teacher in classroom supporting lgbt pride
Is being pro-LGBTQ an inherent part of Canadian identity?

What does it mean to be a citizen of a country? Is it simply to live within its borders, or does it mean one must hold certain civic values (regardless of what your faith teaches)?

Those questions are being asked as audio of a Canadian teacher scolding Muslim students for skipping LGBTQ Pride events is going viral. 

"You Don't Belong"

A recording of the unnamed teacher at Londonderry Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta chastising Muslim students has already been listened to more than two million times. 

In the audio, the teacher argues that it’s important to show solidarity with other groups, pointing out that plenty of non-Muslim kids attended school events celebrating Ramadan. 

“They’re showing respect in the class for your religion,” she says. It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for who you are, your religion, your color of skin, your…whatever, then you’d better give it back to people who are different from you. That’s how it works, it is an exchange.”

“We believe in freedom, we believe that people can marry whomever they want,” she continues. “That is in the law! And if you don’t believe that should be the law, then you can’t be Canadian. You don’t belong here – and I mean it. I really mean it.”

Here is the full recording:

School Leadership Responds

Shortly after the audio clip went viral, the school put out a response. 

“I want to emphasize that the views expressed by the teacher do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging that are so strong at Londonderry School,” reads the letter sent out from Principal Ed Charpentier to parents. “We know that words matter and they have the ability to bring us together and also to divide us. I want to assure you we are addressing the situation accordingly.”

It continues: "Our school community is incredibly rich and diverse, and I am inspired by it every day. This diversity and sense of belonging at school enriches student learning and experiences. Pride week is an opportunity to reflect the importance of being kind and accepting to all people. Students of all ages deserve to have their unique families and identities represented positively.”

While many appreciated the apology, others were quick to point out that it lacked specifics on what consequences, if any, the teacher will be facing. 

And depending on who you ask, the teacher is either a hero standing up against religious bigotry – or a prejudiced educator trying to force a minority religion to compromise on its beliefs.  

The Internet Reacts

Some people were appalled at the mere idea of a teacher telling a Muslim student they “don’t belong.”


However, others appeared in reluctant agreement with the sentiment. 

“Honestly I HATE that I ever agree with a take of "you don't belong here", but she's right,” wrote one commenter. “If you believe the freedoms we carry in our country are offensive or wrong, you're more than welcome to return to or just leave to any number of countries that don't respect your freedoms.”

“If you believe gay people should be executed, then you do not belong in Canada. Period,” said another.

Anti-Pride Religious Unity?

Clearly, this remains an incredibly divisive issue. Could it also be forming new alliances across faith groups?

Elsewhere in Canada, video shared on Twitter appeared to show Muslims and Christians coming together to protest youth-focused Pride activities.

In the video, children can be seen stomping on rainbow flags as adults look on, cheering and offering encouragement:

What do you think? Is it Islamophobic to tell a Muslim they "don't belong" in your country? Is supporting LGBTQ rights a prerequisite for citizenship in a Western democratic nation? 


  1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

    I think it’s okay to explain why supporting people who support you is important but to tell them you don’t belong here. What is that? The teacher should have stopped short of saying that. It made everything she said before that worthless.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    My opinion: the Muslim students have the right to refuse to participate in any event that goes against their beliefs. I also believe that the teacher was wrong to try and shame them for such beliefs. Make of it what you will

  1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

    Speech and belief systems enforced by a government is totalitarian.

    In other words forcing people to believe and speak a certain way is the very definition of George Orwell's "1984".

    This is how ridiculous this has become. Years ago it was, "All we are asking for is tolerance to love who we love and not to be discriminated against based on that.:

    Now it's, "If you are not marching in a pride parade in enthusiastic support of us, you're a bigot that should be kicked out of the country."

    or If you are a tween ot yng teen with normal growing pains and body Issue angst, that really means you are transgender and need to start on transition hormones right away.

    Many people saw this type of thing coming. and now it's here.

