August 28th, 2012

Should ministers be selective about their charitable giving, or should they assume an attitude of non-judgmental liberality? A new study on the generosity of Americans might shed light on this question. The study reveals that residents of more religious states … Continue reading

August 14th, 2012

Chris Harrison, host of the reality television series The Bachelor, has become the latest celebrity to perform a wedding using his ULC online ordination. Harrison got ordained in the church back in June and used his new minister credential to … Continue reading

August 6th, 2012

It turns out Stone Age men may not have been the stoic, macho, callous wooly mammoth hunters we envision them to be in the popular imagination. In her book Death and Dying in the Neolithic Near East, anthropologist Karina Coucher … Continue reading

July 13th, 2012

In one of the boldest moves of its kind, Google has launched a global campaign to promote safer conditions for LGBT people in and out of the workplace. The announcement came just weeks after the Universal Life Church Monastery issued … Continue reading

July 5th, 2012

A rather unusual type of mass religious rite took place 30 June in the U.S. city of Salt Lake City. In a bold show of resistance to the authority of one of Protestant Christianity’s most secretive denominations, a group of … Continue reading

June 26th, 2012

What does cutting-edge research in cosmology mean for the work of those who want to become a minister? Will new insight into the origin of the cosmos render the online church irrelevant? At a recent conference in Santa Clara, California, … Continue reading

May 17th, 2012

The day before U.S. president Barack Obama declared his support for gay marriage, North Carolina voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage and other legally recognized same-sex unions. Right-wing Republican lawmakers have gone beyond the new law banning same-sex … Continue reading

April 30th, 2012

Where in the brain does God reside? Does spiritual experience originate in the mind? Such questions are nearly unanswerable, but scientists are beginning to paint a clearer picture of what happens inside our brains during moments of spiritual insight. We … Continue reading

April 3rd, 2012

The ULC Monastery welcomes its newest celebrity minister – Robert Dyrdek! Professional skateboarder and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek has become ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery, and used his ordination to officiate his sister’s wedding … Continue reading

March 30th, 2012

Religious activists rallied in San Francisco on March 23 to protest a new federal requirement backed by U.S. president Barack Obama that would force insurers of religious-affiliated institutions to provide free contraception for employees. The Universal Life Church Monastery believes … Continue reading