tensing arrested A Routine Stop

On July 19th, University of Cincinnati Police Department officer Ray Tensing stopped Samuel DuBose for driving without a front-end license plate something many of us would get off with a warning for doing. Instead, DuBose was shot in the head. There was no violence or physical altercation during the routine stop, and no voices were raised. After DuBose said, "I didn't even do nothing," to the officer and started his car, Tensing pulled his gun, grabbed Dubose while yelling and in mere seconds, killed him.

Tensing filled a report of the incident, claiming that DuBose started to drive away and dragged him down the street. Fearing he might be run over, and with no other option to prevent that, he shot DuBose. Thanks to footage from a body camera worn by Tensing, we know that the car did not move until after the shot was fired and the corpse fell on the accelerator. DuBose was killed without warning and for absolutely no reason. The footage is available here, and we warn you that it is very disturbing.

A Murder

This incident was "without question, a murder," said local prosecutor Joe Deters. "It was senseless. It didn't have to happen." He revealed that Tensing was indicted for his actions and added that DuBose never even should have been stopped for the front license plate in the first place. "It was a chicken-crap stop."

Tensing was fired from his job at the university, though his union, the Fraternal Order of Police-Ohio Labor Council, has filed a grievance on his behalf to get his job back. Apparently killing an unarmed civilian on camera is not a fireable offense. Being convicted of it is, but even though we know Tensing killed in cold blood for no reason and it would not be safe by any stretch of the imagination to have him keep his job, he gets the benefit of the doubt.

I know we are going to get some commenters saying that DuBose deserved to be killed because he was dragging his feet with complying with the aggressive whims of Tensing, so he deserves death for not being a model citizen and Tensing deserves to keep his job because of a technicality?

A Disturbing Pattern

Every time this happens, and it has happened 637 times so far in 2015, sympathizers insist that we do this little song and dance and say that of course not every cop is a killer and that all lives matter. You might as well just go to funerals and say nobody should be sad about the deceased because other people have died. These killings involve specific individuals and specific issues. Pointing that out does not in any way negate that all lives matter and that or the fact that not all police officers are bad people.

Downplaying the egregious wrong done here and denying the disproportionate impact on the black community of police misconduct is a display of overwhelming ignorance and quite frankly, racism.

But what about black on black crime? Rudy Giuliani once told a reporter that 93% of African Americans that are murdered are killed by other black people, and that therefore we should pay no mind to white police shooting unarmed black people.

dubose Let's address this now to curb the lack of perspective that might be floating out there. It's important to know that you can care about both of these issues, and while you're at it, you should be disturbed that 83% of white murder victims have white killers. These are also fundamentally different in that for civilian on civilian killing, people are regularly prosecuted. Police that commit crimes against black people face little to no punishment for their actions. Let's hope this is not one such case.

There are also issues of authority and protection. We take an officer's word for it when he or she gives an account of what happened during a conflict, and we should. We should also seek to verify this information as much and as often as possible. Without verifying the camera footage, we would have believed that Tensing was being dragged by the car and was actually in danger. Thanks to the body camera, we now know he is a lying killer.

If you watched the video, saw the cut-and-dry fact that this is murder, and donated to bail out officer Tensing or voiced that DuBose deserves death for not hiding being annoyed by the traffic stop, you should consider if you are really doing that which is right the primary tenet of the Universal Life Church.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. DuBose. We hope they feel a sense of peace and that justice is being served. We pray that the public awareness is raised and the conversation can evolve beyond the stalemate of a cop killing someone and the public nitpicking every little wrong the person has ever done in his life as justification for his death. We are better than that and it is time we act like it.

Sources: Miami Herald, USA Today


  1. Keith's Avatar Keith

    Another time where a subject can not answer question direct and follow police directives. You never see a police shooting when you follow directions. Don't forget the bottle of gin. I know some will use that as excuse. I was brought up to listen and respect the police. I have no fear of them. I think that is because I'm not a criminal and follow the law. Try it, you will not get shot.

    1. Andrew's Avatar Andrew

      You are disgusting. You are blaming the victim, who did nothing wrong, in a murder.

      1. anglopagan's Avatar anglopagan

        Did nothing wrong?

        Driving with a suspended license, no front license play, drinking and driving, refusing to follow police commands, attempting to harm the officer as the officer attempted to remove the keys from the ignition, 2 pounds of marijuana (not terrible but still illegal), and attempting to escape.

