:

      Do not be shocked.

      God created only Adam in his own image and Eve from Adam, they were blessed to have and to multiply.
      God did not create any gays and the like, God created man good man but has all kinds of thought. This Bible says. We’re not going to listen to a man instead of God?
      Robo does not know the word of God, he’s just a stupid software is set to wrestle people. Amen.

      Romans, Chapter 1: 24-29:
      “Therefore God also gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to uncleanness, that their bodies should be dishonored among themselves, For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For their women changed the natural function into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural function of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error. Even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, malice; full of envy,”

    3. Kevin DeFranco says:

      As a pastor teach deut:23;17,18

    4. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Pastor, look at Deut: 23:17,18 and the go teach it. You won’t be judging, just doing your JOB…teaching the Word of God.

    5. Kevin DeFranco says:

      You are right…God is the judge. People do pay for their own sins.However, there are those people who have accepted the calling to be a Pastor; which I believe is both Divinely inspired ,and noble. Upon accepting this call it becomes our duty to be shepherd’s to God’s children. Teaching them His Word, what He expects from us, and what it takes to be with Him in eternity..When perversion is brought to the fore front and is declared as “natural” when God declares it an abomination; an alarm should go off in a pastor to speak out.When a group or “type of people” as you put it,tries to inject that which is unseemly into our children’s school system and proselytizes a degenerate lifestyle you, cannot remain silent.. Remember the scripture…fear not those who can cause you physical harm…fear those who cause your immortal soul to perish.That’s why Pastors speak out, so that God’s children are sealed with His word, when they enter the spiritual dimension of the next life. I do not align myself to any particular christian denomination, which for me keeps me free from” traditions of men”. I read the Bible,study it , teach it and let the chips fall where they may. After that its up to each individual to make their own choices. We all die alone.We either are rewarded or punished solely for how we lived our lives.As a Pastor, there are certain responsibilities to accept and fulfill: understanding that what we teach or don’t teach will have a bearing on others rewards or demise.

      1. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

        And yet, still, you seem to judge.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          Some have eyes to see and ears to hear; and some don’t.I don’t punch anybody’s ticket to hell or heaven, I only state what God has written. If you can’t see it or be it. do what you do best, make your own choices.One thing is certain…when we die we’ll all find out what God meant, huh.

  12. Howard Pippin says:

    I neither condemn or rail against those that are gay, but you are taking liberties with Genesis 19;5 that aren’t there. Those people of Sodom were judged by God not only for their haughtiness and abominable offenses, (Leviticus 18: 22-30), but also for their disregard of persons. It’s not for us to judge or condemn, (Matthew 7:1-2), but if it is wrong in our own eyes we should refrain.

  13. Michael David Keller says:

    A >CARDINAL< a protege of Pope John Paul, has 10's of thousands of pictures of child pornography on his work and home computers, and you're concerned with my life? I sense just a touch of hipocracy and a very large smoke screen. Talk about the 'freaks' while ignoring the VERY large elephant sitting on them…

  14. Reverend Marius Balthazar Corvin-Kempinski says:

    Homosexuality is not a choice- and if it was a choice – who would choose it? For what purpose? To be despised, reviled, face excommunication from many established denominations, denied sacraments & in many countries – execution? Did you choose your ethnicity? No. Did you choose your gender at birth? No. Discriminating people based on what their nature dictates, HOW THEY WERE BORN is the height of stupidity. My Grandmother was beaten for being left handed. How did her left handedness cause anybody any problems or suffering? NONE WHATSOEVER. Prophet Muhammud said: “Judge a tree by its fruits, not its roots.” All trees have their roots in dirt, lotuses (symbols of purity) grow from mud yet transcend it and are unstained by it. Your words & actions reveal what your mind is full of – Compassion & Wisdom or cruelty & ignorance. Your choice. I thought Jesus told us to love each other – you want to choose Jesus as your example or a Pharisee? Please note – Jesus was not a Pharisee & frequently spoke out against their hypocrisy and cowardice. God made Pharisees. He also made Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. Go figure.

    1. Jo-An Josephine says:

      Well Said!!!

    2. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Yes ,He did make everyone Marius, and He also gave each and everyone of us FREE WILL. He doesn’t want robots who unknowingly express their love for Him. He wants us to love him willingly. At the time of the great katabol the attempted over throw by satan; He could have easily destroyed satan and the third of His children who rebelled against Him. But being the loving God He is, He gave us a second chance here on earth. Imagine being faced with having to destroy a third of your children or not to. This is our opportunity to choose Him, or reject Him. To love Him, or choose satan.He gave us every single thing that pleases Him and every single thing that He dislikes.We make that choice.Love thy neighbor, as thy self; for the love of God. God is spirit.When we go back to Him, we are spirit. The greatest manifestation of God’s love is being with Him forever in spirit. He did not mean for us to go and have sexual intercourse with our buddies. He declared this as an abomination to Him. This is spelled out in many places, and declared very emphatically. Again, we make the choice.To try and rationalize this in the physical sensory world is not profitable. This is the shortest amount of time we will spend any where, we are facing eternity. We can choose to spend it with Him or without Him.Personally, I don’t want to get to paradise, see how wonderful it is, and then realize I’m cut off from it. I hope all would get there but understand that all won’t.

      1. Ralph Taylor says:

        Kevin, you are a very pathetic person and I would like to help you, as I have help many others like yourself. NO ONE chooses to be gay. Let me repeat, NO ONE chooses to be Gay. That choice is made by God. God makes homosexuals just as he makes heterosexuals. I will pray for you and help you reach a decision in accepting your own homosexuality. I do hope all works well with you in the future and that you can come to grips with your own conscience. Godspeed!

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          Let me assure you,I am not now, previously,or in the future, ever been homosexual nor….ever will I be accepting homosexuality as a behavioral choice..Nice try. If homosexuality is “normal” as you claim then my suggestion is this…go and have intercourse with your buddy, lover, whoever, and don’t use a condom….ever. After all there’s nothing wrong with sodomy, is there?. In fact there should not be any laws against it at all. HIV, Aids,just as normal as the flu, right! I have never had an identity crisis as concerning who I am, and what gender I am. I don’t have to look over my shoulder wondering if others are mocking me because I’m “gay”. I don’t have to worry about STD’s when I go get a blood test, just my A1C. I’m not on drugs because my parents shunned me for “accepting” a degenerate, embarrassing lifestyle. I am not caught up in the throws of wanting to commit suicide because of all the pressures associated with being “different”. On the other hand, I don’t go hunting down homosexuals, mock them,or bring attention to them, they live as they choose to live; just as I do.What people choose to do in the world is their business The fact that I’m heterosexual never really enters my mind as an “issue”.But when people like you, try to align themselves with the Word of truth and twist it so as to appear natural or normal, it is not consistent with what God has to say about it. God is not the author of evil, God is not the author of confusion. And what you are purporting is in direct conflict with His Word. Contradicts what He says about it, and turns the Word of truth into a lie. That’s my concern, not the fact that you choose to live in depravity and are continuously engaged in finding new ways to validate your lifestyle, or death style as it where. Please do not pray for me, because the god you follow, is the god of this world; not the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In my view, you are the pathetic one; so we really don’t have anything to discuss…do we.

