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Many celebrities have publicly changed their faith.

Prominent progressive Twitter activist and former church pastor Shaun King made headlines over the weekend with his announcement that he and his wife had converted to Islam. 

“Together, we took Shahada and converted to Islam to start off Ramadan,” King wrote in a social media post. “It was a beautiful, powerful, meaningful day for us that we will never forget.”

shaun king
Shaun King

King is just the latest public figure to change his faith… but he’s hardly the first. From religious leaders to politicians to celebrities, scores of prominent people have had a change of faith throughout history. People have gained faith, lost faith, converted for marriage, and tried out several different religions to see what fits best. 

Here are just a few of the most notable religious conversions in recent (and not-so-recent) years, from faith leaders past and present, to modern day A-list celebrities and politicians.

Faith Leaders

Perhaps the most striking conversions happen when those who carry the baton for a faith or belief system change their minds about religion. 

Dan Barker

One of the most prominent shake ups in the world of faith in the late 20th century was the loss of faith of evangelical Christian pastor Dan Barker. Barker served as an evangelical pastor for 19 years, he spent two years in Mexico as a missionary, and he had his own mobile musical ministry. 

But over a period of five years, Barker “lost faith in faith,” as he puts it, and formally left the church in 1984. Now he, along with his wife, serves as co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, one of the most prominent secular activism groups in the world today.

Lee Strobel

On the other side of the coin, Lee Strobel is a notable case of a self-professed atheist who found God. A former Chicago Tribune journalist who was immensely skeptical of religion, Strobel set out to write a book disproving the validity of Christianity.

However, Strobel instead found the evidence in favor of Jesus, the resurrection, and the truth of Christian teachings to be overwhelming. He eventually converted and began serving as a pastor. 

Joshua Harris

Similarly, Joshua Harris, a prominent evangelical pastor who spearheaded much of 90s and early 00s purity culture with his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” renounced his Christian faith in 2019. Harris came to regret the harm he believes his book has done, and discontinued its publication.

Paul the Apostle

We’re going way back for the next one, but perhaps the most famous religious conversion of all time is Paul the Apostle. Regarded as “a Pharisee of Parisees,” Paul persecuted Christians like it was his job. But while on the road to Damascus, Paul saw a vision of the ascended Jesus in a blinding light. Paul spoke with the ascended Jesus, was blind for three days, and upon his recovery, quickly was baptized and became a follower of Christ.

Snoop Dogg
Paul's conversion may be the most famous of all time.


Whether for political gain or sincere change of heart, many politicians have changed their religious beliefs throughout their life.

George W. Bush

Former president George W. Bush says he found redemption through Jesus. While born into a Christian family, Bush says he lost sight of his faith in a wild youth full of hard drinking, etc.

Bush, however, claims that after a particularly nasty hangover the morning after his 40th birthday party, with the help of Billy Graham, he became born again. As president he was a favorite of evangelical leaders.

Ivanka Trump

Not all political conversions are to Christianity, however. The former senior advisor to President Trump – and his daughter – Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism in 2009 before her marriage to Jared Kushner, whose family is Modern Orthodox Jewish.

Bernie Sanders

On the other side of the aisle, Bernie Sanders has had a complicated relationship with his faith. Born Jewish, Sanders has often kept his faith close to the chest, but signs point to a conversion to secularism at some point. “It’s a guiding principle in my life, absolutely,” he said of his Jewish heritage. But he does not actively attend synagogue, and he’s stated he is “not actively involved in organized religion.”

Celebrities and Public Figures

Scores of actors, musicians, athletes, and public figures have converted throughout their careers.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, for example, has changed his faith several times in the last decade and a half. In 2009, Snoop announced he’d joined the Nation of Islam, though he didn’t give an exact date for his membership, so it’s possible he joined earlier.

However, in 2012, Snoop converted to Rastafarianism after a trip to Jamaica, changed his name to Snoop Lion and began making Reggae music, saying he believed he was “Bob Marley reincarnated.”