        But yes, the criminal was just another Dindu.

        1. anglopagan's Avatar anglopagan

          pardon - poor proofreading. "..no front license plate*.."

        2. Marquise's Avatar Marquise
          1. His license was not suspended. 2. The bottle of Gin wasn't opened. 3. There was not one sign of him trying to harm the cop at all. 4. He wasn't trying to escape the cop shit and the man foot (while dead) hit the gas. But either way God is good and I believe God will take care of the just and unjust.
    2. Vorpalblonde's Avatar Vorpalblonde

      The bottle of "Gin" was air freshener.

    3. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

      The police can't shoot everyone for everything. A traffic stop should not result in death. That is too extreme.

    4. Mary's Avatar Mary

      Yes, by all means, let's keep up the tradition of murdering innocent black civilians and then smearing them posthumously when they cannot speak for themselves. So.Very.Christian. of you! It seems that, in Cincinnati, University cops have the power to arbitrarily give the death penalty if they don't like your response during a traffic stop.

      1. Joy's Avatar Joy

        Does my opinion matter? The grand jury in so many cases find in favor of the murders. I travel and I believe African Americans/ human beings, people, are bullied everyday by the law. I see it when 6 cars swarm in. I'm so sorry I am powerless over this subject. I care.

      2. Michael Grisanti's Avatar Michael Grisanti

        Mary, It is the action of saying "innocent" that is wrong here. He was not an innocent man walking down the street or driving his car in the proper way. He refused to obey a lawful and reasonable request from a police officer...people like you put race into it. It's not the omen of the unarmed black man. This "unarmed" black man was armed with a 2000lbs vehicle...would not answer direct questions would not look the officer in the eye and refused lawful orders...what part of that is ok to you? This man, Eric Harrison, and the S.C man would not be dead if they obeyed orders from a police officer. So in your mind people don't have to obey the law or police officers if they don't want to but heaven help the officers whom use lethal force on these people. Makes zero sense and shows me as a former LEO the amount of disregard people have and want to just sensationalize everything as race driven when it's principle driven.

        1. Marquise's Avatar Marquise

          If they disobey the law then they should get a ticket or locked up NOT KILLED. KILLING MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL. All LIVES matter. Especially in Gods eyes

        2. Angela Tanner's Avatar Angela Tanner

          He should not have been stopped. You cannot justify harassing someone. He did not need to be stooped for 'no front tag.' Period. U all do not consider life important, but when it's ur kid, ur sibling, ur mom...then it's a problem. "Love others as u love YOURSELF."

      3. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

        By all means reamin ignoranty. Typical racisat with the standard drivel of "he innocent bcz he black" load. He deserved what he got and it seems so do you.

        1. Angela Tanner's Avatar Angela Tanner

          Sad u all talk as though life is not important. Blowing me away

    5. Keith's Avatar Keith

      The subject, not the victim. Missing front license plate. Not carry his driver license. Are there bad police. I'm sure there are. You have a officer who has pulled " someone" with no ID over. They have to react in a split second. I cannot wait for the day that the police force disbands. It will not take long before you all start begging for them back. And by the way. With all this bad mouthing the police. Their insurance is going to go way up. Then you will have to pick up the tap in taxes. That will give you something else to bitch about.

      1. Shin's Avatar Shin

        I hope both him and you get the chair, you're a hate mongering prick who deserves what he gets.

        1. anglopagan's Avatar anglopagan

          This is my first visit to this site. If this is the sort of language and display allowed here, it'll be my last.

          The internet is filled with trash commenting sites, can we please have a safe space here? My triggers are screaming right now.

    6. Bob's Avatar Bob

      Are you African American. If not you have no idea of that which you write.

      1. anglopagan's Avatar anglopagan

        Are you? If not....

    7. Mark's Avatar Mark

      The police clearly need better policing, Yes Keith let's blame the victim that was murdered.. seriously? You must work for the police department....lol

    8. Chiki Li's Avatar Chiki Li

      I have no fear of them. I think that is because I’m not a criminal and follow the law. I am curious, are you also caucasian?

      1. Angela Tanner's Avatar Angela Tanner

        You have no fear. You are definitely white.

    9. hugh's Avatar hugh

      Aman bro

    10. Marquise's Avatar Marquise

      They shouldn't shoot ANYONE AT ALL unless they are a runner. But they shouldn't shoot to kill ANYONE.

