Wooden Divination Board & Pendulum

Seek knowledge of the future and the unknown with our wooden divination board and pendulum that witchcraft practitioners of all skill levels will appreciate.


Product Description

Looking to connect with the spiritual realm? This wooden divination board will help you hone your skills in the art of divination, the practice of employing supernatural tools in search of knowledge of the unknown.

The board provides beginner and advanced witchcraft practitioners alike the ability to tap into the powers of the divine to connect with alternate realms, seek answers to important questions, or explore what the future holds.

Use a pendulum suspended by your finger several above the board and let its swings guide you to the answers you seek.

The divination board measures nearly 10 inches in diameter, and is light enough to transport anywhere. The included pendulum is crafted from lapis lazuli and is attached to a 6.5" metal chain.