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg in the Snoop Lion era

In 2018, Snoop again converted, this time to Christianity. Snoop called himself “born-again,” and released a gospel album, “Bible of Love.”

Leah Remini

Raised in the Church of Scientology from childhood, Leah Remini was prominent in the organization before leaving in 2013 and converting to Catholicism. Now an outspoken critic of her former faith, Remini released a New York Times bestselling book critical of Scientology, as well as producing and starring in an A&E docu-series exposing elements of Scientology.

Mark Wahlberg

Former hip-hop artist Mark Wahlberg is a devout Catholic – he even starred in a recent Super Bowl commercial promoting Jesus – but though he was raised Catholic, he was not practicing as a youth. As a teen, Wahlberg committed several violent crimes, used racial epithets, and was arrested numerous times. He later said he found his own personal redemption through a renewed faith in Christ.

King Charles III

Some flirt with or seriously study other faiths, even if they never formally convert. Despite his position as head of the Church of England, King Charles III notably has a major interest in global faiths, and even caused controversy 30 years ago when he said as King he’d be a defender of all faiths, not just the faith. Charles has long been an advocate for promoting Islam in the West, arguing that it is wildly misunderstood.

“The generosity of spirit and kind-hearted hospitality of Muslims does not cease to astound me,” he said a few years ago, advocating that the world could learn from the charitable community spirit Muslims express during Ramadan. And just last year, Charles’ coronation invitation prompted some outrage for its use of the Green Man, a prominent Pagan symbol.

Changing Religions

From getting born-again, to trying out multiple religions to see what feels right, to struggling with faith entirely, everyone has their own, personal spiritual story, and these represent just a few of the paths one might take.

Some convert for marriage, some convert because they discover another belief system more accurately reflects their morals and beliefs, some lose their faith entirely.

Have your views on faith and religion shifted over the years? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Wayne Edward Kilmer's Avatar Wayne Edward Kilmer

    I couldn’t care less what famous people do

  1. Alexander Arends's Avatar Alexander Arends

    We should remember that the people in this article are just human, Some convert for practical reasons, others look for the light and found it. I too have been searching, ever since I was an adult. My journey as taken many twists and turns and to be quite honest, it is still ongoing in my late seventies.

  1. Gary Young's Avatar Gary Young

    Some of the greatest injuries to mankind have resulted from the desire to be part of something larger than ones self. This urge stems from a sense of individual insignificance, victim hood, desperation. Armies, Nationalism, Religion, wars and division, they all go "hand in hand". The act of surrendering to a higher power is an act of self negation, you surrender your consciousness/soul and become part of the collective. You have negated your individuation of consciousness. Every eternal soul is on its own unique journey, the reality you inhabit is determined by the way you relate to your "here". There is no higher power, you do not need to be governed and controlled, there are no gods or devils to blame, you are not a victim. You are responsible for your own self, take personal responsibility for your soul. Or give up because you're weak and lose yourself to a collective, then disappear one by one, just like the setting sun.

    1. Henry Ernest Beckmeyer's Avatar Henry Ernest Beckmeyer

      Beautifully said. Thank you. And, I concur.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    So what? Its their choice to decide on a religion or even no religion. But when they take it so far as to start degrading a religion because they dont like it after they joined it of their own free will, then thats another story. That is noting more then being childish and a crybaby. If you want to leave a religion, then do so. But to toss names and accusations at a religion while you are going out the door never to return, then you have proved that you are not even worth a conversation.

    1. Brien's Avatar Brien

      If someone is leaving a religion shouldn't they be able to say why? Why is it wrong to speak out against any religion? I never figured you would be against freedom of speech.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Why? All they need say is this was not the right one for them. If they praise the religion and leave anyway, then people are going to doubt them being truthful. And if they disparage the religion when they leave then people are going to think its nothing more then sour grapes and not trust them either.

