Whoopi Goldberg
Is Whoopi's suspension over her offensive comments justified?

Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg sparked controversy earlier this week after asserting that the Holocaust was “not about race,” and was instead about “man’s inhumanity to man.” The comments caused an immediate stir across the internet – and the airwaves. 

Wait, Nazis Aren’t Racist Now?

“If we’re going to do this, let’s be truthful about it,” Goldberg stated during a segment on a Tennessee school district banning the Holocaust graphic novel Maus, “the Holocaust isn’t about race, it’s about man’s inhumanity to man.”

The other hosts seemed confused at Goldberg’s comments. “But it’s about white supremacy,” pushed back Ana Navarro.

“But these are two white groups of people,” Goldberg replied. “Let’s talk about it for what it is, it’s about how people treat each other. It’s a problem.”

Soon after, producers threw to commercial.

Backlash Begins

Many people clearly felt like Goldberg's comments missed the mark. The remarks received swift condemnation from activist groups, celebrities, and social media users alike. 

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt made his stance clear. 

Goldberg replied later that very day to apologize, writing that “I’m sorry for the hurt I have caused” and that the Jewish community will always have her support.

Later that evening, however, in an appearance on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’, she appeared to double down:

“As a black person, I think of race as something that I can see,” she explained to Colbert, again saying that she felt the Holocaust was about “man’s inhumanity to man.” 

“People were very angry,” she said. “They said no, no, ‘we are a race’, and I understand. I felt differently.”

Still, she opened Tuesday’s show by saying that she misspoke and that the response she received online “was really helpful and helped me understand some different things."

At that point, it seems that the damage was done, though. ABC News president Kim Goodwin announced Goldberg was suspended for two weeks to reflect on her comments.

What is a Jew?

It's the question at the heart of the controversy, and the source of much disagreement. Goldberg, and those who came to her defense, seem to be arguing that the Jewish people are not a race, but an ethnic and religious group. 

Under a very specific (and some would argue, myopic) definition of racism, it's impossible to be racist against Jewish people. Therefore, even a people as evil as the Nazis weren't acting out of racist urges, but instead for other motives. 

Of course, critics of Goldberg point out there is very little evidence to suggest that was the case. Nor is it helpful, Jewish activists insist, to distill racial/ethnic identity down to skin color alone. 

Suspension: Justified?

"While Whoopi has apologized, I've asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments,” wrote ABC News president Kim Godwin in a statement. "The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends and communities.”

Yet even as many activists and historians rush to correct her, many seem to feel that the suspension is a bit much. Yesterday, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted that Whoopi has long been a Jewish ally, and he accepts and appreciates her apology.

When a public figure misspeaks – especially about something as serious as the Holocaust – how should we respond? Does suspending or firing them help them see the error of their ways, or could it simply reinforce their beliefs? 

What is your reaction?


  1. Rev Nolan's Avatar Rev Nolan

    I disagree with Whoopi just as much as I disagree with suspending her from The View. We miss an educational opportunity for debate.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yes I agree, she shouldn’t be suspended, she should be fired. She lacks education, so I would replace her with someone who knows what they are talking about.


      1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

        Should not surprise me after all LH you have often expressed WS views in the past on these forums. What with being a follower of the cult of Drumpf.

        Whoopi was not wrong actually. The Nazi were primarily motivated by the exact same reasons every western european country had been motivated by when they invaded and practiced slavery and genocide the world over. And in fact now that the Nazi are all but a memory carried on by scattered rabble, the true evil and the first enemy of all Americans, the British once again return to take the place as the number 1 villain of the Earth. Until England releases their claim to Scotland and Ireland, they will only keep proving they are not any better then the Nazi we americans( plenty of who are of Irish and Scottish blood) will look at England as just another fascist state in need of being left in rubble and ruin.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          The UK is slowly drifting into a multicultural country that I no longer recognize. I preferred it when you could have a cuppa any time of the day, followed by the good-ol’ British pint at the end if the day at any local pub, and chat about anything without being classed as a racist, homophobe, or anti-religionist. Halcyon days indeed!

          The USA used to be a wonderful place to live 30 years ago, and possibly is in some places. We seem to now be cow-towing to minority groups and going in the same direction as the UK and Europe.

          Whatever has happened to comedy where we can no longer laugh at ourselves with our own idiosyncrasies without upsetting someone that doesn’t like being laughed at?

          The left seem to getting more left everyday where everything is becoming free, and people are forgetting the need to educate themselves to get a job to earn money. This mentality has been taken over by: If you want it, go out and rob someone, or a store, to get it.

          I feel sorry for those who have lost loved ones that died giving us the freedom and liberty that we should be enjoying without looking over our shoulder to see if we are going to get mugged, robbed, car-jacked, or pushed onto rail tracks. 🤷🏼

          Fortunately, I won’t be around for much longer to witness the demise of this, and many other, nations.

          It’s nice to hear from you llmenheru. 🤗


          1. Brian Scott Hoff's Avatar Brian Scott Hoff

            You & I agree a great deal about religion. I see we do not necessarily agree about other things. Like "Free" and "Freedom" and "Liberty". Our nation started on the wrong side of "Freedom" & "Liberty"(slavery and non-equality were baked in). To this day we continue to have problems with these issues. The more white, male, monied you are the less of a problem this is for you. People "wanting things for free". To keep this smaller let's just discuss two big topics. Healthcare & Education. Take all the money that is either profit or goes towards the sales / marketing of either of those topics. Add in what taxpayers also put in. Do you believe that if these topics were "free" (individual and corporate taxes foot the bill) that it would cost more than it does right now? Seriously? It would still employ a very large number of people but it would eliminate the middle people, the folks that make money but add no value to the process, and no more dollars spent just promoting the new, hot, non-generic but very expensive pill of the year. Drug companies not wining & dining doctors & managers to promote their drug. No more lobbyists making weird deals behind closed doors with elected people. No more elected people lying about the weird meetings. No more election dollars coming from lobbyists that will need to find other work.

            1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

              The cost if health care, prescription drugs, and education, here in the US is absolutely crazy. It’s gone on for way too long. No one seems to be doing anything about it. During the end if his tenure, Trump set a plan to reduce drug costs, but no one seems to have picked up the ball and run with it since then, possibly because it’s a red ball and not a blue ball. 🤷🏼 Such is politics! We hear in the blue corner that it might happen, but nothing yet. Let’s hope it does.

              Why education is so expensive is beyond my understanding. Where does the money go? Is it all in salaries?

              As we all get older we are all going to become ill. We shouldn’t have to be scared of losing our home to pay for health. No red or blue President seems to be tackling this. Let’s hope things change sooner than later.

