Jesus holding a football
August 31st, 2018

Baptist Preacher Ernie Spence was walking by an athletic field on a recent Sunday afternoon and was shocked to discover a youth football game underway. So disgusted was Spence that these kids were not in church, he picked up his cell phone and began filming a wild rant about how football will be the downfall of our God-fearing republic. Continue reading

Pope Francis speaking in Hell
April 3rd, 2018

An Italian journalist set the media world ablaze last week when he reported that Pope Francis personally told him that “hell does not exist” during a private meeting. Scrambling, the Vatican press office quickly refuted reports that the pope denies one of the main tenants of the Catholic faith – eternal damnation. They insist the published transcript was not “a faithful transcription of the Holy Father’s words.” Continue reading

March 6th, 2015

Is belief in hell bad for your mental well-being? Are we better off if we ditch the concept of eternal damnation altogether? These were the questions behind a recent survey that looked at the link between belief in hell and … Continue reading

November 9th, 2012

Writer / director Kevin Miller has recently released a documentary discussing some different conceptions of Hell within Christianity. The Bible clearly makes several references to this lake of fire as the final destination for unrepentant souls, but to Miller and … Continue reading

June 21st, 2012

Religion has long been viewed as a deterrent to immoral behavior, but individual religious beliefs may play a particularly important role. A recent study published in the Library of Science Journal PLoS ONE suggests that places where people believe more … Continue reading