Druid Magic

The Practice of Celtic Wisdom
Maya Magee Sutton, PHD and Nicolas R. Mann

Celtic myths and Druid legends continue to pervade throughout modern culture. Feel a connection with that world? Reconnect with this guide to Druid magic.


Product Description

Ancient Celtic myths and legends still hold tremendous influence over many peoples lives. Some, particularly those descended from individuals who resided in Celtic homelands, feel that these legends transcend their mythical status and have a place in the physical, modern world today. This book is a perfect primer to that plane, and will help you awaken the druid within.

Inside the book, you'll learn how to:

  • Cast Protective Shields over yourself and others
  • Explore and expand your sacred sexuality
  • Craft Druid tools for magical use
  • Participate in a Peregrine Druid initiation
  • Travel to the Otherworlds

Druid Magic will guide you in incorporating the magical tools and symbols of ancient Celtic lore into your daily life. We hope the wisdom and knowledge that you'll discover in this book will allow you to build a better life for yourself, as you become a full-fledged Druid!

Authors: Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D. and Nicholas R. Mann