        Not against freedom of speech, just think that as my old granny used to say, "make sure the statements you make are not going to come back and bite you in the future" Again all you need say is "this wasnt for me" or "I didnt fit in" and leave it at that, freedom of speech does not mean you need to give a soliloquy on ever action you do.

        1. Brien's Avatar Brien

          Sorry, I must disagree with you. If the "religion", or any other type of "belief" can't stand critical comments then it needs close scrutiny as to why. If the "belief" is of sound principles then it will survive. If not, then it will slowly die off just as many are doing now. Many "beliefs" have EARNED their bad reputations and as mankind evolves it is less willing to put up with it. If you don't like what is said, then don't listen to it as is your right to stick your head in the sand. Peace 🕊️

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            So you are now refusing to believe in fact and reality? good to know

            1. Brien's Avatar Brien

              No, I don't believe in your reality as it is mostly based on fiction. Again, just stick your head in the sand. Peace 🕊️

              1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                It clearly shows you dont believe in reality and fact

    2. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

      “… But when they take it so far as to start degrading a religion because they dont like it after they joined it of their own free will, then thats another story. That is noting more then being childish and a crybaby.”

      Ah, Greh has spoken. This is the way. Anyone that joins a club populated with The Delusional shall never speak ill of those members. Neither shall someone that buts a product warn others that ‘Hey, this product is crap’.

      I’m guessing that Greh is complaining to Amazon about their customer review section.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Awww, how cute, instead of trying to debate, we get back into name calling. A clear sign that you have no leg to stand on.

    3. Warren Calvin Wall's Avatar Warren Calvin Wall

      I would say that it depends on the reason(s) for leaving. If it's because of evil deeds such as rampant child molestation that has been found in several prominent sects, by all means, say it all from the highest places and in your loudest voice. These are things that need to be exposed. If it is, indeed, just sour grapes, close your mouth and move along. I have dabbled in various belief systems myself and have found that although they make a certain amount of sense, none have any true substance. The only substance is within yourself and your place within the Universe. The rest is smoke and mirrors with wonderful window dressings.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Then that is for the ones who were molested to talk about, not you

        1. Brien's Avatar Brien

          How can you be so wrong? It is for EVERYONE to talk about. Would you just sweep victims under the rug? I do try very hard not to dislike you, but sometimes that is just impossible.

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            How can YOU be so wrong, but then again you show it constantly.

            1. Brien's Avatar Brien

              I know how you are so wrong. Your make believe world would have everyone silenced if they disagree with you. I pity you because I really believe you are that toxic.

              1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                Talking about yourself again I see. You have a very dangerous tendency to try and use the "rubber-glue_ analogy whenever you are proven wrong

              2. Brien's Avatar Brien

                No Dan, we are not going to play childish games. I noticed that when you can no longer support your toxic opinions you resort to child like responses. Go back to playing with your blocks and just let the adults chat for awhile. You are still one of the most twisted and nonsensical people that I have ever spoken with. That says a lot considering the broken and confused people that I help on a daily basis.

              3. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                As I thought, when you cant refute me and my response shows your ignorance you then want to take your ball and go home. And God HELP them if they are depending on you for anything

              4. Brien's Avatar Brien

                God isn't helping them, people are helping them. I have no intention on letting you spit vile accusations and toxic opinions unchecked. As I stated above, when you can't support what you spew out you result to childish responses. I don't debate children. If your response warrants attention, as in it has merit, I will be happy to debate you. Until then, I will just ignore you.

              5. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                Comment has been removed.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    I’ve read in the past, “If, out of the thousands of religions, only one is true, logic would dictate that none are true.” That said, to hedge my bet, just in case the Norse religion is true,I have made a pole arm, that, along with a sturdy knife and tomahawk, are to be buried with me. This will ensure that, if the Valkyries carry me across the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla, I’ll have weapons with which to fight the Ice Giants.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Whats better than being a Christian i love my faith and i will stick with it

  1. Russel A. Kester's Avatar Russel A. Kester

    I have explored quite a few faiths and practiced some of the major ones during my life. It seems that I find some good in all of them. I suppose it's been my personal search for the perennial philosophy. It thought this article was really good and helpful.

