gay grooms exchanging rings during wedding ceremony
This is fine for Rep. Thompson's family, but not his constituents, apparently.

A politician is being called out for hypocrisy after attending his gay son’s wedding just three days after voting against the Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify same-sex marriage into law.

The congressman, Representative Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, was “thrilled” to attend his son’s wedding and welcome his new son-in-law to the family, his press secretary stated. Many found his attendance at the wedding - and his apparent excitement - a bit curious, considering his vote on the House floor against codifying same-sex marriage into law days before.

Is this anything but blatant hypocrisy?

A Very Quick Turnaround

The Respect for Marriage Act passed the House of Representatives and is currently facing an uncertain future in the Senate. The bill would make states respect marriages performed in other states in the case that the Supreme Court reverses its own ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

In essence, if a gay couple was married in a state where same-sex marriage is recognized, then moved to one where it isn’t, the bill would ensure their marriage was respected.

But Rep. Thompson was not one of the yea votes when the bill came to a vote. 

That decision didn’t stop him from attending his own gay son’s wedding just days later, however. After news outlets reported on the upcoming wedding, Rep. Thompson’s press secretary confirmed his attendance, writing that “Congressman and Mrs. Thompson were thrilled to attend and celebrate their son’s marriage on Friday night as he began this new chapter in his life.”

Rep. Thompson even gave a speech at his son’s wedding and toasted the grooms. “This has been a really good experience… to have a new son enter the family!” he told the wedding attendees. “So we’re just blessed, and we just want to say thank you to everyone here as part of the celebration.”

Hypocritical Oath

Based on his vote just three days prior, however, Rep. Thompson doesn’t appear to think his son’s marriage should be legal. And back in 2015, he decried the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, writing that the court is “forcing” Americans to “redefine biblical marriage as defined by their faith.”

At least one wedding attendee agrees that it’s hypocritical to publicly vote against protecting same-sex marriage, then privately support it when it comes to your own family. 

"These politicians need to be exposed for who they really are,” the anonymous wedding attendee told Buzzfeed News.

So far, Rep. Thompson and his team are not answering questions on the matter. 

What is your reaction?


  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    Why are we surprised?

    1. arawngraalrd's Avatar arawngraalrd

      The very basis of this article is mean spirited. The refusal to legislate is not the legislation of a prohibition. Is something prohibited if it's not compelled? This case might have precedence in Dredd-scott or Loving, but there is no case. A man simply embraced a freedom, he didn't tyrannize a tyranny.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    Hypocritical? Truly is. So which is the truth? Did he lie to his son, or is he lieing to his constituents?

    1. Michael Hinkle's Avatar Michael Hinkle

      Hipocritics are liars, cheaters and anything to corrupt socuery. Wicked evil world we live in. Christian living and values are disappearing befire our eyes and ears. All because of worldly evil acts and uneducated Christian Godly life. Jesus will return and wipe away every evil worldly acts before the hipocrits has a chance to turn deon their evil worldly sinful acts.

      1. Reverend Kurt's Avatar Reverend Kurt

        hey Michael you call me uneducated and evil because I am not of your faith. I have studied most religions,for over 50 years, this includes Avesta (Hindu), Buddhism, Christianity, Koran (Muslim) Torah ( Jewish.) and can quote from the religious books ad nauseam .I have never been involved in paedophilia, sought to marginalise members of the community nor even been outside of the law.Well maybe the odd parking ticket and speeding fine. I take great offence at your comment, perhaps Michael you should stand in front of the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself.

    2. Herbert Beere's Avatar Herbert Beere

      Maybe he voted the way his constituents wanted him to vote? I doubt it thought. Maybe his sons wedding is making him look at it differently and he did not do that till the day of the wedding that could very possibly be. However if that is the case then why not say it Put a statement out there saying that

    3. Richard James Polito's Avatar Richard James Polito

      Hi Colleen, I think he loves his son. I don't agree with everything my children do, but I still love them.

      1. Steffani S. (only) Murray's Avatar Steffani S. (only) Murray

        Exactly...more a case of hating a sin but loving the sinner type situation. Being accepting of his son and his partner is a fatherly thing...not believing marriage can be other than a union of socislly sanctioned mating between a man and a woman didn't negate his love! OTOH, a legislator ideally votes the way the majority of his or her constituents want them to, laying aside personal preferences on the matter if different. Sort of like when jurors are sworn to uphold the law as written to their highest and best understanding regardless of personal 'feelings'. I don't see any of these situations as hypocritical so much as being able to see both or more sides of situations than just one's own perception.

