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May 2014 Newsletter

Sunny days are here again! May Day has brought with it some Pagan holidays and the height of the wedding season.

Some conservatives use the platform of religious freedom to fight against marriage equality. The United Church of Christ is actually suing against a marriage-equality ban on these same grounds.

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With the weather warming up, it is natural to want to just sit back and relax. If you are a minister however, you never know when your services will be required. Our latest sermon exposes how easy it is to fall into sloth.

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Even if you've never been married, chances are you can recite the standard wedding vows. What you probably don't know is which expression the Church of England omitted from the woman's vows in 1980.

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Looking for a reason to honor the summer sun and have an awesome bonfire at the same time? Our recent article about Beltane: the Gaelic May Day will give you some ideas.

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The Monastery Credential Package includes your legal minister identification and everything you need to preside over the perfect wedding ceremony.

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The Pagan calendar has rolled into a new quartile with the observance of Beltane on May 1st. Use this book to mark the passage of Pagan holidays during the year.

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The Universal Life Church has a number of celebrity ministers. Here's a short list:
Conan O'Brien
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