  1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

    Lately there has been too much abuse by Police and they then investigate themselves and of course find themselves innocent. The tax payers who are in effect paying their wages are then getting abused and murdered by these so called Police Officers. There are many that, the moment they put that uniform on believe they are the ruler of all and everyone else is supposed to be subservient. It is about time there was an independent body of citizens, normal working people from all walks of life, they should be given a position on this panel to investigate the heinous crimes committed from the very people that are paid to protect us. My heart goes out to the poor victims family and hope that justice will be served on the murderer and the family then are able to have closure.

    1. Bob's Avatar Bob

      Agree. Shameful. But more where is this loving God we believe in and worship? And please don't tell me to read the Book of Job.

      1. Marquise's Avatar Marquise

        Sometimes God allow bad things to happen to us to see what we going to do. Are we going to seek him or are we going to seek our own way of handling things? He is watching us every step of the day. When you call on him he will be there, he might not come when you want him but he will be there right on time

      2. msb's Avatar msb

        Yes women and men of God understand the officer overstepped his bounds when he played judge ,jury,and executioner. That officer is not God and we must understand that.Even when he assumed that Sams makeshift cologne bottle was gen and turned out to be cologne.He should have investigated first and went on his way but he decided that pursue Sam because of assuptions and profiling him .Look at the trueth people police are here to protect and serve the people not judge and kill cause they are not God and have no heaven or hell to put no one in..

    2. Morgan's Avatar Morgan

      Most times there is an independent body of citizens investigating police actions. They're call trial boards or Grand Juries. Most times when they come to the proper conclusion the town is burned down. As will happen in Baltimore...again.

  1. Andy's Avatar Andy

    Here is a novel idea, why don't we wait until he has a fair trial before we condemn him?

    1. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

      Why should the police officer get what he wasn't willing to give?

      1. Rick Plymale's Avatar Rick Plymale

        Because, despite the frailties in our justice system, ALL men are created equal, and ALL men are entitled to be judged by their peers. If we deny this officer's right to a fair trial, then we surrender our own rights to justice.

      2. Andy's Avatar Andy

        Because it is the right thing to do.

      3. Mark's Avatar Mark

        I actually agree with you sheila Tensing should be shot and killed. Shoot him in front of the police that support him and his actions. If this was the other way around and the cop was shot DuBose would likely already be dead. The police would have killed him by now.

        1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

          I agree with you Shelia this cop needs to be convinces

    2. Mary's Avatar Mary

      I'd say the film of Mr. DuBose's death is pretty damning!

  1. Gail's Avatar Gail


  1. Steven's Avatar Steven

    I cant believe the monastery wrote an article on this. I was proud to be part of the Universal Life Church but this has really changed my idea. I would love to point out the little points known as of now about this incident to show that the shooting was possibly justified (not saying it definately was). It still has not gone to trial and no one has seen further information. You say in your article if you watch the video it is a cut and dry fact that it was murder. I guess you have not REALLY watched the video. In news, it has been stated by the officer that he was briefly dragged by the vehicle when it was rev's and suddenly took off. If you only skim the body cam video, it would appear this was not true and the officer was not dragged. However if you pay attention to the background images such as a parked silver car, from the time the car is reved and then the officer is on the ground, then gets back up, you can see the same parked silver car is much closer. This possibly indicates that the officer was in fact briefly dragged. Anyways, like I said, no one knows yet because it has not gone to trial. A "Universal Life Church" should not pass judgment on anyone and welcomes all lives. If i wanted to read about politics and political issues, I would not have signed up with the Universal Life Church, and instead saved my money and just watch NBC, CNN, FOX, etc.

    1. JR's Avatar JR

      Strongly agree with the fact of your point The Universal Life Church should not pass judgement on anyone!! The way the article was written is very one sided and seems as the writer made judgement and attempts to impose that judgement on others. Each and every person that represents the Universal Life Church should not mix politics with religion & should especially not pass judgement for let they be judged themselves! The video is very disturbing and a life was taken by an officer. Have faith in God that he will determine what is right and wrong and the courts will be accurate with details for the right judgement whether its good or bad news for the officer involved. Lets not make this a race issue. Lets make it an issue of a valuable life being lost regardless of the skin color!!

    2. Jack's Avatar Jack

      Steven, you just keep watching Fux news; they'll tell you all you want to hear. The Prosecutor says he has a case.