              Thank you for your comments.


              1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

                Well stated !

        2. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

          A most ignorant reply from an apparently ignorant person. Ad hominem attacks serve the ignorant when they have no factual argument to give. Educate yourself, maybe the you'll be able to communicate with intelligence.

          1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


      2. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        Way back in time there were Syrians, (Racially as we now know Arians!!!) and other people living in the same areas, whom we also now know as Jews. They were a fairly diverse bunch of people who did frequently did not get along, but the Arabian groups referred to them as:"people of the book" since their religious background was very much similar. Later there was another group of Arians who also did not get along with the Jewish people, And yes, Whoopie was not wrong when describing men's inhumanity to men, but we also have now described a religious people as a "Race". So in that regard she was wrong. Question:" What is a "Race".? Is it a religious group, or is this Ethnic difference, or is it of Genetic origin? (I also am of the opinion Whoopie was misunderstood and the knee-jerk reaction inherent in today's "cancel culture" had another victim.)

        1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

          Oh my, another history mish mash of total BS. You dare claim to educated?

          1. Jamie Erickson56's Avatar Jamie Erickson56

            After reading many of your comments I find John Komorowski rude. What is knowledge without compassion? You sound like a "know it all", who lacks much sensitivity.

        2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          A race is associated with a genetic ethnicity. It has nothing to do with any type of belief structure.


      3. Rev Nolan's Avatar Rev Nolan

        I don’t think she should be fired either. She deserves to have a forensic hearing from her audience.

        1. Nora Adams Mangan's Avatar Nora Adams Mangan

          I agree with Ms. Goldberg. Most people scream racism when talking about Hitler's terrorist actions without learning who the Alans and Aryans are. These two groups (it is believed they are one and the same the difference is that Aryan is the Iranian pronunciation fo Alans) are responsible for the fall of Rome and intermingled with many countries within Asia, the Middle East and Europe (Germany is one). It is this intermingling that "dirtied" or even "poluted" many countries populations. It is possible that Hitler and his troups were trying to undo what was done to many Germans by the Alans/Aryans via war and intermingling. The fact is that the actions of the Nazis was barbaric. The Alans/Aryans were not always barbaric, but still they engaged into war to bring down the Roman Empire that was also barbaric in nature. So yes, through the barbaric action of war, rape and even murder, the Nazi regime displayed those actions that made them engage in man's inhumanity to man. What I, and many others, should do is return to the history books on the Alans/Aryans to find out exactally how barbaric they were as they intermingled with Asia, the Middle East and Europe and engaged in those actions that accompany war (rape) to bring down the Roman Empire and also to preserve their existance.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      If she wants to debate something Nolan, she can become a ULC Minister.

      1. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        I second the motion, Whoopie would be an excellent addition as an educated and thoughtful minister!!!

        1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

          Whoopi would be a dishonest debater, and a poorly informed person to debate. It is hard to debate a person who is so underequipped to do so. Reminds me a bit like you.

  1. MJ Burgess's Avatar MJ Burgess

    I am not sure if everyone here is a minister and member of Universal Life, but I am one - and I accept Goldberg's apology. She is entitled to her opinion and she can agree with most of us that Nazism and the Holocaust was inhumane. What I don't understand is - anyone who is speaking out against Goldberg, what are they doing to combat the neo-nazi movement? The neo-nazis are more of a problem to society than Goldberg's remarks. And history has a way of repeating itself. And don't think neo-nazis are only a threat to one group of people. If they are anything like Hitler's Nazis, many groups of people should be disturbed. And if Goldberg's statement bothers you but the neo-nazis don't, your anger and resentment are terribly misguided.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      MJ, the only people who can write on this are ULC Ministers. This isn't a free for all, and they do have moderators.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      MJ, the ULC gives us topics to talk about, related to current news stories. We're not able to pick and choose the subjects we talk about on this blog, but we can pick and choose which ones we contribute to. If you don't like one, you can skip it.

  1. Timothy Newell's Avatar Timothy Newell

    Suspension is the over-reaction to a semantics problem...she's right, it was man's inhumanity to man, just wouldn't have added anything about "race" if I had made the comment.

    1. Rev. Dr. G. Waldron's Avatar Rev. Dr. G. Waldron

      All this negative reaction seems to say she supported the Nazi killings; SHE DOES NOT AND DIDN’T IMPLY IT. I agree suspension is over-reaction. To appease the “outraged” it would of been better not to call it a suspension, but they could have said she was taking a few days off The View to reflect on the reaction of some.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      She should go back to making commercials for Whoopi cushions,since she only ever sounds like a fart.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    She seems to be mentally unstable to me. She’s full of her own importance, with a huge ego. What type of person actually watches that show?


    1. Marion Wolfe's Avatar Marion Wolfe

      She probably has a case of Celebrity Brain, but nothing too serious. As far as who watches the show, I imagine mostly bed-ridden hospital patients whose remote controls are just out of reach.

    2. Minister Simone's Avatar Minister Simone

      I've watched the show for fifteen years. It's a bunch of women chatting about the events of the day. It is an accurate representation of a large number of people or it wouldn't still be on. Whoopi is a wise wonderful person. Have you watched one show?

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        I have “tried” watching it, I just can’t agree that Whoopi is a wise wonderful person, but that’s okay, just a difference of opinion. I’m not on my own though, here’s Janice Dickinson’s comment about Whoopi’s support of Bill Cosby posted in the “Independent”:

        “…Janice Dickinson has called Whoopi Goldberg a “stupid woman” for her continued defense of [Bill Cosby].”

        Just differences of opinions!🤷🏼


      2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        I see your wise wonderful person is possibly going to be sued by Kyle Rittenhouse for saying he’s a murderer “after” he had been cleared for murder in a legal US court of law. I wonder if she would have made the same statement of wisdom if he had been a “person of color” (black)? 🤷🏿

        Why am I thinking she wouldn’t have done? Is it because she’s racist against white folk I wonder 🤔


    3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      I've never watched it, Lionheart. I've never cared to look at her face. I've always wondered when she was going to take off that hideous mask.

    4. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      If you had to see such a face in the mirror Lionheart, don't you think it would go to your head, and eventually cause you be to become wicked?

      1. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        That comment is unbecoming of a ULC minister, you should be gone for two weeks also!

  1. Stacey Owens's Avatar Stacey Owens

    Your wrong, she touched on the hatred of man.

    Just by you suggesting she instigated a issue about race, she made a point.

    The Nazis didn't try to murder a color of people.

    They tried to kill a nation of people, the Jews

    The Jews are a nation of people. Like the Palestinian are Muslim people. The Palestinians don't kill and boom Jews because of color. The boom and kill men woman and Children to destroy that nation.