    1. William Moses's Avatar William Moses

      Your comparisons are inaccurate, in that you are trying to differentiate between how it was, and how it is now. But I feel you are actually expressing how more liberal minded people feel versus how conservatives feel. One is a positive expression of tolerance while the other is a divisive expression of ignorance.

    2. Alejandro Medina de Wit's Avatar Alejandro Medina de Wit


    3. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      Your comment "Speech and belief systems enforced by a government is totalitarian" is reasonable, but then you quickly go off the rails with opinions straight off of Fox News.

      Today's conservative platform has no coherent basis other than a race to the bottom to find the lowest common denominator to put the Republican leadership in power. This is why right-wing media is constantly telling you immigrants are going to steal your job, give drugs to your kids, and rape your women. This is why they tell you the LGBTQ are going to break all your sports records and transexualize your children. This is why the DeFacto leader of the party of 'Family Values' is a serial adulterer and convicted sex offender (Trump).

      They want your vote to put themselves in power, and they adopted and constantly stoke every divisive issue for that very same simple reason. "They're coming for your children" is a great sound bite, because it's the kind of issue that replaces thinking with emotion - just the way the propagandists like it - but the truth is it is the right who is driving the culture wars and killing our children.



      1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

        I searched and I can't find Donald John Trump on the New York or Florida sex offender registries.

        And YOU talk about going off the rails 😁

        1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

          So you're saying you want your daughter to go on a date with this guy:


          Makes sense.

    4. Francina Ann Golem's Avatar Francina Ann Golem

      I agree100 !! 1984 correct.

  1. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

    Not everyone believes in every cause. Some are repulsed by other persons activities and behavior. To be chastised for not prancing around with a rainbow flag is an example of intolerance to individualism.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    First off, NOWHERE did I read in the story that ANYONE said Gay people should be executed. Does that happen? yes and you would be foolish to claim it does not..BUT in saying that I also must say that it happens in other countries not in Canada. If you are caught killing anyone and are convicted, you will go to prison and be punished. So there is no reason to be hysterical and make up lies.

    Secondly you cant force people to associate. Just because some students want to attend Ramadan or other Muslum holidays does not give the teacher nor anyone else the right to demand that the Muslum students attend "Pride" week. If they wish to attend then thats clearly their choice and no matter how some people want to make it otherwise, that is never going to happen.

    Principal of the Londonderry school Ed Charpentier has stated that the teacher in question is on leave and the RCMP is looking into if this would constitute harassment and a violation of the students rights. Again if the students and their parents wanted to have them attend this, they had full authorization from the Imams in the area for them to do this. What is making people so upset is that you have one teacher who has taken it upon herself to denigrate a whole class of Canadian citizens just because they may not agree with her flavor of the month. And the same thing should be done to any teacher who demands the same thing from LGTBQ claimed students to another groups holidays.

  1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

    The article asks:

    "Is it Islamophobic to tell a Muslim they 'don't belong' in your country?"

    I dislike the term "Islamophobia". A phobia is a deep, irrational fear. So this term presumes some sort of psychological disorder leading to deep or excessive fear. If someone -- anyone -- in in a country legally then it's just ignorant to say they don't belong there. There's nothing inherent in citizenship that a person must take their own time and celebrate or honor or practise everything anybody else has decided is important or meaningful to them. That's their thing. They are free to do it. I have the freedom to not do it if I don't want to. Doesn't mean I hate anyone. I just don't have to follow or support every cause on the planet. That would get awfully exhausting.

    "Is supporting LGBTQ rights a prerequisite for citizenship in a Western democratic nation?"


    I'll point out here that not supporting does not automatically mean hating or doing something against a group. People could be neutral about the whole concept. Live and let live. That sort of thing. Maybe it irritates someone or they just accept it's not their cup of tea. But they have no axe to grind. I think as long as people live peacefully together, then it's all good.

    To be honest, I think when folks get in the faces of other folks and demand to be recognized or accepted or treated some certain way, that can get those folks defensive or angry. No one can justifiably demand that other people feel a certain way.