    4. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      I would say both. Unfortunately when one caters to strictly constituents and doesn't pay attention to everyone else, they tend to alienate the majority. That is not what governing is supposed to be about. You do the best for all. You consider all. Unless it is about something that takes advantage of others, they should be governing according to what the majority wants. The vast majority is against taking away rights, gay and interracial marriage especially, but many other things as well.

  1. Dr. Zerpersande's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande

    My general attitude toward those that attempt to legislate their religion is simply derision. However, as a politician it may be necessary to cast a vote for something simply as an effort to fulfill the obligation to represent the constituency, even though one’s personal opinion may be different.

    1. Douglass A Merrill's Avatar Douglass A Merrill

      Personal opinion vs will of constituents?

      1. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        And that is the crux of the question: Is it hypocrisy, or is there universally a problem being elected and having to toss one's personal beliefs and feelings away on all or some subjects after getting constricted into the rules and political strategy of one of two parties? Let me put that another way: when elected, do you still have free will to vote as you wish, or is that dictated by the party leaders? My choice is not to call the person a hypocrite, the vote will likely not be his choice but dictated, and elected officials have choices to make, will I pass this in order to survive and then get a better chance to pass my legislation?

        1. Peter T Hooper's Avatar Peter T Hooper

          I think we see from the evidence that politicians “vote their conscience” when the want to, and vote their constituency when they want to.

          There’s no there, there, except expediency.

  1. Krystina S.'s Avatar Krystina S.

    One definition of hypocrisy is when a person acts one way in public and another way in private. Another definition of hypocrisy is when a person acts one way, then demands that others act a different way about something. Shameful of this so-called lawmaker who, yes, is a Republikkkan and touts his Christofascist "faith."

  1. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

    Typical conservative right-wing theocratic hypocrisy. I'm surprised that Thompson's son didn't embarass hid father during the wedding by outing him to the attendees.

    1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

      Funny you call out right wing hypocrisy when the article doesn't clarify what party he belongs to unless you research it further. WATCH YOUR MOUTH. BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT THE LEFT MEDIA DOES. EDITORIALIZING INSTEAD OF GIVING FORTH THE FACTS.

      1. James C Riggle's Avatar James C Riggle

        The actual article states very clearly that he is a republican. The articles posted here often leave parts out.

        1. Dr. Zerpersande's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande

          Thanks for that info. It shut Eash up. In all fairness, if someone had approached and wanted to bet on which party the guy belonged to, I’d had given good odds and chosen GOP. For the win. Eash just doesn’t like the fact that it’s so easy to identify a bigot,

          But I still say that a politician can possibly be involved in such a situation and not be hypocrite. A politician has an obligation to vote the way his/her constituents, as a majority, feel. Now, they don’t necessarily do that, do they? However, it is at least possible for this politician not to be a hypocrite.

          Now….want to bet?.

      2. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

        Just search his name and his political party appears. It doesn't take much research. His hypocrisy is a tell-tale sign and made it highly likely that he was GOP member without further research, however.

      3. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

        Mr. Eash you wouldn’t know a fact if it came up and crucified you at this point. Stop talking in all caps like some crack head metatron and write like an adult. The right never works with the facts. Just bygone popular sentiments that are spoken in whisper and closed hand because they know they’re wrong. Grow up.

  1. Donald Richard Starns's Avatar Donald Richard Starns

    Explain to me why your omnipotent god, Master of the Universe, gives a damn about this stuff? Or is it that a bunch of bearded goatherds thought it was just icky, and they decided everybody should just keep on doing it with the goats?

    1. Rev. Dr. G. Waldron's Avatar Rev. Dr. G. Waldron

      I just have to respond to you. You are a sad angry creature.

      1. Thomas Dale Allen's Avatar Thomas Dale Allen

        LOL ! I have to agree.

      2. Herbert Beere's Avatar Herbert Beere

        I agree with you

      3. James C Riggle's Avatar James C Riggle

        I just want to know when the goats came into this? What? Lol!

  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    His son should disown him.