  1. Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox's Avatar Elizabeth Jane Erbe Wilcox

    I was raised Christian and became Atheist. No big deal.

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    How about an article about people saved from religion? Swapping one brainwashed belief for another is nothing special.

    1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

      like you are doing now?

      1. Todd Leslie Miller's Avatar Todd Leslie Miller

        Boy, you seem the type that puts out a fire with a can of gasoline rather than a bucket of water.

        1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

          Have a problem with reality?

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    I was raised a Christian, Mormon in practice. I pulled away from the church as a teenager, like many, yet never lost my belief in Christ. As I grew older I researched many faiths and religious or spiritual groups, never finding any that suited me. When I was about 30 I finally began to research Christianity. My father was Methodist. After moving back to my home area a friend invited my family to her church. One visit was enough. I felt welcome and loved and am still attending some 40+ years later. I now consider myself a Christian first, and a Baptist by practice. Still study the Bible. The more I learn the motre I am convinced that I have made the right choice. Never did I consider changing faiths.

    1. Todd Leslie Miller's Avatar Todd Leslie Miller

      I was baptized LDS in 1985 and was active for thirty four years. What turned me off from that church was the lack of faith in the members and the insistence that to really be a Mormon I needed to gain worldly status, prestige and honors. This went against my personal beliefs and I am now a Senior Soldier in the Salvation Army where I can live by these beliefs.

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        Can of gas you say? I am glad you survived the brainwashing.

        1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

          And how do you see that. The Salvation Army is made up of people who believe in a Deity. Seems the only one pouring the gas (or trying to) is you

          1. Brien's Avatar Brien

            I simply read the post Daniel. This person did recover themselves from the brainwashing. They can still believe, just not in the over the top zealots' way. Do you ever read the posts or do you just pick out a couple of words and then post something of no value? Not all people are over the top crazy zealots' like yourself. Most are very thoughtful when speaking their mind. That means they THINK before making a statement, something I suggest you try. Peace☮

            1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

              No you try and inject your beliefs into everything and usually they dont comply with reality, and when this is proven then you start with the name calling.

              1. Brien's Avatar Brien

                Hmm, I inject my beliefs? I simply comment on the results of toxic beliefs. I refer to you as toxic because that is the way you are. I believe in people and all the wonders they are capable of. I just don't believe in you.

              2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                Comment has been removed.

  1. Alun Lloyd Palmer's Avatar Alun Lloyd Palmer

    An atheist more or less since I had an opinion. 50 years ago I passed a test called an O-level in Religious Studies. This required a "project". which was a sort of thesis. Mine was entitled "Why I Am An Atheist". My parents were agnostic, although I always thought my dad was closer to being an atheist, and none of his family ever attended a service for any religion, although there is a vague possibility they may have been descended from Jews. As for my mum, her Dad was Catholic whilst her mum was Anglican (known as Episcopalian in America and Scotland). They watched Songs of Praise on TV rather than chose a Catholic or an Anglican church.

  1. Gary Clark's Avatar Gary Clark

    Religion is man made, Jesus is the ONLY WAY ! He is the door. The bible says, you must be Born Again ! You can change religions all you want, but without Jesus, NO man will see God. Hallelujah 🙏

    1. Tammy McDonald's Avatar Tammy McDonald

      Well said Gary!

    2. Todd Leslie Miller's Avatar Todd Leslie Miller

      Amen, brother!

  1. Rev. Rory's Avatar Rev. Rory

    I'm an Omniest. I find the commonality in all the major religions and that is my guide. I believe that humans are not yet evolved enough to understand the universe and our place in the puzzle. No one religion answers that question factually. Before you get upset, an Omniest does not believe in ALL religions, even though it is stated, a lot, on the internet. We believe that all religions have certain ideas in common.