          1. Ralph Taylor says:

            Let’s hope that you accept your homosexuality and get peace. We all hope that you accept your problem and get lasting peace.

        2. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

          Ralph, spot on my friend. You are well served to leave this lay.

  15. Rev. George Jonte-Crane says:

    While it is many years overdue, Pope Francis’ declarations regarding attitudes toward the LGBT community are a breath of fresh air and a welcome. Also a signal that the Catholic church may once again emerge as a viable denomination, free of thousands of years of oppression.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      That thousands of years of oppression you talk of is The Word of God. read it and repent. Deut:17-18

  16. TimothyWTaylor says:

    actually God created men out of His image and God made a woman to be with a man therefore a man is to be with a woman and a woman with a man…I understand what’s the message about and you’re trying to bring to the people but here’s what I got to give and some may agree and disagree but God didn’t create the first humans to be lesbians nor gays and woman turned that way by demonic forces..God loves them and He will want them to change their ways..As kids some people got curious and did things to each other and even adults have but not saying they can’t change and get forgiveness cause you can get it..and yes you can join a church somewhere snywhere your choice wherever God leads you but make sure it’s somewhere that’s comfortable as well as moving of your soul I mean really get you fired up and when the speaker speaks his words will inspire you from the Good Book..I don’t agree with everything the Pope saids in this situation but to clarify this God created man and woman to be together..but there’s forgiveness for those seeking to change their ways..and same sex marriages shouldn’t be accepted either..the world is trying to stop babies from being born ,look at our surroundings..

    1. Jo-An Josephine says:

      You are off base my Friend. If man was meant to be with women as you declare above, why is it that many believe that Adam and Eve’s daughter-in-law was a monkey? Why does the bible speak of rape, incest, beatings among other things as Normal everyday behaviour? Why is it that people “are God Fearing?” If GOD loves us, why do we fear him? I will pray that you open your mind and really take the time to study your bible. The gays were NOT being punished….you just haven’t figured out how to dissect the bible for what it truly is. May GOD have mercy on YOUR soul.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        you are an absolute nut job. no one in their right mind would make a statement declaring that adam’s d in law was a monkey. what are you smoking? rape, incest, beatings are not depicted as normal. if you looked up fear in a strong’s concordance it means love in numerous instances . sodom and gomorrah were demonstrations of punishment by God.. tip of the day, don’t do drugs before reading the bible. if thats not the case then simply take your head out of your butt, take a towel wipe your face then read the Bible.

  17. Al says:

    It is possible that some people are born with the ability to be a homosexual just as any other sin. Some people can kill, some can steal, some can have sex with animals, etc but unless these people change and repent of these sins, just like every other Christian has repented of his/her sins, homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God. This is quite clear in the Bible. People can twist God’s words and compromise to push the homosexual agenda in the name of God. Remember one thing, God will not be mocked.,

    1. ROBO says:

      You just did mock God by questioning his judgement in loving everyone, regardless of hisor her beliefs. In most cases those poor pitiful people of little or no educations who bash others and cast aspersions on those disagree with their poor hate mongering. I continue to pray for them but their hat for blacks, gays, and poor is so astounding as to defy belief.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        I’m trying to find exactly where Al said he hated blacks gays and the poor. What a shabby way to try and defend yourself..stella and jo-an are obviously God Haters and show nothing but contempt for the Bible. they make fun of people for believing in God and in the Bible. And then they get totally outraged when somebody with clarity and definition punches them right in the face with the Word of Truth.You are no different but you are not as caustic.I don’t apologize for God’s Word, never will. I can understand how people like you act and feel the way you do. Ironically, its prophesied that people like you will surface to prominence in the end times. right will be wrong; wrong will be right. I’m not judging you, I’m just sitting back and watching the Word of God unfold right before my eyes. God will ultimately judge us all and I’m confident that I won’t saying ”uh-oh.

        1. Brother John says:

          Yes, I’m sure some people feel they’re “made fun of” because of their beliefs in god and the bible, Kevin. You are one of them. You don’t seem to understand that it’s not necessarily god and the bible that are being questioned, but rather the self-righteous way people like yourself preach about them, particularly here on a secular site that you specifically choose to visit, day after day after day.

          Contrary to what you claim, you not only regularly judge people here, but often do it using the language of an uneducated bully. You do realize that your use of profanity, slurs and threats is simply the hallmark of ignorance, don’t you? Your proselytizing would be more effective, but still unwelcome, if you were more civil and adult in your copious comments.

          A number of people have expressed both shock and disappointment at comments made on various posts, by you and others, wondering why they’re allowed. I expect the ULC does not have the resources to run a fully moderated site, nor should they have the need to moderate, as I assume everyone here has chosen to be ordained and agrees with the mission and principals of the ULC.

          In addition to being a wondrous tool for learning and communication, the internet also provides enough anonymity to allow delusional ignorance, and racism to be voiced without consequence, and gives birth to digital bullies like yourself (although I have read your own snivelling about feeling bullied). I expect that you would have already been arrested or knocked out yourself, were you to make threats of physical violence or hurl your profanity at strangers on the street, but feel quite comfortable doing it from the safe confines of your home.

          I too find many of the comments here ignorant, abusive and offensive, but am comforted by the fact that many are not. As a self professed Christian, I suggest you do some serious contemplation as to whether you’re thinking, living, acting and speaking like one, and how your words are affecting the opinions readers will have about the merits of being a Christian.

          1. Kevin DeFranco says:

            remember mr. innocent, you got the ball rolling by accusing Christians of being card carrying slave owners that believe in a mythical, vicious, brutal God. you also claimed that scripture is not divinely inspired. did you really think you wouldn’t start a fire? or is it that no one has had the cajones to stand up to you and your pagan friends? either way it doesn’t matter, I’m just sorry I spent so mush valuable time sparring with someone who doesn’t matter to me. I’m threw with you and glad of it.

          2. Kevin DeFranco says:

            I did mean threw because I would throw you if I could. Have a blessed day.

          3. ROBO says:

            Very well stated. I’m afraid Mr. DeFranco is just taunting us and has no interest whatsoever in our beliefs or our understanding of the Bible. I shall not respond to any more of his baited taunts.