    You need to differentiate.

    Only in America there is a hatred of color.

    America has a history on this, we know it well.

    This is why the term Make America Great Again is promoted. Some White Americans who are for MAGA. They hate people of any color race. They don't want other races to come to America and take away their opportunities and country.

    As for the races that are born here or those who want to become Americans, their considered as terrorist or coming here to take over.

    The point is hate. Hate destroys people. For people will ultimately turn to their own destruction because of hate.

    Just lock at what happened to the Nazis. The leader ended up committing suicide and his army destroyed.

    All because of HATE.

    1. Glenn Alan Emery's Avatar Glenn Alan Emery

      Whoopi is not an icon to me nor would I consider her to be a significant commentator on the human condition.

      I do assert that she should have chosen her words a little more carefully.

      I think Whoopi was referring to all overall heinous acts that are committed in war, the Holocaust being one of them. I can only hope that someday we can all live in global peace, but, sadly and regrettably, I do not think that humanity will ever be able to attain that level of coexistence.

      Yes. All because of hate, mistrust and lack of respect for one another.

  1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

    Unfortunately and through perfect marketing and great movies the Jewish people have appropriated the Holocaust forgetting all those non Jews who were there with them and suffered equally at the hands of the so called Superior Race; Gypsies, Poles, Soviet soldiers, Communists, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and even German citizens with mental and physical disabilities who were euthanized regardless of their religion.

    To be quite honest I do believe that these other victims have been systematically erased from the collective memory in a great act of injustice because they also were tortured and killed but nobody talks about them. Throughout History we find a plethora of holocausts performed by people on people and thus we have the almost complete annihilation of Native American tribes, Slave trade where tens of thousands of Black people were killed, tortured, starved just because of their color or even the Armenian Genocide of which very few talk about. I would propose the creation of a real Holocaust Museum showing the pain inflicted on these nameless victims and provide for them a very well deserved place in Human History. It’s our duty.

    1. Rev. Dr. G. Waldron's Avatar Rev. Dr. G. Waldron

      You may want to look at what the US HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM REPRESENTS. Here is a clip from their website exhibitions:

      “Many other groups were targets of persecution and even murder under the Nazis’ ideology, including Germans with mental and physical disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma ("Gypsies"), Poles, and Soviet prisoners of war. Millions perished in this state–sponsored tyranny.

      The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of all who suffered during this unprecedented tragedy. This online exhibition examines the campaign of persecution and violence against the homosexuals of Germany.”

      1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

        Thank you for telling me.

    2. Rev. Dr. G. Waldron's Avatar Rev. Dr. G. Waldron

      You may want to look at what the US HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM REPRESENTS. Here is a clip from their website exhibitions:

      “Many other groups were targets of persecution and even murder under the Nazis’ ideology, including Germans with mental and physical disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma ("Gypsies"), Poles, and Soviet prisoners of war. Millions perished in this state–sponsored tyranny.

      The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of all who suffered during this unprecedented tragedy. This online exhibition examines the campaign of persecution and violence against the homosexuals of Germany.”

      1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

        Based on this would you say Ms. Goldberg’s comment was appropriate in saying “ the Holocaust isn’t about race, it’s about man’s inhumanity to man.”? After all, homosexuals, Poles and Communists were not a race, just people like and you and me yet they were executed without remorse, men and women who were inhumanely destroyed for no other reason that they were undesirable in the eyes of those who killed them.

        1. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

          Well said Gerry!

        2. Rev Nolan's Avatar Rev Nolan

          Although I disagree with Whoopi with regards to “The Holocaust,” if she said genocides instead, I would agree with her completely.

  1. shiningwolf9's Avatar shiningwolf9

    I really do not know what she meant, but maybe, even though Jewish people were the majority, people have forgotten there were gays/lesbians, the feeble, media personnel who spoke truth to propaganda, etc....

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      It might only be that Jewish people forgot about the rest, by being too stuck on themselves.

  1. James Bullard's Avatar James Bullard

    What's missing here is that while Jewa were the main target of the Holocaust, it was directed at anyone who was deemed "not Aryan". The Nazis swept up LGBTQ people and those who who had "defects" in an attempt to purify their imaginary group who they believed were the proper ruing class. Seen from that perspective, it was not about what we define as race so much as an assault on anyone who was different within the Nazi point of view.

  1. Paul Seldes's Avatar Paul Seldes

    I am a jew. but i don't consider Jewish as my race. Looking at me you see a big, bald, white guy even though i am of Spanish and native-American, European descent. However, the Nazis considered jews the "inferior race". Nazism is white supremacy and is based on racist thinking. If you're a Nazi....you're by definition a racist even though they base race on factors that may not be "real".

  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    She's an idiot. Plane and simple.

    1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

      If you don’t want people to say you’re an idiot too first learn how to write; PLAIN and simple.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        You forgot to put a comma after the word too, Gerardo, not that you're a functioning illiterate.

        1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

          Appreciate your comment and opinion dear friend. Thank you.

        2. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

          Comment removed by user.

  1. Michael Barton's Avatar Michael Barton

    She's not exactly wrong, but not exactly right. After reading some of these comments on this blog post, there seem to be a lot of followers that will just be outraged if they believe they need to be outraged. Not many thinkers here.

    Nazi's wanted to get rid of all the people they thought were bad for society. So they locked up the jews, blacks, gypsies, etc. I feel that some of the story about the "master race" was confused via Hollywood re-writing. Hitler wasn't tall or blonde, so wanting to kill everyone that wasn't that doesn't compute.

    Whoopi generalized and thinks all jews are white, which is mostly true, but then you have the elite jews that call themselves jews, and not white. Basically jews as a whole are white until it doesn't serve them, then they become fully jews (and not white at all). You can also convert to judaism, so not all jews will be white anyway. Which is something Whoopi missed. Most people do, however.

    It is what it is. It's sad that no one is allowed to publicly debate the issue and re-investigate what the Nazi's did. Over time people will forget, and there may be another holocaust because no one is allowed to know the details otherwise they're shunned from fame and power.

  1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

    Truly good people don't deliberately do bad things. Some bad people posing as "good" people will do bad things, glad that they found a way to do bad and live out their true natures, while still appearing to be "good", like Satan appearing as an "angel of light". Religion isn't the only thing that makes people do wrong, as is shown by the Stalinist purges. God isn't a Jew just because He delivered His message to the Jewish people, who were the most open to receive it. Otherwise, He would have delivered it to some other people who were open to receive it or the Gentiles, but that wouldn't have made Him a Gentile, either. God can't be a Jew or a Gentile because those are human groups and God is a Spirit and above human groups.

