Pope Francis has taken a hard-line stance against Catholic women in leadership positions.
Despite his reputation as a progressive pontiff, Pope Francis made it clear Tuesday: women will never become priests in the Catholic Church.

The Question

Well, Pope Francis certainly didn't beat around the bush. Earlier this week, a reporter posed a question to the pontiff.

Reporter: "Is it realistic to think that there might be women priests also in the Catholic Church in the next few decades?"
Pope: "No."
Reporter: "Never?"
Pope: "If we read carefully the declaration made by St. John Paul II, it goes in that direction."

So, there you have it. Pope Francis who has made headlines by breaking from papal tradition and has supported numerous progressive policies is unwilling to budge on this major issue. Earlier this year, the pope raised many people's hopes when he said he would consider allowing women to become deacons a step below priesthood. Some saw this as a signal that Pope Francis may authorize female priests at some point in the future. However, this week's comments seem to have settled the issue. For Catholic women with aspirations to join the Church leadership, becoming a priest remains a pipe dream.

"Not in God's Plan"

When he answered the reporter's question, Francis was referring to a 1994 letter by Pope John Paul II. In it, he notes that Jesus chose men alone to be his apostles a line often used to argue that women are inherently unqualified. The former pope went on to declare that "the exclusion of women from the priesthood is in accordance with God's plan for his Church."

Critics point out that this statement reflects a pattern of behavior by the Catholic Church. Whenever the Church is challenged to rethink a policy whether it's gay marriage, female priesthood, or some other "blasphemous" act the same line of reasoning is used: it's not in God's plan. Critics argue this is a weak and tired excuse. They allege that the Church is hiding from progress behind a barrier of false assertions about God's will. "Since God does not approve, the Church cannot be expected to" so the saying goes. However, some are beginning to wonder if this strategy for combating change is sustainable long-term.

Female Priests? Never, Says Pope Francis
The Old Boys' Club

Catholic Women Fed Up

To many Catholic women, these arguments have ceased to be convincing. In their eyes, Church leadership is an Old Boy's Club using "God's will" as an excuse to avoid ceding any power to the opposite sex. Some women insist this is blatant discrimination, and they're starting to ask questions: how long must we wait to be considered equal by the Church? Are we not worthy of receiving the same opportunities to serve the Church as men?

Church Responds

In response to claims they are anti-feminist, the Catholic leadership has attempted to explain their reasoning. Real feminism, they say, means embracing the notion of "complementarity": an idea that the Church is best served by men and women having different, but complementary roles. Men are better fit for leadership positions, but women play an important part by helping the Church in other ways. In the 1994 letter, John Paul II was adamant that this official position "cannot mean that women are of lesser dignity, nor can it be construed as discrimination against them."

But in the eyes of many women, that's precisely what it is.

A female priest in the Church of England
The Church of England allows female priests

Papal Disappointment

Pope Francis has taken a hard position on this issue, and obviously has the backing of Vatican leadership. However, many rank-and-file Catholics feel differently. To them, gender equality is a pressing issue and stands out as a glaring dark spot on Francis's otherwise stellar résumé as a progressive reformer. Although the pope has pledged to expand the role of women in Catholicism, every time the issue arises he seems to back the status quo leaving even some of his most enthusiastic supporters disappointed.


To be fair, only 11 percent of religious congregations in the U.S. are led by female priests, and the Catholic Church is far from the only religious organization wrestling with the question. However, Catholicism is the most prominent religious denomination in the United States encompassing 22 percent of Americans. Given the Church's popularity, it's refusal to entertain the idea of women as priests surely has an impact.

Some argue that allowing women a path to priesthood would be an effective strategy to challenge the Church's reputation as a male-dominated and backward thinking organization. It could also help to boost membership during a time when churches are struggling to keep their pews full. Clearly, though, Francis and his Vatican colleagues view the situation differently. Where do you stand? Should women be permitted to enter priesthood, or is Pope Francis right to stand his ground? Is the Catholic Church anti-woman?



  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    It is not true that the only disciples of Jesus were men. Pope Francis is forgetting Mary Magdalene. She was also a disciple although somewhat less important than the others.

    1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

      The Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls now collectively published as the Gnostic Bible, offers a different view of Eve, that of a hero. Augustine of Hippo and Clement of Rome advocated the roll of the female as subordinate, and removed the DIVINE FEMININE from our spiritual teachings with the Pauline Doctrine which teaches a sexually conservative approach Through the Pauline Doctrine Where "PHYSICAL LOVE" is denounced as a "LUST" and that the female is inherently evil due to Original Sin. So Mary Magdalene is only given a minor role in the story of Jesus. If you take the time to read the Gnostic Bible, you will find that Mary Magdalene is actually quite outspoken as a disciple, and offers more insight than do the other apostles. So Now we have a popular religion that is absolutely devoid of the Divine Feminine, Goddess worship ( Symbolized by the Moon) is UNKNOWN, and unfortunately so because Goddesss worship is the WAY to the RAPTURE. If mankind doesn't get Goddess Worship back in vogue and return the divine feminine to her former glory, then the Earth ( Our Mother ) is in trouble. Because we as the consciousness of the earth will remain fragmented, and we will lose or moon, and thus our Mother Earth. This is the same Pope that believes that mysticism should be brought back to the Catholic Church, well you can't have mysticism without the divine feminine, and you can't have the rapture either. The real "WAY" is in your imagination, follow the Blissful Joy of your fantasies and be brave enough to follow the God/Goddess within and not the man without