  1. Lady Celynia's Avatar Lady Celynia

    I actually think that perhaps he has done the correct thing. In our republic we vote for people to represent the will of the people. There is nothing that says those we elect have to side with the people he/she represents. For this representative, he ran on a ticket that included certain points. One of those points was conservative christianity. He voted the way of the people he represents, not necessarily the way he views the world.

    1. Brian Ortmeier's Avatar Brian Ortmeier

      Doubtful he represented his constituency. A 2015 PRRI survey showed that 55% of Pennsylvania residents supported same-sex marriage.[77] According to the same pollster, support had increased to 60% in 2016.[78] A 2017 survey by the same pollster found that support for same-sex marriage had increased to 64%, with 27% of respondents being opposed and 9% being unsure or undecided.[79] A PRRI survey conducted between March 8 and November 9, 2021 showed that 69% of Pennsylvania respondents supported same-sex marriage, while 24% opposed.


  1. Dr. Samuel D Goldman, Ph.D. D.D.'s Avatar Dr. Samuel D Goldman, Ph.D. D.D.

    He's a politician, and his attitude & actions surprised you how.

  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    Why are we surprised?

  1. Reverend Kurt's Avatar Reverend Kurt

    This is a normal part of the Westminster style of government which most English speaking nations adhere too. The congressman is paid by his party to dance to their tune on command. In the party system, some "clown" gets and idea and claims it is party policy, which is sacrosanct , must be adhered to and obeyed. This is a case of a collusion between the congressman's paychecque and his not so private, personal life

  1. Diane Minna LaFave's Avatar Diane Minna LaFave

    As far as my Faith goes I don't care what goes on between consenting adults . That's between them and GOD. I'm good on legal marriage for gays. There are multiple reasons for it. As far as the Politician goes I wouldn't vote for him .

  1. Richard Darwin Richards's Avatar Richard Darwin Richards

    Greater love knows no one than a parent for a child! What an awesome father!!!

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. William Glenn LaRiviere's Avatar William Glenn LaRiviere

    How do his constituents feel about gay marriage? If they are against gay marriage he did the right thing by the people that voted for him, and I applaud him.

  1. Michael Barton's Avatar Michael Barton

    One is a law that is unconstitutional, the other was a wedding. It's not hypocritical.

  1. David E. Leckrone's Avatar David E. Leckrone

    As father to a gay son I believe you all may guess my stance.

    Having said that we must be careful with our words! This article misleads us! And worse it is dead wrong.

    The vote was NOT against gay marriage as you stated. It was a state's soverenty issue, entirely different!

    PLEASE think through the issue at hand then choose words more carefully! You exposed YOUR hypocrisy more then the representative did. David Leckrone Appomattox, VA

  1. Dianne McGuire's Avatar Dianne McGuire

    As Christians, we are commanded to love others even if we don't agree with their lifestyle choices. Of course I would attend the wedding as did the politician. Of course I wouldn't disinherit or abandon a child because their beliefs are different than my own. Of couse I would vote according to the will of my constituants who elected me to represent them. How is this hypocrisy? The two are not relatedness! This all or nothing mindset that is being encouraged is only one major example if the ongoing process of division in the country.

  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    Why are we surprised?

    1. Michael Hinkle's Avatar Michael Hinkle

      Not surprise! Worldly acts been aroung for too long before bible time. This world is full if hipocrits and evil acts agaunst God.

      1. Herbert Beere's Avatar Herbert Beere

        Before Bible times? The Bible goes back to the creation on the earth

      2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Is your god the real one then? Do any of them really exist? 🤔


  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    Why are we surprised?

  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    Why are we surprised?

  1. Timothy Newell's Avatar Timothy Newell

    That's his son! He better have attended, no matter his political views. I would've done the same thing. God bless them both.

    1. James C Riggle's Avatar James C Riggle

      If he were my father, he would never had been invited.

    2. Herbert Beere's Avatar Herbert Beere

      I agree despite what his true feelings are, it’s his son he should have attended.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    Why are some trying to dis this guy, remember he is first and foremost a father. So while he may have disagreements with his son and his sons choice of a mate, that does not neglect the fact that he is a father. And as usual I see a majority of people who are attacking him because he does not jump through their hoops. How sad it must be for the people attacking this person and how horrible it must be to be a member of their family

    1. Thomas Dale Allen's Avatar Thomas Dale Allen

      You are correct.