    1. Jennie McKenzie's Avatar Jennie McKenzie

      I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I believe NO ONE has the right to force ANYONE to do something they don't want to do. God gave us the freedom to choose. I'm always hearing about haters and hate crimes. Isn't that pretty much what that teacher did to the student? We are ALL created equal and loved equally by God. His most important rule is go love one another. One of my favorite quotes is," judge not those who sin differently than you". I don't have to like everything everyone else is doing anymore than they have to like what I am doing. Live and let live. Respect one another's option, even if you don't agree with it. We are ALL in this together. Love and kindness is the best medicine of all.

    2. Jennie McKenzie's Avatar Jennie McKenzie

      Comment removed by user.

  1. Ronald Joseph Dent's Avatar Ronald Joseph Dent

    If I do not believe in a civil recognition of anything, I do not attend. I exercise freedom to choose my speech and religion and thoughts. I know it is wiser to show courtesy to all regardless of differences. I recognize different life choices without participating in them. There is quite a difference between recognition and celebration. I recognize different religious beliefs of people without worshiping in their faith. If Christian and Muslim believers choose not to attend celebrations that violate their faith then they show courage to stand up for their beliefs. The persecution of children is always wrong.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Islamaphobic or what Children should learn about their culture and celebrate This teacher is way off the scale you do what I tell you to do a term of bullying in other words Fire him immediately he does not belong in an educational establishment Rev.Nick Page UK .

  1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

    Hooray for the kid who refused to take part in a rainbow gay event.
    I am getting sick and tired of gay crap being shoved down my throat. Everywhere up look it's LGHTQ+×÷-123456789A related. It has to stop and stop now. This site is going down the road of disgust. Why doesn't anyone post an article on what the hell Canada is doing to the environment starting fires on purpose using chemicals that burn orange smoke. Don't tell.me it's conspiracy theory. The evidence is there. Secondly, the snow that Canada got should.not have created such dry conditions to create brush fires. Thirdly, clean your damn undergrowth you wouldn't have fires.
    No instead people keep posting this gay crap. Enough. Think up better topics then this. Some of us are sick of their tuck pants for the sissies.

    1. Rev. Dr. Father JJ's Avatar Rev. Dr. Father JJ

      Eash.............second post regarding gays and you've used the same expression twice, "...being shoved down my throat..." Seems a rather Freudian Slip. Is there something you want to share with us perhaps?

    2. David Arthur Lewis's Avatar David Arthur Lewis

      "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

    3. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      Are you seriously suggesting America needs to be your own giant personal safe space, where everybody abandons their own lives and just make life choices to please you?

    4. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

      You have nothing of value to add to the conversations here, Keith. Just ignorant bigotry and conspiracy theories.

    5. Ahmed Abduljabar Al-Hujazi's Avatar Ahmed Abduljabar Al-Hujazi

      Posted here probably because of a new concept called "context". Rant about the wildfires and the irresponsible behavior that started them in the appropriate forum, somewhere else.

  1. Laura McAllister's Avatar Laura McAllister

    I think we have enough going on in this country right now. I thought a teacher should teach and have patience not criticize for someone who don’t believe not. Everybody believes in everything you get offended or maybe he was offended. You’re a teacher teach don’t criticize this country is in trouble we don’t need anybody else starting more wars.

  1. John Condron's Avatar John Condron

    So... ONE teacher engages in a rant... and it becomes a cause célèbre. Even though the school responded immediately, saying "the views expressed by the teacher do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging that are so strong at Londonderry School,” and promising they "are addressing the situation accordingly."

    The article states that "While many appreciated the apology, others were quick to point out that it lacked specifics on what consequences, if any, the teacher will be facing." This, of course, is a ridiculous complaint, as it would be ILLEGAL to provide specifics on what consequences the teacher will be facing. The internet is chock full of opinionated but poorly informed people!

