1. Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. says:

    I am Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. a non-Chistian Minister of Righteousness of The Angel of Light.I am still single,but married spiritually to a few female angels and female archangels in my soul.
    The Holy Bible says to marry only in the Lord.And I will never marry anyone that is not in my non-Chistian religion. I tried asking out some beautiful white female American to be my girlfriend. And she told me that she is not looking for a boyfriend
    Two weeks later,she was walking outside at night while I was getting something from the fridge. I asked her where she was going. And she told me that she is working tonight. When I asked her what kind of job does she have. She told me that she is a prostitute.
    Prostitution is condemned in the Holy Bible in Revelation 17:5 that talks about Babylon the Great the mother of harlots.
    We are also living in a dwelling place of demons. And Babylon the Great the mother of harlots hasn’t even fallen yet according to Revelation 18:1-8.
    And the dogs called male prostitutes are outside the city according to Revelation 22:15. Also outside the city are also the sexually immoral and the liars carrying out a lie. Amen.

  2. princessonakapomadi says:

    It don’t matter what the religion is,nothing can compare to a marriage made from the lord,these two will have their Jo’s and downs,but,”God has a plan for them and the lord and savior put two together let no man take asunder,amen,amen.how truliy God is when he gave his son to die for us so that we will have everything we need!what do we all need a happy home,a loving husband &twice doing the bid dings for God for us,amen,”make your demands on the lord and savior Jesus ,cause he can do all things to set us free.be free I. The name of Jesus Christ.have peace in the name fo Jesus,be free I. The name of Jesus have faith in the name of Jesus.in the mighty name of Jesus,have peace in their families lord and their finances increase in the name of Jesus.”amen,amen.amenprincessonakapomadiannamoore minister of u.l.c.peace out

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