As the popularity of Apple Computers' iPhone continues to grow (you might remember the iBreviary app), more and more religious themed apps are getting published. And of course Apple reserves the right to strictly enforce its terms of service; the latest app to get the boot was entitled Me So Holy.

The Me So Holy app allowed users to snap photos of faces using the camera on their iPhone then superimpose those faces upon the bodies of holy figures. On Monday, Apple deemed that Me So Holy contained "objectionable material."

Developer Benjamin Kahle commented on Apple's reaction:

"We feel that Apple is being too sensitive to its perceived user group and are disappointed that this otherwise creative, freethinking company would reject such a positive and fun application," Kahle wrote in his blog. "The message to developers is that they should think inside the box, rather than outside it."

Is Apple stifling the creativity of potential developers? Some think that Apple's reaction is completely justified:

My thoughts? I agree with Apple on this action. It also suggests a bit of anecdotal evidence for our self-indulgent, narcissistic, "look at me" generation. Transposing one's face onto that of Christ's is perhaps the ultimate expression of self-worship.

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