Wedding Rites

A Complete Guide to Traditional Vows, Music, Ceremonies, Blessings, and Interfaith Services
Michael P. Foley

This handy guide includes a number of tips and sample readings and scripts to ensure that the process of preparing a wedding ceremony is a simple one.


Product Description

There are a lot of couples out there that are drawn towards a traditional wedding ceremony, but of course they want to make it their own. This book will give you the core values of what is needed for a wedding, with many options on how to make it special for you.

Author Michael Foley shows well known wedding traditions from ages ago in a new way that makes them seem like they were brand new ideas. You will find wedding ideas from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant. There are so many wedding traditions contained in this comprehensive guidebook, which is the only one of its kind out there. Ideas spanning from flowers to vows to music and even blessings. Foley's Wedding Rites is filled with a great variety of traditions that are user-friendly in modern weddings.

Wedding Rites contains:

  • Concrete suggestion for each facet of your wedding, from engagement to reception
  • Guidelines for designing your own distinctive wedding program
  • Practical advice for interfaith weddings
  • Forgotten wedding customs -- carecloths, loving cups, coin blessings, and much more

User reviews

Finding the Right Rite

By Sindy Littleton, Boston, MA

About to be married and looking for the perfect guide for a traditional and unique wedding? This is the book for you! My partner and I ordered Wedding Rites from the Universal Life Church's bookstore and it has been so incredibly helpful. A mixed faith marriage, my partner and I combined the traditional vow and ceremonies of our family's faiths and designed a one of a kind wedding plan. This book helped us blend the traditions so beautifully that my partner's devout, Catholic mother forgot all about her misgivings over it not being in a Cathedral. Michael P Foley has done such a beautiful job with this wedding guide. My wedding wouldn't have been the same without it and our families were both so happy we incorporated our family's traditions into a ceremony I will treasure for the rest of my life.