  1. Father Flanagan's Avatar Father Flanagan

    I could never give up REASON and LOGIC for faith which is nothing more than justification for their gods absence in reality - it’s just Common Sense to me being the attempted indoctrination into Catholicism didn’t work on me. Belief and Faith have caused more harm and deaths in this world than anything else and it’s irrefutable! If no one was ever told anything about any god throughout their childhoods they would never come up with one through out their entire lives but instead the fairy tales are pounded into daily and then they fight for “their” god against people who have a different set of rules and different god! Just be good to each other and try to help others and live your lives - no do nothing all powerful deity needed!

    1. Brien's Avatar Brien

      Thank you so much!! It is good to know that not everyone has been brainwashed.

  1. Iden Charles Siegbert Hill's Avatar Iden Charles Siegbert Hill

    Baptized and raised Roman Catholic. Active as Choir member, altar boy. Survivor of childhood sexual trauma. Spent decades wasted on alcohol use disorder and undiagnosed mental disorders. Recovered sobriety late in life through the use of meds and therapy. Became award winning mental health clinician, now a retired devout Humanist, after over a decade of supporting others in the pursuit of meeting there own challenges to our mental wellness and recovery. In Love with Life.

  1. El Gringo's Avatar El Gringo

    When I hear people arguing about religion, I think of two stories I like to tell. The first is like a parable. I hope you enjoy it.

    My father was a very good man who when he saw peple in trouble he would try to help them. When he would see young people doing things that they shouldn't he would talk to them and help them correct their behavior. When he died St Peter met nim at the gate and told him how he had been so inspired by my Dad's good deedsbu t then he added. I wish you could come in but you belonged to the wrong church. I'm sorry but that's how it is.

    The second story is about the last supper. When the disciples started arguing about who was the best disciple, Jesus started to wash their feet. Religions often argue about which church is best but I think Jesus was showing us that it was not about them or us. It was about him.

  1. Stacey Owens's Avatar Stacey Owens

    I don't seek yod-he-vau-he, I acknowledge Him in me through Yod-He-Vau-He-shine. He is the author and finisher of my faith. The Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. The great I Am, who dwells within me. Amen.

    1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

      But you know it’s gender. Pronouns he/him?

  1. Ipsissima: Leonora's Avatar Ipsissima: Leonora

    I couldn't find anything within the Three Main Religions that matched or helped my understanding of 'how things are', so I was lucky enough to find an Occultist practitioner who helped guide me towards something akin to a Religion.

    About halfway through my Study time with him (~10 years), he told me I should, and eventually would, develop and actually create one.

    I totally rejected the idea at first because I didn't think I was capable or worthy of such a huge endeavour. But after 22 years of study with him, and even more years afterwards to reflect upon and test theories, I found that he'd been right.

    That, based on his Teachings, I have managed to create something exactly akin to a Religion.

    So, I can easily understand how some people come to change their Spiritual Beliefs and Practises, because, while I didn't exactly move from one Spiritual Path to another, I have moved from not understanding certain Spiritual processes to being able work directly with them, and use them in meaningful ways that weren't available to me before, and can clearly see how certain redirections of Understanding can be wonderful, inspirational and completely uplifting for others.

  1. Rev. Michael Gerraghty II's Avatar Rev. Michael Gerraghty II

    I started out not being religious or spiritual and had a tendency to be adverted from Judaism and the Abrahamic system all together. Then Lilith found me and have been a Lilithian devotee ever since. And after doing so for my personal experiences in life have seemed to fall into place under her leadership and teachings. And as Anton LaVey established Satanism I'm going in the same vein in establishing Lilithianism as legally recognized as he did with Satanism.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      It really is interesting how different God virus’s have affected mankind.

      Thank you for your comment.


  1. Theresa C. Marquess's Avatar Theresa C. Marquess

    We all go through different phases and often different beliefs in life, but as long as we believe in something, even if it is atheism, it is good to believe. It makes us human.

    1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

      You din’t ‘believe in atheism’. Atheism is that lack of belief in theistic explanations of the universe. It’s a lack of acceptance of non-evidence based worldviews.