    3. Blue Line wife's Avatar Blue Line wife

      I also agree that if I wanted to see such articles of this type I could find them a number of places, The Universal Life Church was not one of the places I thought I would find them. Being married to a man who has been a Deputy for over 30 years I appalled that this article should be published in a "Church" forum, paper or what have you. I joined the ULC under the impression that love and kindness is what should be promoted not , racism, cop bashing or bashing of anyone for that matter. My husband will not do traffic stops anymore because there are too many "bad" people out there who might just want to kill him because of the badge on his chest. I know there are bad people, bad cops, bad doctors, teachers, ministers, etc. But no one should be judged by someone elses actions and all lumped in to a group that labels them something they are not. Police work is a calling, not something you do for a "job",either it is in your blood or it isn't.You go in to it hoping to make a difference in this country, to protect those who need it and many times die doing it. You see I have my side of the story too, but I am also aware that sometimes the need arises to protect society from a cop gone bad. No one is above the law and should be dealt with accordingly, but not persecuted by the media,That goes for the general public as well as Law Enforcement. At the end of the day I give thanks a breathe a sigh of relief that my best friend has made it home one more night to be by my side to be my husband and to be a father and grandfather. My heartfelt prayers go out to those that have fallen victim to violence because there is not a family out there that should have to deal with that kind of pain. We just need to stop the racism, the hate and discontent that is running rampant in America today and step back re evaluate our priorities and remember we all are in this together, Peace,Love and acceptance needs to be taught to our children They are our future and it falls on our shoulders to make sure that there is one.

    4. Marquise's Avatar Marquise

      They are not passing judgement at all. They are strong believers of Christ and NO ONE deserves to die. They trying to help with the "stop killing" and I love when they put up post. Cause it shows how crazy this world has became and that we need to focus on Christ more now

  1. Andy's Avatar Andy

    Let's not rush to judgment, let's have a fair trial first. It's the American way.

    1. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

      There is no such thing as a fair trial.

      1. Bob's Avatar Bob

        Agree. Sadly.

      2. Andy's Avatar Andy

        Perhaps, but we can at least try to do the right thing.

  1. Mysti's Avatar Mysti

    To me it seems the other policemen arrived pretty darn quickly for someone just being pulled over for just a missing front tag...did this person have a history of violence and carrying a weapon ,to make the 2 additional policemen being backup necessary? When he started up the car,did he then move his hand front the ignition to the other seat or somewhere else we couldn't see,making the police officer fear he was reaching for a weapon? From all the sites I've seen the only comments made during the entire episode are. About the missing tag and then he shoots the driver...the entire tape isn't being mentioned, just specific snippets to excite more anger and hate...whether this is by the new media to sell more advertisement space or just your usual run of the mill hate monger that aren't happy unless everyone is unhappy,angry and filled with hate

  1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

    Don't think this video shows much as it is jumbled blurry never heard a shot, from the point of asking to undo the seat belt anything could have happened. Not sure if driver attacked officer or what happened

  1. Mysti's Avatar Mysti

    There a lot of people and family members affected by both these individuals actions/reactions. Our thoughts and prayers should be with all of the people affected by this incident.. And we should not be appearing to take sides ."doing that which is right".. This is for everyone ,both side of every situation and equation...doing that which is right ,to me...means encouraging peace and love and trying to see positive from every situation.just like with 9/11 the tragedy that reunited a nation....please try to find the positive in this situation also and pass that along...please don't try to fan the flames of anger and hate...I know the high road is difficult to be on..but, isn't that our path?

  1. Rev. RJ Levesque, Jr.'s Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque, Jr.

    <--- Former State Constable - This is NOT murder! This is involuntary manslaughter. The car started to move BEFORE the shot (the miami herald is freaking blind!) and while clutching his left hand to try and fight for the keys as the guy tried to get away, they surmise he involuntarily clutched his right hand (normal muscle reaction) which caused his firearm to discharge during the struggle. I would also like to add, after watching the video several times, the man seemed to start to reach for the passenger floorboard the second BEFORE the shot went off. Even though he may have just been reaching for a bottle of gin to toss it out, the officer would not have known what he was reaching for, it would have posed a perceived threat.

    Second: Sick of the media ONLY reporting white cop/black suspect situations purposely trying to cause racial tensions in the U.S. This is completely inexcusable and irresponsible on the part of the media.

    Third: At the risk of sounding racist myself, which I assure you I definitely am not, having been a police officer it is no surprise that the majority of folks in our prison systems are black. Just saying, remembering my days as a cop I can certainly say at least 90% of the calls I went on involved a black male breaking the law.