  1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

    When a true believer of any given mass movement is rejected, it can instill anger in them causing an irrational response. Nobody likes to be wrong or questioned. Take that same person and plug them into a position of power and you'll have an abuse of power every time. The school squared it up though, for now it's all good other than the stress and grief caused. Such is life, helps to build character.

  1. Victor Williams's Avatar Victor Williams

    Greetings, I value this chance to reflect with the ministers abroad on the value, or weight of the philosophy the teacher used with regard to ethics in a professional fielding of why the teacher shared her words rather than what choice of words she used. It seems that she is taking a moment to exercise her freedom of speech to advocate on behalf of the world view of faith. It is Reverse Psychology she uses to influence the class to engage personal reflection time in general. Her correspondence spanned beyond the classroom sharing cultural differences in contrast to Canada. This implies that she did not direct her statement to a certain student rather she wanted to share the upcoming light of the world with a junior high school class heading to high school, a much larger social environment. Her intention is to jar the neurotransmitters, and influence critical thinking in the class. The classroom, and the school is a cultivated atmosphere, and so I see no leadership skill in centering the mass issues other countries are challenging the status quo about based on the depth of her statement which is more or less a response to frankly a global topic. And, so her comment is valid in the state of mind that a student should be in whereas we understand that many children are being neglected of philosophy in training at home among other general disciplines. She is exposing the impurities of some places in thought that exist among humanity. This is a psychology practice. The students are growing humans who become independent agents of society eventually where they spend the rest of lives with their own family. Perhaps what more essentially the teacher needs is a modern group of colleagues to discuss new issues in light of the pandemic as it has shaped modern society inevitably. She has transition points to face that society should feel as responsible as she does at least until we heal from the pandemic on a socioecological level. Again I am appreciative for the chance to share a reflection, and I wish us to all be blessed.

    Sincerely, Minister Victor

  1. Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.'s Avatar Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.

    That teacher is committing serious child abuse. The teacher should be prohibited from emitting ANY opinion about ANYTHING.

    Should any school teacher really feel unable to resist an addictive urge to emit a personal opinion, they should first say "What I am about to say is my personal opinion, what is more important for you is YOUR own opinion."

  1. Alejandro Medina de Wit's Avatar Alejandro Medina de Wit

    I am sorry, but I have to say this: "Gay Pride"? Pride is to study hard form years and find a vaccine that cures cancer. Pride is rising a good kid while you are single father/mother. Pride is being disabled and overcome life's challenges and archive a medal at the Special Olympics games... But being proud just because you are a man and like to have sex with another man? And go out and make a parade and shout it to the world and expect everyone to attend and cheer while you dance in thongs? That is your choice and I respect it, but I don’t have to go out and watch all the burlesque in the streets; nor does my kid. Do what you want in your bedroom and with whoever you want, and that is fine (as long as everyone is an adult and is consensual) but I don’t need to know about it—and I don’t want to. Focus your self in things that really matter, people.

    1. Russel A. Kester's Avatar Russel A. Kester

      The Pride part of the celebrations is to act as a counter against the message gays and lesbians received telling them that they were shameful abominations. It's not about jumping around in skimpy clothing, that's just some awesome eye candy.

  1. Frank Michael Salinger's Avatar Frank Michael Salinger

    If we stop highlighting people’s sexual differences with flags, special holidays, etc. we would stop creating divisive divisions. How would a heterosexual flag be accepted? Or teaching BDSM techniques to children, heterosexual day at the ballgame with heterosexuals dressing in clown like Muslim costumes. Besides being disrespectful, it would incite division. What radicals call inclusive, is actually divisive in nature. Unfortunately it’s the radicals that are leading our countries to more division. If allowed to continue, we will see more hate, and eventually violence. Exactly what we saw in nazi German. Please stop this horrible behavior while we still can.

    1. Steven C Foster's Avatar Steven C Foster


    2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      It's the invisible who lose the war. That's all you need to know.


