The 100 Most Important Events

in Christian History
A. Kenneth Curtis, J. Stephen Lang, Randy Petersen

The 100 Most Important Christian History is a fascinating account of ancient Christianity, filled with challenging, risky, and passion over the millennia.


Product Description

This book highlights one hundred of the most noteworthy events in over two thousand years of our history all packed into one volume. Loaded with accounts of the events, and written in an easy-to-understand style, it sheds light on some of the significant people, events, and ideas that have shaped the church we know today.

A great addition to collect for pastors, history buffs, teachers, and anyone curious in learning more about the origins and development of the Christian church.

Each chapter covers a specific year in chronological order, beginning in 64 AD, and ending in 1976 AD. Chapters such as The Fire in Rome (64), The Battle of Tours (732), and The Pope Approves the Jesuits (1540)