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Congratulations! If you've found yourself at this page it is likely that you are either planning to be married or have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony in Missouri. Ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church have successfully performed thousands of legal marriages in Missouri. The information provided below will walk you through the steps one must follow to become a minister and perform a valid wedding ceremony in the state of Missouri.

Quick Facts
  • ULC Ordination Accepted: Yes
  • Minister Registration Required: Sometimes
  • Minister's Residency: Irrelevant
  • Minister's Minimum Age: 18
  • Marriage License Waiting Period: 0 Days
  • Marriage License Valid For: 30 Days
  • Marriage License Return Within: 15 Days

1 How to Become an Ordained Minister in Missouri

If you haven't already, you should get ordained online with the Universal Life Church. Ordination is free and can be completed in just a matter of minutes. Thousands of legally valid marriages are performed by ULC ministers around the world every year. Begin the process by clicking the big blue button below!

2 How to Officiate a Marriage in Missouri

Next, you should contact the office of your local marriage authority (typically your county clerk). Let them know that you are a minister of the Universal Life Church in Seattle, and ask what they will require of you to officiate a legal marriage.

Select your county to quickly generate the contact information for your local marriage authority.

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Missouri's Top Wedding Spot

Missouri's Top Wedding Spot

Japanese Gardens at the Lodge of Four Seasons

3 License to Marry in Missouri

After you've contacted your marriage authority, you should visit our online store to purchase whatever documentation will be required. We typically advise ministers in Missouri to get an Ordination Package. Please attempt to leave at least 3 weeks between the date of the wedding ceremony and your order, to ensure that you receive all of your materials in advance.

Ministers ordained online by the Universal Life Church have successfully solemnized thousands of marriages in the Missouri. While minister registration is not legally required by the state, many ULC ministers in Missouri have reported to us that they are typically asked to present proof of their ordination to the county clerk when they present the signed marriage license to that office, so be sure you have this in hand!

4 How to Perform a Wedding in Missouri

Now that you've done all of the above, you are ready to perform the wedding! Be sure that the couple has picked up their Missouri marriage license from the appropriate office. This license is only valid for 30 days, however there is no waiting period between when the couple picks up the marriage license and when the ceremony may legally be conducted, and the signed license needn't be returned to the issuing office until its date of expiry. At the Universal Life Church we receive several calls from wedding officiants in Missouri, after they've received their license to marry by getting ordained online, asking for guidance on how to perform a wedding ceremony. Once the legal matters have been taken care of, officiating a wedding (while a sometimes-daunting task) can be a great deal of fun. We would suggest that new Missouri wedding ministers concerned about the ceremony peruse one of our helpful wedding guides. The minister training section of our website should offer a helpful refresher for more experienced ministers.

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Missouri Marriage Code

Marriage laws in Missouri are primarily directed by Section 100 of Chapter 451 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, which defines the persons authorized to perform a marriage in the State of Missouri. We've reproduced this item in the state code below.
451.100. Marriages may be solemnized by any clergyman, either active or retired, who is in good standing with any church or synagogue in this state. Marriages may also be solemnized, without compensation, by any judge, including a municipal judge. Marriages may also be solemnized by a religious society, religious institution, or religious organization of this state, according to the regulations and customs of the society, institution or organization, when either party to the marriage to be solemnized is a member of such society, institution or organization.

View the Missouri Statutes on the official state site
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Adair County

106 W. Washington St.
Kirksville, Missouri

Adair County website »

Andrew County

411 Court Street
Savannah, Missouri

Phone: (816) 324-4221
Fax: (816) 324-5667
Andrew County website »

Atchison County

400 Washington
Rock Port, Missouri

Atchison County website »

Audrain County

101 N. Jefferson St., Room 105
Mexico, Missouri

Phone: (573) 473-5830
Fax: (573) 581-8087
Audrain County website »

Barry County

700 Main St, Room 6
Cassville, Missouri

Barry County website »

Barton County

1004 Gulf Street
Lamar, Missouri

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Bates County

1 North Delaware
Butler, Missouri

Bates County website »

Benton County

316 Van Buren
Warsaw, Missouri

Phone: (660) 438-5732
Fax: (660) 438-3652
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Bollinger County

204 High Street, Suite 6
Marble Hill, Missouri

Phone: (573) 238-1900
Fax: (573) 238-2773
Bollinger County website »

Boone County

801 East Walnut, Rm. 132
Columbia, Missouri

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Buchanan County

411 Jules St., Room 103
St. Joseph, Missouri

Phone: (816) 271-1437
Fax: (816) 271-1582
Buchanan County website »

Butler County

100 North Main Street
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Butler County website »

Caldwell County

49 East Main
Kingston, Missouri

Caldwell County website »

Callaway County

10 E. 5th Street
Fulton, Missouri

Callaway County website »

Camden County

1 Court Circle, Suite #5
Camdenton, Missouri

Camden County website »

Cape Girardeau County

#1 Barton Square Suite 203
Jackson, Missouri

Phone: (573) 243-8123
Fax: (573) 204-2477
Cape Girardeau County website »

