police van with police shield on driver's side door
Rev. Mike Marcinkowski of Pella, Iowa has decided to step down from his volunteer assistant coaching position for the Central College's track and field team. At 62 years old and working with a recent hip replacement, he felt himself slowing down a bit, though not enough for him to give up his job as Pella's Chief of Police.

After coaching nine seasons, Marcinkowski has earned himself a sterling reputation among both students and townspeople; his dedication to the community is unrivaled. Last year two of his former student athletes got married and of course their coach was there. In fact, thanks to the Universal Life Church, Marcinkowski was able to perform the ceremony.

"I had one minister come up to me and say, 'What church are you from?' " Chief says. "It was kind of embarrassing. I said, 'None, but thank you.' I must have done all right."

Honestly? He's done a whole lot better than that.


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