Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2011

The Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary

Hello ULC Ministers! Welcome to a very special edition of the ULC Visionary. As you may know, some people are expecting judgement day to fall this upcoming Saturday. While we respect and honor all beliefs, we felt the situation could use some levity, so we've been exploring some of the less terrifying aspects of end times.

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Predicting the Apocalypse - A Guide

Street sign for hell

After witnessing how easily the prophet Harold Camping was able to convince people to clear out their bank accounts and abandon their families, our own Brother Gomer decided it was high time he entered the prophesying game. His list of prophesies includes how to achieve salvation, a surprise celebrity comeback, and the post-Armageddon weather report. Read it all at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

What About the Dog?

A Puppy

Many of us love our pets like family members, and will spare no expense in kenneling them when forced to leave them behind for a trip. This naturally begs the question: what will the righteous do when they've been gathered into the air where Fido can't join them? Read more at the ULC Blog

The Official ULC End of Life As We Know It Rapture Dinner Party

Cheeseburger with graves

If we're going out, why not do it in style? Our own team of end-time epicureans has lovingly crafted this "Last Supper" menu, which will dazzle you and your guests with both its decadence and its sheer, unbridled calorificness. Read more at: ULC Blog