Book of Shadows

Sacred to its owner, the Book of Shadows is a blank slate in which a practitioner of Wicca is tasked with recording her or his personal spells and prayers.


Product Description

This is a blank book!

A cornerstone in the religious practices of many, the Book of Shadows is designed to provide a space for individuals to privately record elements of your faith. Apart from the cover, marked with a silver pentagram, this book is entirely blank.

The pages within are designed to hold all of your texts, spells, ritual instructions, or anything else you would like to include. Manufactured using high-quality paper, the book is durable enough to withstand your regular use, and should prove itself to be a stalwart companion on your personal journey.

The Book of Shadows was allegedly developed by Gerald Gardner, the individual largely acclaimed for renovating and re-developing the ancient Wicca religious for use in a Neo-Pagan context. For a time, it was common that each coven would maintain one collective Book of Shadows for the use of all associated witches.

Today, however, it is most common that each individual practitioner would have and maintain his or her own book. Given the intensely personal nature that these books have developed, it is traditional that upon an individual's death his or her own Book of Shadows be located and destroyed.

In addition to spells and rituals, many will utilize their Book of Shadows. Depending on the particular branch of Wicca, different names may be used to describe this particular text, including "The Tree", "The Book of Ways", "The Book of Mirrors", or just simply "The Book".