The Practice of the Presence of God

And the Spiritual Maxims
Brother Lawrence

Leaning on more than 300 years of practice, this iconic book promises to aid you in more fully integrating God into your life, in a more meaningful manner.


Product Description

Published originally at the end of the 17th century, this book has endured for three centuries and is more widely read today than ever. This guide is designed for all seekers aspiring union with God which, according to Brother Lawrence, is the ultimate goal of every soul.

Life could not be complete without the practice of the presence of god in your life. This handy little book contains all the essential literature needed for that minister who is on the go.

User reviews

Adding to a Faith's Firm Foundation

By Brother Simon Paulson, Philidelphia, PA

This is an essential text for any Christian and should be kept near your copy of the bible, at all times. No single text has had as much of an impact on my religious life as the bible, that is until I came across Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God. Though a quick read and concise, each page presents the reader with the questions, "what does it really mean to be a Christian and how can I strive to incorporate god into my everyday life?" This book should be required reading for every Christian, and actually is required reading in my own extremely well read church group. It is easy to say you'll attempt to be more like Christ, but Brother Lawrence actually explains how this is possible. The path to god is not one which can be traveled in a short time and this book gives the reader practices they can implement into their everyday lives to stay on the right path. I highly recommend this book.