Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2015

Effective immediately the ULC will be revoking all ordinations... April Fools!
Sorry, we couldn’t resist. Fear not, your ordination is valid for life. This month, The Visionary discusses the Germanwings disaster and challenges some disturbing laws.

Eternal Damnation & You

An economic study recently revealed some astonishing links between belief in hell and a person’s happiness. Does the Devil make you sad?
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Bigotry Becomes Law

Bigotry Becomes Law

Several states have recently passed disturbing new “religious exemption” laws aimed to discriminate against the LGBT community and qualify equality.
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Death in the Skies

When Andreas Lubitz allegedly committed suicide by steering a commercial plane into the Alps, he killed 149 others. How can our skies be made safer?
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Revamped Marriage Laws

Our new marriage law pages convey everything a person needs to know to get ordained and perform a wedding in her or his area.
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Understanding the Lotus

The beautiful Lotus flower is significant in a number of Eastern religions and carries with it enormous symbolic weight.
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Our hottest Facebook conversation last month was inspired by an article discussing an amazing new way to bury your loved ones … turning them into trees!
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