California Wedding Package

Thousands of people have California weddings each year. This package contains everything an ordained minister needs to perform a wedding in sunny California.


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Product Description

Celebrate the California Dream wherever you are with this unique package that comes with:

  • 1 Ordination Credential
  • 1 Wallet Card
  • 1 Clergy Badge
  • 1 A Wedding Ceremony to Remember, by Marty Younkin.

This package also includes the following complimentary items:

  • 1 Vintage Rose Marriage Certificate
  • 2 Marriage Certificate

Use this great package in conjunction with our helpful Wedding Training articles to officiate memorable and legal alternative weddings.

A Wedding Ceremony to Remember is perfect for someone hoping to create a unique ceremony or looking for great examples of religious ceremonies. It is a must-have for everyone who wants to conduct wedding ceremonies or for those who plan to be married soon. This book is exquisitely designed by Brown Books, and will make a valued addition to the library of any minister.

The book includes a guide to ceremonies, a variety of Vows, Readings, Prayers and Blessings, Wedding Traditions and other Special Touches to design your ceremony and make it uniquely “you”. An Order of Service, Program Samples, Diagrams, Rehearsal and Ceremony Worksheets assist you with all the details to ensure that your ceremony is "a piece of cake." This book is written for and highly recommended by Brides and Grooms, Wedding Consultants, and Ceremony Officiants.

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