      1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

        http://phys.org/news/2014-06-moon.html The same spiritual technology that built the pyramids can be used to keep our planets moon in good orbit and asteroids ( Apophis 2036) from slamming into the planet and returning us to the stone are in a mater of seconds. Only by harnessing again, the energy of the Goddess can we achieve these great things for our Gaia, and return the feminine part of humanity back to her respected and powerful position as a Goddess. Goddess worship and Tantra is my forte, I try to teach these disciplines to brave hearts when I can get enough of them together, who can keep the energy "UP" and moving "UP" and not bring it down, because that upsets the group. We are running short on time and have to move fast or Gaia will lose her stability, and US along with it. The end times predictions forecast the likelihood of the entire population not making it to Christ Consciousness and mankind's end do to cataclysmic events which are just now being scientifically predicted.

      2. Joanne's Avatar Joanne


    2. cindirs's Avatar cindirs

      The Pope has every right to stand his ground. He is authority on the Catholic Church. For a website that is supposedly promoting unity, you certainly post a negative and degrading picture of God's chosen. (i.e. he-man woman haters club...) I'd listen to Him more and research the Popes reasoning more thoroughly before judging. Find the common ground as Pope is promoting and realize that it is for the purpose of unity and not division as you are trying to incite.

      1. Rev. Rene's Avatar Rev. Rene

        Religions, if you follow history, follow up on local custom when an area or country was in the process of becoming " indoctrinated". There was always a secondary, supporting your men only, role for women in the Roman republic. Not until the Justinian period was there a move for priests to become celibate, which has been described as "The most unusual perversion". Until we can value women as equal participants in all functions of the human existence, and stop forcing our church leaders to live as castrated or perverted humans we can not expect a change in outlook for our churches future, and continued decay and loss will follow!

        1. cindirs's Avatar cindirs

          Thank you for the information Dr. It was interesting about the Justinian period. However, You say "Until we can value women as equal participants in all functions of the human existence,".... IMO, God created us to compliment one another. If he wanted us to be "equal participants in all functions of human existence" He would have created men with capabilities of giving birth.

      2. Carol Amina's Avatar Carol Amina

        I would agree if I were Catholic or even Christian. I think the Pope is the head of his church and if a person is not in agreement with his rules they are free to leave his church. Same as any church or religion one chooses to participate in. As long as the "church" or "Christians", Muslims, Jews etc... dont try to make people like me follow there teachings and rules Im cool.
        Women who chose to be in the Catholic/Christian faith accept that what they teach is what they signed on for and if they dont like it leave. I did!

        1. Minister Angela Mary's Avatar Minister Angela Mary

          As a young child, I was told what religion to practice, I had no choice, we were taught it was against the Catholic church to even visit another church ( religion) As a women I known there is so much to learn. I think sharing your religious knowledge is what we need to do regardless of gender.

      3. pastorrichard13's Avatar pastorrichard13

        I find a good many of the blogs are twisted about like the media does for sensationalism and to get people stirred up. That's what sells.....

    3. Rev. Robert L Weldon Sr.'s Avatar Rev. Robert L Weldon Sr.

      I have no problem with women being a Priest or a Pastor. Yet, you need to relook at what was said by the Pope. He actually stated that Jesus chose men alone to be his apostles. Although some of His disciples were women, Jesus only chose men!

    4. Rev. Nancy Willingham's Avatar Rev. Nancy Willingham

      I was in the convent for 4 years. I may be the only x Catholic who still loves the church. Like I love Santa, but just don't believe in him. There are many good arguments to be made against many of the Church's teachings. Like the ban on birth control, or "there is no salvation outside the Church" thing, two examples of absolutely heartless doctrines. The Catholic god is a monster. (Not to single out the Church, there are many religions promoting a gleeful celebration of eternal damnation for people they don't like.) Still, if the pope caves on too many progressive issues, it just would not be the Catholic Church any more. Some people need what it has to offer. When I was in it, I was happy. I just grew out of it. Religion is about rules, and spirituality is about personal experience, IMHO. Dogmatism v. mysticism. But, no pope has spoken "ex cathedra" (claiming infallibility) on the issue of female priests, so it is still possible. Some time in the future. One of my sister friends still in our order is the brilliant administrator of a Catholic Archdiocese. She is running it and the archbishop is a figurehead, like the relationship between the Prime Minister and the queen of England (sexual roles reversed in this example!). So, bottom line, the Pope does not hate women and I don't hate the church, I just want to be here for those seeking support on their spiritual path.

      1. Susan's Avatar Susan

        Good for you! God bless.