    My theory is we need government buildings to supply those on welfare, NOT just hand out money (food stamps) so they can buy lobster and cocaine! If we have government controlled buildings people have to actually go to to get their goods and services paid for by tax payers then many would be forced to become working, law abiding members of society! Which would create less welfare folks and more tax money to take care of things that really NEED that money such as medical care, etc.

    1. Bob's Avatar Bob

      You are so out of touch. You and a tragic number of police suffer from authoritarian personality disorder. The Lord bless and keep you.

      1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

        I agree with you on this one Bob. These comments are disgusting at best, Slanderous and discriminatory. Glad I don't live in your area, I'd be arrested just for being me. May the good lord (whom ever you bow to) bless you and show you the same courtesy you have shown others. BLESSED BE!!!!!

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    When you live in a safe area you can veiw this as the officers fault. I've have lived in high crime areas and things can be tense. Yes..I have been stop before and you keep your hands on the wheel at 10 and 2. These cops are on high alert and being defiant you choose to put your own life at risk.. All live matter but and I'm tired of this whinning when now Baltimore s crime has risen. This is a culture that has to change their aditude or the killings are just going to go up. If black live matter then stop killing yourselves. You sometimes just can't help stupid..

    1. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

      A black neighborhood so there is an assumption of danger. This is a routine traffic stop the only people in danger are people dark skin. The only gun was the one the police officer had. There is no knife. There is no other danger.

    2. msb's Avatar msb

      Please lets stop putting ourselves down.You have been taught that you are no good ,thugs,killers,theives,ect.You are actually the apple of Gods eye too.So what you hear all the time you become.We as African Americans have to stop excusing any injustice done to us and just love ourselves to and value each other cause Caucasian Americans kill each other worse than we do to sometimes.We all must love ❤ each other with the love of God. That's the only way we going to servive.

  1. Ms.B's Avatar Ms.B

    My family has had officers of the law in it,and we all were taught to abide by the law.I am African American and a minister and I am hurt that all the evidence and servalince people still don't know that God told us years ago thou shalt not kill .No matter weather they be black or white or any heratige.See God is still the ultimate Judge and the Law of the land people.Stop trying to justify wrong.

    1. Bob's Avatar Bob

      And at the Passover meal Jesus gave us a new commandment: "Love one another as I have loved you."

      1. msb's Avatar msb


  1. Chill Draggon's Avatar Chill Draggon

    When a cop starts shouting, grabbing, and pulling, he/she no longer controls himself. How can he be expected to control the situation? Once she starts up that slope, anger and fuel to the fire. That leads to punishment. Although the cop has the lawful right to be obeyed, a civilian may be nervous or afraid enough to be thinking inward and doesn't process what the officer is saying. The cop is the one who is trained to make sure he is understood so that neither he nor the civilian is harmed. The cop that thinks sh6e has assessed the situation and becomes focused solely on taking action, has taken herself out of the situation and has no plan to take control. A cop that is afraid is a dangerous cop. The outcome is most likely to rnd badly for the civilian. Blue rage is a terrible thing.

    1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      Very nicely said Ron. I trained as an officer before becoming ordained and you are absolutely correct. We are trained to assess and diffuse, not panic and augment the situation. Regardless of how "not innocent" the young man was, there is no excuse based on the facts known to us for the officer to a) unholster his side arm, and b) have his finger on the trigger, and c) fire the weapon. It truly is a disgusting display of "I AM LAW AND YOU MUST OBEY...OR ELSE". I do feel compassion for all those that are affected by these events.

  1. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

    America is a gentile nation. There is no covenant with the Most High. I know that I do not belong here and that the world hates my skin color but a if Yah has created me who is man to disagree with my existence.

  1. Bob's Avatar Bob

    Can't we see that someone out there is keeping us divided? We will continue to give up our freedom, rights and power as long as we agree to devour all that we see and hear from a controlling (the media) source. A nation, a people divided cannot stand. And we are falling very swiftly. This is not a theory. Historically it is recorded as fact. We will continue to act out or react to situations that support our steady diet of "separatism". Instead of scolding one another, let us teach, guide and minister. What do you think would be more beneficial?