  1. Julie Armstrong's Avatar Julie Armstrong

    It's that person's right not to celebrate something they don't believe in. Since when can a person not express their feelings I don't like LBGTQ. God-created man and woman for each other. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah look what happened to them. God is a loving God however God-made rules and when you break them you get punished. These are mentally ill people who are trying to be different. Don't force it down my throat or anybody else's you wanna be gay or whatever you do it in private just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean that I have to support it I don't want to support it I will not support it. I live in America and I have freedom to speak what I speak and freedom to feel what I feel I'm not in China Where you get persecuted for not believing and what they believe in. This is what this country is starting to come to if we don't accept it then we get persecuted and that is not the way America was built. You don't like my country leave it. I believe in God I love God I believe he created us for man and woman to be with each other. If you don't believe it that's your right just don't force me to believe in what you believe in.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Muslims are all about equality until they become the majority, then comes Sharia Law.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    Not all teachers are good. And some are really bad. It appears out of all of the teachers in Canada they found that one bad teacher. It’s implying all American’s are mass shooters just because there’s on that happens about once a week.

    1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson


      1. Adam Kahn's Avatar Adam Kahn

        I have to answer to this propaganda comment about so-called "mass-shootings".

        Most of these "mass-shootings" that the press is constantly screaming about are actually gang-wars, or gunfights between drug dealers (including drug dealers that are below 18 years old), or other types of overheated "disputes" between armed criminals.

        These types of crimes are simply incorrectly presented by the media, intentionally, to blame law-abiding gun owners for the crimes committed not by them, but by armed felons and criminals (many of who are illegals, and not Americans).

        Worldwide statistics show that all places with strict gun control and unarmed population are sinking in gun violence, because by disarming law-obedient civilians we only overpower armed criminals and corrupt cops and dirty politicians.

        In most gun-restricted places criminals are still well-armed. Take Mexico, or Honduras, or look at the rising gun violence in New Zealand that (on paper) "prohibited assault weapons", but criminals did not comply, because criminals just don't care about laws!

        Simultaneously, statistics show that law-abiding gun owners use guns very responsibly, much safer than even (supposedly) well-trained police. And overall crime rates (including criminal gun violence) are always statistically way lower in places where the population is well-armed. It is much safer out there.


        And speaking about this situation in Canada. This LGBTQP+-teacher must be prosecuted for his xemophobic hate speech against Muslim people, and kicked out of the school, obviously.

        In general, I see Islam as the ideologically purest of all three Abrahamic religions. As an example, a moderate form of Islam (as it was in Iran before 1979) is a very healthy religion including even women's rights. Islam doesn't tolerate perversions. Islam is the most race-inclusive religion of all three. Therefore, the West definitely needs more Muslim people (and less lgbtqp-"teachers") to keep staying as a healthy and strong society.

        1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

          Propaganda works by creating an alternate world.

          First of all, I see no proof that what you say is true, that the mass shootings over the memorial day weekend were just "Gangs and drug dealers" - but it sure sounds like a headline from Fox News.

          Secondly - so the lives of "Gangs and drug dealers" don't matter? Why are there always some people who seem to think others' lives are disposable, rather than (at the least) question what failure of civilization is causing death on such a scale? Shouldn't the response be "What can be done about this?" rather than "It's okay, it's just gangs and drug dealers". Just a thought.

          Thirdly, over half of all gun deaths are suicides and accidents. No amount of 'Good guys with guns' will ever prevent that - in fact, it can only make it worse, as more guns statistically guarantees more suicides and accidents. It's a death spiral - and the facts prove this.


          Lastly - 'Only criminals break laws'. This old Fox News nugget is the height of idiocy, right on par with 'Guns don't kill people'. For the first, if only criminals break laws, then why have any laws at all? For the second, people buy guns EXPRESSLY BECAUSE they are a LETHAL FORCE, end of story. Both of these lines are exactly what you get when you replace thinking with slogans.