  1. Chantal Guillou-Brennan's Avatar Chantal Guillou-Brennan

    WG didn't need to apologize for the ignorance of some people. 1- Nazi persecution of disabled people began in the first months of the regime. 2- The precise number of homosexuals who died at the hands of the Nazis is unclear but estimates put the number at 10,000 - 15,000. 3 - In November 1935 a decision was taken to expand the Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor, to include the Roma and Sinti: ‘Gypsies’. While ‘most estimates put the figure in the 190,000-250,000 range, there is a possibility that it could be as high as half a million. 4- The murder of 3.3 million Soviet POWs seems to be forgotten, and the Nazi genocide of Poles (in which at least 1.8 million non-Jewish Poles were murdered) is barely mentioned. The persecution of political opponents also appears largely overlooked, even though the first concentration camps targeted these victims, and an understanding of this initial period of terror is important in understanding the later development of Nazi violence and genocide. - Although black people were also a favored target of the genocide perpetrated by us (the humans species), most of these were of the same "RACE" caucasian of different faith, some were jewish other christian catholic, protestant. This was not the first or last genocide, our species has the ability to destroy itself and its environment with little guilt or shame or regards for its descendants. This must change if we want to live. WE MUST RESPECT AND HONOR ALL LIFE. Why not start today. When you look at anyone remember we are ONE. Connected energetically by a field of consciousness that is a mere 99.999...9% of everything that is in the universe. Just say "Aloha" –I see the Divine in you (whatever the Divine means to you is fine) Visit holocausteducation.org.uk/teacher-resources/subject-knowledge for more.

    1. Jean's Avatar Jean

      I wish I could give you more than one vote, but that would be voter fraud, and I don't participate in that, lol! Thank you for bringing actual historical facts into the discussion! Aloha!

  1. Barbara Jeanne Abhaya Aldridge's Avatar Barbara Jeanne Abhaya Aldridge

    The show is called "The View," after all. Aren't those entertainers featured on the show allowed to have their own view? It's really just a bunch of people offering their own opinions and thoughts, their "views" on the issues of the day. And look at all the conversation her comment engendered.

  1. Jeffrey Stoecker's Avatar Jeffrey Stoecker

    They shouldn't mess with Whoopi. She's an old soul that's jumped some grooves.

    I think the best response she could have offered would have been "Okay. I understand now. Just to avoid problems, though, what other distinct races are out there, in that sea of white faces, that I should be aware of. I need a list, please."

  1. Jeffrey Stoecker's Avatar Jeffrey Stoecker

    It seems like I get asked on forms several times a year what my race and/or ethnicity is. Jewish is never one of the choices. If we're going to start going after people for being on the wrong side of this, we really need to change all the forms. This could be what's causing some of the confusion.

  1. Fr. Matthew Arælius's Avatar Fr. Matthew Arælius

    Jews are part of a religion, not an ethnic group. Racism doesn't occur until there are different races. Humans are all the same race. There has been no speciation for 60000 - 100,000 years. These are all facts and as such are irrefutable. What we exhibit as a species is bigotry, prejudice, and fear against other ethnic groups, sub cultures, and members of a particular sex. Again, these are facts. Whooping Goldberg is an enlightened individual who bears out wisdom with her platform. Fact. Whooping Goldberg is awesome. Opinion.

  1. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

    If anything proves jewish people are victims with absolutely no power or control over media in America this is it!

    Now, let's see how fast ULC censors me for "antisemitism" for saying that.




  1. Brother Phil's Avatar Brother Phil

    Whoopie should be fired! All she does is instigate by putting or fishing for issues that start division.

    1. Reverend Gary's Avatar Reverend Gary

      The Bible tells us that,

      “a person who stirs up division, after warning them once and then twice, have nothing more to do with them, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.”

      "What you sow, you shall reap"

      "What goes around, comes around"

      "Be careful what you say and think, as it will be visited upon your own life"

      “If you do not study history, then you are doomed to repeat it”

      Stand back, all of you, and take a look at the divisiveness all these blogs on U L C are creating! Is this even remotely what we are about? Do any of your want to be remembered by the divisiveness, the anger, the hate you help create at the direction of the leader of U L C?

      Critically analyze the titles, headings and questions posed by the U L C staff uploading these “articles” and you will notice a very distinct purpose in those. Such as:

      “Is this person's suspension over their OFFENSIVE comments justified?

      “Backlash Begins”

      “What is a Jew?”

      “Suspension: Justified?”

      And most importantly, “What is your reaction?” The U L C does not want you to intellectually contemplate and consider the issue, they want your REACTION!

    2. Rev Nolan's Avatar Rev Nolan

      Americans miss the educational value of debate. Censorship in country with a Constitution that provides for freedom of expression and speech is baffling and evident of how many people support and protect the Constitution. Therefore, Whoopi should NOT BE fired, but debated properly with facts, fact checking, and factual presentations, statements, and information. Who cares about the division caused by what one says? We should care more about properly debating anything and everything to ensure we are educated truthfully on all questionable subject matters.

  1. Eugene Evans's Avatar Eugene Evans

    She evidently thinks that race only refers to the black people. She must have skipped history class or slept thru it or maybe she can't read. For someone like her to think like that sure are an offense to God.

    1. Stacey Owens's Avatar Stacey Owens

      How do you know?

    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Which mythical God are you referring to?


  1. Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.'s Avatar Shango MasterExorcist, D.D.

    My Rabbi is Black. And, may I say, he plays very cool saxophone. He does not belong to the "black race" or to the Jewish race". Last time I went to school, if one male and one female can breed together, they by biological definition, belong to the same race. There is no black race, and there is no Jewish race.

    We are blessed by a large variety of ethnic groups that make our lives more interesting. As a race, there is one human race.

    I do doubt William Dusenberry's conclusion that the "Holy Ghost" is a Jew, but I do have to agree that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, if they were real people, were all Jews. And the mathematical probability that anybody on ULC not sharing their Jewish DNA is very small.

    1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      I hate to tell you but no, only pure africans are actually pure members of the species. The rest of us are hybrids with a mixture of human and neanderthal and denosovan so far. Likely more proto humans that humankind wiped out also added their DNA to ours as we raped and ate the competition into oblivion.

      Also there is indeed a distinct genetic sequence for the hebrew people. However it is because they have been inbreeding for so long their genome is rife with genetic defects which is why there are a whole slew of genetic illnesses that only seem to show up in people of that ancestry.

      Our being hybrids is also why those who are not pure african are not prone to a whole slew of things that plague those of pure African ancestry, as those are true human only illnesses that those of us who are not pure human are largely immune to thanks to those few% of neanderthal protecting us.

