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Universal Life Church NewsletterJanuary 2013

January 2013 Newsletter

The year 2012 has come and gone. We here at the Monastery are excited for the prospects a new year brings for our church and our ministers, but first let’s remember some big moments that shaped 2012. The Universal Life Church Monastery had a great year of growth. Not only did we ordain more new ministers in 2012, but we took on some great projects as well.

December to Remember: A ULC Monastery Wedding Event

Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event

For our big project, the Monastery gave away 15 individual, free wedding ceremonies in our home city of Seattle! It was such a rewarding event and it was wonderful to see the fantastic support from our community and local businesses. 15 couples were brought together in the eyes of the law, their friends, and family members. We are so proud of the ULCM ministers who met with our staff to prepare for and perform these ceremonies, including Washington State Representative Marko Liias.

Here is a small sampling of the pictures from this event - we will be adding more to our website in the weeks to come, so please check back to share in this joyous event and to view the talents of our partner businesses, the love of these couples, and the fellowship between ministers, guests, and our very own ULC Monastery staff.

Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event Universal Life Church Sanctuary Wedding Event

Our Charitable Works

In addition to sharing a moment with 15 happy couples - We also partnered with many organizations in raising awareness on issues from autism to domestic abuse. Helping those in need has always been a pillar of the ULC Monastery philosophy, so we also made charitable gifts in your name to these wonderful groups:

National Autism Association New Beginnings
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, NCADV Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Seattle Education Access Real Change News

Church of England Argues
Over Rights of Women, Gays

bishop of the church of england

This last year, the Church of England has toiled over what sort of person can climb their leadership ranks. While all qualified people can be ordained, they are still sorting out who exactly can be a bishop, and what all can be done once attaining such a post. Are you a woman of God? Too bad, you can’t become a bishop. Are you a man? Then step right up - but if you are gay, you must abstain from sex, thank you. You’re straight? Oh, well then certainly preach and have sex!

As a church that ordains people of all walks and faiths, and grants unto them the same legal rights, you can understand the ULC’s dissonance with the views of the Church of England. To read more about this structure of inequality, read the full article here.

Spiritual Leader in India
Blames Rape on the Victim

Dark Hand Grabbing Hand

It’s tragic that in places across the globe, victims are blamed for rape because they had “the audacity” to be alone or beautiful. The phrase “it takes two to tango,” like any phrase, only describes specific situations and is not a universal truth about conflict.

Unfortunately a misguided Hindu leader in India doesn’t agree. Read about his hurtful and offensive comments in our blog article.

Share Your Voice

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