The Star Book for Ministers

Edward T. Hiscox

Containing sample ceremonies and more, this basic primer guide contains the essential info a minister needs to conduct her or his ministerial duties well.


Product Description

The all-time best seller from Judson Press, this minister's handbook contains suggestions for almost any type of service in which a minister would be called upon to participate. Also contains forms and helpful letters. This pocket handbook is great for ministers to keep on their side. It comes in handy for most ministerial duties.

This handy little pocket book will be your best guide to being a successful and effective minister in your congregation, or where ever you conduct your ministry.

User reviews

An Easy to Follow Guide for Beginner Ministers

By Burl Meyer, Jackson Hole, WY

I have been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church for years and I never go far without my copy of The Star Book for Ministers. This is the perfect reference guide for any ordained minister or revered and is compact, fitting right in the pocket of my pants. This book has proved incredibly handy on countless occasions. Drawing from scripture and divided into various biblical passages, Edward T Hiscox's The Star Book For Minister, should be ordered by any newly ordained minister. This book is full of forms, ceremonial procedures, guidelines for various services, and parliamentary guides.