Actress Tori Spelling

Millions of people have become ordained through the Universal Life Church, some of whom gained fame on screen, as musicians and or through other contributions to popular culture.

Abbie Hoffman - Activist - 30-Nov-36 - Steal This Book
Emanuel Bronner -Business 1-Feb-08 Soap label philosopher
Paul Newman - Actor 26-Jan-25 Salad dressing magnate
Johnny Carson - Talk Show Host 23-Oct-25 Longtime host of Tonight Show
Alanis Morissette - Singer 1-Jun-74 Jagged Little Pill
George Harrison - Musician 24-Feb-43 Beatle
Reverend Al Ridenour - Artist 6-Mar-61 L.A. Cacophony Society
Lawrence Welk- Conductor 11-Mar-03 Big band leader, TV champagn
Anthony Perkins - Actor 4-Apr-32 Psycho
Hugh Hefner - Business 9-Apr-26 Founder of Playboy magazine
Ringo Starr - Musician 7-Jul-40 Beatle
Lydia Lunch - Musician 2-Jun-59 Punk and spoken word confrontationalist
Billy Gibbons - Guitarist 16-Dec-49 ZZ Top
Hunter S. Thompson - Journalist 18-Jul-37 Gonzo journalist and author
Sharon Stone - Actor 10-Mar-58 Basic Instinct
Madalyn Murray O'Hair - Religion 13-Apr-19 Atheist spokeswoman
Bryan Cranston - Actor 7-Mar-56 Father on Malcolm in the Middle
Ivan Stang - Religion -21-Aug-54 Church of the SubGenius
Susan Block - Talk Show Host c. 1951 Sexpert
Michael Newdow -Activist 24-Jun-53 Waged war against "under God"
Carson Kressley - TV Personality 11-Nov-69 Fashion Queer Eye guy
Jeff Probst - Game Show Host 4-Nov-61 Survivor
Susie Bright - Columnist 25-Mar-58 Sexpert, porn critic
Nicole Richie - TV Personality 21-Sep-81 Paris Hilton's ex-pal
Cory Doctorow - Author 17-Jul-71 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Jesse James - TV Personality 19-Apr-69 Custom motorcycle builder, Monster Garage
Tony Danza - Actor 21-Apr-51 Dumb guy on Taxi
Paul McCartney - Musician 18-Jun-42 Beatle
Courtney Love - Musician 9-Jul-64 Kurt Cobain's one-time wife, Hole
John Cameron Mitchell - Actor 21-Apr-63 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Tori Spelling - Actor 16-May-1973 Donna in Beverly Hills 90210
Debbie Reynolds - Actor 1-Apr-32 Dancer, actress
John Lennon - Musician 9-Oct-40 Beatle
Wolfman Jack - Radio Personality Crusty-throated disc jockey
Denis Leary - Comic 18-Aug-57 Loud, smoking comic
John Waters - Film Director 22-Apr-46 Pencil-moustached director
John Wayne Bobbitt - Victim 23-Mar-67 Penectomy survivor


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