      1. Theresa C. Marquess's Avatar Theresa C. Marquess

        I very well know and understand what atheism is. To be drawn to atheism, you will have to believe that there is something involved that exists in it for you. Otherwise, people wouldn't say that they are an atheist.

        1. Todd Leslie Miller's Avatar Todd Leslie Miller

          I hold the opinion that there is no such thing as an atheist because even though an atheist denies the existence of a deity they put their faith in something or someone. One atheist may say that they put their trust in the material universe. Okay, then they’re a materialist. Another atheist may put their trust in science. Okay, then they’re a scientist. Yet another atheist may put their trust in reason. That would make them a rationalist. Just my humble opinion.

  1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

    Changing religions is akin to deciding your favorite superhero is Spiderman rather than than Flash.

    The most interesting one I recall though is a preacher that decided to go a year without his ‘faith’ and truly invest his time investigating secular/scientific/atheistic views. And he never went back.

    As for Bernie, he knows that flat out stating he’s an atheistic Jew won’t fly well at the polls.

  1. Sharon Marie Povall's Avatar Sharon Marie Povall

    All my life I would say have been a "spiritual mongrel" a little bit of everything. Like Salvatore in The Name of the Rose who speaks all languages and none, as he uses words from many languages to form a sentence. Have always viewed the Universal Energy, God/Goddess etc as being the Centre of a disco ball. All the mirrored pieces on the outside are all the different belief systems. As long as you harm non by word or deed (as best you can) I don't think it matters what you follow

  1. Newman Millhollon Turner's Avatar Newman Millhollon Turner

    My journey of faith has led me to discover an intimate connection with God, a depth of relationship far beyond what I could have ever anticipated. This personal dialogue with the Divine stands in stark contrast to my experiences with organized religions, which, while rich with meaning, also carry their complexities and challenges, heavily influenced by one's intentions and perspectives.

    Viewed through the prism of relationship, scripture emerges for me as an invaluable source of insight across a spectrum of disciplines: Theological, Philosophical, Psychological, Biological, Sociological, Anthropological, Ethical, Economic, Historical, Environmental, and even Political. It offers profound reflections on human behavior, transformation, and our interconnectedness, resonating deeply with my personal experiences and understanding.

    This evolving relationship with scripture has clarified for me the intricate ways our lives intertwine with the Divine. It's not about conforming to the precise dictates of any one faith's doctrine but rather about how scripture invites us to focus, guiding us towards a more profound, personal faith and understanding.

    In this way, scripture serves not as a mandate but as a foundation upon which to build a focused and fulfilling spiritual life. It's this perspective that illuminates my path forward, offering clarity and purpose as I navigate the complexities of belief, existence, and the divine relationship that underpins it all.

  1. Anthony L Raines's Avatar Anthony L Raines

    Why do people believe Jesus is God when the Bible is all about God and Jesus is the only way you are a way too God is not that way GOD is the only way and when people see what God is the only way Jesus is born of a human woman just like the rest of us and man translation of GODS word is GOD is the only way ….. Why would GOD only have one son what are we then??? The real trinity is in the beginning of the Bible God,spirt,light the Bible is about you and God and how to live in HIS kingdom and the worldly things of man and if you get off Gods path this is what will happen good or bad

  1. Edward Hamilton Calhoun's Avatar Edward Hamilton Calhoun

    OMG (gosh not god - I do believe in gosh !! LOL) I was sorta raised in (easter and Xmas) a liberal plus Episicopal home, no one went to church much. At 19 in the Marines I was a oh well sorta agnostic until I met a Buddhist monk who was really agnostic and have been one stripe of agnostic ever since - even as a close to down and out alcoholic (now 32 yrs sober) it is what I "sorta" liked best in my 70s I became more and more a basic agnostic Buddhist. Then just a bit ago I discovered the Secular Buddhist Association (goggle us) it fit me like a expensive leather glove. Im now 85 and its for sure me - Edward Hamilton Calhoun Jr. Shalom to all LOL

  1. Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Roush's Avatar Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Roush

    As a Unitarian Universalist, I accept the many paths to spiritual enlightenment, including atheism. We all have different backgrounds and experiences. Different things inspire us. The important thing is to find something that makes you grow in spirit. I am personally most inspired by Paganism and its mix of science and mysticism.

