Minister David Niles of Ahwatukee, Arizona has made the decision to move into the growing industry of pet funerals. As a well respected minister in the community, Niles does not take the sacrament of last rites lightly – he aims to properly tailor the ceremony to the family and the pet.

the pet funerals services will be written to fit the pet and the family’s wishes, whether it be a “religious, secular, serious or humorous”.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all,” he said. “Each funeral is structured the way the family wants; each is unique.”


Niles has officiated thousands of weddings over the last 25 years and views the change in services as a natural transition.

he says, celebrating a pet’s life and acknowledging the bond between pet owner and pet is important, and not viewed as a trivial matter.


Best of luck in the continuation of your ministry Niles.

AZ Central

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