    5. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

      Wrong..Mary Magdalene was not "somewhat less important" than the others. Her role was downgraded hundred of years later by the men who either imagined their versions of what happened, or re-wrote what really transpired. Mary Magdalene played a pivotal role in the events of that time. As for the current pope, he is all show. Dig deep and you will find that rampant misogyny is alive and well at the Vatican...to its detriment.

      1. flugo's Avatar flugo

        Bob, you don't know the Bible.

        Mary has a significant place in the Scriptures. God didn't choose her because she was special. She's special because He chose her.

        Mary is a sinner like the rest of us. Romans 3:23

        Mary acknowledged her need of a Savior. Luke 1:47

        It is blasphemous to pray to Mary, NO place in the Bible are we permitted to do so. You'll get more results by praying to a fence post!

        It's sin to worship Mary. You might as well idolize lump of concrete. The Bible forbids the worship of anyone/anything but our Lord.

        Your eternal well being is at stake. Believe the Word of God, NOT church teachings and tradition!

        1. Susan's Avatar Susan

          Mary, the mother of Jesus, is not Mary Magdalene. The Bible is not quite as sacrosanct as you think. The Books of the New Testament were chosen from over 20 texts by Iraneus in the second century. Nothing is written in stone.

    6. Pat Neary's Avatar Pat Neary

      I truly believe that having women priests could enhance the Roman Catholic ministry!!! I have twittered the Pope, multiple times, over allowing women to become ordained priests! There's no directly specific negation, of this, so stated, in the KJV. Times have since changed,...since the time of Christ,...as well as the culture,...it is high time to allow women to fully be integrated into the total functions of the R. Catholic Church! If I was Pope,...I'd permit women to be ordained!

    7. James Chamberlain's Avatar James Chamberlain

      If Roman Catholics choose to exercise their faith in a certain manner – it is their RIGHT to do so. Fancy the organization once run up on charges for mail order ordaining a dog now casting stones at an organization which has fought for, an won their religious freedom and has been practicing for over 2,000 years. I thought the idea was – if it’s not for you, then leave the Roman Catholic Church, join the Universal Life Church where anything goes, then everyone is FREE to exercise their CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED rights and privileges under law. Not, now we have started our group over here so we can throw stones at your religion over there. Grow up.

      1. cindirs's Avatar cindirs

        I totally agree with your post Mr Chamberlian.

  1. DrTony's Avatar DrTony

    Personally, I am a little disappointed that he said that (note - I am not a Catholic so the idea of women in the clergy is a part of my thinking) but I also think that he is walking a fine line between the progressive changes he would like to make and the archaic dinosaurs who still dominate the Vatican. Watch what happens when the makeup of the College of Cardinals changes to a younger, more progressive group.

  1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

    I have studies the catholic system for years they were nearly destroyed for their murderoous ways the European governments stripped them of every penny once the gig was up . 1900 years of evil men finall cane to a pinpoint when people became informed . Could not care less about these child rapist and I hope they collapse forever , sorry the leaders of this faith are cruel vicious freaks .

  1. angel's Avatar angel

    Well, the way I see it, it's a man's religion that was created in a man's world. Christianity as a whole is based on the beliefs and practices of Middle Eastern countries. Jesus, his disciples, and ever person in the Bible lived in this world so it's easy to see why the teachings would also continue with these traditions. I think it's ironic, however, alot of Christians who are fighting for womens right in this culture and is so against the beliefs that include suppression of women, yet continue to follow religions that are rooted in these traditions:) Anyway's, it's still a man's religion in a progressive society and so people have choices, continue with the mens religion and follow it, or find a different path. And it's not just about gender suppression, they practiced alot of things in those days that are either obsolete or right out evil in our eyes now aday's. Why? because this was part of Jesus's culture and traditions. To deny these traditions is to deny the person you follow, or at least a huge part of him. And to deny him, all of them, then you have nothing left other then a "false God" the people create. And I think the Pope understands this. There is a fine line between religion and spirituality. Religions are created with one specific interpretation and idealization. So, to be a part of that religion requires you to also follow that ideation, otherwise your not following that religion. The Pope's job isn't to conform to the people, his job is to make sure that the religion stays the same way that it was created and originally intended it to be, while balancing modern day laws. Does it mean that women can't be priests? No, but it does mean they probebly will never be a Catholic Priest ordained by the Catholic Church, with the Pope's blessing:) And it has nothing to do with the Pope's personal beliefs, but has everything to do with his job as maintaining the integrity of the religion itself. In short, this has nothing to do with God and everything to do with the church's politics :)

    1. Susan's Avatar Susan

      Absolutely true! The Patriarchal societies of the Middle East have indeed engendered male dominated religious practices and Catholicism is no exception. The Pope is absolutely doing his job in maintaining the status quo. Unfortunately, this will probably mean a mass exodus of women from the Catholic Church--as well it should.

