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It's December, which means it might be time to break out your favorite mulled cider recipe, put up festive lights, and get ready to celebrate a certain someone's birthday (if that's your thing). But this holiday season, some people are urging the world to see Jesus in new ways. From a non-white Christ, to the son of God appearing transgender, this edition of The Visionary asks the question: who was Jesus, really?

Whitewashed Christ?

What did Jesus really look like? That depends on who you ask. Western depictions of Christ have often shown him as fair-haired and light-skinned, but historians think he likely looked very different.
Is This The Real Jesus?

Misquoting Jesus

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If Jesus Was Trans

If Jesus Was Trans

In a recent sermon, a researcher shocked his audience at the Trinity College chapel by making the case for a transgender Jesus. Congregants reportedly left the Sunday service in tears crying “heresy!”
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The Surprising (non-Christian) History of Advent

Advent is a sacred time of year celebrated by Christians. But did you know many aspects of this celebration are borrowed from ancient pagan traditions? Wreaths, candles, and even Christmas trees (and their decorations!) are all taken (erm, some might say "stolen"), from earlier religions.
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Jesse Duplantis
urned yet because people haven’t donated enough money to their churches. His comments sparked some serious debate.
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