Thinking About Jail And Prison Ministry

A Guide For The Lay Volunteer
Larry Nielsen

Many ministers feel called to carry their ministerial services to prisons to counsel to inmates. This guide contains the info you need to perform that task.


Product Description

Author Larry Nielsen came to the join the prison ministry after living a long and valuable career in law enforcement. His legal background and close knowledge and work with individuals with a history of crime has given him a unique insight on life in a correctional facility. Larry spent many years as a volunteer lay chaplain over in the County of Hamilton in Ohio. He is currently the CEO of Believer's Behind Bars Correspondence School of the Bible.

The book is fitted for those that are considering entering prison ministry. It sets out 4 basic areas in which the lay minister volunteer can teach behind bars:

  • Praise and worship ministry
  • Lay chaplaincy
  • Event ministry
  • Correspondence ministry.

Nielsen describes what each of these ministries involves and provides insight that helps volunteers decide where he/she is called to work. The book is high level, but very appropriate for the newcomer. It's easy to understand, and has logical advice with interesting stories and examples.