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Universal Life Church - Free Online Ordination

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is the only religious and spiritual denomination in the world which opens its doors to all and welcomes all who ask to get ordained. The ULC Monastery grants ordination without regards to an individual's religious and spiritual beliefs. Over 20 million ministers have become ordained online worldwide through ULC ordinations.

The Universal Life Church provides a broad level of support to you whether you will be officiating at a wedding or are planning to start your own church. As an online ordained minister of the ULC Monastery, you will fully possess the legal status to officiate at marriages, perform baptisms, or preside over funerals and burials.

Get Ordained Online

You are about to legally become an ordained minister, or priest to perform religious services through the Universal Life Church Monastery. For information regarding the legal aspects of ULC ordinations in your state or province, view our ordination FAQ page for answers to the most common questions.

After you have completed the ordination form you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which serves as receipt of your ordination. Please read this email carefully. It is not only a welcome message explaining your ordination; it also contains important information and links.

Please make sure you have complied with the following instructions:

  • Only put your true, full legal name (*nicknames will invalidate your ordination).
  • Only include factual information.
  • Double check your name and email address.
  • Capitalize where appropriate, as this is how your ordination will be reflected in our records.
  • Submitting a fictitious name, ordination under your animal's name, or submission without a person's permission is not allowed. All such applications will be rejected upon review.

The ULC Community

Through ULC online church services, you will be connected to the entire church family. We suggest you begin the journey with a visit to the official Universal Life Church Facebook Page and the ULC Minister's Network, where you can create a profile and start connecting with colleagues and like-minded individuals.

As a member of the ULC community, you can share ideas in the forums and find other areas that will help bring our spiritual community closer. If you have a question or would like to discuss an issue of concern, there is no better place to look for an answer than by turning to the wisdom of our other ministers.

  • For those of you who are seeking ordination to officiate at a family member or friend's wedding, the ULC Monastery provides: wedding ceremony ideas, step by step guidance on performing weddings and comprehensive information on wedding laws for all 50 states.
  • For those wishing to start their own ministry or become a pastor, the ULC Monastery will support you with our full range of resources. These include the ULC outreach, ministerial training center, sermon samples, and guidance on everything related to running a church, from financial matters to insurance. The Monastery also manages an online training, online minister's network as well as educational material and ministry supplies.