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July 2014 Newsletter

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Kate Kelly was a passionate member of her church. She sought equal treatment for all its members by proposing a path to ordination for women - something her church currently only allows for men. The powers that be recently excommunicated this rebel with a cause for going against church doctrine.

Last week we invited Ms. Kelly and all other marginalized Mormon women to become ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church - a part of our family.

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The notion of a fairy tale wedding is pretty commonplace, but what about dressing up as actual fairy tale characters? More and more folks are tying the knot in non-traditional ceremonies from Star Wars themes to Cinderella. Have you performed a themed wedding?

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TV legend Patty Duke recently became ordained with the ULC Monastery to perform marriages. Duke's first big role came in 1951, when she was cast as Helen Keller in the Broadway version of The Miracle Worker. Join us in welcoming the star of the Patty Duke Show and Valley of the Dolls as she sets her sights on joining couples in matrimony.

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We are often asked how to fill out marriage licenses. If you have ever wondered what your title is or what type of church we are, this article is for you!

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Did You Know?
The Universal Life Church has a number of celebrity ministers. Here's a short list:
Conan O'Brien
Sharon Stone
Sir Ian McKellen
Goldie Hawn
Bryan Cranston

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