The Weddings Vows

From Conversations with God
Neale Donald Walsch & Nancy Fleming-Walsch

Based on Christian tradition, the authors of this helpful book have collected a thoughtful sampling of wedding vows for use in the most memorable ceremonies.


Product Description

Giving honor to the nature of all spiritual beings is the essence of the Wedding Vows from Conversations with God is all about. These are not just any wedding vows, but something even better: a manifestation outward of one's deepest inner truth.

The vows brought to you in this book were actually spoken by Neale Donald Walsch and Nancy Fleming-Walsch at the moment of their own marriage. They can be found in the third book for the Conversations with God series. Neale writes to us, "We wanted a ceremony that spoke the truth of our hearts, and that allowed us to make promises that we knew we could keep."

Presented to you are Neale and Nancy's perfectly articulated vows for your personal ceremony. Also included in this book is commentary by Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, with Marianne Williamson. Lastly, this book includes meaningful input on unions from the Conversations with God series.

User reviews

This Book Helps When You Can't Find the Right Words

By Michael Boorman-Davis; Montgomery, AL

I have read all of the Conversations with God series and this edition is definitely the best of the bunch. I was recently married in the Fall and my husband and I decided we would be writing our own vows. I struggled for months with writing down just how much I loved him, looking through various religious texts, and even talking with friends about how they wrote their own vows. I eventually picked up The Wedding Vows from Conversations with God and all my problems were taken care of. This is a beautiful hard bound compilation of wedding vows from Neal Donald Walsch and Nancy Fleming-Walsch. You can really tell just how much love this couple shares and it comes through in each word of their wedding vows. I was inspired and the love I have for my husband just flowed from my pen. I now buy a copy of this book for any friends with upcoming weddings, knowing it will help guide them through the writing of their vows.