  1. James grimes's Avatar James grimes

    To protect your children educate them don't let the government. If the police pull you over try cooperating with them. Don't try and grab there gun. Don't try and take off or get out running. But schools don't even teach that . Black preachers teach to hate the police their the enemy. There gonna kill you and all that. I believe it's these civil rights leaders causing all this. Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop blaming everyone else for your circumstance then maybe we can all unit. More whites r killed by police than blacks and that's an FBI fact. But if a guy getting shot rite or wrong disturbs you. How bout hundreds of thousands black, gay babies that are aborted and body parts sold. And the government supports this genocide and most of these civil rights leaders they support killing of their own race. Amazing the things we have issue with and the ones we dont

  1. Rev. Wayne Gibbons's Avatar Rev. Wayne Gibbons

    The loss of a human life is tragic regardless of the circumstance, color, creed or social political position of the person. The lives of our citizens must be protected. It may have been that this peace officer was not properly trained to handle the situation he found himself in. Perhaps he over reacted and became frightened and this resulted in the violent outcome. I was not there and cannot comment on the officers acts. If he is guilty, let the court apply appropriate punishment. If he is innocent, let him go.

  1. Matt's Avatar Matt

    Everybody sings the pro-cop tolerance song until it happens to them. The profession of law enforcement itself attracts violent sociopaths with school yard bully mindsets. Anyone who thinks they know one of the "good cops" should wake up and check out who the "good cop" chose to associate with on the job. Birds of a feather. Today's cop is a hired bully with a gun.

    1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      A true statement again Matt. Thank you for posting. As I stated above, I was trained as an officer before becoming ordained. I had petitioned several police agencies in our area to join their force. I was denied repeatedly. A staff Sergeant, whom I trusted, sat me down and said that I would never be hired for several reasons: 1. my IQ was too high, therefore I would think for myself instead of following orders. 2. I would probably follow the book more often than not,(98% in criminal and civil law) 3. he was scared that I would focus too much time on the corrupt and dishonest cops instead of the criminals. That being said, I do know quite a few GOOD and honourable cops as well. Never judge a book by it's cover but by it's content!

      1. sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant's Avatar sheilabryant1Sheila Bryant

        Very well said. I think you explained the psychology of law enforcement well.

  1. Russell Lee's Avatar Russell Lee

    This country is ruled by one of two laws—martial law or constitutional law. If it's martial law, then any cop is justified to kill anyone for any reason, or no reason. End of argument.

    If it's constitutional law, then the cop is breaking the security of your automobile by reaching into it uninvited. Then to further transgress the law by shooting you in the security of your automobile is a crime that the Constitution protects the citizen against.

    ————————— Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. —————————

    Apparently, judging from the comments of the cop's defenders, constitutional law is NOT in effect. Martial law is. If any of you travel on what used to be the "public ways" in the former security of your private automobile, you better have your papers in order in the event the Gestapo apprehends you on a whim.

  1. Sheryl Bueno's Avatar Sheryl Bueno

    I find irony in both the situation and the comments that people are leaving about this situation. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    That being said, since when is a problem traffic stop a capital offence, punishable by death? The government gives the estimate that 30 serial killers are "working" the country at any given time and yet all we hear about are citizens killed during traffic stops or arrested for the crime of resisting arrest (in case where it is not clear that a crime was even committed in the first place). We are told to submit to the orders of the police, yet I watched a senior citizen being maced and forced to the ground when suffering a stroke and unable to respond to the police man's command.

    That being said, yes, I am afraid of the police AND of criminals. What to do?

  1. Natalia's Avatar Natalia

    In some states such as Tennessee a front license plate is not issued so now this story is very scary and I hope I do not have a reason to go through Ohio even though I once lived there and had a business there. I am wondering if the police are getting terrorist training and quick to draw and everyone has become a terrorist and the fact that many police in the past 6 months have been targeted and shot in the line of their duty. World is becoming very dangerous and scary with so many strange events. Praying we all reach a higher spirituality as man's cruelty to each other for centuries and lawlessness and the Almighty Dollar is abounding in deaths worldwide. Very sad for over 2,000 years since Christ's arrival on the planet humanity has not learned of its lessons and more barbaric than ever with everything the Lord disdains.