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    With some people, when they get older, their brain shrinks to the size of a peanut.

  1. Gary Richard Noce's Avatar Gary Richard Noce

    Please do not cancel Ms. Goldberg. I understood what she was trying to say and it is true. BUT, Her choice of words was not thought well enough.

  1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

    I agree with you. The entire cast of the view are nothing but leftist schills.

  1. Kendra Michelle's Avatar Kendra Michelle

    Why does everything and everyone we don't immediately understand need to be canceled? Why does an opinion or a different perspective spark outrage and not a conversation?

  1. Arthur Jay North's Avatar Arthur Jay North

    Whoopi has long been an ally of the Jewish people. I understand where she's coming from and agree with her, to the extent that you most often would have to ask a (white) Jewish person if they were Jewish but you don't need to ask a black person if they're black. I feel her critics' argument is stuck in the same revisionist, hairsplitting genre as the plethora of the 'gender' one. Words, details, facts matter. We need to spend more time and effort accomodating, understanding, tolerating and accepting each other instead of playing 'gotcha' at every opportunity. We end up fighting among ourselves, which is just what the racists and white supremacist want. Wake up!

    1. James Ralph Bowen's Avatar James Ralph Bowen

      Keep drinking that Kool-Aid Charlie. Will be has never been a friend to Jewish people. She may work with some Jewish people in Hollywood who are not practicing their faith. I love how you have never met her and you don't know her at all but you are willing to give her a free pass because she is black. She was wrong and no amount of explaining we'll fix that. A Jew is not only a member of a religion it is their race. You sound more like a Nazi then anything else. You must be a member of antifa. You don't like your role model taken off TV even for 2 weeks. Nevermind everyone else has been permanently cancelled who said anything to offend the left

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    As Shakespeare wrote, “Much Ado About Nothing.” Since the Israelis and Arabs are both semites, what of their dislike (dare I say hatred) of each other? I’m reminded of Mark Twain’s quote, “The most intolerable thing for a man to see is his faults in someone else.”

    1. James Ralph Bowen's Avatar James Ralph Bowen

      Strange how you have read Shakespeare but not the history books. Muslims have Been at war with everyone they encounter including each other for over 1,400 years. They took over an occupied the Jewish lands after the Jews were taken away in war. That land was given to the Jews by God. If you don't believe that you probably need to remove the Reverend part of your name. And if you cannot see the difference between the two religions then you really are a simple person. One group just works hard and wants to survive. While the other group abuses their women. Engages in slavery and sex trafficking. Engages in murders and honor killings. Is taught it's okay to kill anyone from any other religion or people of their own religion who don't believe exactly the way they do. People who believe it's okay to marry 6 year old girls and that young boys are for fun. And that sex with animals is more pure because no lust is involved. And that they will be rewarded in Paradise for all the non-believers they kill. This is just a few things they believe. I'll let you try to figure out which group is which. While you are trying to claim they are exactly the same

      1. Jean's Avatar Jean

        Wow. I have got to stop reading your posts. Okay, this church that we are all ministers of isn't just for Christians. People can follow their hearts, their spirits, or their heads & worship in any way they deem appropriate for themselves. You cannot expect everyone to meet your aberrant "Christian" standards. Now I know who you remind me of: my ex-husband. Guess why he's my ex. Your information about Muslims is... well, I don't even know how to describe it, but it ain't right. You shouldn't talk about them because you are so deluded about Islam that it's just sad... it really makes you look bad. Ever read the Old Testament? Slavery, murder, marrying young girls, stoning wives, offering their daughters to be raped to keep visiting angels from being raped... oh, insisting that a man's entire village must be circumcised so he can marry the man's daughter, then after they are really sore in about three days, the man's people go in & massacre the village... boy, those Old Testament guys were really something, weren't they? "One group just works hard and wants to survive"... mmmhmmm. You need enlightenment in the worst way, and unfortunately, if your god sent Michael down with a message of enlightenment, you'd throw rocks at him for having long hair or wearing robes or looking Middle Eastern... I'm not sure I have enough candles to help you. You're telling other people how simple they are, how gullible and dumb they are, and you have made some statements on this board that are absolutely asinine. But you are a child of your god... May you find the truth and actually comprehend it before you do any permanent damage to another human being. May you lose that toxic hatred for anyone who disagrees with you. May you not father children until you have learned how to love unconditionally. Are you a member of Westboro Baptist Church???

  1. Marie Diana Briguglio's Avatar Marie Diana Briguglio

    Her statement was valid for her experience as a black American. Bottom line it’s not a good time to be a women!!!

    1. James Ralph Bowen's Avatar James Ralph Bowen

      I don't know what planet you're from but you're safe now. Stop believing all the hype. You say it's not a good time to be a woman. Which time do you think has ever been better? The last hundred years has given women more freedom than they have ever had. Before then women were property for the most part. Some were even sold by their husbands when they were tired of them. Of course that still goes on in the Middle East today. And I'm not going to even begin to debate your rhetoric and lies about racial inequality and how bad it is to be a black woman. Because I would rather be one during this day and age then anything else. But you go ahead and pretend to be persecuted against assuming you are even black you're probably one of them purple haired overweight white women trying to correct black people every time they talk

    2. James Ralph Bowen's Avatar James Ralph Bowen

      I don't know what planet you're from but you're safe now. Stop believing all the hype. You say it's not a good time to be a woman. Which time do you think has ever been better? The last hundred years has given women more freedom than they have ever had. Before then women were property for the most part. Some were even sold by their husbands when they were tired of them. Of course that still goes on in the Middle East today. And I'm not going to even begin to debate your rhetoric and lies about racial inequality and how bad it is to be a black woman. Because I would rather be one during this day and age then anything else. But you go ahead and pretend to be persecuted against assuming you are even black you're probably one of them purple haired overweight white women trying to correct black people every time they talk

      1. Jean's Avatar Jean

        I was going to go light those candles, but I just couldn't walk away from this... I'm curious: have you ever been a woman, Mr. Bowen? Are you, perhaps, transgender? Maybe in a past incarnation... of course, that would be in the past so it wouldn't really inform you about how things are today... Purple haired overweight white women... nice description - I can almost see them... except I can't. I don't know who you are talking about. I've never seen purple haired overweight white women trying to correct black people... they may exist, but I've not seen them. Dude, who peed in your Cheerios?? You're just hatin' on everybody! Doesn't that get tiresome after awhile? Or do you get paid to do this? Maybe you're one of those Judge Anonymous people who gets paid to be snarky & rude to everybody while supposedly handing out justice... I would try to tell you about the discrimination that Black women have experienced, even putting their own equality on the back burner so they could support their husbands... but you'd never believe me. Oh, I didn't make that up, I read it in a book written by a Black woman. I will point out that a lot of people don't say "I'm sorry" because that sounds like self-condemnation to them. They will say "I apologize", & I have been corrected by friends on a number of occasions when I inadvertantly said I was sorry... I don't do it so much anymore... Okay, I'm going to go light those candles for you now... be sure to stay out of that scornful seat - I'm sure it will give you hemorrhoids if you sit in it too long!