      1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

        The Teachings of Mohammad were collected after his death and burned. There was competition between 5 groups to get their man to be the new Calif. Marwan, the mayor of the ancient Saudi Arabian City of Medina burned Mohammad's Koran, and wrote his own, In the same manner that Constantine Caesar at the Counsel of Nicea determined what doctrines were going to be in the New Testament. Any Doctrines not accepted by the Counsel of Nicea was banned and possession of banned doctrine was punishable by death. It is not "THE MIDDLE EAST" that in and of it's self that created Religious Patriarchy. It was the Roman Empire. The Caesars wanted to be considered the only Sons of Apollo, so there was no more room for another son of God. The Divine Feminine is VERY POWERFUL, and there is little room for in the EGO of the POLITICAL ELITE for a DIVINE FEMALE. So you see the Christian and Islamic systems are both Patriarchal for the same reason, the Son's of Mars want it that way. Men cannot maintain political "CONTROL" over the divine. Especially the Divine Feminine. Mary Magdalene played a very important role, Jesus could not be Jesus with his Mary. MOREOVER, Sexuality plays a VERY IMPORTANT role in WORSHIP. Anyone know what that role is? NO, WHY NOT! Because it was removed by the POLITICIANS in ancient times. The current Humanity is going to lose the Planet, because of this lack of spiritual direction. ( Apophis 2036 or when the Moon ( symbol for the Goddess ) leaves us. When that happens, life on the planet will cease to exist. The Spiritual technology that built the great pyramids can protect the planet from Apophis and keep the moon in orbit, without Goddess worship, you can forget discovering that technology, and KISS YOUR PLANET GOODBYE! So now your in a corner, your life is going to be lost, because your paying your coin to Kharon (/ˈkɛərɒn/ or /ˈkɛərən/; Greek Χάρων) is the ferryman of Hades who requires it.

  1. Jessica Martini's Avatar Jessica Martini

    Well... That's why there are other denominations to choose from.

  1. Chad's Avatar Chad

    It's a belief system. One either subscribes to that religion's beliefs or they do not. Reinterpretation of how it translates is one thing, but it doesn't make sense to me why people would want to change an established religion. If that religion's beliefs don't seem right to you, then it's not for you. The idea of Christianity and many other belief systems throughout this world is that it's based on true historic and supernatural accounts - not by worldly parishioners and their votes or consensus.

    What that means to me is that I don't personally subscribe to Catholicism. I believe that it has always been highly political and less of a purely scripture based church. But I respect their right to believe what, in their hearts, spirits, and minds, is the true Word of God.

    1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

      The truth is the truth, reality is reality it is not opinion, The Holy Roman Catholic was the Official Church of the STATE. The Romans wanted a belief system that brought Peace ( Control ) to their empire. The Old Testament was built by King Josiah of Jerusalem in the 6th century BC after the Babylonians invaded Israel. The Exodus to Judah ( where Jerusalem was situated in the ancient world ) brought the Israelite Jews to Judah. King Josiah believed that if eliminated Hebrew Polytheism ( including Goddess Asherah the wife of Yahweh ) and worshiped Yahweh and only Yahweh, then the Hebrews would defeat the Babylonians in battle. Well the battle between the two powers became one of the most brutal defeats of Jewish history ( next to the Roman Razing of Jerusalem in 66 AD ). It is very important to know how the bible became before calling it the Word of God. The spiritual teachings have become corrupted for political gain

  1. Carol Amina's Avatar Carol Amina

    I find most main stream religions to be The Patriarchal. My feeling is this. If I want the right to practice my own faith and believe in a way that fits best for me then I have to challenge myself to allow others the same right! Its hard sometimes for me. I do not agree with any faith teaching that excludes people based on gender, sexuality, and so on. I don't condone excluding people yet isn't real freedom based on each one being able to practice as they see fit? This being said I have to allow the Catholic Church alone with other Christian Churches to do there thing. Within there walls that is. Keeping religion out of the government is on the top of my list.
    This lets people have equal access in my eyes.
    Just my feelings on the subject. If you don't like they way a Church group believes then move on and find one you do or like me stay independent.

    1. Minister Norman's Avatar Minister Norman

      ABSOLUTELY Carol Amina...

      Couldn't agree more!

      I was born into and raised Catholic, but walked away before being "Confirmed" at 13.

      Just too many things I disagreed with and could not accept.

      I never looked back... Though some of that Dogma sticks to your ribs. LOL...!

      I agree with you completely: Let the rivers flow along their own chosen course; just so long as they don't impede or try to damn/dam my own path.

    2. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

      Religion is Government, the greatest COO of the Roman Empire was to drop the sword, and evoke the spirit of men. Control without less brutality, but a political tool none-the-less. Spirituality is not Religion, spirituality is about growing into Godhood, about becoming divine, like an angel. Try going with experience instead of belief. In fact forget you know anything at all. Let life take you by the hand and show you. Most people don't get into heaven because they "Know" too much. So they think themselves out of the Pearly Gates.

      1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

        Correction Control with less brutality. ( we need an Edit button here )

    3. Reverend Robert's Avatar Reverend Robert

      I too was raised Catholic, elementary, High Scool and Catholic College. My family no longer follows the religion for many reasons, but continues to admire all the good works of the Church...it is not much different than all the rest. On the subject of women, I am certain that the Church will have women priestess in future. The church is like a giant ship navigating the turbulent waters...baby steps, slow as you go so you do not risk listing too far and losing half your passengers.

