Chinese communist hand over map of China
Baylor University, a Baptist University in Texas, recently held a seminar about Spirituality in China. The event, entitled "Chinese Spirituality and Society: A Symposium on the Social Scientific Study of Religion" was a breakthrough in spiritual relations between the two nations.

The summit marked an intriguing development in the increasingly public conversation of religion in China, as Chinese governmental officials as well as leaders from major universities throughout China attended the conference...
Also at the conference, Stark received a major honor: a Letter of Appointment to the title of Honorary Sociology Professor at Peking University. Stark was recognized for his many contributions to the scientific study of religion, as well as his significant following among many scholars in China.

Both Baylor University and Peking University continue to work toward establishing a grasp on religion, in a nation that has long maintained a strong stance against organized religion. As the Chinese government slowly warms to the idea of individual liberties, we will hopefully see an enthusiastic welcome to the spiritual expression of the people.


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