Holy Bible NIV

New International Version

The newest and most popular international translation of the Bible. Explore the old and new testament in detail with this tome, cornerstone to Christianity.


Product Description

The Holy Bible is, without a doubt, the most-printed, most-influential book on the planet. The Bible has been translated from its original Hebrew into hundreds of languages by hundreds of different authors. It's most popular translation, the New International Version, is designed to be read and understood by a global audience. No matter your particular religious leaning, the Holy Bible is a valuable reference text and, in addition to philosophical and moral guidance, can provide enormous insight into the inner workings of the human mind and human society.

This particular printing is compact and hardy enough to survive life on-the-go. Whether headed to a Bible study, seeking some private reflection/meditation, or desiring to teach your loved ones about the love of God and Jesus Christ, this straightforward Holy Bible is an invaluable tool.

This bible is 5.5 inches wide, 8.8 inches tall, and has a depth of 1 inch. It has a total of 878 pages.