2019 Minister's Tax and Financial Guide

Dan Busby, Michael Martin, and John Van Drunen


Product Description

Our ministers have always turned to the Zondervan name are their main resource for tax and financial information. Now the latest edition of the Minister's Tax & Financial Guide for last year's returns is here.

This user friendly workbook makes the tax code simple and offers dozens of tips to reduce your tax bill. Filing taxes can be incredibly complicated, especially on top of all of your other ministerial duties. For the current year, the guide includes a line-by-line explanation of the 1040 Form as well as information on navigated more recent changes in the tax code.

  • Tips on how to reduce your tax bill
  • Explanation of the 1040 Form
  • Recent changes in the tax code

Author Dan Busby will show you the steps you can take to minimize your next year's tax bill. This edition also contains a practical retirement plan, compensation guidance, and techniques for maximizing your business expense reimbursements. Zondervan Minister's Tax & Financial Guide is also useful to church treasurers, business administrators, and tax preparers who assist ministers.

User reviews

My One and Only Guide for Taxes

By James Leibert, Portland, OR

I don't know what I would have done this year without my copy of 2011 Minister's Tax & Financial Guide. Having assisted in running a ministry for fifteen years, I'm constantly consulting the Zondervan Tax Guide for any financial or tax issues we run across. I know first hand just how great a resource this is for ministers and church employees, it's saved my job on a number of occasions! An easy read, this book gives great tips for how to reduce tax bills and has kept our own ministry up to date with all the changing laws in our state. You can count on me picking up next year's copy as soon as it is released.