  1. Mysti's Avatar Mysti

    I read these comments and I have to ask the reason some people came to be with the universal life church. Money,prestige? I am so confused. If I'm not mistaken these people I'm hearing these comments from are my fellow ministers. Throughout history people in power have controlled nations through fear.. Fear of nuclear war,famine,disease,fear of another religion taking over "our country,money,families". Can you not see ,"everything is not as it seems". Please look deeper,this is the only way we are going to be able to help our sisters and brothers to grow spiritually and to become the spiritual being that they are. experiencing this human existence is difficult ,but that's why we chose to come here during this time...to help. can you all not look back over these situations and not see it.... Situations/ experiences/lessons continue and continue and get worse and worse until we are to the point where we have to change in order for the lesson/ situation/experience to stop. does anyone here have a open heart to see the situation for what it is? Spiritual beings having a human experience, your spirits/ souls know this to be true.everything that happens was agreed upon by those individual souls before coming back . EVERYTHING.....Please don't miss the lessons they came back to help us learn

  1. john o's Avatar john o

    Hi,Im commenting from the uk on this discussion.just thought I'd put a few thoughts down about the current state of us cop shootings,and the differences between us and uk policing and society.Firstly,I think the biggest difference between us is the gun laws over here.For us readers,in the uk it is very difficulr to own or buy a gun legally,after 3 spree shootings over here,it is impossible for the average guy to own/buy a legal gun.gun clubs etc,are v .tightly restricted.Also 95% of uk police do not carry guns,this is restricted to authorised cops (afos).Also,we have a lot of police work carried out now by pcso officers,a type of auxiliary cop who walks the neighbourhood unarmed. We also only have approx 45 police forces/depts,usually over a 1000 cops that are regulated by the uk govt (home office),and we do not have police unions as in the us but a type of staff body (the federation),british cops cant strike or unionise,they are more like soldiers ie,loyal to the queen. As regards race,us readers might like to Know that following a race murder in the 1990s (Stephen Lawrence),the London Met police were found by an inquiry to be "institutionally racist",and a lot of reform has gone on.Lastly the uk govt has cut police spending by1/5th,so there are fewer cops than 10 yrs ago.Hope this sheds a bit of light on the way things are over here ,regards John O.

  1. john o's Avatar john o

    Sorry should have read in the uk it is very difficult,(typo error)

  1. john o's Avatar john o

    Just another thought,over here in uk also,a big inquiry over stops (uk stop/search section 5 ) found that black/asian/coloured people unfairly targeted.Uk tory govt (right wing)say its unacceptable,so are putting in new rules for police stops.Not saying everything in uk is ok as regards police,but just to show us readers how things are being changed in britain.yours john o.

  1. Andrew's Avatar Andrew

    I hope that cop gets life in prison! He'll find real justice there

  1. Jack's Avatar Jack

    I have read the many comments on this, and am sickened by people saying the ULC should stay out of it. ULC has a duty, like all churches to see that justice is served. A famous teacher once said "you live by the gun, you die by the gun" (paraphrased - no guns in that day). This cop lived by the gun.

    Those who said "self defense", and "he should have complied, and he would be alive". The cop is the professional. He should know how to do his job without killing anyone. The UK cops do it every day UNARMED! And, yes, criminals can get guns there; ordinary honest people cannot.

    Why not comply, if you are African American (black)? If you do comply, even for a minor infraction, as the girl in Tex-ass, Sandra Bland? An ordinary traffic stop, changing lanes without a signal (wanna talk about a "chicken crap" stop?) This stop was "chicken crap". A college Rent-a-Cop should NOT be pulling over motorists off campus, unless they are a threat to students or faculty. Now, you are pulled over for a chicken crap stop, are a poor person or minority, you face the possibility of being dragged off to jail EVEN IF YOU DO COMPLY and subjected to demeaning and dehumanizing procedures designed to "put you in your place" (break your spirit), thrown in jail for an undetermined time, your family cannot get you out (too poor), likely beaten to "put you in your place" or "teach you a lesson", and when you come before a (white and rich) judge, you are sentenced to a longer time behind bars AND YOU COMPLIED!!!!! So, why comply? FOLKS WAKE UP!!! You say this can't happen, ask any poor black person. I have known too many of them. Known and worked for cops, too.

    I am tired of cops doing bad things and every other cop, cop wannabe, cop jock sniffer and cop groupie defending him. Both my dad's brothers were cops. One, I am sure was honest. The other, well... The thing is, if you are a cop, deputy, constable, trooper, whatever, I want you to know, I (and everybody you stop) is a taxpayer. YOU WORK FOR US! You have taken an oath! To protect and serve! You knowingly took a job where your life is in danger daily. Get over yourself! Plus, every cop who covers up for a rouge or dirty cop (you do, don't you? - I worked in a cop shop, I know) is dirty too, even if s/he is "honest" otherwise. I was told by a supervisor "cops don't write cops tickets". Blue Religion, Blue Brotherhood, Blue Silence, Blue Bullcrap. If you cover for a dirty cop, or even ignore it, you are to blame.