          4. Stella says:

            I think the obsessive compulsive posting by Mr. DeFranco combined with his inability to recognize his very un-Christian ( he professes to be Christian) like behavior demonstrates a lack of control. I honestly believe this man is seriously mentally ill. He doesn’t seem to understand or care that he has ruined this forum for everyone wanting to have a thoughtful discussion that isn’t filled with insults and ridicule. He ends up bringing out the worst in people who become frustrated with his abusiveness. I have fallen into this trap which is why I quit responding to him. The fact he said he had never heard of a secular pastor speaks volumes as to why he is even on this site. To infiltrate and taunt? And I’m afraid it will continue. He is on several blogs and acts the same way on all of them. People eventually quit posting and all discussion ends. Perhaps the people who write the articles would be willing to act as a moderator? Until people like him can be removed there is no sense in even having a ULC blog.

          5. Tony says:

            Well said, Stella. I have also ceased responses as I have no intention of getting into braying contests. I had actually thought this subject had topped out and we all had moved on. Too much to wish for.

  18. Stella says:

    I find these last 2 posts to be almost unbelievable in this day and age. Who would have thought the dark ages were alive and well. Religious texts are not God’s word – they are man’s words and have been written and rewritten umpteen times to suit agendas at any particular time. So you can believe humans were made in god’s image; and one man, one woman; but that doesn’t make it true. It makes it YOUR belief. And I believe those beliefs are not true. This is yet another perfect example of religious hatred taking precedence over science in close minded people. I find it painful to read the ignorance on some of these posts. Some of these people probably don’t believe in evolution or climate change either.

    1. Jo-An Josephine says:

      I applaud you Stella. FINALLY. Thank you. The bible is the greatest works of fiction ever published! There, I said it. It was written by MEN, some 400 years AFTER Jesus’ death. The idea of the bible was so that MEN could control the masses, especially the women and children. GOD is in every one of us, not in a book, not in a brick and mortar building. God is in the trees, the grass, the birds, the water, in every single human born, in every thing or animal that can breath and grow. It is how we treat others and treat our environment and animals, that dictates if we “follow” God’s path. People need to wake up, smell the roses and start spreading love instead of HATE and resentment for others. I said it above and I’ll say it again. We are ALL conceived the same, bleed the same, and die the same. It is what we do with our lives that makes us different. GO HUG A TREE! Blessed BE!!!

      1. James P Louviere says:

        Dear Jo-An
        I admire your energy, and applaud your courage.
        but think about this: For millions of people, the Bible is a precious book, a sacred collection of texts by a variety of authors.
        The old saying “Honey attracts more than vinegar does” is not biblical, but it states a truth. Your post is for many readers sour and offensive. It is “off putting” in its opening and tells us more about your feelings (which are no doubt dear to you) than it does about about the essence of real spiritual value, which is best expressed in love.

        I like people who are bold and outspoken. Jesus was such a person, and so were many wonderful people who have given us examples of patience, forgiveness, kind tolerance, and enlightened godliness. You can no doubt think of many of your own models who won over many followers and left your life enriched by their example.

        You are right about God being in the trees, grass, birds and water, But may I quietly whisper a word of caution. Better to light a candle, than curse the darkness. If the behavior of some “religious” persons leads them to use their Bible as a hammer or a coat of armor or “proof” of a particular concept like a six-day (24 hours x 6) creation of this tiny planet and all the cosmos as seen through telescopes, try a softer, more “light-some” style in your posts. Otherwise you lose your readers before you and reach their hearts.

        Jo-An, I’ve lived 77 years and had two marriages (to females) and taught in the USA, Germany and Thailand for over 50 years in religious and secular schools,colleges and major universities. Experiences with persons of dozens of various faiths and no faiths at all have mellowed me, with the grace of God. I’m writing this for your consideration, not to put you down, but to suggest a milder, sweeter approach. Honey vs. Vinegar. I used to be angry and impatient, but someone told me the honey-vinegar rule, and I’ve seen it work.

        With lots of joy and love, “Via con Dios,” travel with God.
        James P Louviere, Austin, Texas

      2. Kevin DeFranco says:

        You really are out there! Obviously you have never really read the Bible! Written by men to control women; you poor thing. The Bible is God’s way of telling us how to get back to Him and live eternally with Him. He tells us His laws and what He expects from us. Its your choice you sail your own psalm 22. written about 1000 years before the birth of Christ,it states right down to the gambling of Christ’s garments what would happen at the crucifixion. thats a pretty good trick if its fiction.

    2. Kevin DeFranco says:

      I don’t believe in evolution except in your case….your brain has not kept up with your body. evolution is a myth, if it were true we would observe and study a monkey in transition, or a cell growing a body and legs, BUT NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN IT!!!!!!! if it were true it would be an ongoing process.stop drinking kool aid. there are those that believe that God did not create everything, well here’s a challenge. You get every intelligent person who ever lived, combine all their intelligence and create one cell, just one. Recorded history goes back a little over 12000 years and no one has ever written down a siting of anything in transition.don’t you find it odd? or maybe they just aren’t looking where you are!

      1. joseph says:

        that’s a misnomer. Evolution takes many many generations so expecting to see a creature spontaneously sprout legs means you are looking for the wrong evidence. What we can see is that in any environment, some animals have unique traits that make them fair better, and thus live to reproduce. Over time these traits are passed down while the other traits lose favor. Why do you think we see deep water fish with non-working eyes? Because they used to use them long ago but vision became less important for them survive in the deep dark waters. There is evidence everywhere. How fossils are arranged in the same strata all across the globe. Do you think that all Sabertooth Tigers just happened to all die at the same elevation and all Iguanadons died underneath them?

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          There have been about 625 generations of recorded history, so show me proof of evolution, I’ll believe you, just SHOW IT!

      2. Brother John says:

        Holy Smokes Kevin!! We can’t observe evolution taking place because it happens over thousands, and often, millions of years, not as we watch in our eye blink of a lifetime. I thought every Christian apologist would know by now that man is not descended from “monkeys”. We are cousins of the great apes, not their descendants… we have a common ancestor. And we’ve simply evolved faster than they have, although you wouldn’t know it while reading some of the comments here.

        You are referencing a book written and compiled by men who were constrained by ignorance and superstition. The Flat Earth Society. In the early 1600’s, the church charged Galileo with heresy for proposing that the Earth wasn’t the centre of the Universe and the Sun didn’t revolve around it (heliocentrism). He was also rebuked for his theories about tides and comets. Most educated people now accept his theories as correct.