  1. Glen Dean Pollard's Avatar Glen Dean Pollard

    Yes not just suspended but fired! This group continuously has false information on it . It also needs to be cancelled ! The View has fired others for less. I say drop her like a hot potato ! Pray for her to change her false believes but she needs to be out of there !

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    If the Jews were a race then the Catholic Italians are a race. What better way to say that anyone not Blue eye, blond hair Germany is a inferior race. No wonder that Hitler had a problem with those Germans who did meet that standard. It could be said about those who believe in Allah are a different race. At least when the NAZI were in Northern Africa they stood by Hitler standards killing off anyone that did not match German standards

  1. Karen M Butler's Avatar Karen M Butler

    It opened a conversation to better understanding and that's how we move forward. I was raised in a very prejudice, old wives tales, paranoia, mentally ill family. As an ever growing and maturing adult, I have had to do the homework, read opinions from all sides to make my own decisions as to what is the truth. I continue to do so. I do believe that what is taught to children, and I stress 'children', should be done so in small doses. Our children are bombarded daily with sex and violence in all forms of media. It's not that they can't understand history, it's that it needs to be presented as history to learn from and not to be repeated. Yet, when they walk out of the classroom, they see their own family members, their parents, and community acting in a violent manner protesting saying violent things following the crowd. How does this help them understand what happened in the past when they are still living in it?

    1. Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer's Avatar Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer

      Well said! How can kids learn from the past, if what they're looking at on a daily basis, shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that history is indeed repeating itself. It's sad, really. People say that racism doesn't exist today, yet it does. If it didn't there wouldn't be things such as "Black lives matter, Asian lives matter, etc."; Let's be honest...ALL lives matter & the fact that there is still racism going on in this world shows that inequality still exists. What happened to Equality for all? And yes, history needs to be taught to children at an age-appropriate level. They are exposed to way too much, way too soon. As a mom of a soon-to-be 8 yr old, I am very cautious about what I expose her too, despite the fact she watches YouTube, TikTok & what not, but then we'll have discussions about the truthfulness or lack thereof. Things were so different 20+ yrs ago when I was raising my 23 yr old. Even though I was still cautious about what she was exposed to even then, if there is something historic that she's reading or learning about at school, I encouraged her to learn about such events. How can they grow if they don't educate themselves & learn from the mistakes of others? Whoopie is right though ... it's about the inhumanity of man.

      From one mom to another & one who also has grown up in the same environment as yourself, I send you much love, light, strength, & peace. Keep discerning the truth from the rubbish we are exposed to & always listen to both sides of the story before drawing your own conclusion. ;) There's a lot to be learned from each side.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    And now she is threatening to quit because they suspended her because of her big mouth. If I were her boss I would tell her thanks for quitting, have a nice life. And then warn the rest of the crew that verbal crap spewing like this will not be tolerated by any of them and the next time they make a statement like this they can see themselves on the unemployment line as well. Crap like this HAS to stop no matter who its from.

  1. Richard David Atwood's Avatar Richard David Atwood

    Whoopi has 0 talent, 0 personality, 0 looks, 0 acting ability, and lest than 0 brains. She has 0 influence on anything of any importance. Who cares what she has to say. The problems concerning this country as well as the world itself are much more important than anything Whoopi has to say. Stop talking about useless people with big mouths and worry about the loud mouth criminals that are causing the problems. The cartel mafia criminal government that is taking money and freedom away from you, me and everyone else on this planet who are not a member of their mafia club. Whoopi WHO?

  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    Good people do good things;

    And, bad people do bad things;

    But, all that it takes to get good people to do bad things;

    Is religion.

    Remember, the Christian God is a Jew;

    His son is a Jew

    The Holy Ghost is a Jew

    And so is the Virgin Mary.

    And, and, because Adam and Eve were Jewish

    That means everyone alive has Jewish ancestors.

    Whether we like it or not.

    1. Stacey Owens's Avatar Stacey Owens

      it's not about God, Jews, Christianity, or religion.

      It about HATING PEOPLE. Plan and simple.

      Just read some of the post. Hate is alive and thriving.

      Oh, some of you hide behind your hate with options.

      1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

        Beautifully said and I do congratulate you on your insight and very wise words. Thank you.

    2. Angel's Avatar Angel

      This is based on Christianity philosophy. However, there is a flaw in this theory...When Cain killed Abel he was told to go to the city.If Cain and Able were the first children, how are their cities? And even if they bore other children and they lived hundred of years, there still wouldn't be enough people to create a city. Sorry, but Adam and Eve weren't the first humas created, they were the "latest" human species created and isolated in the Garden of Eden. However, your explanation would explain why there are so many stupid humans...imbreeding..

      1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

        Your words are completely irrelevant on this case and frankly speaking I feel bad by even answering to you but I suppose someone must point a finger in the right direction. Today we’re talking about racism, not Google Maps or genetics.

    3. Rev. Elizabeth's Avatar Rev. Elizabeth

      You stated this perfectly. Kudo's to you. I was going to type the same thing. I cannot top this. I'm echoing your words. Thank you for posting this. Amen.

  1. Robin Anne Hannon's Avatar Robin Anne Hannon

    It was definitely a racial issue. In her mind if you can see a persons race cleaning your black then that’s valid everything else is up for grabs. That part was wrong. It is not a fair to say this was both racial and man’s inhumanity to man. I think her biggest mistake was to say that the only race that’s valid is her own. Should she be fired? How about instead she goes to a synagogue and gets educated and uses her position to advocate for the Jewish people that would even be better. She has appropriated a last name that is Jewish she might as well do something good can come out of this mess.

  1. Gary Richard Noce's Avatar Gary Richard Noce

    Her comments were stupid. She knows better. I don't know why she said it. She needs to think before she opens her mouth. She needs to remember humility again and acknowledge her mistakes as simple wrong and stupid. We don't need this kind of stuff. Especially from a celliberty of her weight. There are too many bigots saying these untruths , we don't need it from her.

    1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

      You should commence by saying “in my opinion” instead of launching such a tirade. You’re judging her, telling us what we need or don’t need and calling people bigots. Perhaps a little humility would be beneficial for you too.

