July 30, 2009 - Newly released film footage, obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune through an open-records request to the city, revealed a recent confrontation between LDS Temple Guards and a gay couple accused of trespassing and "passionate kissing and groping" on the Church's Main Street Plaza. The film had been provided to Salt Lake City Officials by the LDS Church as part of a mandatory review process by prosecutors.

Although the film does not actually show the "public display of affection"1 which led to the detention of Matthew Aune and Derek Jones; it does show somewhat of a scuffle breaking between the two lovers and LDS Temple Guards. Reportedly, Matt Aune stated that he gave Jones nothing more than a "side hug and a kiss"1, contrary to what had been reported by the LDS Temple Guards.

Film retrieved from Joe.My.God2

Salt Lake City Prosecutor Sim Gill announced that the city would not be pursuing a trespassing case, citing nothing more than a misunderstanding on the part of the gay couple who did not realize that the Main Street Plaza was privately owned.

"At the heart of the message of the Savior of the world is a single, glorious, wonderful, still largely untried concept. In its simplest terms the message is that we should seek to overcome the selfishness we all seem to be born with, that we should overcome human nature and think of others before self."3
--James E. Faust, "A Pattern of Love," Ensign, Dec. 1999, 2

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