  1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

    Is it only me or does being agnostic or atheist get more appealing every time a religious head steps up and sticks there feet in their mouths, no woman, but its okay to have 10 year alter boys squealing like pigs from unwanted abuse, yeah real 21st century thinking here popester.

  1. Kirk's Avatar Kirk

    Adam was made from a handful of dirt. Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs. The mother of Jesus, Mary, is venerated way above Joseph. The Catholic Church cannot have more than one Mary, but it can have a lot of Josephs, one of which is Pope Francis protecting the church. If you cannot accept this as fact, then you were given free choice, just don't "bite the apple!"

    1. Dr.Shaman's Avatar Dr.Shaman

      Eve was Adam's Daughter sired by God and Adam, don't bite the apple, eat it instead, the serpent is Wisdom

  1. pastorrichard13's Avatar pastorrichard13

    As a Christian, Non- Catholic, I have no issue with Women becoming Priests. That being said however, The Catholic Church has been going strong for almost 2000 years. With 1.2 Billion believers I suppose that it has something going for it. If I am not mistaken the Holy Mother is most venerated among all in the Catholic Church. Being a Theology student I have had to do a great deal of research in the past year, and have found that in this age " New Christians" are of the belief on average, that they wish stability within the Church structure. Many denominations within Christianity have been changing their doctrines to satisfy Social issues i.e. Gay marriage, female Priests, and Gay Clergy. There are a growing number of denominations and break away Churches namely Episcopalian and Ultra Conservative Anglican who will not bow down to social pressure in the same lines as the Catholic Church. Although they do allow Female Priests, and their Priests to marry. I for one am glad to see Churches standing firm in their doctrine. I personally leaving my "Becoming Liberal" Anglican Church for the newer Ultra Conservative Anglican ( Anglican Churches in North America). They will not change their doctrine for social issues and their numbers are growing. I think that Christians world wide are seeing the drastic breakdown in moral fiber of this world we live in and feel it's time to put on the breaks!

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    Doctrine has always been based on social issues. Catholic priests were not forbidden to marry until 1139, which means that for the majority of its history, the Church did not prescribe celibacy. This had to do with preserving Church property, not morality.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Like any other organized religion, the Roman Catholic Church can make whatever rules and regulations they choose to impose on their membership. That is their right. In the case of forbidding women clergy, that is also their loss. They seem to forget that the very first person to consecrate the body and blood of their Savior was a woman. Hail Mary seems to have been set aside in any discussion of female clergy these days. More is the pity.

  1. Frank Villari's Avatar Frank Villari

    Perhaps it would be wise to leave that door opened a crack, your Holiness. Being definitive in the negative seems to always bite us in the derriere. Better to say, "Maybe... someday, but I wouldn't hold your breath."

    1. Susan's Avatar Susan

      Nicely said.

    2. pastorrichard13's Avatar pastorrichard13

      I'll go along with that..

  1. Paul R Walsh's Avatar Paul R Walsh

    The Catholic Church have always been a bunch of Hypocrites, not allowing women into their church is just another form of a double standard imposed by Rome, WAKE UP POPE FRANCIS IT'S 2016 not the Middle Ages

  1. Baffy Morningstar's Avatar Baffy Morningstar

    The PR Pope shows his true nature.

  1. Paul R Walsh's Avatar Paul R Walsh

    Well it's just another example of Catholic double standard not female priests but keep male priests that molest children.

  1. Dark Gray's Avatar Dark Gray

    I guess this is what you get when you claim that you're infallible, or at least "infallible when you want to be". You're stuck with whatever your infallible predecessors said, regardless of how narrow-minded and pigheaded they may have been. Because, you know, they were infallible.

  1. John Rutt obl.osb's Avatar John Rutt obl.osb

    Dear Confrers, I, as an adult convereted to Roman Catholicism, over the past almost 40 years as a member of the Catholic Church I, have recently come to the conclusion that the Hierarch of the Catholic Church, from Pope Francis, to the local Ordinalrs (bishops), priests, etc., are terrified of the "power" (read "lust") that they(women) will corrupt men! How childish,, and outragedly silly! All of us, women/men are created equal and by the creative powers of the Almighty! it is useless to ever expect the Pope, and Bishops to ever allow women to be ordained priest! Wake up, Ladies! One might as well expect the sun and moon to stop shining! It a'int agoona happen, pals! Get on w/ your life, Ladies! Join a Church that does ordain women: The Episcopal Ch, the ELCA Lutheran Ch, Jewish Housess of Worship, the Bah'ia Religion, the ULC/ULC the monastery, etc! May Almighy God Continue to Bless You and Yours! Most Cordially, In the Power and Glory of God, +Mar Athanaqsios-Makarios-Benoit Rutt osb(aka: John Rutt obl.osb) "We are judged by our footprints!'.--Lakota saying

  1. MardiShakti (@MardiShakti)'s Avatar MardiShakti (@MardiShakti)

    WOMEN should not want to merge with The Patriarchy that destroys the world: The Male-God Programme is inherently damaging, and is inextricably tied to "The Law" - which is essentially a MIND CONTROL; not to mention the Catholic Church is notorious for paedophilia: it is NOT a vehicle for The True God. - in fact, quite the opposite of god.