          People are dying. Our children are dying - and the conservatives who are constantly justifying every stab at our liberties with "It's to protect the children!" have NOTHING to say about the plague of guns that is killing our country other than WE'LL ONLY BE SAFE WHEN EVERYBODY HAS A GYUN! And people are so desperate to carry their emotional support weapons everywhere that they eagerly nod their heads, arm themselves to the teeth, and bravely step out into that tomorrow that is rapidly turning America into a perpetual Walking Dead episode.

          1. Adam Kahn's Avatar Adam Kahn

            Oh, this text is so dramatic, pathetic, overfilled with Marxist gun-grabbing propaganda (speaking of propaganda) and with assumptions (and with exaggerations), and... totally incorrect.

            Though I will answer on some of its "points".

            When some aggressive psychopaths consciously turn against an entire society and step on the path of crimes, and sell drugs to adults and to children, assault and rob and murder innocent people, and occasionally shoot each other during their gang wars, their criminal lives DO NOT MATTER, especially if we compare them to innocent people...

            Poor people who are deeply unhappy and want to commit suicide would do it anyway without professional (medical) help. To prevent it we need to help them with a psychological therapy, but NOT with more stress due to police house raids and searches and gun confiscafions. Suicides existed throughout the entire history of Humankind, including thousands of years ago before any guns were made. Means, the problem is not "a gun", but a person's soul.

            I don't watch "Fox" nor "CNN". I literally don't watch TV at all, because I prefer to think using my own head. Instead I read many history books.

            According to world history, SLAVES were always disarmed, when FREE PEOPLE were always armed.

            Therefore, all American and Canadian people (and any people in general) MUST STAY ARMED no matter what liars and anti-gun deceivers preach, because only ARMED people will stay FREE and will have a good bright future, again, according to world history.

            You forgot to address that many criminals are also illegals (not Americans), therefore it is incorrect to blame American law-abiding people for the misdeeds that criminals do.

            Also, speaking of children, and gun accidents. According to the CDC, between 90 and 110 children die annually because of firearm accidents. That's all.

            Meanwhile, legal guns used in self-defense by law-abiding people do prevent between 1,7 and 2.8 million crimes annually.

            Meanwhile, there are nearly 100 million gun owners in the USA (half of the voting population) who own up to 600 million firearms legally. These gun-owners obey laws and work hard and make money (that's how they buy their firearms). They are the main pillar of the American society.

            If some foreign or domestic ENEMY would dare to disarm these 100,000,000 legal gun-owners (many of whom are ex-military) then such a Marxist encroachment would predictably fail and end very fast, as it should.

            The only downside of such Marxist gun-grabbing idiocy would be some quantifiable harm to the American economy, which would obviously benefit America's enemies (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba).

            So, those who demand gun control measures are either paid Russian trolls, or "useful idiots" (according to the KGB).

            And if you're either of them or you just personally want to live in a generally disarmed society with nationwide bans on "assault" weapons -- you just have to go to Z-Russia or to North Korea that already have these laws in place since their Communist takeovers and consequential Marxist genocides of millions of free people. But there are no guns out there - so you as a burgeoning Marxist should definetely go there too.

            1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

              Just so you know, nobody talks about Marxism except thoroughly indoctrinated right-wing nut jobs - though thanks in large part to your right-wing 'Marxism' hysteria people are starting to read Marx again - and this seriously disturbs the conservative corporate overlords.

              And I'm a veteran. You?

              1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                And you are incorrect. When I grew up here in the states, if you didnt work, you didnt eat. There was no such things as giving handouts to people who sit on their rears all day. Now the Handicapped and the Seniors are the ONLY ones we should be taking care of if they cant. You go out and addict yourself to drugs/drink and then expect someone to pay you for this? Not happening. And the old saw rings true..."if you cant feed em, then dont breed em." Too many people think the Government is their sugar daddy and that they shouldnt have to work to have a home and a full belly. That they should be able to go to school and get a worthless degree in studies like Humanism and because they cant find a job once they graduate then every other person should pay for their worthless schooling. They would have been better off going to a trade school so at least they have a skill. The time of you walking out of High School and getting a job with decent pay just because they needed warm bodies is long gone. And all of that is Marxist and its nothing but what the left is pushing. Seems to me you are pointing fingers at the wrong party. Oh and yes I am a Veteran, and not ashamed to say when and where. I retired from the US Army, 101st Airborne 22nd Combat which was absorbed by the 160th SOAR, you know them as the Night Stalkers back in 2004. My MOS was Demolitions with a secondary MOS of Weapons (meaning I can make a weapon out of just about anything from a can lid all the way down to soap flakes) and Unarmed Hand to Hand Combat. And yes I even have my Jump Master medal meaning I made over 30 jumps from daylight to HALO jumps. And all this is documented on my DD 214 and a copy sits in MILPERCEN

