Millions of people have become ordained through the Universal Life Church, some of whom gained fame on screen, as musicians and or through other contributions to popular culture.

Abbie Hoffman - Activist - 30-Nov-36 - Steal This Book
Emanuel Bronner -Business 1-Feb-08 Soap label philosopher
Paul Newman - Actor 26-Jan-25 Salad dressing magnate
Johnny Carson - Talk Show Host 23-Oct-25 Longtime host of Tonight Show
Alanis Morissette - Singer 1-Jun-74 Jagged Little Pill
George Harrison - Musician 24-Feb-43 Beatle
Reverend Al Ridenour - Artist 6-Mar-61 L.A. Cacophony Society
Lawrence Welk- Conductor 11-Mar-03 Big band leader, TV champagn
Anthony Perkins - Actor 4-Apr-32 Psycho
Hugh Hefner - Business 9-Apr-26 Founder of Playboy magazine
Ringo Starr - Musician 7-Jul-40 Beatle
Lydia Lunch - Musician 2-Jun-59 Punk and spoken word confrontationalist
Billy Gibbons - Guitarist 16-Dec-49 ZZ Top
Hunter S. Thompson - Journalist 18-Jul-37 Gonzo journalist and author
Sharon Stone - Actor 10-Mar-58 Basic Instinct
Madalyn Murray O'Hair - Religion 13-Apr-19 Atheist spokeswoman
Bryan Cranston - Actor 7-Mar-56 Father on Malcolm in the Middle
Ivan Stang - Religion -21-Aug-54 Church of the SubGenius
Susan Block - Talk Show Host c. 1951 Sexpert
Michael Newdow -Activist 24-Jun-53 Waged war against "under God"
Carson Kressley - TV Personality 11-Nov-69 Fashion Queer Eye guy
Jeff Probst - Game Show Host 4-Nov-61 Survivor
Susie Bright - Columnist 25-Mar-58 Sexpert, porn critic
Nicole Richie - TV Personality 21-Sep-81 Paris Hilton's ex-pal
Cory Doctorow - Author 17-Jul-71 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Jesse James - TV Personality 19-Apr-69 Custom motorcycle builder, Monster Garage
Tony Danza - Actor 21-Apr-51 Dumb guy on Taxi
Paul McCartney - Musician 18-Jun-42 Beatle
Courtney Love - Musician 9-Jul-64 Kurt Cobain's one-time wife, Hole
John Cameron Mitchell - Actor 21-Apr-63 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Tori Spelling - Actor 16-May-1973 Donna in Beverly Hills 90210
Debbie Reynolds - Actor 1-Apr-32 Dancer, actress
John Lennon - Musician 9-Oct-40 Beatle
Wolfman Jack - Radio Personality Crusty-throated disc jockey
Denis Leary - Comic 18-Aug-57 Loud, smoking comic
John Waters - Film Director 22-Apr-46 Pencil-moustached director
John Wayne Bobbitt - Victim 23-Mar-67 Penectomy survivor


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