    The etymology of cathedral is traced back to "womb".

    The vesics piscis-shaped doors are a reflection of the Sacred Geometry of the vagina: The Portal Between the Worlds.

    Church/Temples are a "Goddess Space"; a Sanctuary for timelessness, eternity, and rebirth. Mary Magdalene was intended to be the first "pope" of Jesus' teachings. In Aramaic, the same word I used for both "prostitute", and "most beloved".

    And "Magdala" means "Fortress", while Goddess Durga of the Hindu pantheon's name means: "Fort".

    Women should not want to associate with The House of the Feminine taken-over by the Masculine; it's poison.

  1. Kathleen Baird's Avatar Kathleen Baird

    St. Paul made his dislike and jealousy of Mary Magdalene very clear throughout the New Testament with comments chiding Jesus for the time He spent with her and any actions he deemed preferential toward her. Whether or not you find the premise of The DaVinci Code possible, Paul's attitude, after the Crucifixion, fixed the course of the Church on the exclusion of ANY woman in a position of equality. That the jealousy and dislike of one man should continue to be an acceptable attitude for more than 2000 years would be laughable if it weren't for the misery, lack of respect and exclusion from equality that was eagerly embraced by any man who felt threatened by the idea that a woman could ever be his equal or could ever be anything but powerless in their image of "God's Will". This Pope is not as progressive or fair-minded as Catholics believed.

  1. William J. Lewis's Avatar William J. Lewis

    First, I believe the Pope's answering a reporter with the old standby it better than some new Idea that he may have. Reporters sensationalize believe it or not. Secondly, all too often, at least in the states, think we are the center of the universe. Catholics in the US are a tiny minority of the Roman Catholic church on earth. A Pope has to do the best he can for all the church not just the US contingent. Telling any, reporter, the future of Catholicism, may not be the best way to communicate anything to the world.

  1. Rebecca's Avatar Rebecca

    So what if we look at this as a way for the Catholic Chirch to keep their power over the people. From the standpoint of universal outlook there is a huge shift in the world right now. The divine feminine energy must rise up in order to shift this planet. We have been stuck in male energy far to long and humanity and the planet is out of balance. For if the Catholics allow women to be priest that would shift the whole mindset of congregations and that is fear from the head of the church. Gods will is to love all and not judge. Just as Jesus loved Mary Magdelene for who she was. Man has misread and misinterpreted the true meaning of the messages sent from God to fit their own agenda of greed judgement and control. An excuse of God Will to hold onto something that themselves fear. The world right now is in a state of flux and our outcome is based on us. For when we can change how we perceive the world we also change the dream of this planet So the church stands no women. I stand on that women need to stop fighting fitting into this mans world and step into the gifts god gave us love compassion understanding nurturing forgiveness and acceptance of all. Living in that space will change everything.

  1. Nicholas's Avatar Nicholas

    If women choose to stay with the Catholic Church then they are accepting that they are not equal and never will be. It's on themselves and no one else that they never achieve equal treatment. You can leave the church and still believe in it principles and teaching. Even start a new church, Martin Luther did.

  1. Warren Taylor's Avatar Warren Taylor

    Well of course after all the soft positions he took, he had to take a hard one.

  1. Caroline McCord's Avatar Caroline McCord

    I was raised Catholic and all of my life I have had one kind of argument or another with the priests about the Catholic faith. Personally I don't think that a woman should be a Catholic priest as I feel that it would be wrong in as such she would be lowering herself and it is a certainty that she would be ostracised and would become a victim of all kinds due to the misogynistic and patriarchal structure that is the Catholic Church. If you want to see sheer sex discrimination and even more proof that the Catholic Church is not in favour of women have a look at the Knights of St Columba- NO WOMEN ALLOWED. As for Pope Francis, what do you expect from the head of one of the world's largest religions which insists on even the poorest Catholic contributing to the famous collection plate and who never will meet the "Holy Father" yet this same "Holy Father" takes 12 members of the most violent and bloodthirsty cults that is Islam to live in the Vatican with him,he even had suites decorated for those muslims to live in. The Catholic church is a joke and it's clergy all the way up to Pope don't care about their own worshippers a fact that said worshippers should remember on Sunday when the collection plate is passed round.

  1. Ina Mitchell's Avatar Ina Mitchell

    Women no, but pedophiles okay?

  1. bigrik1's Avatar bigrik1

    We either believe in unity or we do not. I thought the idea here was to be open and understanding of all beliefs yet most of the posts I see border on hate speech. So does that mean we are only open and accepting to people who agree with us? If you don't agree with the views of the Catholic Church don't become a member.

    1. Carol Amina's Avatar Carol Amina


  1. Rev. Ida M. Grossi, M.Div's Avatar Rev. Ida M. Grossi, M.Div

    "There are essentially two texts in which a case could be made for women deacons in the New Testament—Romans 16:1 and 1 Tim 3:11.