      As per the Merriam -Webster Dictionary a bigot is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. which is exactly what you’re doing with Ms. Goldberg’s so if the shoe fits I would strongly suggest for you to wear it.

      1. Gary Richard Noce's Avatar Gary Richard Noce

        If you would read my comment more carefully you would understand that I believe she knows better. I was shocked to hear her say what she did. We do have too many bigots saying such ridiculous and harmful things. That is not to say she is a bigot. You are to quick to jump to your conclusions Mr. Salazar. Read more carefully. We do not need this discourse. There is enough of it. As a person of color she has disappointed me a great deal and so have you.

        1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

          I’m deeply sorry but remember the wise words of Sir Boyle Roche: “Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom.”

          1. Gary Richard Noce's Avatar Gary Richard Noce

            Mr. Salazar, You appear to be beyond reproach and very opinionated. Calm down.

            1. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

              Comment removed by user.

            2. Gerardo Salazar's Avatar Gerardo Salazar

              If you just knew; unfortunately I was brought up as a very spoiled kid, attending the best schools thus acquiring a solid educational background and this combination has made me intolerant when I read an improper comment, and yes, I’m highly qualified to judge what is proper and what is not.

              1. Gary Richard Noce's Avatar Gary Richard Noce

                And I the same ! How ever I caution self righteousness. Intolerant according to you.

  1. Marion Wolfe's Avatar Marion Wolfe

    Whoopsie Goldberg. Has anyone made this joke yet?

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Marion, I think I heard that Whoopi Goldberg invented Whoopi cushion's. If memory serves me correct, she was also in the first televised commercial for them. In it, someone sat on her face, and it made a noise like a Whoopi cushion, which is also known as being full of hot air (like Daniel Gray). I think she invented that too.

  1. Thom's Avatar Thom

    First off, The View is a propaganda machine for the left. They let one conservative on, attack them at any moment and then, wait for the replacement.

    Second, the liberals are told what to say and when and, as usual, are told not to think. But, when one of them goes off script and speaks their own mind, stupidity reigns.

    Rosanne Barr was fired for much less and yet Whoopi was suspended for 2 weeks. What a slap on the wrist. Honestly, I am amazed Whoopie's liberal partner Joy stayed on the set. I honestly don't think they know how to insult each other only insult the ones who they are told are bad.

    I have to agree with one statement made on here, only people who are unable to change the channel watch the view. This show has gone beyond the limits of what is good. When I watched this rant, I just sat amazed and laughed.

    The View should be removed and replaced with something which is balanced and allows both sides to have their opinions and to respect each other. But we know this will never happen.

  1. randy c. ford's Avatar randy c. ford

    Whoopi culturally misappropriated a Jewish last name, then denies the Holocaust. She canceled herself. Is she trying to get the space on the back of the Fauchahontus dollar bill?

    1. Minister Deidre's Avatar Minister Deidre

      She genuinely thought it was the name of a family ancestor, based on stories that had been handed down. Please do research before saying things like that. She only found out she wasn't actually Jewish when she did the show, Finding Your Roots, a few years ago. Up until then, she thought that was her heritage as well.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Ehrman, I do listen to dull and ignorant people, like Daniel Gray, and flugo, through which I have learned a lot about how I never want to be.

  1. Ann's Avatar Ann

    I don't like Whoopi, and I don't like what she said but I don't think she should have been suspended. This is a program with mean,hateful women doing their best to stir up hate and division and that's what she was doing. It's the fact that people watch them that I find unsettling. If there is hate in a persons heart there will be someone willing to show them where to direct it.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Has anyone seen Danielle Gray ? I just want to let her know that her slip is showing from under her dress.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    There’s something very dark about this woman 🤭


  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    I wonder if Whoopi (cushion) has memorized the lyrics of the song Slim Shady.

  1. David Patrick Shearer's Avatar David Patrick Shearer

    SERIOUSLY??? Here I was thinking this is a place for educated and RESPECTFUL people, but alas, just hateful comments below. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      It might help if you try not to take life too seriously. 🤗


  1. Schneur Rosenberg's Avatar Schneur Rosenberg

    I don't think it came from antisemitism, I think it coes from ignorance and stupidity, she is in a position with lots of power over the brains of millions, a person with that power should be smart and educated, what she has done proves she is neither, she needs to go,

  1. Marsha Lynn Goldstein's Avatar Marsha Lynn Goldstein

    The Nazis weren’t racist per se. Hitler wanted to create a “master race” described as white, Aryan males, 6’ tall, muscular. That was one of the purposes for the “genetic testing” experiments. Nothing personal against everyone else.

  1. James Ralph Bowen's Avatar James Ralph Bowen

    You have really got to love some of the ignorant comments on here. People who want to forgive her because she apologized, except she never apologized. All she did was explain and try to justify what she said. There was never an apology. She never said she was sorry. There are other people on here I say we have missed a good opportunity for a debate. Clearly these are non thinkers. Anyone who has ever talked to a liberal knows there is no debate with a liberal. It is part of their core belief system and they will go to their grave believing it regardless of how much proof you produce. Liberals always put themselves and the position to where they want you to prove something to them. From this position of perceived power you can never prove anything to them and they automatically win the argument because they are the judge. You are casting your Pearls Before Swine when you even try to talk to these people. The Bible talks against taking counsel with the wicked and sitting in the seat of the scornful. Or taking counsel with fools. Which is why I don't even talk to liberals. I think it's remarkable that so many people on here don't know the Bible but they all know the one about judging. And they quoted like it's a pistol on their hip during the American Midwest. The word judge means to declare someone guilty and punish them for whatever a crime calls for. That does not mean we have to be fools and don't know the difference between right and wrong. It also does not mean we cannot identify wrongdoers and not have anything to do with them. So many people misunderstand basics out of ignorance. Other people just repeat what they hear like a parrot. Not really caring enough to look it up on their own. They would rather be politically correct and wrong than factually correct and right. And for all the people out there worried about canceling her show. Why didn't you guys stand up for all the other people who had their shows canceled for a lot less? And people like her are the ones who did it. I mean fair is fair all the way across the board. But more than this issue I don't understand why people who claim to be ministers would be watching that filth in the first place. Why would you watch a council of demons spinning lies on television? The evil just drips off these people. If you cannot tell they are evil chances are you've been infected with it yourself. You are only blind to it if you want to be blind to it. God is not a respecter of persons. It says so in the Bible. But apparently a lot of people on here are. I guess she get some extra Slack for having a filthy mouth and making a couple of movies in the 80s that were mildly entertaining. Or was it the fact the Liberals producing Star Trek next Generation put her on the show as the all-wise guinan? Is that why you people respect her so much? Because she was a bartender who knew secrets? I know there's not a lot of choices on television anymore. But in a day and age of the internet you guys could go on YouTube and watch old Johnny Carson episodes or some other show and be better off than watching these clowns. You think you are learning stuff by watching them but everything they are putting out is a lie. They may talk about current events but they are putting a spin on it. And outright lying. So what do you have to gain by watching it compared to a 40 year old Carson episode? At least he was funny. And at least you didn't feel bad when the show is over because of all the hate dripping off the cast members.