        There are many great truths in the bible, but history and science are not it’s forte.
        Denying evolution in this day and age is simply trumpeting ignorance and turning people away from the truths that are still there by rejecting the entire book.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          Well, well, who gets to pick out the calibration point for evolutionary transition? You. and who’s a pompous pontificator? Grow up, just because you fueled the fire of my rage and fueled the fire and won’t take responsibility for it proves how immature you are. Its obvious how insecure you are by trying to get me censured, or banned from an open forum, well it seems you’ve found a friend in stella, she’s ridiculous at times but harmless. you on the other hand are a vindictive loser who can’t take the heat. You are perfect for each other though, a perfect fit, as you both are equally repulsed by Christians who take a hard line with pagans. congratulations on your new found blog affair. I only dialogue with Christians now, you pagans can have the rest of the page to yourselves. I’m not going to answer any of your posts or retaliate to your condemnations of me. you are just not worth it. Maybe you are cousin to the great apes, who knows. I know that I’m a creation of the God I believe in. not an amoeba, a lizard ,then a primate, then homo sapiens. By the way which of these classifications are you stuck in? I know why I’m here, what my objective is, what I need to do to get back to the Father. And none of it involves any connection to you what so ever. I have several friends at ULC and they have given the guidance and have encouraged me to to dismiss you and your antagonistic approach to Christianity. I have apologized to them on the phone and on respective blogs for my lapse in standards; but as far as you pagans are concerned. go pound sand. you don’t effect my salvation unless I allow you to get me to the point of losing control acting the way I did. that won’t happen again as I will not respond to any further posts by you or anyone like you. You should consider this case closed, unless you like one person conversations.

    3. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Termagants…..alive and well!

  19. Christian Mabanga Stone says:

    Believe in to your self…all are mortal living… ones is good…..have a faith and obey the commandment and love your neighbourhood like you love yourself….don’t judge…..May God bless you brother….

  20. Christian Mabanga Stone SG says:

    get baptized….born again

  21. Chris Mabanga Stone says:

    yes hate the sin but love your enemy….don’t judge…..but ask for guidance

  22. Meghan says:

    You are judging Janet right now with your post. Everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs.

  23. Meg says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs. Oh and it’s “too dumb”, not “to dumb”. Practice what you preach.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Too dumb means lack of intelligence….To dumb means he’s trying to figure out how to get you to stop talking! just kidding. everyone here makes typing errors, it doesn’t mean their stupid. just practicing my right to my own opinion lol make friends and influence people….that’s my motto! ha ha

      1. Brother John says:

        Even you can make mistakes, Kevin…. it’s “mean they’re stupid”, not “their stupid”, although this is a grammatical, not a typing or spelling error. lol ha ha

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          Pardon Moi oh too00thless one. OOPS! lol ha ha

  24. Nenad J. Kostic says:

    Do not be so sad, no need to hate people who are gay, the point is that God will give each of us according to our deeds. Try to understand the Romans, Chapter 1: 24-29:
    “Therefore God also gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to uncleanness, that their bodies should be dishonored among themselves, For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For their women changed the natural function into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural function of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error. Even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, malice; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil habits, secret slanderers, backbiters, hateful to God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,”
    Do not be so sad, no need to hate people who are gay, the point is that God will give each of us according to our deeds. Try to understand the Romans, Chapter 1: 24-29.
    Pray to God, pray for your soul and the souls of hypocrites who approve and advocate acts of lawlessness instead of calling for repentance of those.
    What you speak and teach useful in the destruction of the soul.

    1. Stella says:

      I can only imagine the IQ of someone who would not only believe this idiocy – but believe it is the word of God. May your God help you because you are beyond lost.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        You are extremely brave, but extremely foolish to question the IQ of God. you know the one who sent this narrative via Paul the apostle. you may be wearing nice shoes but I wouldn’t want to be in them.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          can you imagine that; in this day and age….termagants popping up every where!

          1. Brother John says:

            Is that your new word of the week, Kevin? We get it… you’re smart and have a dictionary (and a bible). Stella didn’t question the IQ of god, but Nenads and his fellow believers. God doesn’t have an IQ. Look it up.

          2. Kevin DeFranco says:

            Doesn’t have an IQ? He created the universe without an IQ? Wow!. Amazing! Stupendous! Incredible! Unbelievable! Oh that’s for you. Christians do believe.

  25. Christian Mabanga Stone SG says:

    God bless you Nenad…

  26. Gallet Christ Sampu Mabanga says:

    In this comment about gays or lesbians or bisexual etc… It is written
    “Don’t judge and you will be not judge…Who are you to judge others when your you still doing evil things and doing the same? So For me in this life it is better to enjoy it and that is right human being. Drink , eat, and obey the commandment , show true love each one another…Charity, loyalty and born again with water( get Baptize) , but always ask for repentance. It is not easy but the comforter will assist you and help you in the name of Jesus Christ. You will find peace and love and enjoyment.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      judge not lest ye be judged. God is the judge. however, it is our duty to recognize His laws and obey them. this is not judging, this is spiritual discernment and rightly dividing the Word of Truth. When you are born from above you go through a bag of water in your mother’s womb. unlike the fallen angels who chose to come here with full recall.He wants us to be born innocent and He gave us free will to choose Him or satan, you can obey His Law or make up your own….You choose.

      1. Brother John says:

        And all this time I thought you were judging people when it was actually “spiritual discernment”. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          No problem. Anything else?

  27. Garrett says:

    I’m so glad to have a progressive Pope. Pope Francis Never ceases to surprise me.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      you can both be surprised……. on the wrong side of the gulf. repent before its too late.

  28. Gallet Christ Sampu says:

    God bless all of you

  29. Kevin DeFranco says:

    The Pope should read the Word of God and adhere to it! Leviticus tells us God’s feelings on homosexuality. Sodom and Gomorrah tell us what God thinks about the perversion of homosexuality. Deut:23-17,18 tells about letting homosexuals into the house of God. Romans tells us quite explicitly what God thinks about homosexuality.. The blood of Jesus Christ washes away all sins.But He had a condition! Go and sin no more. So… if homosexuals repent, have a change of heart, and go, and do not continue their perverted, degenerate, life style; they are forgiven and welcomed by God. They can adhere to His word or make up their own version of it! They decide weather or not to play russian roulette with their souls. The pope should read John where it says :if you even wish purveyors of false doctrine Godspeed you are a partaker of their blasphemy and subject to the same punishment. And it is written He will start by judging the clergy first. Take care. The Bible is not politically correct, so decide at your own peril!

    1. ROBERT says:

      You obviously have not thought this through. You speak of Old Testament scripture, which was a very subjective form of history. Jesus Christ changed all that, and without casting aspersions. I am a very devout Christian and regular read the New Testament. I am consoled by this and have learned to accept the things I can not change.

      Peace to you and yours!

