Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2009

"Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence."

December 2009

The Monastery Holiday Newsletter 2009

New Universal Life Church Blog Articles

If you haven't visited the ULC Blog lately, check out the great new content, including a post titled "Dode Church: A Thorn in the Side of the English Church," which talks about the unconventional use of a nine-hundred year-old church in Kent, England. Owner Doug Chapman performs non-denominational weddings in the church, but the English Church has objected to the practice. Also, read on about "HIV and the Role of Religion," which discusses the effect Catholic and Islamic beliefs have on promotion of safe-sex practices. We will be adding more content multiple times per week, so check back often for relevant articles written for our ministers and their communities. and Web Site Updates

We have been working hard to provide more quality content for our ministers and improve their experience while visiting our web sites. Our home page at has been redesigned with crisper images and an easier-to-read format which we hope you will enjoy. Additionally, we have added many articles to the Training & Education section, with topics on religions of the world and Universal Life Church history.

New ULC Catholic Supply Store Online

Get your Catholic supplies from our new store! We offer great products for priests and ministers like the Long Sleeve Clergy Shirt, the essential Cloth Collar, robes, stoles, Catholic Books and more.

New Books at the ULC Bookstore


The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb
From Creation to the death of Joseph, here are all fifty chapters of the Book of Genesis, revealingly illustrated as never before. Envisioning the first book of the Bible like no one before him, R. Crumb, the legendary illustrator, reveals here the story of Genesis in a profoundly honest and deeply moving way.


The Mind-Body Fertility Connection
Now there is new hope for the millions of women worldwide who have had difficulty trying to conceive. The Mind-Body Fertility Connection explores the feelings, emotions, and beliefs that may be blocking conception, and it provides the necessary tools to create a successful pregnancy.


Astrology for Self Empowerment
Taking astrology to entirely new realms, this is a must for both the astrological expert and those unfamiliar with the science. It takes the basic information from the chart and shows you how to change your life so you can achieve your spiritual and worldly goals easily.


Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future
Representing diverse arenas of Paganism, eleven established activists, authors, and academics passionately debate the critical issues facing modern Pagans. These provocative discussions — exploring feminism, magickal ecology, ancient Egyptian ethics, political activism, globalization, sacred communities, environmental spirituality, and the power of truth — challenge readers to reconsider what it means to be Pagan in the twenty-first century.

Thank you for your continued support!

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