    In Rom 16:1, Phoebe is called a “servant of the church of Cenchrea.” This word, ‘servant,’ is what is occasionally translated as ‘minister,’ or less often as ‘deacon.’ It is used 29 times in 27 verses in the NT: as mere ‘servant’ in Matt 20:26; 22:13; 23:11; Mark 9:35; 10:43; John 2:5, 9; 12:26; Rom 13:4 (twice); 15:8; 1 Cor 3:5; 2 Cor 6:4; 11:15 (twice), 23; Gal 2:17; 1 Tim 4:6. ‘minister’ in 2 Cor 3:6; Eph 3:7; 6:21; Col 1:7, 23, 25; 4:7; and as ‘deacon’ in Phil 1:1; 1 Tim 3:8, 12. At the same time, the cognate verb, ‘to serve’ (or ‘to wait on tables’) is found in 32 verses. The key text is Acts 6:2 which seems to set a pattern for the church, for here the apostles ask the congregation to choose seven men to wait on tables. Some students of scripture would argue that although the root DIAKON- (from which we get ‘deacon’; this root helps to form the noun ‘deacon’ as well as the verb ‘to serve’ and the noun ‘ministry’) was a general idea, once it was employed in Acts 6, it took on a new meaning—the technical idea of ‘deacon.’ The problem with this is twofold: (1) Two verses later (Acts 6:4), the apostles say that they will devote themselves “to the ministry (DIAKONIA) of the word.” Thus, if DIAKONEO means ‘to serve as deacon’ in v. 2, then its cognate should mean ‘the office of deacon’ in v. 4. And, of course, to claim such mitigates the very point that some people want to make of Acts 6:2. (2) Further, if the word-group became technical terms, then why are the majority of instances in the NT still used very generally? It seems that the better approach is to assume a non-technical nuance unless there are very clear contextual indicators otherwise.

    Some would indeed argue that there are clear contextual indicators in Rom 16. Their argument is that Phoebe is associated with a particular church, Cenchrea, and as such, would therefore be a deacon of that church. To be sure, deacons were associated with particular churches. Phil 1:1 makes that very clear, and 1 Tim 3:8 and 12 also imply such (since Paul was writing to Timothy while he was stationed in Ephesus). But although this may be a necessary requirement, is it sufficient? (Further, if we want to bring in the analogy of Acts 6 as giving us the first glimpse of the new ecclesiological pattern, we should note that these very ‘deacons’ spread the gospel far away from Jerusalem!) When one compares the description of Phoebe in Rom 16:1 to other texts, it is discovered that a few people are both associated with a particular church and are called by the same term. Note, for example, Epaphras, a man associated with the church in Colossians. In Col 1:7 he is called a DIAKONOS, yet no translation (that I know of) regards him as a deacon; in 1 Tim 4:6 Paul calls Timothy a DIAKONOS—and Timothy was associated with the church in Ephesus. But he obviously was not a deacon. So, why then should we call Phoebe a ‘deacon’? The term is thus rather flexible and it seems gratuitous to call Phoebe a deacon in Rom 16:7.

    Second, 1 Tim 3:11: This text does not even mention the word DIAKONOS.1 Rather, it used the word ‘women’ (or ‘wives’). It is wedged in the middle of a discussion of the qualifications for deacons (vv. 8-13). The argument that it refers to women deacons is precisely this: it is in the context of deacons."

  1. GM REEVE's Avatar GM REEVE


    1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

      GM has spoken and that's all there is to it. Such ranting nonsense.

  1. Kimberly's Avatar Kimberly

    I believe in equal rights I also believe in complimentary roles utilizing our differences and not assuming it means one is less than the other. Just because something is traditional does not always mean it is antiquated in working form. I am a liberal...study at CSL Seattle. I am open to many ways of doing things. I think we forget about ritual and traditional having a good side too. If a woman wants to be a Priest in a religion that has never had female priests...is it the fault of the church or their responsibility to change and to get with the times? And also to talk about Pope Francis like "ha ha look at the Pope...he seemed so liberal BUT"...is just negativity. People can hold up some traditions while still being open minded.

  1. Arnaldo Garcia's Avatar Arnaldo Garcia

    Usually the Catolich Church is antifeminist, is a bad thing because estill less members who can believe on it.

  1. unknown's Avatar unknown

    All about control,. There are areas that the pope needs to stay out of and concentrate his efforts on the failing, declining Catholic church. Not government, financial affairs etc-it's not the pope's job to interfere, it is his job to mind the church, even if it means getting with the times.This is no longer a double standard, do as I say, not as I do, no longer is acceptable. The church needs a leader in alignment with God, not by man made laws that suit them or their agenda-time to get back to basics! All people are God's teachers, that includes women!