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        Hi Robert, lets not forget who Jesus was. The Word made flesh. That includes Old as well as New Testament. Every time His enemies tried to trick Him, He countered with “It is written” He also stated ” I have not come to change the law but to fulfill it” Try reading Romans chapter 1:28 to the end. That’s pretty clear and Huckabee didn’t write it but its there.

    2. Brother John says:

      You’ve got to be one of the most pompous and self righteous people on the planet, Kevin. I’ll guess the Pope hasn’t just read John, as you’ve suggested, but the entire bible…. maybe more than once. It’s your duty as a modern day prophet to advise him of his errors and save mankind from eternal Hell. No stamp is necessary, just let the Post Office know you’re a prophet, not an ordinary man.

      Here’s his address….

      The Pope
      Vatican City

      1. Stella says:

        Thank you Brother John – for your tenacious, thoughtful and sometimes LOL funny responses to Kevin. I’ve read them all, agree with you 100% and appreciate your effort.

      2. Kevin DeFranco says:

        next to you I’m an amateur you’ve got it down to a subtle science, mr. innocent. pompous pontificator to Christians and you don’t even believe the scriptures.

      3. Kevin DeFranco says:

        I can read a book on car mechanics once, maybe twice and still not be able to rebuild and install a transmission correctly. I forgot there was someone out there like you. Omniscient and wise like the pope, who claims to be infallible when he speaks ex cathedra. Its my duty as a Christian to stand on the Word of God, regardless of what naysayers like you say.

  30. Kevin DeFranco says:

    You decide whether….not weather….. sorry for the error.

  31. Stella says:

    Kevin, Thank you. I read all of your posts and they reaffirmed my non-belief in your God. If you are an example of one who will stand before him and be admitted to your delusional heaven then I want no part of it whatsoever. Being in eternity with someone like you would really be Hell. And I feel sorry for you. You seem to think you know it all; have answers to everything; no doubts, no questions; just all encompassing judgments of how everyone else should live, think and believe. I want nothing to do with your kind now, ever, or in eternity.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Termagants abound!

      1. Brother John says:

        Come on, Kevin. Turn the page and learn a new word from the Little Book of Arcane Slurs. We expect more of you than repetition. It is a funny sounding word though.

        1. Kevin DeFranco says:

          It fits your new found love to a T. There are a few for you but I don’t go there any more.

    2. ROBO says:

      Very well stated.Mr. DeFranco obviously some mental problems. I do mean that in a kind way, not at all disparaging. I believe he is sincere, but misguided. I think he should get help from a professional, or at least talk to a priest or minister.

  32. Kevin DeFranco says:

    I really don’t care how you live. I don’t know it all,I merely quoted the God who does. You can’t handle someone that has real knowledge and can counter all your tree hugging b.s. aparrently you missed all the sentences where I proclaimed that I’m not the judge, God is. Don’t worry if you continue on the path you embrace you will not see me or anyone else in eternity because you won’t be there. I will not cast pearls before swine.

  33. Stella says:

    Of course you care how I live and everyone else on this blog or else you wouldn’t be fanatically posting to this blog 20 times a day trying to convince everyone of your beliefs. And you ARE judgmental – you have judged gays, along with many people on this blog. And I think accusing me of “tree hugging BS” – whatever that might be – is judgmental and certainly not in accordance with Jesus’ “turn the other cheek.” You have resulted to name calling in your frustration for not being able to convince anyone thus far in your beliefs. In case you haven’t noticed no one has agreed with you. People like you are not taken seriously. You preach, rave, rant, judge, and drive people off. Don’t expect to make converts this way.

    1. Brother John says:

      Have a little more respect Stella! You’re address the Prophet Kevin and should be thankful that you haven’t been the recipient, like others here, of his more vile slurs like “you pile of dog crap” or “the virulent pus that you are”. He also hasn’t threatened to punch you in the face as he has done with others. In fact, I think he likes you in his own quirky way.

      Understand that, as a Prophet, in addition to knowing all the Truth and nothing but the Truth, he is omniscient and knows everything about everybody. Kind of like a god, but here on Earth. For example, I didn’t know you were a tree hugging, man and god hater before his revelation…… not judgement…. there’s a difference….. he doesn’t judge people… he’s said so many times already and as we all know, everything thing he says is true.

      I’ve decided to simply have some fun in my idle hours and respond to some of his more preposterous comments. I’m sure I’ll tire of it at some point, but for now, it’s more fun and surreal than a video game.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        Understand this. There are no modern day prophets. Jesus said in Mark:13, “behold I have foretold you all things”. there won’t be any prophesying until the millennium, last stop for all who have not had the chance to learn the Word of God. after that comes The Great Day of The Lord, but you already know that being a professor of Christian Theology, able to leap tall pews with a single bound. Faster than a speeding holy water bottle, more powerful than a steaming papal fart. Thank God for “Brother John”. Good night everybody, and God bless. Hi, Jo-Ann hope you are well. Thanks Lewis, James, Scott, Timothy, Janice and any other Christian I forgot.

  34. Kevin DeFranco says:

    No I really don’t. You don’t factor into my life at all. But when termagents like you make outrageous comments about God and the Bible; I fire back. You and your idiot friend making comments like monkeys being Adams daughter in law. Give me a break!!!! You are a God hater and a man hater, thats plain to see. As far as turning the other cheek.. Jesus was talking to His disciples about how to handle a situation where they might offend a brother concerning doctrine if they were with their congregation. It didn’t mean turn your cheek to evil, or don’t do anything if someone physically attacks you. If you recall(you probably don’t) Jesus took a cat of nine tails and drove evil out of the temple. He didn’t turn a blind eye and say, “oh its O.K. go ahead and defile the temple” I don’t expect any one like you to understand what I say or to persuade you to change. I do understand how someone like you acts the way you do. By the way, I’m not frustrated in my beliefs, I’m very comfortable knowing why I’m here, and what I must do here, and how to get back to the Creator.In the words of Paul the Apostle “don’t cast pearls before swine”. So this will be my last discourse with you.

    1. Stella says:

      I’m glad this is your last discourse with me – thank god.You talk about my “idiot friend” – I don’t know anyone on this blog – it is anonymous as far as I know. I am not a god hater or a man hater so your accusations are ignorant or you are just plain blind. The rest of your diatribe isn’t even worth commenting on – more raving and ranting and ideological nonsense and idiocy.

      I really believe the ULCM has been infiltrated by the crazy evangelical christians. There was a time when those who posted had something thoughtful to say; something to ponder, think about, and comment on. Now every single article is taken over by these nut jobs who have no credibility whatsoever.

