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Could years of translations and changes in cultural context alter the original Biblical view on homosexuality?


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Homosexuality wasn't mentioned in the Bible until 1946, after hundreds of years of revisions and translations. This means that all verses people point to as justification for their homophobic stances are interpretations that have twisted the original words of the good book. The Queen James Bible takes a deep dive into the historic cultural differences to shed new light on these famous verses.

It begins with essays examining the passages in great detail and shows a different way of reading them that doesn't promote homophobia. It then offers the full King James Version of the book with those few verses slightly altered to better represent their actual meaning taken with context. In addition, you'll get a bit of a history lesson on King James himself; a man well known by scholars to have taken same-sex lovers despite the most popular translation of the Bible being named after him.

This is a great read for history buffs or Christians with an open mind who are willing to emphasize putting love first as the theme of the Bible.

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