  1. Thomas Dale Allen's Avatar Thomas Dale Allen

    As a minister or what ever you want to call yourself. There are times when you as a leader no matter what your beliefs are. There is time to be silent. Whether he is a hypocrite or not, those arguments are between him and his son. The father and the son are always going to clash until the day comes when the son understands the father, and the reasoning behind why the father acted in the way he did. Morality in this world needs to be retaught to the world. For this world to come back into balance. Otherwise why are we even discussing these things. If we don't know where the line is between man and the animals we will not exist. Morality and because what you were taught from society and family is why you know what is right and wrong. this has nothing to do with your political views. And what is to say that what you were taught is right or wrong? I know many people here could live with themselves if they just started fornicating with whatever they wanted that is why the superior power designed it so that opposite will attract. and designed it so the likes can't reproduce an abomination. And though time have men been raping little boys though out time? yes. IS IT RIGHT? NO! Should I if for any reason decide to kill the next person on the street IS IT RIGHT? NO! If your morality says these things are ok than you are an animal. and you should not be in society. Because society was developed so that people could coexist together. without having to worry if your wife or child is getting raped or your child is out killing people. This has no political view this has to do with are you a human being or an animal. I Have been on both sides during the war then I tried to tell myself this was ok because I was fighting for god. I wasn't fighting for god I was fighting for survival. fighting to stay Alive to come back home. and the animals that I was fighting didn't care if you were a man, woman, child, soldier, civilian, or anything else. did they put a value on life? no. not even their own. when you are that far down in the pit you will never come out.God will have to judge at that point.

    1. Dr. Zerpersande's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande

      “ God will have to judge at that point.”

      The unreal conditional tense is needed there. God WOULD have to judge at that point…. IF such a thing existed.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    As we say in the UK Pot calling Kettle Black.I can't understand him One minute he's voting against same sex marriage the next he's attending his sons same sex marriage?? What's that all About answers on a postage stamp

  1. David Owen Buck's Avatar David Owen Buck

    It hypocritical? Yes, and No. On the fact of it yes, but what was his other choice? Not attend? Make a scene? Not likely. You do things for your kids that you might not ordinarily do, and sometimes even set aside closely held beliefs for their happiness. So he went, made a toast and a nice speech, put a good face on it and kept his beliefs to himself. Seems like the right choice to me.

    1. Kevin Joseph Kervick's Avatar Kevin Joseph Kervick

      I agree.

    2. Donna Noonan's Avatar Donna Noonan

      This is the most logical, Loving response I have read yet. Thank you for Leading With Love. It is how ALL Parents and civic leaders could make their decisions.

    3. Donna Noonan's Avatar Donna Noonan

      This is the most succint, logical and Loving response I have read yet. Thank you for Leading With Love. It is what ALL Parents and Civic Leaders can be reminded of when making important decisions. Thank you. Blessings upon you and your family, Mr. Buck.

  1. Luckson Chomba's Avatar Luckson Chomba

    This highest order of madness and its an abomination to God.plz stop it

  1. Karl Axel Lindström's Avatar Karl Axel Lindström

    banning gay marriage would be strongly unconstitutional since it would violate the establishment clause 100% I mean not all religions ban marriage so that means its respecting the establishment of all religion that do ban it in opposition to those that don't.

    native American beliefs typically do not take issue with it for instance. religious people can invent what ever rules they like but they cannot compel other to follow them through rule of law or at least that how its supposed to work.

    argument can be made that the politician is not a hypocrite though... if he ran on bigotry at the start of his mandate period after being elected... now that only holds if he is not also speaking out against it... if he is just voting as a representative then that is appropriate if sort of messed up...

    I mean ideally he should resign saying he no longer can represent those who elected him...

    But if he both votes and speaks out against it in public yet also does not feel that way in private then yeah he is very dishonest...

  1. Kevin Joseph Kervick's Avatar Kevin Joseph Kervick

    Absolutely not. People are confronted with this awful dilemma. They know homosexuality is dysfunctional and deviant, and homosexual marriage should not be codified by social status. They also know the trans phenomenon is a contagion. But they have a relative or friend who is misguided, perhaps groomed, and lost. A loving father or mother supports their child even though they understand their child is lost. This is heartbreaking for these families.

  1. James F Wells's Avatar James F Wells

    He is a hypocrite ! He can accept his son because of the relationship to him but he can not accept others opinions.

    Typical politician caving into the masses just to get something for his District that he should be fighting for anyways.