Carroll County

8 S Main St
Carrollton, Missouri

Carroll County website »

Carter County

105 Main St
Van Buren, Missouri

Carter County website »

Cass County

102 E. Wall St.
Harrisonville, Missouri

Cass County website »

Cedar County

113 South Street
Stockton, Missouri

Cedar County website »

Chariton County

306 S Cherry St
Keytesville, Missouri

Chariton County website »

Christian County

100 W. Church Room 104
Ozark, Missouri

Christian County website »

City of St. Louis

1200 Market Street, Room 118
St. Louis, Missouri

City of St. Louis website »

Clark County

111 East Court Street, Suite 130
Kahoka, Missouri

Clark County website »

Clay County

1 Courthouse Sq.
Liberty, Missouri

Phone: (816) 407-3550
Fax: (816) 407-3551
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Clinton County

207 North Main Street
Plattsburg, Missouri

Phone: (816) 539-3719
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Cole County

311 E High Street
Jefferson City, Missouri

Phone: (573) 634-9116
Fax: (573) 634-4631
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Cooper County

200 Main St #26
Boonville, Missouri

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Crawford County

302 Main Street
Steelville, Missouri

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Dade County

300 W Water St
Greenfield, Missouri

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Dallas County

108 N Maple St # 10
Buffalo, Missouri

Dallas County website »

Daviess County

102 N Main St #2
Gallatin, Missouri

Daviess County website »

DeKalb County

109 W Main St,
Maysville, Missouri

DeKalb County website »

Dent County

112 E. Fifth St., Suite 2
Salem, Missouri

Dent County website »

Douglas County

203 SE 2nd Ave
Ava, Missouri

Douglas County website »

Dunklin County

204 Courthouse Square
Kennett, Missouri

Dunklin County website »

Franklin County

400 E. Locust, Rm. 102
Union, Missouri

Franklin County website »

Gasconade County

119 E. 1st St, Room 6
Hermann, Missouri

Gasconade County website »

Gentry County

200 West Clay St.
Albany, Missouri

Gentry County website »

Greene County

940 N Boonville Ave
Springfield, Missouri

Phone: (417) 868-4068
Fax: (417) 868-4807
Greene County website »

Grundy County

Grundy County Courthouse
700 Main Street, Suite 7
Trenton, Missouri

Grundy County website »

Harrison County

1500 Central St
Bethany, Missouri

Harrison County website »

Henry County

100 W Franklin
Clinton, Missouri

Henry County website »

Hickory County

100 West Polk Street
Hermitage, Missouri

Hickory County website »

Holt County

102 W Nodaway
Oregon, Missouri

Holt County website »

Howard County

1 Courthouse Sq # 8
Fayette, Missouri

Howard County website »

Howell County

Court Square
West Plains, Missouri

Howell County website »

Iron County

250 South Main St
Ironton, Missouri

Phone: (573) 546-2811
Fax: (906) 875-0658
Iron County website »

Jackson County

415 E. 12th Street, Room 104
Kansas City, Missouri

Jackson County website »

Jasper County

302 South Main St.
Carthage, Missouri

Jasper County website »

Jefferson County

729 Maple St
Hillsboro, Missouri

Jefferson County website »

Johnson County

300 N. Holden Street, Suite 305
Warrensburg, Missouri

Phone: (660) 747-6811
Fax: (660) 747-0062
Johnson County website »

Knox County

107 N 4th St
Edina, Missouri

Phone: (660) 397-4005
Fax: (660) 397-3331
Knox County website »

Laclede County

200 North Adams Street
Lebanon, Missouri

Phone: (417) 532-4011
Fax: (417) 532-3852
Laclede County website »

Lafayette County

3520 S. Noland Rd, Suite C
Independence, Missouri

Lafayette County website »

Lawrence County

1 Courthouse Square
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Phone: (417) 466-2670
Fax: (417) 466-4995
Lawrence County website »

Lewis County

100 E. Lafayette
Monticello, Missouri

Lewis County website »

Lincoln County

201 Main Street, Suite 203
Troy, Missouri

Phone: (636) 528-0325
Fax: (636) 528-2665
Lincoln County website »

Linn County

108 N High St, Room 204
Linneus, Missouri

Linn County website »

Livingston County

700 Webster St., Suite 6
Chillicothe, Missouri

Phone: (660) 646-8000
Fax: (660) 646-5402
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Macon County

101 E. Washington St., Building 3 Suite 300
Macon, Missouri

Phone: (660) 385-2732
Fax: (660) 395-4022
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Madison County

1 Court Square
Fredericktown, Missouri

Phone: (573) 783-3410
Fax: (573) 783-5351
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Maries County

211 4th Street
Vienna, Missouri

Phone: (573) 422-3540
Fax: (573) 422-3859
Maries County website »

Marion County

100 S. Main St., P.O. Box 392
Palmyra, Missouri

Phone: (573) 769-7001
Fax: (573) 769-6012
Marion County website »

