Monk Habits for Everyday People

Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants
Dennis Okholm

This insightful self-help guide includes the framework a person would need to redefine their life around the helpful habits garnered from the Benedictine Monks


Product Description

We all strive to live with a greater sense of peace and reflection ins our lives. Perhaps no people are more associated with a higher existence on Earth that monks. In Monk Habits for Everyday People, author, professor, and pastor Dennis Okholm attempts to provide people with the guidance they need to live a more monk-like existence.

Drawing particularly from the traditions of the Benedictine order (a group of Catholics known particularly for their hard work and observance of private reflection). Okholm also take a special look at the Monastic lifestyle practiced by Jesus Christ and his disciples as he attempts to lay out his vision for a life better-lived.

Regardless of your particular beliefs, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, or not a believer at all, you will find helpful tips in Monk Habits to guide you toward a better lifestyle. Okholm focuses particularly on the need to focus on spiritual health, and that we should build good spiritual habits to cater to that part of ourselves.

User reviews

You'll Think About This Book Everyday

By Alice Foster, Murfreesburo,TN

This book is the best introduction to Benedictine spirituality Ive come across. Dennis Okholm has put together a wonderful guide which shows how the practices of Monks can be used in our everyday lives. Monk Habits for Everyday People: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants covers everything from religious obedience, spiritual stability, to maintaining ones own humility. This book really reaches out to Catholics and Protestants, urging both sects of Christianity to embrace aspects of each others religions. Religious tolerance is an important thing this day in age and this book has helped me see how true spirituality is an everyday challenge.