  1. Julie's Avatar Julie

    Check out NDERF.com or IANDS.com. These are the two organizations that the worlds people post their near death, out of the body experiences on. These are real accounts of millions who have left their body and came back. Each are profoundly changed when they find out what we and God really are. Go straight to the source and get informed from many who have been to Heaven and other parts of Creation and are telling us what's there and what this means here on Earth. Almost ALL (even the Atheists, the Gnostics, the Agnostics, the Christians, the Islams, the I don't know what to believe, etc.) come back from the experience with 100% certainty that God, or total love, is real and that Religions and all of their rationales are man made. Many experiencers meet a profoundly loving light being they call Jesus or they name him whoever the Master is that they think walked the Earth according to their beliefs...he has no name, only what we give Him. All describe His features differently, it is each experiencer's highest interpretation of Perfect Beauty and Perfect Love. Each person is profoundly changed because they were not allowed to stay in the afterlife and had to come back to their bodies, many stay depressed for the rest of their lives because they all report that it is so indescribably loving, peaceful, and perfect where we go when we leave here...which is our real home, not the Earth with all of its pain, but where we came from and return to, it is incredibly spectacular from what millions report, so much so that we never get over having to come back here when we go there and are told we have to return here. Check out IANDS and NDERF and tell me what you think!

    1. Blake Aandressen's Avatar Blake Aandressen

      Awesome Commentary@ Keep Up The GOOD Work!

  1. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

    So I'm having trouble understanding the Catholic doctrine.so their more acceptable of gay preachers&gay marriage,but not women preachers?

    1. Carol Amina's Avatar Carol Amina

      Yeah and having sex with little boys is something that gets swept under the rug and the smoke screen is God. Hmmm

  1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

    All religions are human constructs designed to repress humans in one way or another. This edict against women priests is just another example .

  1. Revelym's Avatar Revelym

    In the keeping of Shabbat (Sabbath kept by Messiah) I understand it is the Woman of the house who leads the Family into keeping Yahweh's commandment. Lighting the candles, singing the prayer. Why would a woman need the validation of a "religion" when we are already "made worthy to serve" with this honor, alongside our spouse, that "no man can put asunder" = the vows taken before He-Who-Sent-Him, marriage vows.

  1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

    Won't Pope Frances be surprised to find out what is in God's plan - when the real truths are shared in a very short earthly period of time - by those who have be given HIS word directly.

  1. Ashala's Avatar Ashala

    You know, as a devout catholic woman, I absolutely agree with the Pope. I don't want to be a priest, nor should other women be priests either. I love how all these articles assume these angry feminists stances, in defense of someone like "me", when in actuality, the author is completely clueless about how most catholic women feel on the topic, which is traditionally minded. They act like they would join the church if these silly oppressions were done away with. Join the Anglicans, leave us and our traditions alone!

  1. Tasha N Shields's Avatar Tasha N Shields

    I don't view the Catholic Church at all anti-woman. Pope Francis has already proven his progressive thinking in other Church matters. I stand behind his decision, a proud Catholic woman. Women gave birth to original sin through defiance and deviance. Biblically, men are better fit to hold the highest positions of power. Women are not discriminated against. Honestly, it would be hypocritical of the church to allow female priests and continue to acknowledge the current premise of original sin and the validity of the events following throughout biblical history. Women are revered in Catholicism for many reasons, such as giving the gift of life. Our positions in the church are symbolic of our role as the vessel chosen to bring purity and light into a complicated and dark world.

  1. eliud colbath's Avatar eliud colbath

    Women were prist when our lord was here.I do belive the pope is wrong.Why can't women be prist?Women were a huge part of Christ ministry.I don't think our lord would have any objection.After all he created man and women equal.The pope .Ofcourse he follows tradition. GOD IS LOVNG AND JUST.He loves women equal to man.To discriminate against all they have done for the church. The pope should think and don't go by what he feels , but what is right in the eyes of God. Please dont follow tradition but God.I promise that if the catholic church makes women priest, the church will find new life.God bless you all.

  1. Ralph J Miller's Avatar Ralph J Miller

    If it's God's intention for them to be priest,then who are we to say no

  1. Colleen Kelly's Avatar Colleen Kelly

    As long as the church continues to put the ownership of land (big business) above helping it's followers and hides pedophiles and treats women as less than, I won't support it.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    The Pope is a head of a religion and nation that have always treated anyone not of his faith as 'going to Hell". . He puts women on the same level as Islam does. To bear children and say nothing. If there was a God, She would have drop this guy out of his mother within a week of him being conceived. This is the guy who wants to tell American women when they can piss and where.

    Someone should do the world a favor and give this guy Ebola along with those that back him up.

    Hell looks a lot closer all the time

  1. James Chamberlain's Avatar James Chamberlain

    If Roman Catholics choose to exercise their faith in a certain manner - it is their RIGHT to do so. Fancy the organization once run up on charges for mail order ordaining a dog now casting stones at an organization which has fought for, an won their religious freedom and has been practicing for over 2,000 years. I thought the idea was - if it's not for you, then leave the Roman Catholic Church, join the Universal Life Church where anything goes, then everyone is FREE to exercise their CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED rights and privileges under law. Not, now we have started our group over here so we can throw stones at your religion over there. Grow up.

  1. Carmela's Avatar Carmela

    had women been allowed to be ordained , they would never have kept the disgusting secrets that the male dominated priesthood kept, including pope francis. a woman would have blown the whistle on child pornography , pedaphilia and child abuse. women , bearers of children would not have allowed that to occur.

    minister carmela

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