  1. Craig Roberts's Avatar Craig Roberts

    Jesus came to fulfill the law, but also to make things new. Per the excellent sermon our pastor offered this past Sunday, Jesus is the embodiment of both grace and truth. In this particular instance, the pastor showed grace to his son to show love to him even if he didn't agree with same sex marriage, but in turn, voted against same sex marriage because the Bible clearly tells us this is a sin. Is it hypocritical? In some ways, probably. But, the reality is, we all are hypocrites. "Pull the plank out of your own eye before calling out the splinter is someone else's eye" would be my take on it all. Jesus never demanded people see His works as good, acceptable, etc. He merely did the right thing and let people figure out on their own how to interpret it all. Same with this pastor.

  1. Cynthia Allen's Avatar Cynthia Allen

    He is loving his son unconditionally and being supportive of him also. He isn’t letting a vote keep him from being a caring father.

  1. John Telford's Avatar John Telford

    Yes he’s a hypocrite

  1. Joe Khoury's Avatar Joe Khoury

    In this situation How should we complete life with a family that benefits from creation?

  1. EC's Avatar EC

    Perhaps dear son is gay out of rebellion toward his father’s views…? Perhaps dear father is righteous against same sex marriage out of fear his true feelings will be found out…? Perhaps political rhetoric is so out of control that people are trapped between their actions and words…?

    Perhaps the social order is changing so rapidly and the sea change has everyone so stressed and fearful that this very conversation somehow seems important in the grand view of life, the universe, and everything…?

    The existentialists were on to something when they said the meeting of the moral mind and the amoral universe results in The Absurd. We’re in the midst of the forest without even seeing the trees.

  1. Darrell Adam Lavoie's Avatar Darrell Adam Lavoie

    He lies both son and contstiuant if he belive in what he voted for he would not of gone to sons wedding but he went so he lie to the public and to him self

  1. Ronda K. Kontak's Avatar Ronda K. Kontak

    Exactly, love like Jesus. We can object with their decisions yet we must show unconditional love

  1. Tommy Pickett's Avatar Tommy Pickett

    Like so many issues we all jump to conclusions and post in the spur of the moment. I do not know why he voted the way he did, but even Obama said the marriage is a state issue not a federal issue. So maybe he felt that it's the state's right to determine if or if not a gay couple can be married...not the federal government. Personally, it is not my position to judge someone on who they love and want to be with. That's between them and God. The government has no business telling someone who they can be with. God bless ALL God's children

  1. Nicole Lyons's Avatar Nicole Lyons

    Hypocrite = politician, politician = hypocrite it’s who people are but especially politicians because they are public officials and receive more attention. It’s what we see so it’s what we know. When I hear this story, I think this is a story of a man who loves his child but who is also a coward because he is following a majority with his vote or lack there of. I see this as Love conquering hate. small 2 degree shifts like a father attending his son’s wedding to another man is a small step in the right direction to acceptance. I see hope here…hope in that people will someday see love is love.

  1. Ric A Carlson's Avatar Ric A Carlson

    I totally respect the guy obviously he is voting for the will of the people, disregarding his own personal opinion. I only wish more politicians would vote for their constituents as opposed to voting for his/her own beliefs. After all that’s what he is there for, to represent his constituent's.

  1. Terry G Edwards's Avatar Terry G Edwards

    My relationship with God, the Creator, the Great Spirit or whatever term you want to use is simple and on a personal basis. It has nothing to do with any other person or religion or religious affiliation. I do not follow any established written religious doctrine. However, I have read and studied most of the different types of religious and spiritual philosophies. I understand the teachings regarding the doctrine against same-sex relationships.

    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8:7 KJV

    So it is not my place to pass judgment on this person as to his beliefs or his words or his actions. For I love everyone without question. I hate no one. I may be disappointed in some of the things they say and do but I do not hate them.

    I have no politically affiliated connection to any party or preferences. I am totally independent. The church and the state do not belong together. Neither should ever have influence over the operation of the other. The question of same-sex marriage being legal in accordance with the law boils down to the courts. A life long relationship between two people based on love will happen regardless of the sex or the law or the church. Legally this bond should entitle a couple to certain shared rights and property and responsibilities and taxes. That being said, any church or organization or establishment or individual that is of or practices the beliefs that does not condone same-sex marriage should not be force to go against their beliefs and be required to perform services for any individuals in the performance of services related to or for any same-sex marriage thereby violating their own personal religious beliefs.

