The Essential Kabbalah

The Heart of Jewish Mysticism
Daniel C. Matt

The Kabbalah is one of the fundamental texts in the Jewish religion. Explore the beautiful, mystical faith by exploring its elegantly crafted foundational tome.


Product Description

This book is a smart, contemplative introduction to the greatest books of the Jewish mystical tradition. The Kabbalah is the foundation of all modern Jewish philosophic and metaphysical thought. Its lessons and rituals are derived from the texts of The Zohar, which was compiled by Moses de Leon around 1280 from writings by ancient scholars such as Isaac Luria, Abraham Isaac Kook, and Moses Cordovero.

In The Essential Kabbalah, Daniel C. Matt has collected the vital excerpts, meditations, and poems from these classic texts to highlight its salient aspects and illuminate the general themes. Each item is centered on its own page in order to provoke the reader to ponder its meaning and its relations to the text as a whole. Matt includes biographies of each of the writers referenced and an essay detailing the Kabbalah`s mysterious history. His translations are considered definitive among modern Kabbalah scholars, and general readers will certainly benefit from his poetic translations and impressive knowledge.

User reviews

The Best Book on Kabbalah I've found

By Kelsey McMahon, Bismarck, ND

I first became aware of the Kabbalah after hearing about various celebrities, such as Madonna and Britney Spears, who've been practicing it up as the latest trend. It's unfortunate, as this beautiful form of Jewish Mysticism has come to hold such an important place in my life. The Essential Kabbalah was my personal introduction into Kabbalah and is the book I would give any friend interested in exploring the religion! Author, Daniel C. Matt, has compiled an excellent guide to this ancient religion, drawing from essential Kabbalah texts to offer spiritual guidance in all situations. Daniel C. Matt has divided his book into sections based on topic, each entry containing an excerpt from the spiritual text. One of my favorite things about this book is the introduction to The Essential Kabbalah, which contains a great essay on how Kabbalah first developed.