                So if you want to claim you are a Veteran, then you need to explain more as anyone can make that claim.

              2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

                Thank you for your service.

                Right-wing media exists to get conservative politicians elected. They do this several ways.

                The process starts with conservative think tanks like The Heritage Foundation, is honed by propagandists like Frank Luntz, then is pinched out by their sprawling media network to be eagerly gobbled up and often regurgitated on social media.

                But it's not just propaganda, it's also conservative corporate bottom-line mentality values indoctrination. They do this to convince Americans that investing in America and other Americans is "Marxist", so it's best just to let people die. This lets them keep their taxes low and their bottom lines fat. The last thing they want is an educated and healthy population. Once they convince their adherents that the government should do nothing for them and anybody who expects anything from the government are just 'takers', it becomes so much easier to sell a slew of other hard right policies - and after they swallow all that, they tell them how smart and independent they are, and they believe that too.

              3. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                You seem to forget one thing there hero, this is CANADA and they are a SOCIALIST country so nothing you say about how America is supposed to work according to you, amounts to passing gas. These are two different sets of Country and two different sets of rules and laws. You are trying to compare apples to oranges and failing. If you can work and want to eat, you SHOULD work. If you are on welfare, then get the welfare department to set up a few homes of others on welfare to watch the kids of the people looking for work. You need to do something then feed at the trough of the taxpayer all day.And America is a REPUBLIC form of Government and has been for over 240 years. Has served us in the past and I think it will serve us in the future.

                And you think that people who just take from the government are not as you call them "takers" Ok then please explain this woman who stole 1.2 million from the SNAP program https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/2-women-sentenced-committing-12m-food-stamp-fraud-following-ice-hsi-federal-partner, or this woman who was outside of a whole foods grocery and dropped her receipt and drove away while the guy behind her picked it up and saw that she had over 5000.00 (yes thats five freaking thousand dollars) on her snap/ebt card. Now tell me hero, where exactly and how exactly does a woman who is on assistance, able to rack up over 5000.00 dollars in credit for her food stamps? Sorry but you spouting like you did makes no sense to anyone but you.

                And I did see that you claimed to be a Veteran, and yet still to this day have refused to say what unit or branch. So I guess that makes you an Officer in the Salvation Army?

              4. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

                Right-wing media exists to get conservative politicians elected. They do this several ways.

                The process starts with conservative think tanks like The Heritage Foundation, is honed by propagandists like Frank Luntz, then is pinched out by their sprawling media network to be eagerly gobbled up and often regurgitated on social media.

                But it's not just propaganda, it's also conservative corporate bottom-line mentality values indoctrination. They do this to convince Americans that investing in America and other Americans is "Marxist", so it's best just to let people die. This lets them keep their taxes low and their bottom lines fat. The last thing they want is an educated and healthy population. Once they convince their adherents that the government should do nothing for them and anybody who expects anything from the government are just 'takers', it becomes so much easier to sell a slew of other hard right policies - and after they swallow all that, they tell them how smart and independent they are, and they believe that too.

  1. Adv Cherry Kushwaha's Avatar Adv Cherry Kushwaha

    Trust me guys I'm honorary doctorate in occult sciences & mysticism, I've read the religious books of almost all main religion, but more than that I'm a global citizen and entrepreneur, PhD in laws, and i have genuine experience that, any incident related to any religion, when made as a comment, fuels the "fanatic" only fanatics, and that affects their power to influence the masses, i personally process all 4 religions equally, but i have had my fair share of encounters so just understand the loop

  1. Merlin's Avatar Merlin

    Separation of "church" and "state"(politics) from public education is necessary.

