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Becoming an ordained minister can seem like an involved process. Though it does require a little effort, it can be comforting to know that it is far less taxing than most realize. For you to get through each step without missing any important tasks, it can be wise to take a step back and assess your duties. From obtaining a free ordination certificate to working out the finer points of ceremonies you preside over, reviewing all aspects of the process can help you devise a cohesive strategy for your success.

The Preliminary Steps to Ordination

Before you begin the free ordination online process, you need to think about what you plan to use your ordination for. If you plan to officiate weddings, for example, you should study up on how to perform marriage ceremonies. And if a couple has asked you to officiate their ceremony, you shouldn't agree until you know key pieces of info like the date, time, and location. To ensure you don’t have a conflict or potential travel issues, you should discuss these matters in advance and see if you can commit to the request. Once all of this has been nailed down, then you can begin preparing!

Applying to Become Ordained

The online application process is quite straightforward. There is no need to concern yourself over studying for a complex exam or committing hours to a quiz to prove your eligibility. Instead, you simply enter an online portal and provide some very basic bits of information. Typically, you need to give your legal name and your state of residence, though a few other things might be required. A full address is required if you plan to order official documents, as they will arrive via mail. 

Understanding Local Laws

As you go through the ordination application, you should keep a list of the rules and regulations of your state nearby as a guide if you plan to perform a legal ceremony, such as a wedding. Since some states and commonwealths require officiants to provide official documentation of their status when officiating weddings, we advise reading up on the rules for performing a wedding in your state. Once you have a handle on the requirements, it's important to make sure you order any necessary documents or paperwork. Allowing enough time for the paperwork to arrive is also important, as waiting until the last minute can add unnecessary stress to the wedding day. 

Writing a Ceremony Speech

While the ordination application is straightforward in many ways, first-time officiants often find that the most difficult challenge comes from preparing for a ceremony. If you've been tasked with writing a wedding ceremony speech, for example, this may seem like a tall order.

Whether you’re not confident in your writing abilities, or you worry you’ll forget to include an important aspect of the text, there are plenty of fears you may have about this part of the journey. But don't worry, the ULC has your back! We offer a host of script writing resources for free here on our website. From our diverse library of sample wedding scripts, to our acclaimed wedding ceremony script generator, we provide all the tools you'll need to find the right words to make your next wedding ceremony unforgettable. 

Performing the Ceremony

The process of becoming an online minister may be simple in many ways, but this doesn’t mean it should be a duty that is pushed off until the last moment. Success depends on reviewing the requirements in your area, ensuring you have time to order the right documentation, as well as mental space to prepare for any ceremonies you plan to perform. Good luck!


  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    I ordained with your good selves as 6 years ago I was in a very dark place until I spoke to a church volunteer about why after several attempts of suicide was I still here My answer because God is not ready for you.Also I saw the light and realised that I can do a lot better with my life which is precious and I would also help anyone in the same situation also I'm a recovering alcoholic again I will help people.As an ordained minister I know people will trust me

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Iwear my ULC Minister's cap almost all the time now, almost everywhere I go. I even wore it to the Galveston County Courthouse earlier this week, when I had jury duty, although I had to take it off in the courtroom. Nobody has approached me while wearing it, and asked me to minister to them yet, but I get better looks from people, and a lot more smiles. And it might even sometimes make me act better in public too, knowing that everyone watching thinks of me as a minister.

  1. Rosa Ross- Robinson's Avatar Rosa Ross- Robinson

    I just became a minister. Im little nervous, I pray that the nervousness will pass. I need Ideals on what your first sermon should be. I was thinking about introducing myself, and sharing my story about me, and how, I became friends with Jehovah.

  1. John Condron's Avatar John Condron

    I'm glad you posted this here. We have at least one member who questions the validity of Monastary ordinations (

    Thanks for the clarification!

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher

    GIT er DONE !

  1. Rev. Lonnie Heckstall's Avatar Rev. Lonnie Heckstall

    This is a good blog site and I will always be interested in learning more about what God is doing.

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