      Kevin, when you die I hope you find solace in finding yourself alone – I really believe you are in for a rude awakening. You are simply vile. You spew your bible and beliefs and condemn everyone and judge everyone. you are filled with hate, not love. You are so lost you can’t even see you are doing it. I pity you.

      1. Stella says:

        P.S. I looked up the word “termagents” in the Merriam Webster dictionary. According to it there is no such word. Maybe you should buy a dictionary……

    2. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Blinded by the light!…anyone who goes into a dictionary and looks at the first 6 letters of a word can see that the next letter that is an a instead of an e….followed by a gant…. is the word. That word is TERMAGANT!!!!!

  35. Christian Mabanga Stone SG says:

    Ask for a spirit of understanding and you will be assisted by the comforter…We are all the same….It is written “Why do you call me good?(Jesus -Christ)… There is no one is good except God Himself is good. Even the book of Hosea in the Bible from the first chapter to the end …the story teach us how God help and assist people. May God bless all of you

  36. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Anyone who opines on this web site technically is making a judgement on something.. When I read a posting, I absorb it, think about it, go to the Bible, and if it doesn’t fit; spiritual discernment kicks in and I reply. People don’t have to like it, or agree with it. But my response is indicative of what God says in His Word, not something that I dreamed up. Lastly, if you want to claim that you are a “Higher Critic” of the Bible, at least have some working knowledge of it. Thank you Christian Mabanga Stone SG for your post.

    1. Brother John says:

      Remember Prophet Kevin, that others aren’t judging you, but exercising their “spiritual discernment” just as you are. FYI, you’re right in saying that people will probably not like or agree with your delusional ramblings, especially when you go into your potty mouthed bully mode. But some of us find it amusing in a sad kind of way.

      I think you’re being a little too modest, PK. You’re not just looking up bible passages and showering all of us with them along with your interpretations, you are a Prophet and in direct contact with god and probably the angels too. Sadly, you were born too late to have had the Book of Kevin included in the bible, but like the Prophets of old, you should be sharing your dreams and visions with us, as they will undoubtedly be prophetic.

      I apologize to anyone who believes my sarcastic replies to DeFranco aren’t in the spirit of the ULC, but I’ve had it with this clown. If it were just the odd comment from him, even if it were moronic, it would tolerable, but in many cases, he is by far the most prolific, judgemental and offensive poster here, bar none. Feel free to scroll past both of us if you like. I’m sure I’ll lose interest in countering his nonsense at some point, but do not feel it’s right to leave his delusional beliefs and statements unchallenged on a secular site that’s not a suitable venue for proselytizing.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        I’ve never ever heard of a “secular” minister before this. You better stop while your ahead mr. innocent before you lose your credibility with fellow pagans. I’m sure all the other Christians were offended by your opening comments about us in your first postings. Delusional slave owners. Really?. Following a vicious, brutal, God, dreaming about his lovely wickedness. Really?. And you didn’t think that was not going to start a fire? Really?

  37. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

    I will not sit in judgment here. It is not my place, and as interfaith ministers I would urge temperament and tolerance, something I also fail at more times than not. I will not quote the Bible, unless I quote the bible, and then I still do it with the knowledge it was written and compiled by men with the same failings and with the same personal, political, and religious agendas as Christianity today suffers from. God’s will? That any of us presume to interpret God’s will is humorous at best
    . I will continue to show the gay community the tolerance, love, understanding and forgiveness I feel Christ would have wanted. I will leave judging up to you… and God.

  38. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Obviously your belief system does not recognize the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God; that’s your choice., I don’t have any stake in your game. Remember” the Word was made flesh..and dwelt among us.That being said,Jesus was the Old and New Testament, now if you have a problem; its not with me, its with the Old and New Testament .A child can read” you shall not lie with a man as you do a woman ” and clearly understand what was written. I’m not sitting in judgement here.I put in print on this blog, what is written in the Bible, His Word ,His judgement. From Leviticus to Romans; from Genesis to Revelation its all the Word of God. Jesus said” I have not come to change the law but to fulfill it”. So if you are comfortable with your feelings about what Jesus would have wanted , that is your prerogative. Just don’t put judging on me, I don’t punch any ones ticket to heaven or hell. I can rip holes in many core beliefs being taught by so called “Christians” today, because frankly a lot of what they teach is just not Biblical. And when they meet Jesus,He’s going to say “get away from ME I never knew you.” This is not judgment on my part, it is a Biblical fact. I can assure you that it won’t be humorous if you are wrong, but that is on own it, not me. That is your right, you were given free will.

    1. Brother John says:

      No, you’re not judging, PK. And you don’t punch tickets to heaven, but have threatened to punch people’s jaws and faces. Your what’s known as a Christian Badass… well, at least in your own twisted mind.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        Let’s do lunch.

  39. Gallet Christ Sampu Stone SG says:

    In this sharing , it is written search the scriptures and find the truth…I will guide you. So Please can you read in Qu’ran 26 all chapter? and then read Chapter 9 in the Qu’ran. I will share with you the same writing in Torah and Gospel. May God bless all of you.

  40. Stella says:

    Would people quit responding to Kevin DeFranco. It only encourages him and he is obviously mentally ill and in dire need of psychiatric help. The man sounds like a complete lunatic and there may be a mental asylum short one patient. Nothing he says makes any sense except to him and usually that infers paranoia and perhaps schizophrenia. Leave him alone.

    1. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

      Thank you!

    2. Brother John says:

      Shockingly Stella, there are people here who support his delusions, and like it or not, unless this forum becomes fully moderated and/or an oath to remain civil and follow the precepts of the ULC are required for ordination, even people like Kevin will have their say. Although it’s probably folly, I am making an attempt to encourage him to reflect on his beliefs and language, but you may be right about the mental illness.

      Why don’t we ask admin to bar him, and others who are abusive, from the ULC and this forum?

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        Shockingly this is not an exclusive internet blog for “Brother John” and Stella, oops silly me.

  41. Kevin DeFranco says:

    There are plenty of people who feel exactly the way I do, but none promoting the homosexual agenda. You can call me any name you like.Everything I have posted comes directly from the Bible. I’m not cherry picking, its all over the place in the Bible.You cannot go to the Bible and dispute anything I’ve written; trying to use the Word against me.Stella is totally against the Bible and states that anyone that believes such nonsense is an idiot.Frank believes that the Bible written by “men” is left to the whims, politically,economically,religiously and emotionally of the “men” that wrote it.So what exactly, he the pastor of? What is his frame of reference? Stella offers no coherent defense of anything, she just spews vitriol against Christians and the Bible. I view the world from a Biblical perspective, so now I’m a lunatic,paranoid ,have latent homosexual tendencies and in denial,schizophrenic…what ever.. Members of my family are Catholics, Fundamental Christians, a Wiccan & one Athiest. I am non denominational Christian. I don’t deny any one’s right to worship however they please. If I’m crazy, then I’m right at home with several respondents on this blog. The Muslim faith decapitates homosexuals, but nobody dares to openly battle this! Christians on the other hand are expected to turn the other cheek and be walked all over……wrong! there is one guy on this blog that continues to insist that I’m really a homosexual in denial. To him I say go pound sand, and if you pray,pray that you never meet me face to face.