  1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

    Ok.... Children are still gowning and learning about different things. They are going to have messed up ideas sometimes depending on who their parents are. Unless that child had attacked another child for that belief difference you don't need to be separating them out on things like that. Talk it out, share differences, teach a respect for differences but just for the belief? Sorry, but that kind of crap is part of what solidifies ridiculous ideas in the first place.

  1. Robert Vaughn McKinney Jr's Avatar Robert Vaughn McKinney Jr

    It truly saddens me that here is so much hatred in the world. Hate is not a Christian value. Jesus taught love and acceptance for people from all walks of life.

  1. Robert Vaughn McKinney Jr's Avatar Robert Vaughn McKinney Jr

    If you desire to be accepted/respected then you must extend the same to others. If you are unable to accept someone else's values/lifestyle at least practice tolerance and pray for those who you are offended by.

  1. Allen Nace's Avatar Allen Nace

    Well,LGBTQ is fragmented and divided. Someone being gay should have no impact. It's your thing, do what you want to do. If you are a man that likes men, well then you are a man that likes men. If you are a woman that likes women, same thing. The same rights apply. If you are a man who thinks he is a woman or a woman who thinks they are a man that's ok too. However, you are in some way unhappy with yourself as evidenced by not wanting to be you. You can't require others buy into your illusion, delusion or desire. So, yes. Trans is different. The gay identifier is based in reality that this is a person who is doing what they desire rather than doing something that is not inline with reality. The inclusion of the T negates much of he validity and support for the gay community/

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      Wrong. Absolutely wrong on all accounts. The most dangerous thing in this reality is a religious fanatic, like yourself, who self righteously and egotistically thinks his and only his views are correct. When most of them of have no actual basis in reality. Especially views which are archaic and deeply incomplete. In short,You’re a man who believes himself a god. Which negates all validity to your foolish argument.

  1. Daniel Todd Kamm's Avatar Daniel Todd Kamm

    I am always sad when adults drag children into being present at protests, wearing insensitive or violent t shirts and holding insensitive or violent signs.

    There is always this thing that everyone is doing whatever they do "for the children." Name your organization or movement from the religious and/or political and/or social movements on down.

    I have always been fascinated by the "fact" and it is a "fact" that there were laws to protect work horses and other work animals before there were laws to protect children. And the first prosecutions of child abuse, neglect etc had to take place under animal rights laws.

    You can't do this, that or whatever to your horse, but you can do it to your kids, and your wife.

    And most of that was bible based.

    People need to stop putting kids out there to do their dirty work.

    If you need a more historical perspective, check out the "Children's Crusade."

    Religion at its finest!

    1. Steven C Foster's Avatar Steven C Foster


  1. Daniel Todd Kamm's Avatar Daniel Todd Kamm

    Not impressed that an adult lashed out at kids either. tk

  1. Steven C Foster's Avatar Steven C Foster

    Uganda is right

  1. Steven C Foster's Avatar Steven C Foster


  1. Rose Marie Speake's Avatar Rose Marie Speake

    The teacher should have never told them they should leave the country. But I think it's okay to point out if you don't believe in the freedoms we have and respect the laws you're welcome to leave. There's too much hate going towards the lgbtq community and we have to STOP it and confront it when we see it.

  1. John Alex Paxson's Avatar John Alex Paxson

    The teacher is 100% right ... if you cannot support your countries peoples' beliefs, culture, laws, then you do not belong there, you have to reside in a country that supports your own beliefs otherwise everything gets diluted, and you have people too divided to get anything done and unable to unify.

  1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

    These two people, one gay the other lesbian, pretty much outline my views on the whole pride thing AS WELL AS the ever-growing ridiculous string of letters added to the alphabet community.


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