  1. John D Kelley's Avatar John D Kelley

    I was born and raised Roman Catholic but in my 30’s I became disillusioned with the way they portrayed Jesus and the Cross. After a few years of being non- Catholic, I was introduced to Mt Pisgah Church in Greentree, Pa and I converted to Presbyterian and gave my life to God, The Father, Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary and The Holy Spirit. I love them with all my heart and soul, as they love me back and know me by name. I look forward to the Rapture, when I will take up my armour and help Jesus with the final battle against Satan.

  1. Dominick Annunziato's Avatar Dominick Annunziato

    Hi all Doma here I was born catholic and baptism as a baby then at 40 I was baptized again born again. Over course of my life I have studied (flirted as you say) with all types of religion, myths, and wonders. Some of it is really fascinating. How else will you know what’s good if you don’t study it all. That would be like betting the farm on the Super Bowl without knowing who’s playing. lol. It’s all one door, and Jesus conscience is the bridge and the door to everything beyond. Everlasting life.

  1. Ronald Eugene Dick's Avatar Ronald Eugene Dick

    Eeny Gawanah Geeny little Earthlings. The truth lies in waiting for a you at Die Kirche von Macht Nichts (AKA The Church of zit don't matter). The Reverend Doctor G. Daksi.

  1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

    I left Christianity 20 years ago. Too many of them worship a war god of fragile masculine egos and make them scared of the dumbest stuff. Jesus is nothing more than a figure head for the worst kinds of hypocritical empires that have faced the earth. There’s nothing normal about shaming or murdering other people just because they don’t subscribe to your book club. Every faith that has some kind of influence from the Abrahamic sphere bares this curse. Look at what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians in the name of “going after Hamas.” Christianity has been the planet bully for 2000 years, and Islam has also had its claws in conquering non believers.

  1. Linda P Dettler's Avatar Linda P Dettler

    I do not know why everyone has to have a "religion" to believe or not to believe. There is only one God that will judge everyone in the end. But, it is important to remember, no one will see Go unless they go through Jesus, the son. God watches over all. He will not judge you for your religion unless you worships idols (per his 1st Commandment). Do not make false idols, etc. Anyway, Jesus is always the way to God.

  1. Bartlett Virgill McIntyre's Avatar Bartlett Virgill McIntyre

    I believe what the world is lacking is Love/ love for your fellow human, love for your planet, and love for other living creatures we share this planet with. If christ was here now would one know it or slam the door as if it was a witness come to share. He was turned away before in mathews chapter 25.. I often will hug instead of shake hands and i also will tell strangers i love them and i genuine when said from my soul. The secret to it all is just love. I have seen it

  1. Cameron Lynn Weck's Avatar Cameron Lynn Weck

    Every individual has their own path. I have found, upon my path, truth in every tradition - if I was willing to see it. The ability to study and embrace other points of view has been quite valuable in developing my current relationship with divinity. One cannot discover if one does not explore. The freedom to do so, beyond boundaries, is paramount to the true seeker.

  1. Nathaniel Joseph Merritt's Avatar Nathaniel Joseph Merritt

    I'm all for people finding a path outside of mainstream religion that emphasizes personal needs being met, inclusion, community, social service. Blindly following the tradition you were born into never worked. People felt trapped and unfulfilled. (Not all, but most) The smorgasbord of modern paths is a wonderful development and the ULC Monastery is right there at the front lines making ministry a level playing field for everyone, and finally making the ULC into a real class act that anyone can be proud to be ordained through. I certainly am. More power to these folks and anyone following their fine examples!

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