  42. Gallet Christ Sampu Stonwe Sg says:

    Merry X mass to all and have a peace of mind. I would like to share with you this: Hosea all chapter in the Bible…and Ask to yourself and to God this question “Why God did sent Hosea to have a prostitute in a marriage? He will answer you…some He use is willing to achieve IS mission in a right path.

    1. Pastor Frank A. Villari says:

      Interesting. Thank you for your insight.

  43. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Franky Franky, Franky, don’t worry Frank the mad man will return as soon as he brushes up on his Hosea. Lock up your children!!!

  44. Gallet Christ Sampu STone SG says:

    Can you read all of you in Bible Mark chap 2 from verses 13 to 27, and then read from chap 3,4 to the end. May God bless all of you

  45. Kevin DeFranco says:

    As I have stated in previous postings “The Blood of Jesus Christ washes away ALL sin”. What is required is a repentant heart and change. of behavior. Anyone who resists change of heart and repentance does not diminish Christ’s sacrifice, they diminish their own chance for salvation. That’s a fact; not a judgement, He died for all.

    1. Stella says:

      I’m going to break my own rule and respond to Kevin because maybe, just maybe he will finally get it. Your “facts” are yours, as well as your beliefs. That doesn’t make them true. It makes them your truth. Every post you make you cite the bible and your christian beliefs. Well guess what? There are over 7 billion people on the planet and the vast majority of them are NOT christians. You keep posting the same thing over and over and over. Who are you trying to convince? How many times do you have to say it? I don’t believe in your bible or your faith and my guess is many others on this site don’t either. And no matter how many times you state your beliefs it isn’t going to change my mind. Now that is a fact. Can’t you have the decency to allow other people their beliefs without being constantly lectured by you? Out of 128 comments, 44 of them are yours. I think all you have accomplished is pissing people off. My guess is I speak for more than myself when I say I’m sick of it. Give it a rest.

  46. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Guess what. Its not a mystery to ANYONE on this site that you don’ t believe in the Bible or my God’s word. I don’t speak to you, ,and don’t intend to persuade YOU to do anything. There are plenty of other people on this site that do feel the same way as I do. I dialogue with them as well as those who use the Bible as a reference point to further their agenda.This does NOT include you at all. Mind your own business you TERMAGANT!

  47. Christian Mabanga Stone sg says:

    Happy holy day and Happy new year to everyone…. Let share Matthew Chapter 23 all, and in the Quran Chapter17 all. We need to know this: From the sin of Abel to Zacharias murder, this adulterous and rebellious generations received their reward…but they are innocent…(just make it short for now).

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      You kind of leave me wondering what your point is: please make a statement about what you have said.

  48. Tony says:

    Thank you, Christian. Surah 17:25 is meaningful.

  49. Kevin Def\Franco says:

    Abel was the first murder victim, Cain was the sinner. Zacharias was murdered on his way between the altar and the temple, by righteous Pharisees Matthew tells of those who do not adhere to the Word of God and their punishment. The Word is there ; heed it. Surah lets us know that even though we deny His Word over and over The Father will still forgive us. The key is repentance and change of heart. But first you have to read the Word and follow it, not twist it to suit your needs. Salvation is available to all. Happy New Year.

  50. Christian Mabanga Stone SG says:

    May God bless all of you and happy new year 2015. This year is a year of light and watch.

    1. Tony says:

      Bess you as well, Christian, for your tolerance.

  51. Tracy says:

    I do not know why being gay has to be in the news lately as being wrong when we are all born to sin and no one sin is greater than another I and in my late 40 s and it has not been that long ago when haveing a child out of wedlock was a no no sex before marraige a no no, but how often is this talked about in the church today, I believe we all need to do as Jesus ask and that was to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS WE WOULD OUR SELVES. I also believe we need to stop cherry picking the bible to fit what we want to do or who we want to protect in our own circle. I often tell folks that I am a sinner than a christian because without sin we have no reason to have Jesus as a savior if you do not sin why do you need religion. We all need to know Jesus,I try to let folks know that I do not care if you go to church I just want people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  52. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Tracy, here’s a tidbit for you. When Jesus said love one another as…. He didn’t mean go screw yourself. As far as cherry picking goes, calling out specifics about homosexuality isn’t cherry picking it just doesn’t fit your lifestyle, so who is the cherry picker.

  53. Tracy says:

    Kevin, I was a member of a church for 34 years and I did see that the church was cherry picking the bible to fit their ( the preacher) family lifestyle for me i really have no life style except to love all people for who they are I try not to judge others for what they do but I have seen in churchs people being shunned for not being dress the way some others in the church dress. I have seen and heard a preacher say come back but were better clothes. I live in a very small rural farming region and i see thing in and out of the church I may not agree with, but I am not a judge and do not want that role that is for God. If Jesus was to knock on your door looking, smelling the way that he might have in his days on earth. Today would you open your door to him or send him away, we do not Know what Jesus will look like when he comes to test us and our faith. I feed alot of people in my area and some of them really need a bath and clean clothing and I do all I can to help even if I do not like what they are doing or where they are going, just because Jesus feed the week and the poor. I am not saying I am Jesus I am just trying to be more like him, and help all that come to me for something to fill their belly, that at least make s me feel like I am doing what I can do to help those who ask. The church I was going to has a dinner on memorial day each year and this elderly man came to the dinner and folks where shunning him (christians) this man walked up to me and ask me if i could make him a plate of food to take home I did and the fall out from my gesture of kindness turned some of the church members away from me because they (other CHRITIANS) said why did you do that we dont like him because he has not had a bath and has money to buy his own food. I went and got the biggest plate I could find and gave this man as much of food (the best) as I could put on his plate. My Mom ask who he was and I said I dont know but it gave me a very warm feeling that I did this the next sunday this man was at the church I now go to and thanked me for giving him the food he was able to eat on it for four days. In my heart I believe that this was a test of many for me that God had placed in my life to see if I would do what others would not for this one man that needed to Know that someone still cared I know this has gone off the issue a bit but we never know when God is going to test us as far as homosexuality go it is not for me to judge those people but if we put a hand out to help others no matter what they are doing we might be able to help them to have a personal relationship with God. I believe that the church is there to help the sick and the afflicted and God is watching to see if we do help them. I dont judge I try to Help. Thank You for you comment.