  1. Wilberta M. Berry's Avatar Wilberta M. Berry

    Yes he is a hypocrite. I think he does love his son and really means his sentiments towards him and his husband. However, I know he's pandering to his base to try to stay in power since, the bottom line with these Republicans politicians is POWER and nothing more.

  1. James J McCalmont's Avatar James J McCalmont

    As I pointed out in my first marriage, there are 2 distinct types of marriage, civil and with God. They got married at the courthouse during covid. I was privileged to help them proclaim their union to our God and the Heavens above. In all good conscious, I cannot be part of the physical world. I may live here temporarily but not forever. Because of my love for people, I cannot knowingly condemn them or be a party to their sin. "Love the sinner, pray against the sin."

  1. Dianne McGuire's Avatar Dianne McGuire

    As Christians, we are commanded to love others even if we don't agree with their lifestyle choices. Of course I would attend the wedding as did the politician. Of course I wouldn't disinherit or abandon a child because their beliefs are different than my own. Of couse I would vote according to the will of my constituants who elected me to represent them. How is this hypocrisy? The two are not relatedness! This all or nothing mindset that is being encouraged is only one major example if the ongoing process of division in the country.

  1. Cyril R. VanKeirsbelk's Avatar Cyril R. VanKeirsbelk

    A Representative's job is to represent his district. If the district is against weddings for other than cis couples then they should vote that way. If it's a small margin either way then the politician can vote either way. But representing their district is required. If a representative strongly disagrees with the district they can vote their conscience and risk being removed in the next election.

    For something as basic as civil rights it is my opinion that it would be worth it to cross the district and risk my seat, but the sitting politician can decide otherwise.

    So it isn't hypocrisy, but is a bit of a dick move.

    1. Peter Bradshaw's Avatar Peter Bradshaw

      "If the district is against weddings for other than cis couples then they should vote that way"

      They should join in with the mob, is that right? They should pander to whatever vile prejudice pervades their constituency, you say? Doing it your way would mean that the 19th Amendment wouldn't be the 19th Amendment. Doing it your way would mean that the Civil Rights Act wouldn't be the law of the land.

      Tell me, do you ever refer to your representatives as "our leaders?" Why do you call politicians who refuse to lead, "leaders?"

  1. Mark A Driver's Avatar Mark A Driver

    Yes he is a hypocrite. It's not my job (nor his) to tell someone who they should marry or to vote to control it. A politician I am not. But I would not have attended my son nor my daughter's gay wedding. To each their own...

  1. Michael Burton's Avatar Michael Burton

    I don't care what he does, as long as he isn't reelected.

  1. Mark Stevens's Avatar Mark Stevens

    Politicians are a notoriously two-face breed and always bend to the biggest pile of money. That being said, I wonder what else was in the bill since bills are never single issued.

  1. Denesi Kathleen Ludwick-Barnes's Avatar Denesi Kathleen Ludwick-Barnes

    yes it was hypocrtical.

  1. Paul Degenkolb's Avatar Paul Degenkolb

    As I read the bill, it does not say that a state has to allow same sex marriage, but only honor it if the couple is married in another state. While I doubt that this was his intent, he may have voted against the bill in the hopes of strengthening it. Further, as has been pointed out before, he did not vote to make same sex marriage illegal, he voted against a bill to force others to acknowledge something they might find reprehensible.

  1. Peter Bradshaw's Avatar Peter Bradshaw

    A Christian politician is a hypocrite? Color me surprised. Not. A politician is pandering to his right wing extremist constituency because he doesn't have the effing courage to do what's right? Shocking.

  1. William R Clapie's Avatar William R Clapie

    "do as I say, not as I do". Sound familiar? Once concept people keep forgetting or need to know is that there is no "race", "no denying" who or what your attracted too. We are all human, that's it. "The human race". No one accepts that and continue to push issues that they are supporting. Gay Marriage, Female Priest's (?) " I am "something" American. Yeah. uh,huh. Sounds like a grade school fight.

    Enough for now

    M. Bill

  1. Rafael DelCastillo's Avatar Rafael DelCastillo

    Please, please, whatever too are saying in blogs, posts, emails, texts, etc., Don't use capitals. It is in the technical medium, considered yelling.🤓. Thanks.

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