McDonald County

602 Main Street
Pineville, Missouri

Phone: (417) 223-7523
Fax: (417) 223-2881
McDonald County website »

Mercer County

802 E Main St
Princeton, Missouri

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Miller County

2001 Hwy. 52
Tuscumbia, Missouri

Phone: (573) 369-1935
Fax: (573) 369-1939
Miller County website »

Mississippi County

200 N. Main. St., 2nd Floor
Charleston, Missouri

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Moniteau County

200 E Main St
California, Missouri

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Monroe County

300 N. Main, Rm 101
Paris, Missouri

Phone: (660) 327-4320
Fax: (660) 327-5063
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Montgomery County

451 W. Third St.
Dayton, Missouri

Phone: (937) 225-4275
Fax: (937) 225-5980
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Morgan County

100 E. Newton St.
Versailles, Missouri

Phone: (573) 378-4029
Fax: (573) 378-6431
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New Madrid County

450 Main St.
New Madrid, Missouri

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Newton County

101 South Wood Street, NE Corner of the Main Floor
Neosho, Missouri

Phone: (417) 451-8224
Fax: (417) 451-8273
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Nodaway County

403 N. Market Street, Room 104
Maryville, Missouri

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Fax: (660) 582-5711
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Oregon County

1 Court Square
Alton, Missouri

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Osage County

205 E. Main Street
Linneus, Missouri

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Ozark County

1 Court Square
Gainesville, Missouri

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Pemiscot County

610 Ward Avenue, Suite 1A
Caruthersville, Missouri

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Perry County

15 W St. Marie Street, Suite 1
Perryville, Missouri

Phone: (573) 547-1611
Fax: (573) 547-3879
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Pettis County

415 South Ohio Ave, Suite 214
Sedalia, Missouri

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Fax: (660) 829-4479
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Phelps County

200 N Main St, Room 133
Rolla, Missouri

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Pike County

115 W Main St #2
Bowling Green, Missouri

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Platte County

415 Third St., Room 110
Platte City, Missouri

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Polk County

102 E Broadway St # 8
Bolivar, Missouri

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Pulaski County

301 Rte 66 # 202
Waynesville, Missouri

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Putnam County

1601 Main St #201
Unionville, Missouri

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Ralls County

311 S Main Street
New London, Missouri

Phone: (573) 985-5631
Fax: (573) 985-5630
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Randolph County

372 Highway JJ, Suite 1H
Huntsville, Missouri

Phone: (844) 277-6555 ext 330
Fax: (660) 277-4601
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Ray County

100 West Main Street
Richmond, Missouri

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Reynolds County

2319 Green Street
Centerville, Missouri

Phone: (573) 648-2494
Fax: (573) 648-2503
Reynolds County website »

Ripley County

100 Court House Square, Room 3
Doniphan, Missouri

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Saline County

19 Arrow Street, Room 206
Marshall, Missouri

Phone: (660) 886-2677
Fax: (660) 831-0649
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Schuyler County

1 Courthouse Sq
Lancaster, Missouri

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Scotland County

117 South Market Street, Suite 106
Memphis, Missouri

Phone: (660) 465-2284
Fax: (660) 465-2408
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Scott County

131 S Winchester St
Benton, Missouri

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Fax: (573) 545-3551
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Shannon County

113 Main St
Eminence, Missouri

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Shelby County

100 East Main
Shelbyville, Missouri

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St. Charles County

201 N. Second St., Suite 338
St. Charles, Missouri

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St. Clair County

655 2nd St
Osceola, Missouri

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St. Francois County

1 West Liberty Street, Annex Building, Suite 100
Farmington, Missouri

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St. Louis County

41 South Central Ave
Clayton, Missouri

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Ste. Genevieve County

55 S. Third St., Room 3
Genevieve, Missouri

Phone: (573) 883-2706
Fax: (573) 883-5312
Ste. Genevieve County website »

Stoddard County

401 N Prairie St
Bloomfield, Missouri

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Stone County

108-A East Fourth Street
Galena, Missouri

Phone: (417) 357-6362
Fax: (417) 357-8131
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Sullivan County

109 N Main St, Suite 20
Milan, Missouri

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Taney County

132 David Street
Forsyth, Missouri

Phone: (417) 546-7234
Fax: (417) 546-9021
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Texas County

210 North Grand Avenue, Suite 209
Houston, Missouri

Phone: (417) 967-8438
Fax: (417) 967-8760
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Vernon County

100 W Cherry St, Room 11
Nevada, Missouri

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Warren County

101 Mockingbird Lane, Ste. 303
Warrenton, Missouri

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Washington County

102 North Missouri Street
Potosi, Missouri

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Wayne County

109 Walnut Street
Greenville, Missouri

Phone: (573) 224-5600
Fax: (573) 224-5366
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Webster County

101 N Crittenden
Marshfield, Missouri

Phone: (417) 859-5882
Fax: (417) 468-3843
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Worth County

11 West Fourth Street
Grant City, Missouri

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Wright County

125 Court Square
Hartville, Missouri

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