Monk Habits for Everyday People

Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants
Dennis Okholm

This insightful self-help guide includes the framework a person would need to redefine their life around the helpful habits garnered from the Benedictine Monks.


Product Description

We all strive to live with a greater sense of peace and reflection ins our lives. Perhaps no people are more associated with a higher existence on Earth that monks. In Monk Habits for Everyday People, author, professor, and pastor Dennis Okholm attempts to provide people with the guidance they need to live a more monk-like existence.

Drawing particularly from the traditions of the Benedictine order (a group of Catholics known particularly for their hard work and observance of private reflection). Okholm also take a special look at the Monastic lifestyle practiced by Jesus Christ and his disciples as he attempts to lay out his vision for a life better-lived.

Regardless of your particular beliefs, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, or not a believer at all, you will find helpful tips in Monk Habits to guide you toward a better lifestyle. Okholm focuses particularly on the need to focus on spiritual health, and that we should build good spiritual habits to cater to that part of ourselves.