    It is time and past time for cop shops and officers to stop doing chicken crap stops. If your jurisdiction wants you to write tickets, and you are pressured by administration or superiors to do so, COMPLAIN! Go to your union. These citizens you are pulling over for CS stuff (broken tallight, whatever) could be alerted by the DMV by email or letter, there is no need in this day to pull them over and endanger your precious life. Your jurisdiction needs to stop using trained law enforcement to make money, as Furgeson MO did. Google "Ferguson uses police to make money". All jurisdictions do, the police get a kickback, and everybody is happy, right? Wrong! The poor citizens you stop to get money for the rich Whitebread mayor and city council are NOT happy, and resent the Hell out of you! Those people often canot afford to pay the ticket, often cannot afford to go to court (the city gets money from the state when they go to jail), and certainly cannot afford to pay a lawyer to fight a CS ticket. AND YOU HAVE THE GALL TO WONDER WHY THEY DON'T LIKE YOU???

    Oh, and your life. When you go to work for the police, you have to know that your life is in danger every time you walk out your door. Get used to it. If I am in a grocery store and someone pulls a knife on me and I shoot him/her, I am an ordinary citizen, scared for my life, and have no way of knowing how to combat a knife but with a gun, and should not need to know. You, as a police officer, should. You should be issued a Taser (you are, aren't you? Time to talk about it!) you reach for BEFORE your pistol, you have training in how to disarm people with knives, baseball bats, any number of weapons; I know, I have taken cop training.

    Police in the old days were formed, like the Sheriff of Nottingham, to protect the rich and royal from the poor and rebellious. Those days are long gone, and the modern policeman needs to be aware of this. A cop should have a higher standard of behavior, they should be held to it, should be subjected to civilian oversight (as is the Military), and should have carefully controlled rights.


  1. John Oliver's Avatar John Oliver

    Hi its john o from the uk.Just seen on bbc news over here about riots in ferguson today.Do your us police learn nothing from their mistakes.See yet another shooting in dodgy circumstances.Checked figures over here for most militarised police ever which was ruc (northern ireland police) in the troubles between 1968-to now,still going on but on a lot smaller scale.355 ruc officers killed,plus 119 reserves,and 5 members psni (replacement force) since 1997.Civilians shot by police 56 over 40 year period.Police backed by 10000 army and 10000 reserves in a population of 1.45 million.My point is that even in the middle of a war zone that lasted 40 years,the death toll was lower than in the usa.May I respectfully suggest that the way to stop fergusson and all the massive spree shootings etc is that the usa should become like the rest of the world,and BRING IN GUN CONTROL.if you didnt have every crook,psycho,gangsta,man with a grudge carrying a gun then perhaps you wouldnt have a trigger happy police force.Also over here in the uk we have very tight laws on reports,restricting racial /inflamatory comments,and reports on criminal cases etc.This can help reduce the lynch mob mentality you have in the usa.In short total gun access+trigger happy people/police+inflamatory "free speech"=what you got today.Not saying uk is better in many respects,but damm sight safer than accross the pond.Regards John O (uk).

  1. Rev. David Wight's Avatar Rev. David Wight

    I am truly saddened by both the tragic loss of life and by the comments of both the writer of the article and the posters of comments.

    It is always sad when a life is lost, no matter the circumstances, and I pray for the family and loved ones of Mr. DuBose and also for Officer Tensing and his family and friends.

    But I am as much troubled by the way in which the article is written and by the exchange of comments submitted. Both exhibit deep hatred, negativity, and single-mindedness from people who are supposedly kind, compassionate, and level headed individuals.

    Some commenters choose to see the video one way, some choose to see it another. Each brings his or her own past experiences and prejudices to the table when viewing the video. But regardless of the view one has, we should not be calling each other "disgusting", "ignorant", or a "hate mongering prick".

    The Universal Life Church should be better than to allow this article to be posted as written. It has done nothing more than ignite hate and negativity instead of nurturing peace and healing. Name calling does not benefit anyone or further their cause.

    This should be a forum for goodness, not evil. How about we instead harness this intense energy and try to make changes for the better. With efforts channeled in a positive direction, maybe such tragic incidents as this may become less frequent. I pray that they do.

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