In recent years, many young people have felt a calling to return to a more simple form of life, a life of devout faith in monasteries around the world.

Though the number of young people entering monasteries, convents, and the priesthood has drastically dropped from the mid-20th century, some new approaches to religious vocations have inspired some young people in America to embrace this idea, replenishing several of the older religious orders and filling new ones.(Slate) It seems that individuals are, in a sense, drifting from family to the monastery in opposition to the trends of the mid 20th century.

Far from being pressured into pursuing religious vocations, they find their families often protest, feeling they are losing their children to a life that's too isolated...Father Anderson [of the Clear Creek Monastery] says, "We were only a bunch of bums, but by becoming nothing, you can be a part of something great." (Slate) - - Clear Creek Monastery


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