    1. Stella says:

      Tracy, Thank you! How refreshing to hear of someone who is a Christian who actually tries to live by Jesus’ teachings. I’m not a Christian because frankly I tired of the Kevin Defranco’s out there always spewing their beliefs and how they are right and everyone else is wrong; judging; condemning; etc. That is not what the Jesus I read about did and Christians who act that way are a real turn off. Jesus did what you are doing. Bless you for all your kindness to the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, poor and hungry. If more Christians acted like you do I may not have left the faith.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        I’m just referring to the queers Stella.

      2. Tony says:

        Stella. do not confuse leaving the faith with losing the faith. Many of us have left our faith for similar reasons, but we have not lost our faith in what we feel the true meaning is. The minute we do that, all is lost. Keep the faith, baby!

    2. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Tracy, you are a good man for doing what you do for the poor and afflicted. And those pastors who turn people away because of the way they smell will be judged harshly when Jesus comes back. The clergy will be judged first, and people like that will be shunned by Jesus, as He says get away from me Inever knew But make no mistake. everyone will now Him and every knee will bow.

  54. Tony says:

    Well said, thank you. There, but for the grace of God…

  55. Kevin DeFranco says:

    Tony ,stella’s faith is the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above ,etc. I’m tired of her forrest gump approach to something that she is absolutely clueless about. That being the Scriptures. She is a total Dunce when it comes to the Bible and Christianity. She loathes the Bible, and hates any Christian who states his or her beliefs. She especially hates me because I back up what I say with scripture, you know God’s word. I didn’t write the book, I merely point out what it says concerning homosexuality. I’m not on a witch hunt against the gay community. I have worked with a lot of gay drug addicts and have found that there is a high incidence of suicidal tendencies in a large segment of young men within the community. There are a lot of social forces working against them. I had to step away from it because it was so disheartening. All I saw was internal confusion and despair. Upon stepping aside, I looked to the Bible. The Bible states that God is not the author of confusion. That being said; I looked at what God had to say about homosexuality, and how he feels about it. It is diametrically opposed to the belief system of the LGBT community. People can do and say whatever they want. Everyone makes their own choices; that is their right. Jesus was the Word made flesh, Old and New Testament. He never said homosexuality was a good thing. He did say that He had not come to CHANGE the law, but to fulfill it. The law states” Thou shalt not lay with a man as you do a woman”. pretty direct and to the point. Sodom and Gommorrah was not a bad joke. They were completely through and through depraved and evil. In every aspect of their lives, and homosexuality was a part of it. Now I try to appeal to them on a spiritual level and leave it at that. What I don’t like is people using the Word to rationalize a lifestyle that is denounced by God, because He doesn’t like it. There are those who disagree, that is their right. I guess we’ll all see in the end. Sorry about my outburst in my reply to the termagant who spews nothing but untruths and vitriol toward anyone who doesn’t agree with her. She has the ability to bring out the worst in me. I thought she said she wouldn’t reply to my posts anymore. And I thought I made it quite clear that nothing I said concerned her

  56. ROBERT says:

    After I was in my early teens, I knew I was gay and I saw doctors, ministers, psychiatrists,and my friends. Their answer was unanimous. This aberration was created at my birth and was a God given trait and something God had decided for me [this with help of a Methodist minister and a Roman Catholic priest. I now accept that and am very understanding of others like me. I do, however take strong issue with Rev. Huckabee and others of his ilk, who believe it is a mortal sin.I’m at peace with myself and thank God for his help in getting me to accept the things I can not change.

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      Listen to what you said Robert. You have accepted your “aberration” Shame on those two for making you believe that. no one is denied redemption, no one. And if you are not strung out on drugs and totally incoherent, you can change any behavior you want God does not give anyone aberrations. He is not the author of evil. He does specify what He thinks about homosexuality. What we do with His laws are our responsibility and we alone will be held responsible for our actions. I hope you find peace and truth in your life, but don’t let anyone tell you God gave you this “aberration”, because He doesn’t do that. He gives everyone a clean slate and opportunity to prove they love Him.

    2. Stella says:

      Robert, There is nothing wrong with you and God loves you just the way you are. Please don’t listen to Kevin Defranco. He has anointed himself as the spokesman for God and Jesus; he condemns; judges; hates; calls people names; insults; tells everyone who doesn’t believe like him they are wrong; makes up wild claims about people he doesn’t know. He reminds me of those awful people who belong to that hateful church in Kansas. He is exactly the kind of “Christian” Jesus condemns. You will notice most people don’t reply directly to him because it only encourages his deplorable behavior.

      1. Kevin DeFranco says:

        Stella, go sit on a tack or whatever else pleases you. Your in the cheap seats Stella, stay out of the game you hapless loser. Keep your brainless opinions to yourself. All that bottled up hatred for Christians gets you nowhere and makes YOU look foolish. Anyone who reads your posts can see you are the hater. You are the name caller, intolerant of anything that doesn’t fit your pathetic outlook on religion or spiritual matters. I think if you bit a lemon it would get more bitter than it originally was. Please just crawl back to your spider web and stay there.

  57. Tracy says:

    Frank Have you ever looked up any info on King James? he was not a religious man and it is written that he King James was a child molester and slept with many young men and his name is on the FRONT of Gods word

    1. Kevin DeFranco says:

      That’s really odd, if true. He should have actually read the Bible with his name on it. The scholars didn’t hold back on anything. Nowhere does the Bible endorse pedophilia, or rape of young men. It doesn’t endorse sodomy , lesbianism, or fornication among heterosexuals. The law equates rape to murder and is punishable by death. But men in their never ending quest to prove they know more than God; contort His Word. They give pity to murderers, and rapists, and forget about the soul that they destroyed. But no matter what James was, it doesn’t change God’s Word. Its the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

  58. Mark Niemann says:

    Have read all these postings it is sad to see just how much hatred is still out there. It is not out purpose in life to pass judgment on people, irrespective of their color, religious beliefs or orientation. God is a loving, compassionate and forgiving God.

    1. Tony says:

      Well said, Mark. I, too, have been amazed at the attitude of the so-called righteous toward their fellow beings. Forgiveness, understanding, and love, seems beyond some folks. I have chosen to just ignore the hate speak and accept it for what it is. One must refuse to get into braying contests, all you end up looking like is the other mule.

  59. Kevin DeFranco says:

    I either speak to believers or to pagans, each is welcome here. We also get tired of you shooting down our beliefs but c’est la vie.

  60. Kevin DeFranco says:

    OH Pshaw! no more anti-Christian vitriol to respond to…….Thank God. Cause I’m plum tuckered out Bye y’all.

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