What Jesus Meant

Garry Wills

From a noted biblical expert this books analyzes the teachings of Jesus Christ to find how they can relate to our more modern lives in the complicated world.


Product Description

Many people use Jesus to cite their lives for their political stance. In this book, the author argues that Jesus did not participate to any political agenda. In a fresh reading of the gospels, he explores the true understanding of the "reign of heaven" Jesus not only promised for the future but brought with him into this life. Many people tend to misrepresent what Jesus had to say about power, the rich, and even about religion as a whole.

Jesus did come from a lower class society and was a part of the working class, and he spoke to and for that class. This book will bring a worthy debate about our over all though about Jesus and the well known scriptures, as we are now heading towards the elections that will certainly prompt a great deal of discussions on how the role of how religion is in our society.

User reviews

Explaining it All

By Rev. Glenn Fitz, Kansas City, KS

One thing newly ordained ministers always struggle with, is how to relate the messages of Jesus into sermons about everyday life. In his book What Jesus Meant , Garry Wills clears this up for us. The true messages of Jesus Christ's teachings have been mangled and misused by politicians and religious fundamentalists. This book seeks to reclaim the true meanings of these teachings, and it more than succeeds in doing so! Reading this book is a liberating and faith affirming. I read this book straight though, unable to put it down, often finding myself on the verge of tears by how moved I was by Wills' writing. What Jesus Meant should be mandatory reading for anyone who calls themselves a Christian or believes in the true teachings of Jesus Christ.