Animal Speak

The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small
Ted Andrews

This text will help you to rebuild connections to the natural world by teaching you how to communicate with animals and attune your spirit to the animal kingdom


Product Description

There is a special bond between all creatures. We have been given the gift of communication. This book will teach you how to channel your ability to communicate with many walks of life. Speaking to animals is not as simple as using your voice. You must use all forms of communications, including non-verbal communication. Your mind and heart will be opened to the wisdom shown in the animal kingdom.

This book teaches you how to:

  • Identify, meet, and attune to your spirit animals
  • Discover the power and spiritual significance of more than 100 different animals, birds, insects, and reptiles
  • Call upon the protective powers of you animal totem
  • Master four techniques for understanding the language of the birds
  • Learn the fascination lore and exotic languages of reptiles and insects
  • Create and use five magical animal rites, including shape shifting and sacred dance

This bestselling guide has become a classic reference for anyone wishing to forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and mystery of the animal world.