How To Become A Pastor of the Universal Life Church

If you've wondered about how to become a pastor, the Universal Life Church Monastery can make your goal a reality with our simple online ordination process. Many people want to preach sermons and perform a wedding, but don't have the time or money to attend seminary. Also, you may have a respect for members of all faiths and wish to be a non denominational or interfaith minister; something not traditionally offered in theological colleges.

The Universal Life Church Monastery welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths that have been called into the ministry for a variety of reasons. We offer free online ordination in a quick and simple process. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can start your journey and learn about how to become a pastor today!

The ULC Monastery offers training to guide you as you perform a wedding, baptism, or funeral. We also make a large selection of books available to anyone wanting to continue the learning process, from interfaith material to writings from more orthodox perspectives. If you want to become a pastor to preach sermons, the ULC Monastery discusses many religiously relevant and current events on our blog that can serve as jumping-off points for how your faith works and interacts with today's world.

To become a pastor is to become a respected member of your community. We encourage all our ministers who become ordained online to pursue the church's major tenet of faith, to "Do that which is right". We believe that "We are all children of the same universe" and our pastors and church employees are regularly involved in their communities, sharing our message of love and compassion. Our online ordination process is quick and easy. Within the space of a couple minutes, you will be on your journey as an ordained pastor; we look forward to seeing you grow as a person and in your faith!