    1. Jean's Avatar Jean

      Hmmm... speaking of hate dripping off... Don't feel compelled to respond to me, though, because I'm one of those pesky Liberals. I'm so liberal, I think it's great that you have a forum upon which you can talk about how much you hate Liberals. You know the verse in the Bible that I like the most? It's the one about where God so LOVED the world that He sent His only begotten Son... you know that one, right? That poignant demonstration of unconditional love? Well, I'm sure He only meant that for the Conservatives - how could anyone be expected to love a Liberal??!! Mr. Bowen, I'm sorry your world is so fraught with infidels & unworthy dregs... I wish you could see the beauty in this world. I'm going to light some candles & send some healing your way - maybe it will help, maybe not, but I would like to try to relieve you of some of this toxic burden of vitriol you are carrying around. And you know, don't worry about those folks on The View... those shows don't last that long anyway. It will be better for your blood pressure if you don't dwell on them... Bright blessings, Mr. Bowen! Peace & Love!!

  1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

    Check your facts (most are wrong). Learn history,(yours is a muddled sense of mish mash that makes no dense). Get educated. Learn to spell. Post comments intelligibly. You just may be taken seriously then.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. Kim E. Fletcher's Avatar Kim E. Fletcher

    While I disagree with how Whoopi handled her comment, I do feel that she is correct on many levels. Man's Inhumanity and Attitudes towards other people are the reason why we are in this predicament. How we treat each other on a daily basis will dictate how others treat us. We Are All God's children, and we should strive to be more righteous and compassionate when dealing with other people. We come from many races, creeds, and walks of life. Why can't we all just learn to get a long? Hopefully, in her time of suspension, Ms. Goldberg will contemplate and discern her comments and how to better deliver them with poise and integrity. Let's be supportive of each other.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Well, she’s now messed up again claiming a white man is a murderer “after” he’d been found innocent in a Court of Law, so she’s going to be sued. Could she be racist? 🤷🏼


  1. Jean's Avatar Jean

    I realize that Hitler thought there was a "Jewish race". He set out to eliminate what he thought of as "inferior races". It is unfortunate he didn't know the difference between a religion & a fabricated concept that is genetically false - "race". I acknowledge that there is as much solidarity among many Jewish people as there is within some "races", thus tending to lend credence to the idea that the Jews are a race of people. But one cannot inherit a religion. My mother was Catholic when I was born. I did not inherit her Catholicism. My maternal grandmother was described to me as being half Portuguese, half Jewish. But that was an inaccurate description. She was Portuguese & had one parent who happened to be of the Jewish faith. Now, nothing I have said should serve to denigrate the people who were victimized during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a horrible occurrence that has traumatized many, many people, & we should never forget that it occurred, we should never forget that Hitler was trying to eradicate people he viewed as inferior, or that he thought of the Jews as members of a race. I don't dispute any of that. However... I think Whoopi can recognize racial discrimination when she experiences it, as she has experienced it all her life. I understand her statement about it being two groups of white people - Hitler did target members of several races, but the Jews were white, as were the Nazis. She needs a little remedial history regarding some of the issues pertinent to the Holocaust, but she was not "dissing every Jew in existence". She doesn't need to be suspended, or fired. Just because you don't like her politics, or her gender, or her skin color, none of that means she deserves 'corporal punishment'. And she certainly isn't the first host nor will she be the last host on The View to say something absolutely bone-headed. So. She's a tough old broad, she's been around the block. She'll be back stronger, wiser, & with her dignity & self-assurance intact, in spite of the racists & white supremacists trying to take advantage of this opportunity to "put a ------- in her place". She needs to be put back in her place, in her chair at the west end of the table on the show.

  1. John's Avatar John

    It won't take long for the ACLU to get involved if they're not already. A much needed organization that warrants everyones support.

  1. Scott Richard Garrett's Avatar Scott Richard Garrett

    I think her suspension was an over reaction. She brings up a point that could be discussed. It wasn't antisemitism or holocaust denial. Race is a construct, so she's correct in a way. The construct of race was used to demonize Jewish people, and they were treated as inhuman. The race part was constructed for propaganda purposes, but the inhumanity of human actions maimed and killed people. We are all humans, regardless of the concept of being different races.

  1. D'Anthony Eugene Massey's Avatar D'Anthony Eugene Massey

    I totally agree with Whoopi, this wasn’t a race matter, it was a moral and religious matter. We are so quick to say race in another country but do not want to deal with the true race war within the US. First, Jew is a religious group not a color of people. Technically, the true Hebrews are of color and the Jews of today was indoctrinated in Judaism. If we will take the time to pull back the lies, maybe we can accept the real truth.

  1. Joshua Holt's Avatar Joshua Holt

    I may live under a rock, but this story is the first I have heard about this as I’ve tried to somewhat limit my intake of inflammatory negativity of the news cycle and social media.

    That said, again this being my only reference to the story, I appreciate Whoopi’s apology for pain caused. But at the same time, i agree with her sentiments based on my understanding of the Holocaust.

    Im not Jewish, but I am gay. I have always been taught that while the Jewish community is by far the largest victims of the Nazi regime’s systematic efforts to while out whole peoples, they weren’t alone. Gays, Jehovahs Witnesses, mental health sufferers, disabled people, Romani peoples, black people were all included in the list of targets by what I was taught.

    The anti-defamation groups have done a really great job of keeping the memory of the holocaust and its impact on the Jewish community in our minds, but I take Goldbergs comments here to be reflective of what I was taught: that people can be extremely evil to other people and simplifying that down to “racism” leaves out incredibly important lessons about humanity and society that need to be grappled with- including racism, but not limited to it.

    I hope that that is the ultimate narrative that comes out of this debate. Not just further entrenching that Jews were persecuted by the nazis- though that is true and should NEVER be forgot.

  1. Pastor Charlene, Ph.D's Avatar Pastor Charlene, Ph.D

    Being born Jewish and converting to Christianity, I have but one thing to say.... " Shut up Whoopi!"

  1. John Peter Dugan's Avatar John Peter Dugan

    She's right it was about a want to be leader using hate to gain power, does that remind you of anyone?

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